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Retrieve WAEC Number | How To Retrieve Lost WAEC Certificate


How To Retrieve WAEC Number | How To Retrieve Lost WAEC Certificate

Retrieve WAEC Number | We can all retrieve WAEC number if we have a missing result and also lost of WAEC Certificate. This article actually intrigue us to write because at our IT Centre, we have our students who have misplaced their online WAEC result copy while some as a result of natural disaster, they lost their WAEC certificate.

In fact, we have received questions upon questions about how they can retrieve their WAEC number in other to reprint another copy of their result. Such questions have been:

  • How do I retrieve my WAEC Number?
  • Is it possible for me to Re-print my WAEC Result again?
  • Do I have to write another WAEC since have lost my certificate?

Nevertheless, all the above questions will be answered in this article just continue reading this article to the end!

However, we have decided to put smile on some of our readers’ faces if the following questions is for you:

  • Do you think you can’t retrieve WAEC Number?
  • Have you misplaced your WAEC Certificate?
  • Has your WAEC online result copy burnt?

If these question if for you, we get you cover because you don’t have to re-write any WAEC examination to get another WAEC number and certificate.

In this article, we will be discussing the method and ways on how to retrieve WAEC number and Lost of WAEC Certificate in other to get a new one.

Whether your own is to retrieve WAEC number or Lost of WAEC certificate, the first step to do is to retrieve WAEC number before a new certificate can be issued to you.

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Note: WAEC Number is the combination of the school Centre Numbers where you wrote the WAEC and your Seat Number, the way you sat for the WAEC Exams. The School Centre Numbers is the Seven (7) digit Numbers (4300126) assigned to all accredited Secondary Schools in Nigeria while the WAEC Numbers is the three (3) (i.e 001, 012, 234) digit Number as the Number on the row of seat you were during Exams.

So after this article, to retrieve the WAEC number, use your School Centre Number and add your Seat Number to it. That makes it the WAEC Number you are looking for. The Exams Number from the above Example is = (4300126001). However, in summary, To Retrieve Lost or Stolen WAEC Number Certificate, the summary steps must be noted:

Result Re-print Requirements

  • Exam year
  • Exam Center Number and seat number
  • Scratch card pin and serial no

Therefore, let us begin the Methods on how to retrieve WAEC Number and Lost of WAEC Certificate.

How to retrieve your WAEC examination number | Lost Of WAEC Certificate

We have compiled the way to retrieve WAEC Number into three methods. You can check for the method below that is best suitable for you.

Method 1 On How To Retrieve WAEC Number

In this method, the candidate must know the name of his/her Secondary school where he/she wrote the WAEC Exams including the Seat Number because the School name has the Centre Number and your seat Number makes up the WAEC Number.

So, we have listed all the Names of Nigeria Secondary Schools and their Centre Numbers. What to do is just:

Hold ‘’Press CTRL’’ on your Computer Keyboard and Press ‘’F‘’ at the same time. A tab will open on your screen and Type the name of your school. (Example Government Secondary School, Garki. The cursor will automatically move to where the School name is on the list below).

Alternatively, scroll down manually and check carefully to the comprehensive list of all Secondary Schools WAEC centre numbers in Nigeria

Note: you must know the School name and seat number before you can use this method

Method 2 On How To Retrieve WAEC Number

In case you can no longer remember your secondary school name and your seat number.

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Find a way of getting to the school, explain what brought you and the Principal will help you check your name on Master List sent to them by WAEC. Because the WAEC master list contain both the Centre number and your seat number.

Method 3 On How To Retrieve WAEC Number

This method works for those candidates that their secondary school have re-located to another place.

To retrieve your WAEC number in this case, first, go to any magistrate court near you to sworn affidavit and visit nearest WAEC office. Go along with a copy of Passport photo with white background.

Go with some money because this method attract some service charge.

How to Retrieve WAEC GCE examination number

Since WAEC only uses Schools that are available for GCE WAEC November/December Examination, there is no comprehensive Centre number because WAEC changes centres every year as long as the particular School to be used is available. Nevertheless, we have researched solution for the WAEC GCE Candidates who want to retrieve their own WAEC Number in case of any damage or Lost of Certificate.

However, we only have TWO methods and these methods work for all the GCE candidates with a condition. Thus; follow below step:

Method 1 On How To Retrieve WAEC GCE Number

Note: Must know the category of WAEC GCE you fall into. Whether it is First series or Second series.

  • At the time of the series you fall in writing exams
  • Visit registration
  • If yours is first wait till first series portal opens
  • Login with your registered email and password
  • Click on re-print Photocard

After successful login, you WAEC GCE Number is on the printed out form starting with 5234…..

Method 2 On How To Retrieve WAEC GCE Number

This method is simple and only involve the state you wrote the WAEC GCE Exam. For example let us say you wrote your WAEC GCE at Abuja, one of the Secondary School in FCT-Abuja.

To retrieve your WAEC GCE number in this case, first, go to any magistrate court near you in Abuja – FCT to sworn affidavit, Police Report and visit nearest WAEC office. Go along with a copy of Passport photo with white background.

Go with some money because this method attract some service charge.

The question will be which year did you write the WAEC GCE?

  • Which State did you write the WAEC GCE and;
  • Which Local Government area in that state and;
  • Name of the Secondary you wrote the WAEC GCE.

With above you will be attended to but will pay fine close to 15,000 to 25, 000 depending on the year of Examination.

The Comprehensive WAEC Full List of Examination Centre Numbers

4010101Secondary Technical School, Aba

4010102Ohabiam Secondary School, Aba

4010103Umuagbai Secondary School, Aba

4010104Girls’ Secondary Commercial School, Aba

4010105National High School, Aba

4010106Sacred Heart College, Eziukwu, Aba

4010107Wilcox Memorial Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba

4010108Saint Joseph’s College, Aba

4010109Eziama High School, Aba

4010110Girls’ High School, Aba

4010111Iheorji Secondary School, Aba

4010112Girls’ Technical College, Aba

4010113Osusu Secondary School, Osusu, Aba

4010114Mercy Girls’ Secondary School, Ogbor Hill, Aba

4010115Dority International Secondary School, Umuodu Avenue, Abayi, Aba

4010116Stella Maris Secondary School, Uratta, Aba

4010117Ninlan Demonstration Secondary School, Aba

4010118Giant Step International Secondary School, Aba

4010119Saint Anthony Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba

4010120Holy Ghost Secondary School, Aba

4010121Faith Tabernacle Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba

4010122Mater Misericordiae Secondary Technical College, Aba

4010123Dr. Lady Grace Ngozichukwu Iwuagwu Juniorate, Aba

4010124New Generation International Secondary School, Aba

4010125Rich Devos International Secondary School, Aba

4010127Holy Cross Secondary School, Aba

4010128Holy Family Model Secondary School, Aba

4010129Juval Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba

4010130Maxi Comprehensive College, Aba

4010131Prize Mates Model Academy, Aba

4010132Practical Computer Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba

4010133Intellectual Giants Christian Academy, Aba

4010134Rubeth International Christian Secondary School, Aba

4010135Modern Child College, Aba

4010136Standard Comprehensive High School, Ehere, Aba

4010137Ulasi Road Girls’ Secondary School, Aba

4010138Victory College International, Obohia, Aba

4010139Heritage Comprehensive Secondary School, Ariaria, Aba

4010140Saint James Model Secondary School, Aba

4010141Major Model Secondary School, Aba

4010142Rock House College, Aba

4010143Premier International Secondary School, Ikot-Ekpene Road, Aba

4010144Cornerstone International Secondary School, Ogbor-Hill

4010145Emmanuel International Secondary School, Ogbor-Hill, Aba

4010146Foundation Secondary School, Umungasi, Aba

4010147Unique Christian High School, Aba

4010148Sword Of God Model School Academy, Aba

4010149Santana Rhetorical International School, Aba

4010150Unity Secondary School, Aba

4010151God’s Intervention Academy, Aba

4010152Tina’s Day Secondary School, Aba

4010153Divine Grace International Secondary School, Aba

4010154St. Joseph Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba

4010155Lilac Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba

4010156Mothercare International Secondary School, Aba

4010157Blessing International Secondary School, Aba

4010158Immaculate Child Academy Secondary School, Aba

4010159Oriental Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba

4010160Methodist High School, Aba South

4010161Southland Secondary School, Aba South

4010162Nnamdi Azikwe Model Secondary School, Aba North

4010163Ugo Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba

4010164Peterfranklin Secondary School, Aba North

4010165God’s Own Academy, Aba

4010166Solid Foundation International Secondary School, Aba

4010167The Presbyterian Secondary School Aba

4010168Friedel Kropf’s Educational Centre, Aba

4010169Sir Patrick’s Memorial School, Aba

4010170United Evangelical High School, Aba

4010171Ifeanyichukwu International Secondary School, Aba

4010172Better Result Christian College, Aba

4010173Mater Misericordiae Secondary Technical College, Iheorji, Aba

4010174Christ The King Cathedral Secondary School, Asa, Aba

4010175Merit Base International Christian College, Aba

4010176Shammah Christian College, Aba

4010177Confidence Academy Secondary School, Aba

4010178Wisdom International Secondary School, Aba

4010179High Grade Model Academy, Aba

4010180Holyland International Standard Secondary School, Aba

4010181Great Brains Academy Secondary School, Aba

4010182St. Jude’s Secondary School, Aba

4010183Global Kids International Secondary School, Aba

4010184Divine Wisdom Secondary School, Aba

4010185Benneth International Christian Secondary School, Aba

4010186Marymel High School, Aba

4010187Mayfield Secondary School, Aba

4010188All Saints Comprehensive Secondary School, Obohia Rd, Aba

4010189Total Knowledge International School Of Arts & Science, Aba

4010190James Okwandu Memorial Secondary Technical College, Onicha Ngwa

4010191Oasis Christian Academy Secondary School, Amaorji Nkwn

4010192Jet Age Private Secondary School, Amapu

4010193Great Omega College, Aba

4010194Shekinah Model Academy, Aba

4010195Giant Step International Secondary School Two, Aba

4010196Global Academy Secondary School, Aba

4010197Sound Base Academy, Ogbor-Hill, Aba

4010198Sure Foundation Academy, Ogbor-Hill, Aba

4010199Providence International Secondary School, Aba

4010201Aggrey Memorial College, Arochukwu

4010202Achara Secondary School, Ihechiowa

4010203Ovukwu Abam Secondary School, Atan, Abam

4010204Isu Secondary Commercial School, Isu

4010205Ututu Secondary Commercial School, Ututu

4010206Abam High School, Ozu, Abam

4010207Ihechiowa High School, Ihechiowa

4010208Mary Slessor Secondary Technical School, Arochukwu

4010209Ututu Secondary School, Arochukwu

4010210Umunnabuo Secondary Technical School, Ihechiowa

4010211Ohaeke Secondary School, Idima-Abam

4010212Ututu Secondary Technical School, Obiene, Arochukwu

4010213Okpo Secondary School, Ihechiowa, Arochukwu

4010214Onyerubi Comprehensive Secondary School, Ndi Oji Abam

4010215Uruji Comprehensive Secondary School, Amuru Abari

4010216Comprehensive Secondary School Amuvi, Arochukwu

4010217Ugwuakuma International Secondary School, Arochukwu

4010218Kolping International College, Ozuabam Arochukwu

4010219Madonna Secondary School, Ugwuakuma

4010301Methodist College, Uzuakoli

4010302Girls’ Secondary School, Uzuakoli

4010303Comprehensive Secondary School, Okoko Item

4010304Comprehensive Secondary School, Ndiwo, Itumbuzo

4010305Community Secondary School, Amazu, Umuhu Ezechi

4010306Mercy Seminary, Etiti Ulo, Bende

4010307Item Community High School, Item

4010308Igbere Secondary School, Igbere

4010309Ozuitem Secondary School, Ozuitem

4010310Secondary Grammar School, Bende

4010311Umuimenyi Secondary Technical School, Amaohuru, Nkpa

4010312Alayi Secondary Commercial School, Alayi

4010313Uzuakoli Secondary School, Uzuakoli

4010314Ugwueke Secondary School, Ugwueke

4010315Senior Science School, Alayi

4010316Mercy Juniorate, Ndiwo-Itumbuzo

4010317Isiala Community Secondary School, Akoli Imenyi

4010318Seat Of Wisdom Secondary School, Amaeke Item

4010319Ubibia High School, Ubibia, Bende

4010320St. Christopher Methodist Seminary, Uzuakoli

4010321St. Anthony Comprehensive Secondary School, Alayi

4010322Ugwunkpa Community Secondary School, Bende

4010323Community Secondary School, Okporoenyi, Bende

4010401Wesley Methodist Seminary, Ndoro

4010402Oboro Secondary School, Ikwuano

4010403Ikwuano Secondary School, Ariam

4010404Azuiyi Oloko Secondary School, Ikwuano

4010405Ibere Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikwuano

4010406Community Secondary School, Ntalakwu, Oboro

4010407Senior Science School, Ariam, Ikwuano

4010408Awom Naebo Secondary Technical School, Awom-Oboro Ikwuano

4010409Midtown Comprehensive Secondary School, Nchara Oloko

4010410Methodist Comprehensive Secondary School, Ndieke-Okoro Ikwuano

4010411Community Senior Grammar School, Oloko, Ikwuano

4010412Ogbuebulle Community Secondary School, Oboro, Ikwuano

4010413Nnono High School, Oboro-Ikwuano

4010414Community Secondary School, Ihim, Ibere, Ikwuano.

4010415Ambassador’s Model College, Obiohia

4010501Umuoha Secondary School, Umuoha

4010502Umunna Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuosu Nsulu

4010503Ama-Asaa Secondary Technical School, Nsulu

4010504Grammar School, Nbawsi

4010505Secondary Technical School, Amapu Ntigha

4010506Ihie High School, Ihie

4010507Girls’ High School, Umunkolo, Mbawsi

4010508Mercy Juniorate, Ntigha

4010509Secondary Technical School, Ngwa-Ukwu

4010510Ntigha Secondary Grammar School, Ntigha

4010511Ohuhu Nsulu Secondary School, Isiala Ngwa

4010512Abia State Senior Science School, Ihie

4010513Saint Augustine’s Anglican Seminary, Nbawsi

4010514Our Lady Comprehensive Secondary School, Umueleghele

4010515Gabek International Secondary School, Nbawsi, Isiala-Ngwa North

4010516St. Jude’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Ahiaba Ubi

4010517Holy Family Secondary School, Osusu, Isiala Ngwa

4010518Zenith Comprehensive Secondary School, Nbawsi

4010519Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, Eziama Ntigha

4010520St. Jude’s International Comprehensive Secondary School, Isiala Ngwa North

4010521St. Catherine’s International Comprehensive Secondary School, Isiala Amapu Ntigha

4010522St. David Comprehensive College, Uratta Umuoha

4010523Friends College, Nbawsi

4010524Erudite Model Schools, Aba South

4010525St. Peters Model Secondary School, Aba North

4010526Impressive Model Secondary School, Mbawsi

4010527Intellectual Foundation Secondary School, Isialangwa

4010528Nchewa Bernard Secondary School, Umuode

4010529Victory Comprehensive College, Mbawsi

4010530Community Secondary School, Isialangwa

4010531Firm Foundation Secondary School, Umunna Nsulu

4010601Ndiolumbe Comprehensive Secondary School, Ndiolumbe

4010602Ovungwu Secondary School, Umuapu

4010603Okporo Ahaba Secondary School, Umuajuju, Isiala Ngwa

4010604Girls’ Secondary School, Owerrinta

4010605Annunciation Seminary, Amaudara

4010606Saint Ephraim’s Secondary School, Owerrinta

4010607Nvosi High School, Umunkpeyi

4010608Mbutu Ngwa Secondary School, Mbutungwa

4010609Ovuokwu/Omoba Secondary School, Omoba

4010610Nneisi Community Secondary School, Nneisi, Umuezu

4010611Amano Secondary Technical School, Amaede, Ovungwu

4010612Adventist Secondary Technical College, Owerrinta

4010613Lucy Memorial Secondary School, Amairi

4010614Evangel Demonstration Secondary School, Umuene, Isiala Ngwa South

4010615St. Anthony Comprehensive Secondary School, Nbawsi

4010616Holyland Christian College, Isiala Ngwa

4010617Eze Memorial Comprehensive Secondary School, Isieketa-Omoba

4010618St. Michael’s Secondary School, Umuacha, Isiala Ngwa

4010619Glorious Comprehensive Secondary School, Owerrinta

4010620High Standard Secondary School, Ndiolumbe

4010621Monsignor Ahunaya Memorial Secondary School, Amapu Umuoha

4010622Ene’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Owerrinta

4010623St. Vincent Catholic Secondary School, Aga

4010624Seat Of Wisdom Secondary School, Isiala Ngwa

4010625Living Bread International Secondary School, Umuoleke Isiala Ngwa

4010626Samec International Secondary School Obekwesu

4010627Charity International Secondary School, Amuke, Isiala-Ngwa

4010628First Class Comprehensive Secondary School, Omoba

4010629The Lords International Secondary School, Omoba

4010630Christian Intellectual Academy, Isialangwa

4010631Immaculate Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuagu

4010632Model Secondary School, Umuikaa

4010701Secondary Technical School, Ovim Isuikwuato

4010702Acha Secondary School, Isuikwuato

4010703Uturu Secondary School, Uturu

4010704Eluama Secondary School, Isuikwuato

4010705Central Oguduasa Secondary School, Ovim, Isuikwuato

4010706Ahaba Imenyi Secondary School, Isuikwuato

4010709Isuikwuato High School, Isuikwuato

4010711Marist Comprehensive Academy, Uturu

4010712Girls’ (model) Secondary School, Ovim

4010713Marist Brothers’ Juniorate, Uturu

4010716Nunya Community Secondary School, Isuikwuato

4010718International Secondary School, Abia State University, Uturu

4010719Acha Secondary Technical School, Acha, Isuikwuato

4010720Achara Uturu Secondary School, Uturu

4010721Mbaugwu Community Secondary School, Uturu

4010722Queen Of Apostle’s Secondary Technical School, Isuikwuato

4010723Assumption Model Secondary Technical School, Ukwunwangwu, Uturu

4010724Fatima Secondary Technical School, Isuikwuato

4010725Wesley Comprehensive College, Isuikwuato

4010726Kolping International College, Ozuabam, Arochukwu

4010727Holy Cross High School, Uturu, Isuikwuato

4010728All Saints Methodist Comprehensive Secondary School, Uturu

4010801Akanu Ohafia Secondary School, Ohafia

4010802Army Day Secondary School, Ohafia

4010803Isiama Comprehensive Secondary School, Okagwe

4010804Enuda High School, Abiriba

4010805Coronata Secondary School, Asaga, Ohafia

4010806Saint Anthony’s Secondary School, Amaekpu, Ohafia

4010807Ohafia High School, Ebem Ohafia

4010808Egwuena Girls’ Secondary School, Abiriba

4010809Ohafia Girls’ Secondary School, Ohafia

4010810Nkporo Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkporo Ohafia

4010811Okamu Secondary Commercial School, Okamu, Ohafia

4010812Onarubi Secondary Technical School, Abiriba

4010813Hope Waddell International Secondary School, Ohafia

4010814Secondary Technical School, Amangwu, Ohafia

4010815Etitiama High School, Nkporo

4010816Secondary Commercial School, Elughu Nkporo, Ohafia

4010817Nkporo Secondary Technical School, Amurie-Nkporo, Ohafia

4010819Reinhold International Secondary School, Abiriba

4010820Collins Memorial College, Elu Ohafia

4010821Federal Government College, Ohafia

4010822Isiugwu Ohafia Comprehensive Secondary School, Ohafia

4010823Valley View College, Ohafia

4010824Girls’ Secondary School, Asaga-Ohafia

4010825Adventist Technical Secondary School, Ohafia (Atess)

4010826Ifemba International Academy, Akanu Ohafia

4010827Triumph Comprehensive College, Asaga Ohafia

4010828Abia Ohafia Community Senior Secondary School, Ohafia

4010829Eziafor Community Senior Secondary School, Ohafia

4010830Amuma Community Secondary School, Ohafia

4010831Nkwebi Community Secondary School, Nkwebi

4010832Amibe Community Secondary School, Amuke, Ohafia

4010903Ndiakata Secondary School, Ndiakata

4010904Osokwa Community Secondary School, Osokwa

4010905Comprehensive Secondary School, Umunkiri

4010906Onicha Ngwa Community Secondary School, Onicha Ngwa

4010908Community Secondary School, Ohanze

4010909Nenu Community Secondary School, Nenu

4010910Ovom Ama-Asaa Secondary School, Aba

4010911Alaukwu Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuobiakwa

4010912Comprehensive Secondary School, Owo-Ahiafor

4010913Abala Ibeme Secondary School, Abala Ibeme

4010914Comprehensive Secondary School, Owo-Elu

4010915Ovom Girls’ High School, Ovom

4010916Community Girls’ Secondary School, Umungasi

4010917Comprehensive Secondary School, Okpu-Umuobo

4010918Amator Secondary Technical School, Umuoyoro

4010919Nigerian Christian Seminary, Asa Nne-Ntu

4010920Comprehensive Secondary School, Mgboko Amairi

4010921Ngwa High School, Abayi

4010922Girls’ Secondary School, Abayi-Umuocham

4010923All Saints Secondary School, Ehere

4010924Comprehensive Secondary School, Mgboko Itungwa

4010925Saint Anne’s Secondary School, Umuobasi Amavo

4010926Mgboko Umuanunu Community Secondary School, Obioma Ngwa

4010927Our Saviour Girls’ Secondary School, Okpu Umuobo

4010928Alaoma Secondary Technical School, Akpaa Mbato

4010929Umuocham Girls’ Secondary School, Aba

4010930Ahiaba High School, Ahiaba Obingwa

4010931St. Michael’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuehilegbu Umuochan

4010932Living Word Academy Secondary School, Abayi Ugwuala

4010933Dahlia Legendary High School, Aba

4010934Holy Trinity Secondary School, Aba

4010935Montessori International Secondary School, Aba

4010936Evangel Seminary Ovom 1, Aba

4010937Cor Mariae Girls’ Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba

4010938Saint Patrick’s Model Secondary School, Aba

4010939Saint Bridget’s College, Umueze, Aba

4010940Carol-P International College, Aba

4010941D-Nals High School, Ogbor Hill, Aba

4010942Glorious Vision Seminary, Aba

4010943Saint Moses Secondary School, Umuekpe-Amavo

4010944Golden Gate Demonstration Secondary School, Aba

4010945Mbutu Umuojima Community Secondary School, Umuojima Ogbu

4010946Saint Leo The Great Comprehensive Secondary School, Oberete Asa

4010947Modern Christian Secondary School, Aba

4010948His Miracle College, Umuobe Ovom 1

4010949Universal Model Secondary School, Aba

4010950Uratta Comprehensive Secondary School, Egbede Osisioma

4010951Ekcela International Secondary School, Aba

4010952Divine International Secondary School, Aba

4010953Waggom Model Seminary, Osisioma

4010954Nigerian Christian Academy Secondary School, Umuopara,

4010955Solos Comprehensive Secondary School, Osisioma

4010956Basic Noble Giants Secondary School, Uzoahiangwa, Umuode

4010957St. John’s Model Secondary School, Umunkiri, Obinewa L.G.A.

4010958National Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuokea, Aba

4010959God First International Secondary School, Abayi

4010960Bezaleel Model Academy Umuatako, Aba

4010961Lizzy Secondary School, Abayi Aba

4010962Amazing Grace Academy Secondary School, Abayi Aba

4010963Sab Private Secondary School, Obingwa Aba

4010964Abayi International Secondary School, Abayi

4010965God’s Family Secondary School, Aba

4010966Concord International Secondary School, Aba Amator Aba

4010967City Of Wisdom International School, Aba

4010968St. Mary Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuogheala, Aba

4010969City Lab Comprehensive School, Aba

4010970Godwill International Secondary School, Aba

4010971Archdeacon Joseph College, Mbutu Isiala

4010972Divine Christian College, Aba

4010973Pitman’s Model Secondary School, Aba

4010974Science Base International Secondary School, Aba

4010975Heritage International Secondary School, Osusu, Aba

4010976Light Of Christ International College, Okporoala

4010977Nigeria Christian High School, Nlagu

4010978Franklyn Secondary School, Umuimo

4010979Redeemed Child Academy, Aba

4010980Holy Family Secondary School, Mgboko-Umorio Obingwa

4010981New Breed International Secondary School, Umuechem, Ariaria, Aba

4010982Dayspring Academy, Aba

4010983Gift International Model School, Ogbor Hill, Aba

4010984Flame International College, Umule, Aba

4010985Word Of Faith Secondary School, Umuokohia Aba

4010986Seat Of Knowledge International Secondary School, Umungasi Aba

4010987Ss Anthony & Jude College, Umungasi-Aba

4010988Superlative Academy Sec. School, Asamoka Osisioma

4010989Access International Model Secondary School, Aba

4010990St. Maze Sec. School, Obuzor

4010991Jiprin Model Secondary School, Umuokahia

4010992Stella Maris College, Abayi Umueze

4010993Convenant High School, Aba

4010994Footstep International Secondary School, Aba

4010995Grace Land College, Umungasi Aba

4010996Dozzy International Model School, Ntighauzor Obingwa

4010997Eziaha Academy, Aba

4010998Merian International Secondary School, Aba

4010999Christ Foundation Academy, Aba

4011001Comprehensive Secondary School, Ohuru-Ndoki

4011002Community Secondary School, Akirika, Azumini

4011003National Secondary School, Azumini

4011004Akwete Secondary Technical School, Akwete

4011005Ndoki Community Secondary School, Obohia

4011006Ikwuorie Comprehensive Secondary School, Ohanku

4011007Ikwueke Community Secondary School, Ohambele

4011009Community Secondary School, Mkporobe, Ukwa

4011010Seat Of Wisdom Secondary School, Obohia

4011011Federal Science & Technical College, Ohanso, Ukwa

4011012Community Senior Secondary School, Obeaku Ndoki

4011013St. Francis Catholic Secondary School, Akirikanta

4011101Ascension Junior Seminary, Umuebulungwu, Asa

4011102Owaza Secondary School, Owaza-Asa

4011103Community Secondary School, Obokwe Asa

4011104Ozar Secondary School, Asa

4011105Umuekechi High School, Umuekechi Asa

4011106Asa High School, Asa

4011107Ogwe Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogwe

4011108Lady Victoria Obinya Juniorate, Umuorie-Asa

4011109Chyvik Model Secondary School, Obechie

4011110Tower of Light Comprehensive Secondary School, Ukwa

4011111Regina Caeli Secondary School, Obehie-Asa

4011112Immanuel International Secondary School, Owaza, Asa, Ukwa West Lga, A

4011113Dynamic Secondary School, Owaza

4011114Richland International Secondary School, Umelechi, Isi-Obuzor

4011115Right Steps Christian Comprehensive College, Umuahala, Obuzor

4011116Community Secondary School, Umuaka.

4011117St. Anne’s Secondary School, Obehie

4011201Government College, Umuahia

4011202Ubakala Secondary School, Nsukwe

4011203Secondary Technical School, Umunwanwa

4011204Okaiuga Nkwoegwu Secondary School, Okaiuga, Umuahia

4011205Girls’ Secondary School, Umuahia

4011206Amuzukwu Girls’ Secondary School, Umuahia

4011207Ohuhu Community Secondary School, Amaogwugwu Umuahia

4011208Ibeku High School, Umuahia

4011209Sancta Crux Secondary School, Olokoro

4011210Saint Mary Magdalene’s Anglican Girls’ Seminary, Ubakala

4011211Evangel High School, Old Umuahia

4011212William’s Memorial Secondary School, Afugiri

4011213Community Secondary School, Isingwu

4011214Umuopara Secondary School, Umuahia

4011215Afugiri Girls’ Secondary School, Umuahia

4011216Immaculate Conception Seminary, Ahieke, Umuahia

4011217Community Secondary School, Nsirimo Umuahia

4011218Secondary Technical School, Afaraukwu, Umuahia

4011219Holy Ghost Secondary Technical School, Umuahia

4011220Secondary Technical School, Ofeme-Umuahia

4011221Nsirimo Secondary School, Nsirimo

4011222Girls’ High School, Umuahia

4011223Saint Theresa’s Girls’ Secondary School, Olokoro Umuahia

4011224Bishop Nwedo Memorial Boys’ High School, Ossah

4011225Federal Government Girls’ College, Umuahia

4011226Community High School, Isieke Ibeku

4011227Ossah Community Secondary School, Umuahia

4011228Mbom Community High School, Mbom Umuahia

4011229Amakama Community High School, Amakama

4011230Nelcinn Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuahia

4011231St. Cecilia’s Academy, Umuahia

4011232Orieamaenyi Secondary School, Umuahia

4011233University Demonstration Secondary School, Umuahia

4011234Victory International Comprehensive Secondary School, Afugiri

4011235The Master’s Vessel Classical Academy, Umuahia

4011236Britach Secondary School, Umuahia

4011237Hope International Secondary School, Umuahia

4011238Good Shepherd Senior Secondary School, Umueze, Ibeku, Umuahia

4011239Margaret High School, Umuahia

4011240Ujah’s College, Amuzu Ubakala

4011241Ave Maria Precious Secondary School, Ubakala

4011242St Patricks’ Model Senior Secondary School, Umuahia

4011243Jomeg College Umuagu Ibeku Umuahia

4011244Christland Mission Senior Secondary School, Amuzukwu

4011245St. Paul’s International Secondary School, Amuzukwu Layout Umuahia

4011246Resonance Model Secondary School, Umuahia

4011247Olokoro Girls Senior Secondary School, Olokoro

4011248Pius Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuigwe, Amakama- Umuahia

4011249Stella Gold International Model Schools, Umuahia

4011250Jessy Christian Model Secondary School, Ubakala

4011251Ohiya Community Secondary School, Umuahia

4011252Ndume Otuka Community Secondary School, Ahiaeke

4011253Kings College Academy Umuagu-Ibeku, Umuahia

4011254The King’s Capital Academy, Umuahia

4011255Intellectual Giants Christian Academy Secondary School, Umuahia.


4011257Mgbarakuma Community Secondary School, Ubakala- Umuahia

4011301Secondary Technical School, Obegu

4011302Akanu Ngwa High School, Ugwunagbo

4011303Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Ihie-Ukwu

4011304Comprehensive Secondary School, Oza Umuebukwu

4011305Little Friends Of Mary Secondary School, Osusu-Umelendu

4011306Umuaja Community Secondary School, Ebubengwa

4011307Umuaja Community Sec. School, Ebubengwa

4011308Pivot Secondary School, Asa-Nnetu, Ugwuwagbo

4011309Loretto Boys High School, Osusu, Umuelendu

4011310Alaiyi Community Senior Secondary School, Umugo

4011311King’s Unity Senior Secondary School, Osieke, Obegu, Ugwunagbo

4011312New World International Secondary School, Umule Oso Amadi Ugwunagbo

4011313Diamond High School, Ugwunagbo

4011314Skylimit Model Secondary School, Umuobidi

4011315Bright Star International Secondary School, Umuchenna Ugwunagbo

4011401Ngodo Girls’ Secondary School, Ngodo Isuochi

4011402Umuaku Secondary School, Isuochi

4011403Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuchieze

4011404Isuochi Secondary School, Isuochi

4011405Nneato Secondary School, Nneato

4011406Obinolu Secondary Technical School, Ngodo Isuochi

4011407Mbala Community Secondary School, Mbala Isuochi

4011408Immaculate Conception College, Lokpaukwu

4011409Methodist College, Nneochi

4011410Evangel Comprehensive Secondary School, Isuochi

4011411Lokpanta Secondary School, Lokpanta Umuchieze

4011412Mater Christi Academy, Ngodo Umunneochi

4011413Leru Secondary School, Umuchieze

4011414Queen Of Apostles Secondary Technical School, Obulo

4011415Prince Nnamdi Ekebuisi Royal Secondary School, Nkwoagu Isuochi

4011416Peace Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkwuagu Isuochi

4011417Parousia International Secondary School, Isuochi, Umunneochi

4011418Seat Of Wisdom Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkwoagu, Isuochi

4011501Lopez International Secondary School, Aba

4011502Divine Rhema Academy, Aba

4011503New Heaven Christian Academy, Umuakoli Rd, Ohabiam Aba

4011504Mainland Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba

4011505Madona Model Academy, Aba

4011506Ijeoma Standard Academy, Aba

4011507Providence Skills College, Aba

4011508Brainfield Secondary School, Aba

4011509Nizar Model Secondary School, Aba

4011510Abba Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba

4011511Divine Light Seminary Senior Secondary School, Aba

4011512Divine Step International Model Secondary School, Aba

4011513Adonai College, Aba

4011514Kanma Model Senior Secondary School, Aba

4011515Rockland College, Uratta, Aba

4011516Starlight Model Academy, Aba.

4011517Acess Model Secondary School, Aba

4011518Higher Ground International Schools, Aba

4011519Experience Model Secondary School, Aba

4011520Holy Guide Model International Secondary School, Aba

4011521Blessed Christian Academy, Aba

4011522Chims Model Academy, Urratta Rd. Aba

4011523Great Immaculate Secondary School, Aba

4011524Mater Christi Girls’ Model Secondary School, Aba

4011525Peniel International Seminary, Aba

4011526Eddymay Standard Christian Academy, Aba

4011527Peter Franc Foundation Academy, Aba

4011528Transparency International Academy Secondary School, Aba

4011529Nekon Schools, Aba

4011530Waggon Faith Comprehensive College, Aba

4011531Royal Rock Academy, Aba

4011532New Trend International Secondary School, Aba

4011533Golden Foundations International Secondary School, Aba

4011534Glorious Life International College, Aba.

4011535Tonycynthia International Secondary School, Aba

4011536Genius’ World Academy, Aba

4011537Calvary Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba

4011538Worldwide Secondary School, Aba

4011539Godly Children International Secondary School, Aba


4011541Queen Esther International Model School, Aba

4011542Brainfield International Secondary School, Aba

4011543Chigozie International Secondary School, Aba

4011544St. Paul Secondary School, Abaukwu

4011545Amazing Strides International School, Aba.

4011546Galazy Gem College, Aba.

4012301Oxbridge Academy Secondary School, Osisioma

4012302Pinnacle Technical College, Obingwa

4012303Goldmate Comprehensive Secondary School, Ovom 1, Obingwa

4012304Unique Model Schools, Umuafor Obingwa

4012305Oxfords International Secondary School, Aba

4012306Living-Stone International Christian Secondary School, Aba

4012307World-Class International Secondary School, Obingwa

4012308Atlantic Model Academy, Osoisioma

4012309Turning Point International School, Osisioma

4012310His Mercies College, Osisioma

4012311Anointed International Secondary School, Umuwaoma, Obingwa

4012312Madonna Comprehensive Secondary School, Osokwa

4012313Fedora Grammar School, Umuosi Vill Alaoma

4012314Graceland Model International Secondary School, Udo-Osi

4012315Paragon International Academy, Osisioma

4012316Wisdom Rules College,Aba

4012317Paragon City Light College, Aba

4012318Emmanuel Group Of Schools, Ohanze, Aba

4012319Reigning King International School, Aba

4012320St. Dominic College, Aba

4012321Patsy Elite Secondary School, Aba

4012322All Nations Christian Academy, Umuojima, Osisioma

4012323Bright Stars International Secondary, Aba

4012324Diamond Base Academy, Obingwa.

4012325Holy Trinity Catholic College, Obuzor

4012326Merit Secondary School, Umuaduru

4012327Lumen Christi Catholic Secondary School, Osisioma

4012328Apostolic Faith Secondary School, Abayi, Owuahia

4020101Government Science Secondary School, Abaji

4020102Government Girls’ Secondary School, Abaji

4020103Government Secondary School, Yaba

4020104Government Secondary School, Dangara

4020105Federal Government Girls’ College, Abaji.

4020201Government Secondary School, Bwari

4020202Government Girls’ Secondary School, Dutse

4020203Federal Government Girls’ College, Bwari

4020204Government Secondary School, Kubwa

4020205Jewel Model Secondary School, Kubwa

4020206Government Day Secondary School, Bwari

4020207ASACS International Academy, Bwari

4020208Best Brain International Academy, Bwari

4020209Cedar International Secondary School, Kubwa

4020210Ozuke International Academy, Kubwa

4020211Holy Child College, Baupma Dutse

4020212Bicados International Secondary School, Kubwa, Abuja

4020213Visionary Senior Secondary School, Dutse, Baumpa, Abuja

4020214Government Secondary School, Jibi

4020215Total Child Senior Secondary School, Dutse

4020216Standard Academy Senior Secondary School, Mpape

4020217Wilman Comprehensive College, Bwari

4020218Shining Star College, Kubwa

4020219Government Secondary School, Shere

4020220Unity High School, Kubwa

4020221Metro International Schools, Kubwa

4020222Government Secondary School, Byazhin

4020223Government Day Secondary School, Dutse- Alhaji Abuja

4020224Catherina International Academy Dutse- Alhaji, Abuja

4020225Government Secondary School, Kawu- Abuja

4020226Evangel Academy, Kubwa

4020227Anglican Comprehensive Secondary School, Kubwa

4020228Ade-Ola International School, Kubwa

4020229Light Of Day School, Kubwa, Abuja

4020230African Child College, Byazhin New Extension, Kubwa- Abuja

4020231St. Theresa’s Catholic School, Bwari

4020232Golden Gate Pentagon College, Kubwa

4020233Whole Person Academy, Kubwa

4020234Scholars Land School, Kubwa-Abuja

4020301Government Secondary School, Gwagwalada

4020302Government Science Secondary School, Tugan-Maje

4020303Government Day Secondary School, Gwagwalada

4020304School For The Gifted, Gwagwalada, Abuja

4020305Christ The King College, Gwagwalada

4020306Government Secondary School, Dobi-Abuja

4020307Sheikh Hamdan Model Science Secondary School, Gwagwalada

4020308Chelston International Secondary School, Gwagwalada

4020309Emmanuel College, Zuba

4020310Calvary Secondary School, Zuba

4020311Star International Secondary School, Gwagwalada

4020312Christ Academy International School, Gwagwalada

4020313Zuba Academy Secondary School, Zuba

4020314Success International College, Zuba, Abuja

4020315Edu-Vision International Secondary School, Gwako

4020316Jolatsen Secondary School, Deshi, Paiko-Kore

4020317Standard Comprehensive Secondary School, Zuba

4020318Aunty Ayo Academy, Tunga Maje

4020319Louisville Girls’ Secondary School, Gwagwalada

4020320Christ Anglican College, Gwagwalada

4020321Government Secondary School, Zuba- Abuja

4020322Government Day Secondary School, Hajj Camp, Gwagwalada

4020323Best Intellect International Academy Gwagwalada

4020324Government Girls Secondary School, Dukpa

4020401Government Secondary School, Rubochi

4020402Government Secondary School, Kuje

4020403Government Girls’ Science Secondary School, Kuje

4020404S.S. Simon & Jude Seminary, Kuje

4020405Government Secondary School, Gwargwada

4020406Federal Government Girls’ College, Abaji, Abuja

4020407Federal Government College, Rubochi

4020408The Capital Science Academy, Kuje

4020409Government Secondary School, Gawu

4020410Funtaj International School, Kuje

4020411Government Secondary School, Gudun-Karya, Abuja

4020412Grace Garden International College, Kuje

4020413Glory & Praise International College, Kuje

4020414Government Secondary School, Gaube, Kuje

4020415Nigeria-Ghana International College, Kuje

4020416The Royals’ Schools, Kuje

4020501Government Secondary School, Kwali

4020502Federal Government College, Kwali

4020503Government Secondary School, Yangoji

4020504Government Secondary School, Yebu, Abuja

4020505Gss, Pai.

4020601Government Secondary School, Karu

4020602Government Secondary School, Karshi

4020603Government Secondary School, Gwarinpa

4020604Government Secondary School, Garki

4020605Government Secondary School, Tudun-Wada

4020606Government Secondary School, Wuse

4020607Government Secondary School, Jiwa

4020608Government Secondary School, Nyanya

4020609Government Secondary School, Airport, Abuja

4020610Army Day Secondary School, Asokoro

4020611Army Day Secondary School, Maitama

4020612Command Day Secondary School, Maitama

4020613Model Secondary School, Maitama

4020614Regina Pacis Girls Secondary School, Garki

4020615Government Science Secondary School, Pyakasa

4020616Fou’ad Lababidi Islamic Academy, Wuse

4020617Loyola Jesuit College, Wuse

4020618Central Secondary School, Idu, Abuja

4020619Nurul Bayan International Academy, Wuse Abuja

4020620Community Secondary School, Asokoro

4020621Nigerian Turkish International College, Wuse 2, Abuja

4020622Government Day Secondary School, Karu, Abuja

4020623Federal Government Boys’ College, Garki, Abuja

4020624Veraltos International College, Karmo

4020625King of Kings Academy, Lugbe

4020626Stella Maris College, Life Camp

4020627Word of Faith Secondary School, Durumi

4020628City Royal Secondary School, Nyanya F.C.T. Abuja

4020629Kings Comprehensive Secondary School, Karmo

4020630Starlight Secondary School, Idu-Karmo

4020631Kingsville College, Gwarinpa

4020632Eli Science Secondary School Karmo

4020633Rahinna Model Secondary School, Jikwoyi

4020634Abuja Comprehensive College, Nyanya

4020635Living Spring International College Gwarinpa, Abuja

4020636Ladela Day Secondary School, Abuja

4020637Divine Mercy Senior Secondary School, Asokoro Abuja

4020638Anglican Girls Grammar School, Apo1, Abuja

4020639Benjamin Joseph College, Gwarimpa

4020640Great Heights Academy, Kado Estate

4020641Pace Setters’ College, Wuye

4020642Lightway Academy, Wuse Ii

4020643Government Secondary School, Lugbe

4020644Pace Setters College, Gwarinpa.

4020645Government Day Secondary School, Wuse 2, Abuja

4020646Titsall Global Schools, Wuse 2, Abuja

4020647Spring Of Knowledge Academy, Gwarinpa

4020648Ave-Maria Schools, Jikwoyi

4020649Federal Science And Technical College, Orozo, Abuja

4020650Madona International Arts & Science Secondary School, Garki, Abuja

4020651Oasis International College, Abuja

4020652City Royal International Academy , Jikwoyi

4020653Africa International College, Kaura – Abuja

4020654Nig-Gha International College, Jabi – Abuja

4020655Baptist High School, Kubwa

4020656Cherryfeild College Plot Ct 19 Phase 1, Jikwoyi

4020657Premiere Academy, Fha Phase Ii Lugbe, Abuja

4020658Lead British International School, Gwarinpa

4020659La-Vogue International School, Jikwoyi

4020660Government Secondary School, Mabushi

4020661Nobel Heights Academy Karu

4020662Government Secondary School, Gwagwa

4020663Government Secondary School, Jikwoyi

4020664Government Secondary School, Jabi

4020665British Nigerian Academy Abuja

4020666Unity International School, Gwarinpa, Abuja

4020667Best School, International Life Camp Abuja

4020668Glisten International Academy, Abuja

4020669Gudmerc Kiddies Academy, Kurudu, Abuja

4020670Nelson Mandela International School, Nyanya

4020671Government Secondary School, Apo Abuja

4020672Almanar Senior Science School, Kado Estate, Abuja

4020673Olumawu College, Wuse 2 Abuja

4020674Samkings Science College, Karu

4020675Hampstead Academy Apo, Abuja

4020676Fine Trust Comprehensive College, Jikwoyi Phase 3, Abuja

4020677Government Secondary School, Mpape, Abuja

4020678Dabmak Great Foundation International School, Mpade Abuja

4020679Capville Schools, Gwarinpa, Abuja

4020680Kenuj Angels School, Jikwoyi, Abuja

4020681Anglican Comprehensive Secondary School, Kpeyegi Abuja

4020682Glorious Destiny Academy, Jikwoyi- Abuja

4020683Bristol Academy, Karu- Abuja

4020684Parliament International Secondary School, Apo Legislative Quarters, Apo,Abuja

4020685Rayino International School Dei-Dei-Abuja

4020686Government Secondary School, Dei- Dei Abuja

4020687Efab International School, Efab Estate, Abuja

4020688Ar- Rahman International School,Asokoro

4020689Premier International School, Wuse 2, Abuja

4020690Royal Family Academy, Wuye Abuja

4020692Gss, Kabusa

4020693Gstc, Area 3, Garki.

4020694Napo Private Secondary School, Maitama.

4030101Government Day Secondary School, Borrong

4030102Government Day Secondary School, Demsa

4030103Government Day Secondary School, Bille

4030104Government Day Secondary School, Kpasham

4030105Government Day Secondary School, Kodomun

4030106Government Day Secondary School, Dwam

4030107Government Day Secondary School, Mbula

4030108Ecwa Academy, Demsa

4030201Government Secondary School, Fufore

4030202Government Day Secondary School, Karlahi

4030203Government Day Secondary School, Malabu

4030204Government Day Secondary School, Gurin

4030205Government Day Secondary School, Yadim

4030206Government Day Secondary School, Pariya

4030207Government Day Secondary School, Farang

4030301Government Science Secondary School, Sugu-Ganye

4030302Government Secondary School, Sugu

4030303Government Day Secondary School, Gurum

4030304Federal Government College, Ganye

4030305Government Day Secondary School, Ganye

4030306Adamu Sanda Secondary School, Ganye

4030401Government Secondary School, Girei

4030402Government Day Secondary School, Koh

4030403Government Day Secondary School, Vunoklang

4030404Government Day Secondary School, Jabbi Lamba

4030405University Secondary School, Yola

4030406Government Day Secondary School, Goron

4030407Government Day Secondary School, Tambo

4030501Government Secondary School, Gombi

4030502Government Day Secondary School, Garkida

4030503Government Day Secondary School, Ga’anda

4030504Government Day Secondary School, Fotta

4030505Government Day Secondary School, Gombi

4030506Government Day Secondary School (Ss) Gabun

4030601Government Secondary School, Banjiram

4030602Government Day Secondary School, Guyuk

4030603Government Day Secondary School, Burthi

4030604Government Day Secondary School, Kola

4030605Government Day Secondary School, Bobini

4030606Government Day Secondary School, Chikila

4030607Baptist High School, Guyuk

4030701Government Secondary School, Hong

4030702Government Secondary School, Uba-Adamawa

4030703Government Day Secondary School, Kuva-Gaya

4030704Government Day Secondary School, Pella

4030705Government Day Secondary School, Garaha

4030706Government Senior Science Secondary School, Uba

4030707Government Day Secondary School, Kalaa

4030708Eyn Comprehensive Secondary School, Kwarhi

4030709Government Day Secondary School, Gashala

4030710Government Day Secondary School, Bankshika

4030711Government Day Secondary School, Shangui

4030712Government Day Secondary School, Hildi

4030713Government Day Secondary School, Mijili

4030714Govt Day Secondary School, Mararraba, Mubi, Hong Lga

4030715Government Day Secondary School Kwakwa’ah

4030716Christ The Foundation Css, Hong.

4030801Government Day Secondary School, Kojoli

4030802Government Day Secondary School, Mapeo

4030803Government Secondary School, Jada

4030804Special Education Centre, Jada

4030805Government Day Secondary School, Mbulo

4030806L.C.C.N. Bible College, Dashen

4030807Atiku Abubakar Government Science Secondary School, Jada

4030808Government Day Secondary School, Dashen

4030809Government Day Secondary School, So’o

4030810Government Secondary School, Koma

4030901Government Day Secondary School, Lamorde

4030902Government Day Secondary School, Gyawana

4030903Government Day Secondary School, Lafiya

4030904Government Day Secondary School, Zekun

4030905Savannah Sugar High School, Numan

4030906Government Day Secondary School, Suwa Kasa

4030907Government Day Secondary School, Gyakan

4031001Government Secondary School, Shuwa

4031002Government Secondary School, Madagali

4031003Government Day Secondary School, Gulak

4031004Saint Joseph’s Minor Seminary, Shuwa

4031005Government Day Secondary School, Kirchinga

4031006Government Christian Secondary School, Shuwa

4031007Government Day Secondary School, Hyambula

4031101Government Secondary School, Maiha

4031102Government Day Secondary School, Sorau

4031103Government Day Secondary, School, Pakka

4031104Government Day Secondary School, Belel

4031201Government Secondary School, Mayo-Belwa

4031202Government Day Secondary School, Gorobi

4031203Government Day Secondary School, Tola

4031204Government Day Secondary School, Gengle

4031205Government Day Secondary School, Nassarawo-Jereng

4031206St. Augustine’s College, Sabon Gari, Mayo Belwa

4031207Mayo’s Modern College, Mayo Belwa.

4031301Government Secondary School, Bazza

4031302Government Secondary School, Michika

4031303Government Day Secondary School, Bazza

4031304Government Day Secondary School, Garta

4031305Government Day Secondary School, Kwabapale

4031306Federal Science & Technical College, Michika

4031307Government Day Secondary School, Kuburshosho

4031308Government Day Secondary School, Vi

4031309Government Day Secondary School, Jang

4031310Government Day Secondary School, Watu

4031311Government Day Secondary School, (Senior) Futuless Town

4031401Shuware Government Secondary School, Mubi

4031402Government Senior Secondary School, Mubi

4031403Government Technical Secondary School, Mubi

4031404Government Day Secondary School, Muchalla

4031405Government Day Secondary School, Betso

4031406Government Day Secondary School, Lamorde-Mubi

4031407Government Day Secondary School, Gella

4031408Baptist High School, Mubi

4031409Government Day Secondary School, Bahuli

4031410Government Day Secondary School, Mayo Bani

4031411International Comprehensive School, Mubi

4031412Government Day Secondary School, Digil

4031413Government Day Secondary School, Vintim

4031414Government Day Secondary School, Muhda

4031415Tijjani Bolori College Of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Mubi

4031416Government Day Secondary School, Dirbishi

4031417Government Day Secondary School, Kwaja

4031418Government Day Secondary School, Dazala

4031419Halibarth English College, Mubi

4031420Mundra High School, Mubi

4031421Demonstration Secondary School, Federal Poly, Mubi

4031422First Baptist Academy, Mubi

4031423Mubi High School, Mubi

4031424Darul-Hiqma College Of Arabic, Science And Islamic Studies, Mubi

4031501Pare Government Senior Secondary School, Numan

4031502Villanova Government College, Numan

4031503Government Secondary School, Numan

4031504Government Technical College, Numan

4031505Government Day Secondary School, Dong

4031506Bright Future High School, Numan

4031507Government Day Secondary School, Imburu

4031508Government Day Secondary School, Gamadio

4031509St. Patrick’s Academy, Numan

4031510Government Day Secondary School, Nassarawa Demsa

4031511Gdss, Bare

4031601Government Secondary School, Shelleng

4031602Government Day Secondary School, Kiri

4031701Government Secondary School, Song

4031702Government Day Secondary School, Dumne

4031703Government Day Secondary School, Song

4031704Government Arabic Secondary School, Song

4031705Government Day Secondary School, Salasa

4031706Government Day Secondary School, Dirma

4031707Government Day Secondary, School, Dikir

4031708Government Day Secondary School, Prambe Village

4031716Community Secondary School, Obangede

4031801Government Secondary School, Toungo

4031901General Murtala Mohammed College, Yola

4031902Government Girls’ Secondary School, Yola

4031903Saint Peter’s Seminary, Yola

4031904Federal Government Girls’ College, Yola

4031905Government Day Secondary School, ‘army’, Yola

4031906Doubeli Government Day Secondary School, Yola Doubeli

4031907Capital Government Day Secondary School, Yola

4031908Aliyu Mustafa Academy, Yola

4031909Government Day Secondary School, Karewa

4031910Government Day Secondary School, Gwadabawa

4031911Government Day Secondary School, Luggere

4031912Iqra Academy, Yola

4031913El-Shaddai Model Secondary School, Yola

4031914Hayatu Iyawa College, Yola

4031915Bosco Comprehensive Secondary School, Jambutu, Yola

4031916Light Of Life Academy, Jimeta-Yola

4031917Baptist Academy Jimeta-Yola

4031918Command Day Sec. School, Yola

4031919Redemption Anglican Academy, Yola

4031920Model Secondary School,Fce, Yola

4031921Kay Academy, Karewa Yola

4031922Private Success International College, Yola

4031923Restoration High School, Jimeta- Yola

4031924Faan Staff Academy, Yola.

4032001Aliyu Musdafa College, Yola

4032002Government Day Secondary School, Yola Town

4032003Government Day Secondary School, Shagari, Yola

4032004Concordia College, Yola

4032005Bunmat Learning Field, Malamre

4032006Government Day Secondary School, Ngurore

4032007Government Day Secondary School, Damare

4032008Lutheran Junior Seminary, Mbamba, Yola

4032009School For Arabic & Islamic Studies, Yola

4032010Government Day Secondary School, Njoboliyo

4032011Almashkur International Academy, Yola

4032012Ahmadu Ribadu College, Yola

4032013Darul Arqam Islamic Institute, Yola

4032014American University Of Nigeria (Aun) Academy, Yola

4032015Chiroma Ahmad Academy, Yola

4032016Government Day Secondary School, Wuro- Hausa

4032017Bible Heritage Life College, Yola

4032018El-Kanemi College Of Islamic Theology, Yola

4032019Remi Education Foundation, Yola

4032020Yola Model School, Yola

4032021Abti International Secondary School, Yola.

4032022Government Day Secondary School, Namtari.

4040101Holy Family College, Oku Abak

4040102Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Etokudo/Ibong, Abak

4040103Community High School, Afaha Obong, Abak

4040104Comprehensive Secondary School, Midim, Abak

4040105Comprehensive Secondary School, Ediene Abak

4040106Saints’ Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Oku Mfang

4040107Saint Mary’s Science College, Ediene Abak

4040108Nigerian Christian Secondary School, Ukpom, Abak

4040109Queen Of Apostles Seminary, Afaha Obong, Abak

4040110Loreto Girls’ Juniorate, Eriam Afaha Obong

4040111Mcintire Secondary Commercial School, Utu-Abak, Abak

4040112The Church Of Jesus Christ Comprehensive Secondary School, Atai Otoro, Abak

4040113Army Day Secondary School, Ibagwa-Abak

4040114Marie Brown Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Edong, Abak

4040115Methodist Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Essien Etok, Otoro-Abak

4040116Palmgrove Christian Seminary, Utu Abak Abak

4040117Universal Secondary Academy, Manta 1 Abak L.G.

4040118Central Comprehensive School Afaha-Obong

4040119Anietie Christian Academy, Ikot Obong

4040120Nsentip High School, Ekpat Iduot

4040121King’s International College, Abak

4040122Independent Comprehensive College, Itung

4040123Bishop Urom Academy, Ikot Essien Utem

4040124Goodnews Community High School, Abak

4040125Tower Of Ivory Schools Ediene Abak

4040126Esteem Secondary School, Midim Waterside, Abak

4040201Community Secondary School, Iko Town Eastern Obolo L.G.A.

4040202Koromita Comprehensive Secondary School, Okoroete Eastern Obolo L.G.A.

4040203Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Amadaka Eastern Obolo

4040301Nduo Eduo High School, Nduo Eduo, Eket

4040302Saint Francis Secondary School, Ikot Ataku/Akpandem Eket

4040303Government Secondary School, Afaha Eket

4040304Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Uso Ekong, Eket

4040305Girls’ High School, Ikot Ibiok, Eket

4040306Commercial Development Agency Secondary School, Iko-Eket

4040307Community Secondary School, Idong Iniang, Eket

4040308The Apostolic Church High School, Esit Urua-Eket

4040309Billson Secondary Commercial School, Eket

4040310Wills’ Commercial Secondary School, Eket

4040311Alex Secondary Commercial School, Idua-Eket

4040312Amatech Comprehensive High School, Ataidung Afaha

4040313Eket Comprehensive College, Efoi-Eket

4040314Dayspring Comprehensive College, Eket

4040315Frankfurt High School, (Science Technical) Eket

4040316Qua Iboe Church Secondary School, Afaha Eket

4040317Excellent Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Udoma

4040318Hope Power College, Ikot Nsidibe

4040319Touchstone High School, Ikot Okudom, Eket

4040320Imperial Secondary School, Eket

4040321All Weather Secondary School, Eket

4040322Pegasus High School, Eket

4040323Dominion International High School, Ikot-Okudom, Okon Edet

4040324Progressive High School, Eket

4040401Secondary School, Edo, Esit Eket L.G.A.

4040402Community Secondary School, Akpautong, Esit Eket

4040403Eket Modern High School, Ekpene Obo, Eket

4040404National High School, Etebi Esit Eket

4040405Christian Comprehensive High School, Idong Usiong Village, Akpautong

4040406Model International Secondary School, Ntak Inyang, Esit Eket

4040501Okon Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Oko, Essien Udim

4040502Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikpe Annang, Essien Udim L.G.A.

4040503Community Secondary Commercial School, Ukana East, Essien Udim

4040504Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Nto Osung, Ekpenyong Atai

4040505Independence High School, Ukana Essien, Udim

4040506Government Secondary School, Nto Nsek

4040507Kizito Comprehensive Secondary School, Adiasim, Essien Udim

4040508Secondary School, Odoro Ikot

4040509Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Ukana West, Essien Udim

4040510Notre Dame Girls’ Secondary School, Urua Edet

4040511Top Faith International Secondary School, Mkpatak

4040512Inland Secondary Commerical School, Ikot Afanga

4040513Annong Secondary School, Idung Esimuk

4040514Andy Comprehensive College, Ikot Ondo-Adiasim Essien Udim L.g.a.

4040515Pentecostal Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Akpan Essiet, Essien

4040516New Century College, Mkporoko

4040601Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Ese

4040602Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Esop, Etim Ekpo L.G.A.

4040603Community Secondary (technical) School, Etok Uruk Eshiet

4040604Community Secondary School, Uruk Ata Ii

4040605Community Secondary School, Eka Uruk Eshiet

4040606Community Secondary Commercial School, Eka Obong, Etim Ekpo L.G.A.

4040607Northern Annang Secondary Commercial School, Utu Etim Ekpo

4040608Iwukem High School, Iwukem

4040609Obong Christian High School, Obong Ntak, Etim Ekpo L.G.A.

4040610Nigerian Christian Academy, Uruta Ikot Akpan

4040611Christian Comprehensive Secondary school, Ikot Edet

4040612Comprehensive Secondary School, Uruk Ata, Ikot Orok

4040613Foresight Comprehensive College, Etim Ekpo

4040614Abat High School, Abat Town, Etim Ekpo

4040615Ntawin Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Odongo

4040616Great Faith Comprehensive College, Utu Ikot Ekpo

4040617Wisdom Based Academy, Ikot Mboho

4040618Ikono Annang Comprehensive High School, Nkwot Ikono

4040619Nsituk Modern Academy, Atai Nto Obo, Etim Ekpo

4040620Divine Comprehensive Secondary School, Etim Ekpo

4040621Divinewill Christian College, Esa Obong, Etim Ekpo

4040622Victory Christian Comprehensive High School, Etim Ekpo

4040623Intergrity Comprehensive College, Utu Idung Akpan Udom,Etim Ekpo.

4040624Grasp International College, Etim-Ekpo

4040701Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkana-Etinan

4040702Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Nte, Etinan

4040703Etinan Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Etinan

4040704Community Secondary Grammar School, Ikot Akpabio-Etinan

4040705Etinan Institute, Etinan

4040706Saint Theresa’s Secondary School, Edem Ekpat

4040707Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot-Eba, Etinan

4040708Salvation Army High School, Efa, Etinan

4040709Community Secondary School, Mbioto Ii, Etinan L.G.A.

4040710Community Secondary School, Asuna, Etinan L.G.A.

4040711Community Secondary Grammar School, Ikot Itina, Etinan L. G. A.

4040712Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Obio Inyang

4040713Alta Academy, Etinan

4040714Ewil Comprehensive Secondary School, Mbioto I, Etinan L. G. A.

4040715Calvary-Victory Comprehensive Institute, Ikot Esua

4040716Slawd Peters Comprehensive Secondary (technical) School, Etinan

4040717Qua-Iboe Church Women Fellowship Girls’ Secondary School, Etinan

4040718Comprehensive Secondary School, Ekom Iman, Etinam

4040719Beulah International School, Ekom Iman, Etinan

4040801Lutheran High School, Obot Idim, Ibesikpo Asutan

4040802Brotherhood Secondary School, Ikot Ide Akpakpan Ibiesikpo

4040803Secondary Commercial School, Iwawa Usung Eket

4040804Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Akpa Etok/Ediam

4040805Community Secondary Grammar School, Ikot Essien-Ibesikpo

4040806Ndikpo Grammar School, Ikot Obio Nko

4040807Ibesikpo Secondary Commercial School, Nung Udoe

4040808Asutan Ekpe Comprehensive Secondary School, Okop Ndua Erong

4040809Lutheran Secondary School, Obot Ideng-Ibesikpo

4040810God’s Will Comprehensive Secondary School, Obot Idim

4040811Airforce Comprehensive Secondary School, Uyo

4040812Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Atang Esen Ibesikpa

4040813The City Of God Secondary Commercial School, Ito-Oko

4040814Apostolic Faith Science School, Mbierebe

4040815Uduaku College, Afaha Ikot Obio Nkan

4040816Golden Child Secondary School, Ikot-Obio, Nko

4040901Secondary Grammar School, Ibeno

4040902S.S. Peter & Paul Comprehensive High School, Inuaeyen Ikot, Mkpanak

4041001Union Secondary School, Ibiaku

4041002Comprehensive Secondary School, Ntan Ekere, Ibiono Ibom

4041003Secondary School, Ididep, Ibiono Ibom

4041004Community Secondary School, Idoro, Ibiono Ibom

4041005Community Secondary School, Ikot Usen

4041006Community Secondary School, Ibiaku Ibiono Western

4041007Presbyterian Senior Science School, Ididep

4041008Lott Carey Baptist Secondary School, Afaha-Obio Eno

4041009Ibiono Community High School, Edem Urua

4041010Community Secondary Commercial School, Ono Ibiono Ibom

4041011Commuinty Secondary School, Itukho-Ibiono Ibom

4041012Progressive Secondary Commercial School, Mbiabong Edem Edik

4041013Mary Slessor Presbyterian Sec. School, Ikot Obong, Ibiono Ibom L.g.a.

4041014Mary Slessor International School, Use Ikot Oku, Ibiono-Ibom L.g.a.

4041015Community Secondary School, Use Ikot Amama, Ibiono Ibom L. G. A.

4041016Model Secondary Comm. School, Iboku Itu Udo

4041017Fulga International College, Mbeabam Ibiono

4041018Uduak Obong Comprehensive High School Ibino

4041019Presbyterian Secondary School, Use Ikot Oku

4041020Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Mbiabong Nsan

4041021Ibiono South Community Secondary School, Ibiaku Ikpedip

4041022Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Uneke

4041023Comprehensive Secondary, Ntan, Mbat

4041101Ika Comprehensive High School, Ikot Akpan Anwa

4041102Ika Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Osukpong

4041103Saint Augustine’s Secondary School, Urua Inyang Ika

4041104King Of Kings Secondary Commercial School, Nto Ntia

4041105Gracefield Comprehensive Academy, Udi Ika

4041106Redeemed Secondary School, Ikot Ekong Ika

4041107Mary Day Christian Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Inyang Ese

4041108Trinity High School, Ikot Inyang, Ika

4041109Alfred Science & Computer School, Ikot Akpan Ifang

4041110Bright Step College, Ikot Okoro Ata

4041111Blessed Hope Comprehensive College, Ikot Otong, Ika

4041201Progressive Secondary Commercial School, Okon

4041202Ukpum Okon Comprehensive Secondary School, Okon Town, Ikot Abasi L.G.A.

4041203Midtown Secondary Commercial School, Edemaya

4041204Community Secondary Commercial School, Odoro Atan

4041205Methodist Secondary School, Ete, Ikot Abasi L.g.a.

4041206Regina Coeli Secondary School, Essene

4041207Secondary Commercial School, Ibekwe, Ikot Abasi

4041208Comprehensive High School, Edemaya

4041209Akama Catholic Girls’ High School, Essene

4041210Qua Iboe Church Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Osudu

4041211Alexma Secondary School, Ibekwe Ikpetim Ibekwe

4041212Unity Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Obong

4041213Shining Stars Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Obong.

4041214Alscon Staff Secondary School, Ikot Abasi

4041301Community Secondary School, Ikot Abia Idem/ikot Enwang

4041302State College, Ikot Ekpene

4041303Amanyam Community Secondary School, Mbiaso, Ikot Ekpene L.g.a.

4041304Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Inyang

4041305Lutheran High School, Ikot Obong Edong

4041306Goretti Girls’ Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Ekpene

4041307Methodist Girls’ Secondary School, Utu Ikpe

4041308State Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Ekpene

4041309Secondary Commercial School, Ndon Ide Ikot Ekpene

4041310Federal Government College, Ikot Ekpene

4041311Holy Child Girls’ Secondary School, Ifuho

4041312Community Secondary Commercial School, Urua Obo

4041313Mid-Town Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Ekpene

4041314Modern Comprehensive Secondary School, Abiakpo Ikot Essien, Ikot Ekpene

4041315Saint Paul’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Ekpene

4041316Okonosco Comprehensive High School,ikot Ekpene

4041317Edemsco Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Ekpene

4041318Itai Comprehensive High School, Abiakpa Ikot Obio

4041319Urban High School, 32 Chubb Road, Ikot Ekpene

4041320Christian Secondary Community School, Abiakpo, Ikot

4041321Ritman College, Ikot Ekpene

4041322Immanuel College Ibiakpan Ikot Ekpene

4041323Edwina College, Ibiakpan Akananwan

4041324Hossana Comprehensive High School, Ikot Ekpene

4041325Apostolic Faith Secondary School, Ikot Ekpene

4041326Confidence Comprehensive High School, Ikot-Ekpene.

4041327Premium College, Abak Oko

4041401Community Secondary School, Nkwot Ikot Obok Idem

4041402Comprehensive Secondary School, Ndiya

4041403Comprehensive Secondary School, Ukpom, Ikono L.G.A.

4041404Lutheran Senior Science Secondary School, Ibakachi-Ikono

4041405Urban Secondary Commercial School, Ibiaku Ntok Okpo-Ikono

4041406Immaculate Conception Secondary School, Itak-Ikono

4041407Saint Mary’s Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Nseyen, Ikono

4041408Archibong Memorial Secondary School, Ukpom

4041409Ikono People’s High School, Nung Ukim

4041410Ediene Community Secondary School, Ikot Ayan, Ikono

4041411Trinity Academy, Iton Odoro

4041412Tarbas Memorial Comprehensive High School, Ibiaku Ntok Okpo

4041413Ediene Bible College, Nung Idio-Ikono

4041414Lott Carey Baptist Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Efre Itak-Ikono

4041415Unity High School, Mbiabong Ukan, Ikono L. G. A.

4041416Community Secondary School, Obio Ediene

4041417Ikono Women Education Centre, Itak Ikot Akpanaem, Ikono L. G. A.

4041418Akwa Ibom State College Of Arts & Science, Nung-Ukim, Ikono

4041419Effective Secondary Commercial School, Afaha Ediene

4041420Unity Secondary Commercial School, Oduk, Ikono

4041421Unwana-Abasi Comprehensive Secondary School, Osuk-Ediene Ikono

4041422National High School, Ekpemiong Itak

4041423Community Secondary Commercial School, Ukpap

4041424Competent Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkara Obio-Ikot Ekpene

4041425Uncle Peter’s International College, Ukpom

4041426Danuko Comprehensive Secondary School, Asanting

4041427Eboison Comprehensive College, Ndiya Etok, Ikono

4041428The People’s Modern High School, Ikono

4041429De Trio International School, Ikono

4041430Providence Secondary School, Aka- Ekpeme, Ikono

4041501Secondary School, Itu Mbon Uso

4041502Community Secondary School, Ukwok

4041503Ogu Community Secondary Commercial School, Ogu Itu Mbonuso, Ini L.G.A.

4041504Ini Secondary School, Ikpe Ikot Nkon

4041505Odoro Ikono Secondary School, Mbiabong Ikot Udofia

4041506Ikpe Community Secondary School, Ibam Edet

4041507Community Secondary School, Nkari

4041508Dikko Secondary Commercial School, Edem Idim, Ibakesi

4041509Methodist College, Edem Idim Ibakesi

4041510Secondary Commercial School, Mbiabong Ikot Udofia

4041511Franco Secondary Commercial School, Ananamong Itu-Mbonuso

4041512Iwerre Comprehensive Secondary School, Obotme, Ini L. G. A.

4041513Comprehensive Secondary School, Mbiabet Ikpe, Ini L. G. A.

4041514Prince Michael’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Itak Ikot Obio Ise

4041515Christian Comprehensive College, Ibam Edet, Ini

4041601Ukpaubong Community Secondary School, Itam-Itu

4041602Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Andem Itam, Itu

4041603Ntiat/Mbak I Comprehensive Secondary School, Itu Urban, Itu

4041604Community Secondary Commercial School, Ibiaku-Itam, Itu L.G.A.

4041605Itam Secondary School, Itam, Itu

4041606African Church Secondary Commercial School, Oku, Iboku, Itu

4041607West Itam Secondary School, Ekit Itam Ii Itu

4041608Community Comprehensive Secondary School, East Itam

4041609Community Secondary School, Mbak Obio Itam, Itu

4041610Ododuma Secondary Commercial School, Efi North Itam, Itu

4041611Jimbo Secondary Commercial School, Afaha Ubong, Itam Ii, Itu L. G. A.

4041612Christian International Academy, Ikot Ayan Itam

4041613Confidence Trinity Secondary School, Akon Itam

4041614Ideal Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Ekwere

4041615Community Secondary School, Oku Iboku

4041616Rowth Christian Academy, Nung Ukot Itam, Itu

4041617Monef High School, Ikot Ebom, Itam Itu.

4041618Royal Comprehensive Secondary School, Itu

4041701Enwang Comprehensive Secondary School, Enwang, Mbo L.G.A.

4041702Community Secondary Grammar School, Ebughu Mbo L. G. A.

4041703Community Secondary Commercial School, Udesi, Mbo L.G.A.

4041704Uda Community Secondary School, Ofi Uda, Mbo L. G. A.

4041705Ibaka Community Secondary School, Ibaka Town

4041706Unyenge Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Unyenge, Mbo

4041801Secondary School, Ukam Mkpat, Enin L.G.A.

4041802Ikpa Ibom Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Ekong/Ikot Enin

4041803Asong Community Grammar School, Asong

4041804Esetang High School, Ekim

4041805Edu Secondary School, Ikot Edeghe

4041806Community Secondary Commercial School, Esa Ekpo

4041807Community Secondary School, Nya Odiong

4041808Comprehensive High School, Ikot Ayan

4041809Community High School, Ikot Essen/Mkpat Enin L.G.A.

4041810Secondary School, Ibotio/Ndon

4041811Community Secondary School, Mkpat Enin

4041812Ibiaku Clan Community Secondary School, Ikot Ebak

4041813Community Secondary Commercial School, Iffe Town

4041814Qua Iboe Church Secondary Commercial School, Minya

4041815Adiahadbong Girls’ High School, Ikot Ekpo, Ukam P.A.

4041816The Apostolic Church Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Obiokoi

4041817Father Fintan’s Memorial Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Ntot

4041818Federal Government Girls’ College, Ikot Obio Itong, Ukam

4041819A.M.E. Zion Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Ohio Ekpong Mkpat Enin

4041820Comprehensive High School, Ikot Abia

4041821Hope Academy, Ikot Ekpe

4041822Penticostal Assemblies High School, Mkpat Enin

4041901Essien Itiaba Community Secondary School, Ikot Asua

4041902Community Secondary Commercial School, Iwok

4041903Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Akpan Ike

4041904Eastern Nsit Secondary School, Odot

4041905Community Secondary School, Ibedu/Idikpa

4041906Community Secondary School, Ikot Ubok Udom

4041907Danson Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Uyo-Nsit

4042001Secondary Commercial School, Afaha Offiong Nsit, Ibom L. G. A.

4042002Onward Secondary Commercial School, Mbiokporo I. Nsit Ibom

4042003Community Secondary School, Afia Nsit, Urua Nko

4042004Nsit Peoples Grammar School, Afaha Offiong

4042005Apostolic Church Secondary School, Ikot Oku Nsit

4042006Comprehensive Secondary School, Oboetim

4042007Secondary School, Mbiokporo Ii, Nsit Ibom L.G.A.

4042008Comprehensive Secondary School, Edeobom I

4042009Government Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Nya

4042010Community Comprehensive High School, Obo Atai

4042011Martha Memorial Comprehensive Secondary School, Afaha Nsit

4042012Asang Community High School, Obotim Nsit

4042013Comprehensive Secondary School, Afaha Abia

4042014Christian Academy, Oboyo Ikot Ita

4042015Community Secondary Commercial School, Ampam Nsit, Nsit Ibom

4042016Immanuel Lutheran Gospel Church Academy Mbak Nsit

4042101Community Secondary School, Ikot Ewang

4042102Ubium Community Secondary School, Ikot Okwot

4042103Comprehensive Secondary School, Nung Obong Nsit Ubium

4042104Itreto Community Secondary School, Ikot Okobo, Nsit Ubium

4042105The Salvation Army Secondary School, Akai Ubium

4042106Community Secondary School, Ndukpoise

4042107Western Nsit Secondary School, Ukat Aran

4042108Comprenesive Secondary School, Ndiya

4042109Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Ekpene, Udo

4042110Community Secondary School, Ikot Ubo

4042111Christian Comprehensive Secondary School, Edem Idim Okpot

4042112Adiaha Obong Girls’ Secondary School, Ikot Imo

4042113Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Eyo Ubium

4042114Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Akpan Abia, Ubium

4042115Jabuk High School, Ikot Ntung

4042116Wah Zee Academy, Ikot Esen

4042201Abiakpo Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Ukana

4042202Community Secondary Commercial School, Nto Edino

4042203Fida Secondary Commercial School, Urua Offiong Eto Udo

4042204Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Obon Ukwa

4042205Saint Columbanu’s Secondary School, Ikwen

4042206Methodist Secondary School, Nto Ndang

4042207Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Abia Osom, Obot Akara

4042208Ideal Secondary Comm. School, Urua Offiong Etorudo

4042209Etda Secondary Commercial School, Nto Eton

4042210Comprehensive High School, Ikpe Mbak Eyop

4042211Godswill Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Idem Udo

4042212Standard Secondary Commercial School, Obot Akara

4042301Community Secondary School, Odobo, Okobo L.G.A.

4042302Union Secondary School, Nsie

4042303National High School, Nung Atai Odobo, Okobo

4042304Eastern Okobo High School, Obufi-Okobo

4042305Saint Vincent’s Secondary School, Oti Oron

4042306Comprehensive Secondary School, Okobo

4042307Community Secondary School, Urue-Ita, Okobo L.G.A.

4042308Community Secondary School, Offi Atak Oro, Okobo

4042309Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Ekeya Okobo

4042310Ame Zion Secondary Commercial School, Mbokpu Oduobo, Okobo

4042401Afaha Inang Secondary School, Ikot Idem Udo

4042402Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Ebiere, Onna

4042403Oniong West Secondary School, Ikot Edor

4042404Nung Oku Itina Community Secondary School, Ikot Mbong Onna

4042405Qua Iboe Church Senior Science School, Ndon Eyo

4042406Onna People’s High School, Abat

4042407Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Akpan Ishiet, Onna L.G.A.

4042408Secondary School, Okat

4042409Community Secondary Commercial School, Odio Eket, Odio Town

4042410Oniong East Community Secondary School, Ikwe, Onna L.G.A.

4042411Egad Comprehensive High School, Nung Oku Ekanem, Onna L.G.A.

4042501Mary Hanney Secondary School, Oron

4042502Methodist Boys’ High School, Oron

4042503Methodist Senior Science College, Oron

4042504National Secondary Commercial School, Oron

4042505Community Secondary School, Eyo Abasi,oron

4042506Brainway Secondary Commercial School, Oron

4042507Mafon Secondary Community School, Oron

4042508Immanuel Secondary School, Own

4042509Modern Christian Institute, Oron

4042510Frank Comprehensive High School, Oron

4042511Desu Secondary School, Oron

4042512Comprehensive High School, Eyo-Abasi

4042513Infant Jesus Model Secondary School, Oron

4042514Queen Pecares High School, Oron

4042601Community Secondary School, Nung Ita/Ikot Ibritam

4042602Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Inuen, Oruk Anam

4042603Madonna Community Secondary School, Obo Ntanya

4042604Eastern Midim Secondary School, Ikot Owobo/Ikot Otok, Oruk

4042605Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Esenam, Oruk Anam

4042606Qua Iboe Church Secondary School, Ika Annang

4042607Southern Annang Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Okoro

4042608Qua Iboe Church Secondary School, Ibesit, Oruk Anam

4042609Community High School, Ekparakwa

4042610Community Secondary School, Mbiakot

4042611Otop Christian High School, Ikot Ukpong Eren

4042612Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Afanga, Oruk Anam

4042613The Apostolic Church High School, Ikot Akpan Ibesit

4042614Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Osute

4042615Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Ikpene

4042616Community Secondary School, Inen Ekeffe

4042617Standard Comprehensive High School, Ikot-Akpan Ikot-Okoro

4042618Seat Of Wisdom Comprehensive Secondary School, Ibianga, Oruk Anam

4042619Community Comprehensive School, Ediene Atai

4042620Divine Favour Christian College, Ikot Udo

4042701Community Secondary School, Udung Uko

4042702Comprehensive Secondary School, Odikor

4042801Community Comprehensive High School, Ntak Afaha

4042802Community Secondary School, Nkek

4042803Western Annang Secondary Commercial School, Ukanafun

4042804Community Secondary School, Afaha Obo

4042805Community Secondary School, Urua Ekpa Enang

4042806Afaha High School, Ikot Udo Mbang

4042807Christian Community Secondary School, Okoyo, Ukanafun L.G.A.

4042808Goodshepherd High School, Ikot Akpan Nkuk, Ukanafun L.G.A.

4042809Stella Maris Girls’ College, Ikot Etim

4042810St. James Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Inyang Ukanafun

4042811Unique Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Akpan

4042812Community High School, Usung Atiat

4042813Community High School, Ikot Effiong

4042814Community Comprehensive School, Edem Idim

4042815Kings And Queens College, Ukanafun

4042816Udomfu International College, Ukanafun

4042817Gateway Standard Academy, Ukanafun

4042901Community Secondary Commercial School, Ifiayong Usuk, Uruan

4042902Secondary School, Ibiaku Uruan

4042903Secondary School, Adadia Uruan

4042904Atakpo Community Secondary School, Mbiaya, Uruan

4042905Holy Trinity Secondary School, Mbiakong, Uruan

4042906African Methodist Episcopal Zion Secondary Commercial School, Ndon Ebom

4042907Adiaha Obong Secondary School, Ekpene Ukim

4042908Methodist Secondary School, Ibiaku Issiet

4042909Assumption Girls’ Juniorate, Ndon Ebom

4042910All Saints Secondary School, Ibikpe Uruan

4042911Idagha Secondary School, Nung Oku Uruan

4042912Comprehensive Secondary School, Idu, Uruan

4043001Ubodung Community Secondary School, Oruko

4043002Community Secondary School, Okuko, Urue Offong

4043003Christian Secondary Technical School, Oyubia

4043004Community Secondary School, Mbukpu, Eyokan

4043005Comprehensive High School, Okossi

4043101Cornelia Connelly College, Afaha Oku, Uyo

4043102Community Secondary School, Mbak Etoi, Uyo

4043103Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Oku Ikono, Uyo

4043104Modern Training Institute Limited, Uyo.

4043105Secondary School, Etoi Uyo

4043106Community Secondary School, Aka Offot, Uyo

4043107Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Okubo Offot

4043108Offot Ukwa Secondary School, Obio Offot, Uyo

4043109Adiaha Obong Secondary Commercial School, Eniong Offot

4043110Efficient Secondary Commercial School, Uyo

4043111Community Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Ekpeyak, Ikono

4043112Northern Ikono Community Secondary School, Ikot Odung, Ikono Uyo

4043113Christian Secondary Commercial School, Uyo

4043114Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Four Towns, Uyo

4043115Ikono Ibom Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Ayan, Ikono, Uyo

4043116Cardinal Ekandem Seminary, Uyo

4043117Uyo High School, Uyo

4043118Nigerian Christian Institute, Uyo

4043119Ernest Secondary Commercial School, Itiam, Ikot Ebia-Etoi, Uyo

4043120Community Secondary School, Offot Usung Ifiayong, Ibiaku Offot Uyo

4043121College Of Science, Afaha Oku, Uyo

4043122Anua Community Comprehensive High School, Anua Offot, Uyo

4043123Saints College, Use Offot, Uyo

4043124Bright Stars Model Secondary School, Uyo Aka Itiam

4043125Success Secondary Commercial School, Use Ikot-Ebio

4043126Bright Future College, Off Nsikak Eduok, Uyo

4043127King Solomon Secondary School, Uyo

4043128Fortune High School, Uyo

4043129Baudidson Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Mbon Ikono, Uyo

4043130Special Education Centre For Exceptional Children, Uyo

4043131St. Brian’s Model College, Uyo

4043132Ekasus Secondary School, Uduetong-Oku

4043133Glad Tidings College, Mbiabong Etoi

4043134City Union Academy, Uyo

4043135Federal Science & Technical College, Uyo

4043136The Kings College, Uyo

4043137Greater Light Academy, Use Ikot Ebio, Uyo

4043138Jevic Science Academy, Uyo

4043139Graceland High School, Uyo

4043140Fellowship High School, Idoro Road, Uyo

4043141Redemption Academy Obio Etoi Off Aka

4043142Rayfield International Secondary School, Nsukara Offot, Uyo

4043143Heritage College Nsika Eduok Av. Itiam Etoi

4043144Royal Pearls College, Mbiabong Etoi, Uyo

4043145Jesus Saves Comprehensive Secondary School, Ifa Ikot Okpon, Etoi

4043146Neson Schools {Secondary}, Uyo

4043147Reward Foundation High School, Uyo

4043148Royal Christian High School, Uyo

4043149Scripture Union Secondary School, Uyo

4043150Evangel Comprehensive High School,Uyo

4043151Fulga International Model Secondary School, Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo

4050101Community Secondary School, Akpo

4050102Urban Girls’ Secondary School, Ekwulobia

4050103Community Secondary School, Umuchu

4050104Government Technical College, Umuchu

4050105Community Secondary School, Isuofia

4050106Community Secondary School, Nkpologwu, Aguata

4050107Girls’ Secondary School, Ezinifite-Aguata

4050108Community Secondary School, Oraeri-Aguata

4050109Community Secondary School, Agulu Ezechukwu

4050110Christ The Redeemer College, Amesi, Aguata

4050111Saint Peter’s Special Science School, Achina

4050112Aguata High School, Aguata

4050113Uga Boys’ Secondary School, Uga

4050114Pioneer Secondary School, Umuchu

4050115Boys’ Secondary School, Igbo-Ukwu

4050116Community Secondary School, Ezinifite Aguata

4050117Girls’ Secondary School, Igboukwu, Aguata

4050118Girls’ High School, Uga

4050119Girls’ Secondary School, Achina, Aguata

4050120Umuchu High School, Umuchu

4050121Community Secondary School, Uga

4050122Saint Peter’s Secondary School, Achina

4050123Concepts Secondary School, Ekwulobia

4050124Holy Child Secondary School, Isuofia

4050125Delight International Secondary School, Ekwulobia, Aguata

4050126Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Isuofia

4050127Premier Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkpologwu

4050128Saint Paul’s Academy High School, Ekwulobia

4050129Konigin Des Friendens College, Uga

4050130Unity Comprehensive Secondary School, Isuofia

4050131Holy Family Secondary School, Igbo-Ukwu

4050132Christ The King Secondary School, Igbo-Ukwu

4050133God’s Own Secondary School, Umuchu

4050134Monsignor Maduka Memorial Secondary, Ula Ekwulobia

4050135Our Lady’s Comprehensive College, Akpo

4050136St Anthony’s Secondary School, Ikenga

4050137First Hill Secondary School, Ekwulobia

4050138Immaculate Heart Secondary School, Uga

4050139Holy Name Secondary School, Umuchu

4050140Madonna Secondary School, Uga

4050141Mother Of Christ Secondary School, Ezinifite, Aguata

4050142St. Augustine Model Secondary School,Uga

4050143Goodness Comprehensive Secondary School, Ekwulobia

4050201Girls’ High School, Umuleri

4050202Community High School, Nsugbe

4050203Umuleri High School, Umuleri

4050204Umuoba-Anam Community Secondary School, Otuocha

4050205Community Secondary School, Ifite Umuleri

4050206Justice Chinwuba Memorial Secondary School, Aguleri

4050207Father Joseph’s Memorial High School, Aguleri

4050208Madonna Secondary School, Umuleri, Otuocha

4050209International Model Comprehensive College, Nsugbe

4050210Enchristo Comprehensive Secondary School, Aguleri

4050211Michael Tansi Memorial Secondary Aguleri

4050212Prime Foundation Secondary School, Abata Nsugbe

4050213Fr. Tansi Secondary School, Aguleri

4050214Nwafor Orizu College, Demonstration Sec. School, Nsugbe

4050215Col. Mike Attah Secondary School, Enugu-Otu, Aguleri

4050301Community Secondary School, Umueze-Anam

4050302Anam High School, Oroma Etiti

4050303Community Secondary School, Ifite Anam-Mmiata

4050304Community Secondary School, Igbedor

4050305Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Nzam

4050306Udama Community Secondary School, Inoma-Akator

4050307Christ The Kings College, Umuan-Anam

4050308Father Ohai Memorial Model Secondary School, Oroma Etiti Anam

4050309Great Sailor International Secondary School,Onono

4050401Community Secondary School, Ichida

4050402Community High School, Akwaeze

4050403Lake City Girls’ Secondary School, Nri

4050404Girls’ Secondary School, Adazi-Nnukwu

4050405Union Secondary School, Agulu

4050406Community Secondary School, Agulu

4050407Lorretto Special Science School, Adazi

4050408Bubendorf Memorial Grammar School, Adazin-Nnukwu

4050409Agulu Grammar School, Agulu

4050410Girls’ High School, Agulu

4050411Flora Azikiwe Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Neni

4050412Ojiako Memorial Grammar School, Adazi-Ani

4050413Community High School, Adazi

4050414Regal Secondary School, Nri

4050415Community High School, Aguluzigbo

4050416Community Secondary School, Obeledu

4050417Saint Anthony’s Catholic Comprehensive Institute, Agulu

4050418Holy Queen Secondary School, Aguluzigbo

4050501Community Secondary School, Ifite-Ogwari

4050502Community Secondary School, Igbakwu

4050503Community Secondary School, Umumbo

4050504Community Secondary School, Omor

4050505Riverside Secondary School, Umerum

4050506Ogbe High School, Anaku

4050507St. Simon Faith International Secondary School, Omor

4050508Universal Secondary School, Omasi

4050509Regina Ceali Secondary School, Omor

4050510Sacred Heart Of Jesus Secondary School Ifite Ogulari

4050511St. Joseph’s International Secondary School, Anaku

4050512Amikwe Community Secondary School, Omor

4050601Community Secondary School, Amawbia

4050602Saint John Of God Secondary School, Awka

4050603Emeka Aghasili High School, Nise

4050604Bishop Crowther Seminary, Awka

4050605Community Secondary School, Mbaukwu

4050606Community Secondary School, Umuawulu

4050607Union Secondary School, Amawbia

4050608Holy Cross High School, Umuawulu/Mbaukwu

4050609Igwebuike Grammar School, Awka

4050610Girls’ Secondary School, Awka

4050611Ezeike High School, Nibo

4050612National Secondary School, Awka

4050613Saint Paul’s University Secondary School, Nibo-Nise

4050614Community Secondary Schools, Umuokpu-Awka

4050615Netherlands International Schools, Awka

4050616Holy Ghost Academy Secondary School, Awka

4050617Unique Comprehensive Secondary School, Amawbia

4050618Community Secondary School, Agulu-Awka

4050619Destiny Comprehensive Secondary School, Awka

4050620Kabe College, Amawbia, Awka

4050621Tansi International College, Umuodu Village, Okpuno, Awka

4050622Ubaka Comprehensive Secondary School School, Awka

4050623Nneoma Community Secondary School, Nibo

4050624Federal Science & Technical College, Awka

4050625Kenneth Dike Memorial Secondary School, Awka

4050626Ezi- Akwa Community Secondary School, Awka

4050627Community Secondary School, Okpuno, Awka

4050628Capital City Secondary School, Awka

4050629Rosary College, Nise

4050630Krosa Secondary School, Amawbia

4050631Hez-Dike Secondary School, Awka

4050701Community Secondary School, Amanuke

4050702Community Secondary School, Ebenebe

4050703Saint John Bosco Seminary, Isuaniocha

4050704Community Secondary School, Amansea

4050705Community Secondary School, Urum

4050706Community Secondary School, Mgbakwu

4050707Community Secondary School, Isuaniocha

4050708Community Secondary School, Achalla

4050709Community Secondary School, Awba-Ofemili

4050710Federal Government College, Nise

4050711Anerobi International College, Amansea

4050712Seat Of Wisdom Secondary School, Urum

4050713St. Augustine’s Secondary School, Awka

4050714Nnamdi Azikiwe University High School, Awka

4050715Handsmaids Girl’s Secondary School, Amansea

4050801Union Secondary School, Ichi

4050802Girls’ Secondary School, Oraifite

4050803Community Secondary School, Ihembosi

4050804Community Secondary School, Ichi

4050805Oraifite Secondary School, Oraifite

4050806Zixton Secondary School, Ozubulu

4050807Girls’ Secondary School, Ozubulu

4050808Community Secondary School, Ozubulu

4050809Comprehensive Secondary School, Ozubulu

4050810Mater Dei Secondary School, Oraifite

4050811All Saints Secondary School, Oraifite

4050812Seat Of Wisdom Secondary School, Ozubulu

4050813Carol Standard Convent, Ichi, Nnewi

4050814Versity Comprehensive Secondary School, Ugworie Ozubulu

4050815City High School, Ozubulu

4050816Saint Michael’s Boys’ Secondary School, Eziora-Ozubulu

4050817St. Jude’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Ozubulu

4050818Sacred Heart College, Oraifite

4050819Mount Olives Academy, Ozubulu

4050820St. Patrick’s International Secondary School, Ichi

4050821Carol Standard Convent, Ichi

4050822Vision International Sec. School, Oraifite

4050823Recdot Vocational Secondary School, Ozubulu

4050824Sancta Maria Secondary School, Ozubulu

4050825Archdeacon Nwosu Memorial Secondary School, Ozubulu

4050901Girls’ Secondary School, Ojoto

4050902Boys’ Secondary School, Ojoto

4050903Unity Secondary School, Nnokwa

4050904Christ The King Seminary, Nnobi

4050905Merchant Of Light School, Oba

4050906Saint John’s Science and Technical College, Alor

4050907Girls’ Secondary School, Awka-Etiti

4050908Community Secondary School, Nnobi

4050909Saint Joseph’s Secondary School, Awka-Etiti

4050910Girls’ Secondary School, Oba

4050911Girls’ Secondary School, Alor

4050912Our Lady’s Secondary School, Nnobi

4050913Community Secondary School, Nnokwa

4050914Our Lady’s Special Science School, Nnobi

4050915Seat Of Wisdom Comprehensive Secondary School, Idemili

4050917Grundtvig International Secondary School, Oba

4050918Ekwuno Memorial Comprehensive Secondary School, Obosi

4050919Madonna International Academy, Nnobi

4050920Father Paul Memorial School, Awka-Etiti

4050921Merchant of Light Special Science Secondary School, Oba

4050922Giant Step International Secondary School, Oba

4050923Glory Royal Academy Akwa Etiti

4050924Ave Maria Secondary School, Nnokwa

4050925Divine Knowledge Secondary School, Oba

4050926Mater Del Model Secondary School, Alor

4050927St. John’s Secondary School, Akwu Ukwu

4050928Okigbo Memorial International Secondary School, Ojoto-Uno

4051001Community Secondary School, Umuoji

4051002Union Secondary School, Obosi

4051003Ideani Community Secondary School, Ideani

4051004Community Secondary School, Uke

4051005Girls’ Secondary School, Oraukwu

4051006Girls’ Secondary School, Abatete

4051007Community Secondary School, Eziowelle

4051008Government Technical College, Nkpor

4051009Mater Amabilis Secondary School, Umuoji

4051010Holy Innocents Juniorate Convent, Nkpor

4051011Girls’ Secondary School, Ogidi

4051012Notre Dame High School, Abatete

4051013Oraukwu Grammar School, Oraukwu

4051014Community Secondary School, Obosi

4051015Boys’ Secondary School, Ogidi

4051016Redemption Model Secondary School, Awada

4051017Good News Special College, Ogidi

4051018Queen Of Rosary Comprehensive Secondary School, Eziowelle

4051019Our Lady’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkpor-Unor

4051020Summer International School, Awada, Obosi

4051021Model Innovative School Of Today, Obosi

4051022Ideal Mind Foundation Secondary School, Nkpor

4051023Sedes Sapentiae Secondary School, Nkpor

4051024Royal Foundation Secondary School, Awada-Obosi

4051025Campus Secondary School, Awada

4051026Urban Secondary School, Nkpor

4051027Devans Comprehensive Secondary School, Oba

4051028Cor Mariae Girls’ Secondary School, Nkpor-Agu

4051029Holy Child Madonna College, Awada Obosi

4051030Starlight Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogidi

4051031Summit Comprehensive College, Obosi

4051032Saint Anthony Of Padua High School, Nkpor

4051033Supreme Knowledge Secondary School, Nkpor-Agu

4051034St. Joseph’s Comprehensive Academy, Ogidi

4051035Union Secondary School, Awada, Onitsha

4051036Dominican Sisters College, Abatete

4051037Standard International Secondary School, Eziowelle

4051038Mater Christi Secondary School, Awada, Onitsha

4051039Mercy Girls’ Secondary School, Umuoji

4051040Trinity Model Secondary School, Nnobi

4051041Nazareth Secondary School, Nkpor Agu

4051042St. Edmund Secondary School, Maryland, Nkpor-Agu

4051043Marian Foundation Secondary School, Oraukwu

4051044Winners International Secondary School, Nkpor

4051045St. Patrick’s Secondary School, Ugwuagba, Obosi

4051046Daystar Secondary School, Ogidi

4051047Choice De Immaculate Demonstration Secondary School, Obosi

4051048Dominion Comprehensive Secondary School, Obosi

4051049City Secondary School, Ogidi

4051050Mount Zion Secondary School, Obosi

4051051Kings And Queens Secondary School, Akuzor-Nkpor

4051052Genius Model Secondary School, Awada-Obosi

4051053Busy Brain Secondary School, Obosi

4051054Divine Royal International College, Nkpor

4051055Don Bosco Secondary School, Obosi

4051101Community Secondary School, Orsumoghu

4051102Community Secondary School, Mbosi

4051103Community Secondary School, Isseke

4051104Union Secondary School, Okija

4051105Community High School, Amorka

4051106Abbot Girls’ Secondary School, Ihiala

4051107Community High School, Umuoma Uli

4051108Community Secondary School, Azia

4051109Community Secondary School, Ihiala

4051110Community Secondary School, Lilu

4051111Okija Grammar School, Okija

4051112Abbot Boys’ Secondary School, Ihiala

4051113Uli High School, Uli

4051114Saint Anthony’s Secondary School, Azia

4051115Girls’ Secondary School, Uli

4051116Holy Ghost Juniorate, Ihiala

4051117Saint Judes Secondary School, Ihiala

4051118Jubilee Secondary School, Ihiala

4051119Bishop Patterson Comprehensive Secondary School, Mbosi

4051120Christ Royal Secondary School, Ihiala

4051122City Comprehensive Secondary School, Uli

4051123Spencer Secondary School, Uli

4051124Kings Secondary School, Ihiala

4051125Saint Vincent’s Secondary School, Uli

4051126Pacnodim Comprehensive Secondary School, Ihiala

4051127Jon-Jay Comprehensive Secondary School, Ihiala

4051128Vic Comprehensive Secondary School, Ihiala

4051129Saint Louis Secondary School, Ihiala

4051130Abbot Girls’ Special Science School, Ihiala

4051131Azia Comprehensive Secondary School, Azia

4051132All Saints Secondary School, Uli

4051133Alpat Model Secondary School, Ihiala

4051134First Foundation Secondary School, Ihiala

4051135Royal International Secondary School, Okija

4051136Divine Secondary School, Akwa

4051137Royal Prince Secondary School, Orsumoghu

4051138Precious Child Secondary School, Uli

4051139Mother Paul Offiah Memorial Girl’s Secondary School, Azia Ihiala

4051140Higher Achievers International Secondary School, Uli

4051141Holy Family Comprehensive Secondary School, Okija

4051201Girls’ Secondary School, Nimo

4051202Government Technical College, Enugu-Agidi

4051203Nawfia Community Secondary School, Nawfia

4051204Community Secondary School, Abba

4051205Comprehensive Secondary School, Nawfia

4051206Saint Michael’s Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Nimo

4051207Girls’ Secondary School, Abagana

4051208Nnamdi Azikiwe Secondary School, Abagana

4051209Ide Secondary School, Enugwu-Ukwu

4051210Girls’ Secondary School, Enugwu-Agidi

4051211Boys’ Secondary School, Enugwu-Ukwu

4051212Special Science School, Abagana

4051213St. Joseph Girls’ Secondary School, Nimo

4051214Busy International Secondary School, Nimo

4051215St. Theresa’s Secondary School, Enugwu- Ukwu

4051216Federated Bilingual Secondary School, Abagbana

4051301Ukpor High School, Ukpor

4051302Boys’ High School, Osumenyi

4051303Girls’ High School, Osumenyi

4051304Awor-Ezimuzor Comm. Secondary School, Ezinifite

4051305Community Secondary School, Ekwulumili

4051306Community High School, Ezinifite

4051307Girls’ High School, Utuh

4051308Unubi High School, Unubi

4051309Union Secondary School, Amichi

4051310Government Technical College, Utuh

4051311Community Secondary School, Ukpor

4051312Premier Senior Secondary School, Unubi

4051313Community Secondary School, Amichi,

4051314Special Science School, Azigbo

4051315Trinity Comprehensive Secondary School, Amichi

4051316Community Secondary School, Ebenator, Nnewi

4051317Mater Amabilis Comprehensive High School, Osumenyi

4051318Saint Paul’s Seminary, Umunuko, Ukpor

4051319Ebe Community Secondary School, Ukpor

4051320Talent Comprehensive Secondary School, Ezinifite

4051321Fidelity Secondary School, Unubi

4051322Holy Child Convent, Amichi

4051323St. Anthony Of Padua, Osunmeyi

4051324Community Secondary School, Akwaiedi

4051325St. Paul’s Secondary School, Utuh

4051326Enizim Secondary School, Ekwulumili

4051327Queen Of Angels Secondary School, Osumenyi

4051328Assumption Comprehensive Secondary School, Ukpor

4051329St. Mary’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Ukpor

4051330St. Patrick’s Secondary School, Unubi

4051401Okongwu Memorial Grammar School, Nnewi

4051402Nigerian Science and Technical College, Nnewi

4051403Girls’ Secondary School, Nnewi

4051404Maria Regina Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Nnewi

4051405Nnewi High School, Nnewi

4051406The Good Shepherd Secondary School, Nnewi

4051407Akaboezem Community Secondary School, Uruagu-Nnewi

4051408New Era Model Secondary School, Nnewi

4051410Christ The Way Secondary School, Nnewi

4051412Summit International Secondary School, Umudim-Nnewi

4051413Dr. Alutu’s College Of Excellence, Nnewi

4051414Holy Innocent Secondary School, Nnewi

4051415Later Rain Foundation Secondary School, Onitsha

4051416Fountain Of Knowledge Model School, Nnewi

4051417Mother Of Mercy Girls’ Secondary School, Nnewi

4051418Nodos International Secondary School, Nnewi

4051419King David International Secondary School, Uruagu, Nnewi

4051420Bishop Uzodike Memorial Seminary, Nnewi

4051421All Saints Secondary School, Umudim

4051422St. Philip’s Anglican Grammar School, Okofia, Nnewi

4051423St. Joseph Secondary School, Okofia, Otolo

4051424Nneoma Secondary School Otolo, Nnewi

4051425Stella Maris Comprehensive Secondary School, Uruagu-Nnewi

4051426Keep Looking To Jesus Comprehensive Secondary School, Nnewichi

4051427Queen Of Angels Secondary School, Nnewichi

4051428Immaculate Girls Model Secondary School, Nnewi

4051429Monsignor Joseph Nwibegbanam Memorial Secondary School, Otolo

4051430Eagles International High School, Nnewi

4051431The Lord’s Foundation Secondary School, Nnewichi-Nnewi

4051432Netherlands International Secondary School, Nnewi

4051433Prof. Sam Chukwujekwu Memorial Grammar School, Nnewi

4051501Ideke Girls’ Secondary School, Odekpe

4051502Comprehensive Secondary School, Onitsha

4051503Ogbaru High School, Ogbakuba

4051504Unity Comprehensive Girls’ High School, Okpoko

4051505Global Secondary School, Okpono, Onitsha

4051506St. Vincent De Paul National Secondary School, Iyiowa Odekpe

4051507Manus Comprehensive Secondary School, Okpoko

4051508Ede Secondary School, Okoti-Odekpe

4051509Saint Paul’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogwu Ikpele

4051510Community Girls’ Secondary School, Okpoko

4051511Calvary Secondary School, Okpoko

4051512Community Secondary School, Ogwuaniocha

4051513Arch Bishop Albert Obiefuna Secondary School, Iyiowa Odekpe

4051514Oxford Creative International Secondary School, Iyiowa-Odekpe

4051515Victory Comprehensive Secondary School, Atani

4051516Community Secondary School, Atani

4051517Showlight International Secondary School, Iyiowa-Odoekpe

4051518Our Lady of Grace International Secondary School, Iyiowa, Odekpe

4051519Universal Secondary School, Okpoko

4051520Progress Secondary School, Okpoko

4051521Liberty Secondary School, Okpo

4051522Holyland Foundation Secondary School, Okpoko

4051523Versity Comprehensive Secondary School, Okpoko

4051524St. Rapheal The Archangel Model Secondary School, Anumudi, Okpoko

4051525Christ The King Model Secondary School, Okpoko

4051526China Foundation International Secondary School, Onitsha

4051527Apex International Secondary School, Okpoko

4051528God’s Friend International Secondary School, Okpoko

4051529Government Technical College, Ossomala

4051530Busy Minds Secondary School, Okpoko

4051531St. James Anglican Secondary School, Iyiowa- Odekpe

4051532Ss Peters & Paul Model Secondary School, Nkutaku, Ogbaru

4051533Josephine Oduah Memorial Secondary School, Akili-Ozizor

4051601Urban Girls’ Secondary School, Onitsha

4051602Metu Memorial Secondary School, Onitsha

4051603Modebe Memorial Secondary School, Onitsha

4051604Kezz Foundation Secondary School, Onitsha

4051605Nkem Comprehensive Secondary School, Onitsha

4051606Learning Field International Secondary School, Onitsha

4051607Promise International Secondary School, Onitsha

4051608Infant Jesus Secondary School, Onitsha

4051609Estate Secondary School, Onitsha

4051610Urban Boys’ Secondary School, Onitsha

4051611Prudence Comprehensive Secondary School, Onitsha

4051612Queens Comprehensive Secondary School, Onitsha

4051614Saint Charles International Secondary School, Okpoko, Onitsha

4051615Bishop Onyemelukwe Secondary School, Onitsha

4051616Victory Comprehensive College, Onitsha

4051617Holy Child International Secondary School, Onitsha

4051618Redeemed Christian Secondary School,Onitsha

4051619Divine Destiny International School, Odekpe

4051620Pinnacle Secondary School, Fegge Onitsha

4051621Special Secondary School For The Deaf, Onitsha

4051701Christ The King College, Onitsha

4051702Dennis Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha

4051703Queen Of The Rosary College, Onitsha

4051704Ado Girls’ Secondary School, Onitsha

4051705Prince Memorial High School, Onitsha

4051706Army Day Secondary School, Onitsha

4051707New Era Girls’ Secondary School, Onitsha

4051708Saint Charles Special Science School, Onitsha

4051709Saint Charles Secondary School, Onitsha

4051710Metropolitan College, Onitsha

4051711Washington Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha

4051712Girls’ Secondary School, Onitsha

4051713All Hallow’s Seminary, Onitsha

4051714Onitsha High School, Onitsha

4051715Inland Girls’ Secondary School, Onitsha

4051716Eastern Academy, Onitsha

4051717Federal Government Girls’ College, Onitsha

4051718Our Lady’s High School, Onitsha

4051719Trinity Secondary School, Onitsha

4051720Dayspring Girls’ Comprehensive Secondary School, Onitsha

4051721Regina Pacis Model Secondary School, Onitsha

4051722Learning Field International Secondary School, Omagba, Onitsha

4051723Nkisi Comprehensive Secondary School, Onitsha

4051724Deo Gratias Secondary School, Onitsha

4051725Heritage Hieght Secondary School, Onitsha

4051726Seat Of Wisdom Secondary School, Onitsha

4051727Maranatha International Seconary School, Onitsha

4051728Rock Foundation College, Onitsha

4051729Saint Christopher’s Junior Seminary 3-3, Onitsha

4051730Gipps Secondary School, Onitsha

4051731Latter Rain Foundation Secondary School, Onitsha

4051732Bethroot Model Secondary School, Onitsha

4051733Holy Spirit International Secondary School, Omagba, Onitsha

4051734Akunne Oniah Memorial Secondary School, Onitsha

4051735Emmanuel College, Onitsha

4051736Ozougwu Comprehensive Secondary School, Onitsha

4051737Glory Secondary School, Onitsha

4051738Bethlehem Secondary School, Onitsha

4051739Busy Brain International Secondary School, Onitsha

4051801Community Secondary School, Ufuma

4051802Awgbu Grammar School, Awgbu

4051803Community Secondary School, Nanka

4051804Community Secondary School, Oko

4051805Community High School, Awgbu

4051806Community Secondary School, Ndikelionwu

4051807Community Secondary School, Ndiowu

4051808Community Secondary School, Omogho

4051809Community Secondary School, Awgbu

4051810Community High School, Nanka

4051811Community Secondary School, Enugwuabo Ufuma

4051812Community Secondary School, Ajalli

4051813Daughters Of Mary Mother Of Mercy Girls’ High School, Ndiowu Orumba

4051814Saint Mary The Virgin Convent, Ufuma

4051815St. Catherine’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Nanka

4051816Austica Memorial College, Nanka

4051817Gaius Benton Secondary School, Oko

4051818Holy Christ College, Awgbu

4051819Mind Of God International Secondary School, Ufuma

4051820Polytechnic Staff Secondary School, Oko

4051821Holy Ghost Academy, Amaokpala

4051822Community Secondary School, Awa

4051823Jesurite Secondary School, Nanka

4051901Union Secondary School, Umuomaku

4051902Community Secondary School, Ihite

4051903Victory High School, Ezira

4051904Boys’ Secondary School, Owerre Ezukala

4051905Community High School, Nawfija

4051906Community High School, Umunze

4051907Government Technical College, Umunze

4051908Community High School, Ogboji

4051909All Saints Secondary School, Umunze

4051910Boys’ Secondary School, Ogbunka

4051911Union Secondary School, Owerre Ezukala

4051912Girls’ Secondary School, Ogbunka

4051913New Bethel Secondary School, Isulo

4051914Demostration Secondary School, Eziagu

4051915Madonna Girls’ Secondary School, Umunze

4051916Model Secondary School, Umunze

4051917Beati Mundo Corde Comprehensive Secondary School, Umunze

4051918Universal Comprehensive Secondary School, Umunze

4051919Ike Memorial Secondary School, Ihite

4051920Calvary Comprehensive Secondary School, Ururo, Umunze

4051921Immaculate Conception International Secondary School, Umuchukwu

4052001Community Secondary School, Umunya

4052002Cave City Secondary School, Ogbunike

4052003Community High School, Nkwelle Ezunaka

4052004Community Secondary School, Nando

4052005Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkwelle Ezunaka

4052006Community High School, Igbariam

4052007Progressive Senior Secondary School, Umunya

4052008New Era Secondary School, Nteje

4052009Community Secondary School, Awkuzu

4052010Saint Monica’s College, Ogbunike

4052011Boys’ High School, Nteje

4052012Unity Secondary School, Awkuzu

4052013Mater Dei Girls’ Secondary School, Awkuzu

4052014Sacred Heart College, Nteje

4052015Marist Comprehensive College, Nteje

4052016St. Raphael’s Secondary School, Awkuzu

4052017Starlight Secondary School, Ogbunike

4052101Community Secondary School, Ukpo

4052102Community Secondary, Umunnachi

4052103Nneamaka Secondary School, Ifitedunu

4052104Community Secondary School, Nawgu

4052105Dunukofia High School, Ukpo

4052106Saint Mary’s High School, Ifitedunu

4052107Gilrs’ Secondary School, Umudioka

4052108Community Secondary School, Ukwulu

4052109Okpatu Comprehensive Secondary School, Ukpo

4052110St Anthony’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Umudioka

4060101Government Secondary School, Futuk

4060102Government Girls’ Arabic College, Alkaleri

4060103Government Secondary School, Duguri

4060104Community Day’s Secondary School, Kundak

4060105Government Day Secondary School, Mainamaji

4060106Lawal Community Day Secondary School, Gwaram

4060107Gdss, Gokaru

4060201General Hassan Usman Katsina Unity College, Bauchi

4060202Government Girls’ College, Bauchi

4060203Federal Government Girls’ College, Bauchi

4060204Government Day Secondary School, Bauchi

4060205Government Comprehensive Day Secondary School, Bauchi

4060206Command Day Secondary School, Bauchi

4060207Government Day Secondary School, Liman Katagum

4060208Government Day Secondary School, Bayara Bauchi

4060209Government Day Secondary School, Kofar Idi Bauchi

4060210Government Day Secondary School, Kofar-Wambai, Bauchi

4060211International Secondary School, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Uni., Bauchi

4060212Immaculate Conception Secondary School, Bauchi

4060213City Comprehensive Secondary School, Bauchi

4060214Bauchi Urban College, Bauchi

4060215Fariah Comprehensive Day Secondary School, Bauchi

4060216St. Paul’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Bauchi

4060217Ecwa Kauna Secondary School, Bauchi Town, Bauchi

4060218Jibwis Islamic Science Day Secondary School, Bauchi

4060219Baptist Royal Academy, Bauchi

4060220Sky Crest High School, Bauchi

4060221Harmony High School, Yelwa Tudu Bauchi

4060222Divine International Academy , Bauchi

4060223Kings International Secondary School, Bauchi

4060224Government Day Secondary School, Yelwa Tudu

4060225Government Day Secondary School, Jahun

4060226Havarth International School, Bauchi

4060227Fomwan Model Secondary School, Bauchi

4060228Baitul- Hikmah College, Bauchi

4060229Dolphin Maria College, Bauchi

4060230Fomwan (Lga) Model Secondary School, Railway Road Bauchi

4060231Aspira Secondary Academy, Bauchi

4060232Ojone Prince & Princess Royal Academy, Bauchi

4060233Al-Iman School,Bauchi

4060234Gdss, Luda

4060235Fpsss, Bauchi.

4060301Government Secondary School, Bogoro

4060302Government Day Secondary School, Boi

4060303Perfect Memorial Secondary School, Mwari Bauchi

4060304Community Day Secondary School, Gambar Zugum

4060305Community Secondary School, Banram

4060306Community Day Secondary School, Dasham

4060307Kings & Queens College, Boi

4060308Salvation Science Secondary School, Boi

4060309Community Secondary School, Gobbiya

4060310Commmunity Say Secondary School, Gombar Lere

4060311Ghil Model Secondary School, Bogoro

4060312Cdss, Bar-Arewa

4060401Government Secondary School, Dagauda

4060402Government Day Secondary School, Dambam

4060403Goverment Day Secondary School, Jalam

4060501Government Science Secondary School, Darazo

4060502Government Secondary School, Sade

4060503Goverment Day Secondary School, Lanzai

4060504Goverment Day Secondary School, Gabarin/Konkiyel

4060505Community Girls Day Secondary School, Darazo

4060601Government Science Secondary School, Dass

4060602Government Day Secondary School, Dass

4060701Government Science Secondary School, Gamawa

4060702Government Secondary School, Udubo

4060801Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kafin Madaki

4060802Government Day Secondary School, Soro

4060803Government Day Secondary School, Miya

4060804Gdss, Kafin-Madaki

4060901Government Day Secondary School, Giade

4061001Government Day Secondary School, Itas

4061004Government Day Secondary School, Kwadon Gombe

4061101Government Arabic College, Jama’are

4061102Government Secondary School, Jama’are

4061103Government Secondary School, Disina

4061104Wabi Academy Secondary School, Jama’are

4061201Government College, Azare

4061202Government Girls’ College, Azare

4061203Federal Government College, Azare

4061204Government Comprehensive Day Secondary School, Azare

4061205Government Secondary School, Madara

4061206Government Day Secondary School, Azare

4061207Islamic Orientation Secondary School, Azare

4061208Demonstration Secondary School, Azare

4061209Goverment Day Secondary School, Chinade Katagum

4061210Inuwa Dahiru Memorial Secondary School, Azare

4061211Al-Amin Academy, Azare

4061212Amss, Azare.

4061301Government Day Secondary School, Kirfi

4061302Community Day Secondary School, Badara

4061303Goverment Day Secondary School, Bara

4061401Government Science Secondary School, Misau

4061402Government Art Secondary School, Misau

4061403Government Girls’ Secondary School, Hardawa

4061404Government Comprehensive Day Secondary School, Misau

4061405Gdss, Akuyam.

4061501Government Secondary School, Ningi

4061502Government Secondary School, Burra

4061503Government Day Secondary School, Ningi

4061504Jibwis Science Day Secondary School, Ningi

4061601Government Girls’ Science Secondary School, Yana

4061602Goverment Day Secondary School, Shira

4061701Government Girls’ Secondary School, Tafawa Balewa

4061702Government Day Secondary School, Bununu

4061703Government Day Secondary School, Tafawa Balewa

4061704Community Secondary School, Marti

4061705Community Secondary School, Tapshin

4061706Kangshu Community Secondary School, Duklin Bauchi

4061707Goverment Day Secondary School, Lere T/Balewa

4061708Goverment Day Secondary School, Boto T/Balewa

4061709Government Day Secondary School, Dull

4061710Guss Community Secondary School, Malaki.

4061801Government Secondary School, Toro

4061802Government College, Toro

4061803Government Girls’ College, Nabordo

4061804Community Day Secondary School, Rishi

4061805Government Day Secondary School, Tulu

4061806Government Day Secondary School, Tilden Fulani

4061901Government Day Secondary School, Katangan-Warji

4062001Government Day Secondary School, Katagum

4062002Government Secondary School, Sakwa

4070101Community Secondary School, Sangana-Akassa

4070102Community Secondary School, Beletiema Balga

4070103Government Secondary School, Akassa

4070104Government Secondary School, Twon-Brass

4070105Government Secondary School, Okpoama Brass

4070106Community Secondary School, Odioama-Brass

4070107Community Secondary School, Egwe-Ama

4070108Community Secondary School, Menibie

4070109Community Secondary School, Liama

4070110Sunny Goli Memorial Schools, Twon-Brass

4070111Uncle Sammy Secondary School, Twon-Brass

4070201Community Secondary School, Aleibiri

4070202Community Secondary School, Toru-Ndoro

4070203Community Secondary School, Peretorugbene

4070204Government Secondary School, Ekeremor

4070205Community Secondary School, Isampou

4070206Community Secondary School, Aghoro

4070207Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Tamogbene

4070208Iduwini Community Secondary School, Letugbene

4070209Ido Comprehensive Secondary School, Egbemo Angalabiri

4070210Community Secondary School, Ayamassa

4070211Egbemo Comprehensive Secondary School, Azagbene

4070212Community Secondary School, Foutorugbene

4070213Community Secondary School, Obrigbene

4070214Agbidiama Grammar School, Agbidiama

4070215Early Foundation Secondary School, Ekeremor

4070216Central Community Secondary School, Ogbotobo

4070217Community Secondary School, Agge

4070301Government Secondary School, Odi

4070302Kaiama Grammar School, Kaiama

4070303Government Secondary School, Asoama

4070304Opokuma Grammar School, Opokuma

4070305Amatugu Comprehensive Secondary School, Igbedi Kolga

4070306Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kaiama

4070307Sampou Grammar School, Sampou

4070308Federal Government College, Odi

4070309Community Secondary School, Okoloba

4070310Community Secondary School, Sabagreia

4070311Opokuma South Secondary School, Opokuma

4070312Community Girl’s Secondary School, Odi

4070401Nembe National Grammar School, Nembe

4070402Government Girls’ Secondary School, Nembe

4070403Community Secondary School, Okoroma

4070404Community Secondary School, Oluasiri

4070405Community Boys’ Secondary School, Basambiri-Nembe

4070406Community Girls’ Secondary School, Nembe

4070407Community Secondary School, Ologoama

4070408Mini Community Secondary School, Agrisaba

4070410Community Comprehensive High School, Igbeta Ewoema

4070501Community Secondary School, Otuokpoti-Ogbia

4070502Community Secondary School, Okodi-Ogbia

4070503Community Secondary School, Onuebum

4070504Odinade Community Secondary School, Emakalakala

4070505Community Secondary School, Idema, Ogbia

4070506Community Secondary School, Otuasega

4070507Community Secondary School, Otuoke/otuaba

4070508Owema Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Otakeme

4070509Community Secondary School, Emeyal

4070510Mater Dei High School, Imiringi-Ogbia

4070511Government Secondary School, Ogbia Town

4070512Oloibiri Grammar School, Oloibiri-Ogbia

4070513Government Secondary School, Anyama-Ogbia

4070514Community Secondary School, Kolo-Ogbia

4070515Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Epebu

4070516Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Elebele

4070517Ogboin Comprehensive High School Nedugo-Agbia

4070518Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Ologoghe

4070519Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Ewoi-Ogbia

4070520Federal Government Girls’ College, Imiringi

4070521Community Secondary School, Otuedu

4070522Community Secondary School, Ayakoro

4070523Community Secondary School, Otuegwe 1

4070524Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Opume

4070525Community Secondary School, Oruma

4070526Community Secondary School, Amorokeni

4070527Community Secondary School, Otuabula Ii

4070528Bamotobs Prevocational Schools, Ogbia

4070529Community Secondary School, Okoki – Ogbia

4070530Community Secondary School, Akipelai-Ogbia

4070601Community Secondary School, Okumbiri

4070602Community Secondary School, Sagbama

4070603Community Secondary School, Angalabiri

4070604Community Secondary School, Tvofani

4070605Community Secondary School, Ebedebiri

4070606Community Secondary School, Ofoni

4070607River Nun Grammar School, Agbere/odoni

4070608Government Secondary School, Toru-Ebeni

4070609Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Tungbo

4070610Community Secondary School, Kabeama

4070611Community Secondary School, Ossiama

4070612Community Secondary School, Bulou-Orua

4070613Community Secondary School, Adagbabiri

4070614Community Secondary School, Elemebiri

4070615Mein Grammar School, Ogobiri

4070616Community Secondary School, Agorogbene

4070617Community Secondary School, Akeddei

4070619Community Secondary School, Egbopuloama

4070620Community Secondary School, Agoro

4070621Federal Science And Technical College, Tungbo

4070622Community Secondary School, Isoni

4070701Community Secondary School, Ogboinbiri

4070702Community Secondary School, Ekeni/ezetu, Foropa

4070703Community Secondary School, Diebu

4070704Community Secondary School, Igbomoturu

4070705Community Secondary School, Korokorosei

4070706Community Secondary School, Olugbobiri

4070707Community Secondary School, Aguobiri

4070708Community Secondary School, Otuan

4070709Comprehensive High School, Azuzuama(silga)

4070710Community Secondary School, Peremabiri

4070711Community Secondary School, Eniwari(silga)

4070712Community Secondary School, Koluama II

4070713Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Angiama

4070714Southern Ijaw Secondary School, Oporoma

4070715Akpalakpa Grammar School, Ukubie

4070716Government Secondary School, Amassoma

4070717Government Secondary School, Opuama

4070718Tarakiri Community Secondary School, Anyama-Ijaw

4070719Community Secondary School, Ekowe

4070720Community Secondary School, Gbanraun

4070721Community Secondary School, Ondewari

4070722Community Secondary School, Koluama I

4070723Olodiama Comprehensive High School, Ikebiri

4070724Obolo Grammar School, Oweikorogha

4070725Community Secondary School, Ologboboro

4070726Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Kemeinama Akpurugbene

4070727Community Secondary School, Azama

4070728Okigbene Community Secondary School Okigbene

4070729Community Secondary School, Ukparatubou

4070730Community Secondary School, Polobubou

4070731Community Secondary School, Keme-Ebiama

4070732Fortunate Group Of Schools, Amassoma Wilberforce Island

4070801Community Secondary School, Agudama-Epie

4070802Biseni Secondary School, Biseni

4070803Ogbo Memorial Grammar School, Ikibiri, Yelga

4070804Community Secondary School, Famgbe

4070805Community Secondary School, Okordia

4070806Community Secondary School, Zarama

4070807Community Secondary School, Bumoundi-Ekpetiama

4070808Community Secondary School, Igbogene-Epie

4070809Bishop Dimeari Grammar School, Yenagoa

4070810Saint Jude’s Girls’ Secondary School, Amarata

4070811Gbarain-Owei Grammar School, Okolobiri

4070812Agudama Comprehensive High School, Agudama Ekpetiama

4070813Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Agbura-Yelga

4070814Ekpetiama Comprehensive High School, Tombia

4070815Central Epie Secondary School, Opolo-Epie

4070816Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Biogbolo Yenzu

4070817Future Leaders Comprehensive College, Yenagoa

4070818Community Secondary School, Ologi Ogbia

4070819Ogu Grammar School, Ogu-Atissa

4070820Erepa International Secondary School, Yenezue Gene

4070821Community Secondary School, Polaku

4070822Ogbopuru Community Secondary School, Koroama

4070823Faith Comprehensive International Secondary School, Okutukutu.

4070824Epie National High School, Kpansia

4070825Benny International High School, Akenpai

4070826Dave Christian Academy, Swali

4070827Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Okordia North

4070828New Total Child Academy, Kpansia, Yenagoa

4070829Lisa Montessori Secondary School, Ekeki-Yenegoa

4070830Community Secondary School, Okutukutu/Etegwe

4070831Community Secondary School, Ikolo

4070832Foundation Secondary School, Yenizue-Gene, Yenagoa

4070833Jato Comprehensive College, Swali, Yenagoa

4070834Bycoe Demonstration Secondary School, Yenagoa

4070835Teto Model College, Amarata Yenagoa

4070836Winner’s International Academy, Agudama Epie

4070837Spark International Academy, Swali Yenagoa

4070838Divine Comprehensive Academy, Yenizue-Gene, Yenagoa

4070839Belary Schools Imiring Rd, Edepie Yenagoa

4070840Biedomo Premier School, 100 Sanni Abacha Rd Yenagoa

4070841Ayakpo Comprehensive College, Biogbolo Yenagoa

4070842Ayama Montessori International Secondary School, Tombia

4070843Word Of Faith Group Of Schools, Yenagoa

4070844Aca International Montessori High School, Yenagoa

4070845Tare-Pet Group Of Schools, Yenagoa

4070846Unithel Academy Yebagoa

4070847St. Matthias Catholic College, Yenagoa

4070848Divine Covenant Academy, Yenagoa

4070849Model Secondary School, Yenegoa

4070850Nadam International Academy, Yenagoa

4070851Community Secondary School, Azikoro Yenegoa

4070852B.B Academy Schools, Edepie-Yenagoa

4070853Ebisam Group Of Schools, Akenfa Ii Epie

4070854Favoured Child Academy, Kpansia, Yenagoa

4070855Career Academy, Famgbe-Yenagoa

4070856Gate Way Success Grouo Of Schools, Imgbi Road, Yenagoa

4070901Community Secondary School, Ogbosuware, Ekeremor Zone

4071001Community Secondary School, Ekeni

4071002Okumo Secondary School, Lobia

4071003Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Ezetu

4071101Ogou Comprehensive Secondary School, Igeibiri

4071102Ogbon Grammar School, Amatolo

4071201Ekere Secondary School, Amabulou Ekeremor Zone

4071301Community Secondary School, Okoroba

4080101Government Secondary School, Agila, Ado

4080102Ufia Community Secondary School, Utonkon, Otukpo, Ado

4080103Methodist High School, Igumale, Ado

4080104Government Secondary School, Ulayi, Otukpo

4080105Government College, Utonkon, Otukpo

4080106Saint Michael’s College, Apa-Agila, Otukpo

4080107Apa Community Secondary School, Apa Agela

4080108St.Charles Secondary School, Apa- Ogbozu, Agila

4080201Government Secondary School, Obagaji-Agatu

4080202Methodist High School, Obagaji

4080203Methodist High School, Ogwule Agatu

4080204Achega Community Secondary School, Ogwule-Agatu

4080205Methodist High School, Ogbaulu-Agatu

4080206Saint Luke’s Secondary School, Enungba-Agatu

4080207Saint Bernard’s Secondary School, Aila-Agatu

4080208Saint Paul’s Secondary School, Odugbeho

4080209Muslim Community College, Ogwule Agatu

4080210Agbaduma Community Secondary School, Okokolo

4080211Methodist High School, Usha-Agatu

4080212King’s and Queen’s College, Oshigbugu, Agatu

4080213Agabaidu Community Secondary School,Ekwu/Okpachenyi

4080214Egwuma Science Secondary School, Egwuma

4080215Acss, Aila Agatu

4080301Government Secondary School, Ugbokpo

4080302Achema Memorial Community Secondary School, Iga-Okpaya

4080303Ikobi Community Secondary School, Ikobi

4080304Saint John’s Secondary School, Amoke

4080305Methodist High School, Iga-Okpaya

4080306Omachi Memorial College, Idada Ochekwu

4080307Methodist High School, Oiji, Apa Lga

4080308Saint Joseph’s Secondary School, Auke Ochekwu

4080309Apa Demonstration College, Ugbokpo

4080310Odugbo Community Secondary School, Odugbo

4080311Methodist High School, Ojantele

4080312Ojope Community Secondary School, Ofoke

4080313Queen Eninya Secondary School, Iga Okpaya

4080314Oiji Demonstration College, Oiji

4080315Onoja Memorial High School, Igoro

4080316El-Shaddai Secondary School, Ugbokpo

4080317Methodist High School, Alifeti

4080318St. Peters Anglican Secondary School, Iga Okpaya

4080319St. Augustine’s College, Ekpete

4080320Christ The King Academy, Ugbokpo

4080401Government Secondary School, Buruku

4080402Tombo Community Secondary School, Buruku

4080403Kusuv Community Secondary School, Sati-Kusuv

4080404Mbagen Comprehensive Secondary School, Abwa-Mbagen

4080405Atta Secondary School, Adi

4080406Government Science And Technical College, Garagboghol

4080407Government Secondary School, Adi Etulo

4080408Royal Secondary School, Buruku

4080409Saint Michael’s College, Anvambe

4080410Mbatie Community Secondary School, Biligi Mboko

4080411Comprehensive College, Ijer

4080412Dooshima High School, Tyowanye

4080413Mbagen Comm. Secondary School, Agbonor, Buruku

4080414Mbagen Community Secondary School, Anongul

4080415Nkst Secondary School, Hom-Mbagen

4080416Patrick Foley College, Abwa-Mbagen

4080417Nkst Secondary School, Wuna- Tombo

4080418Lante Kukwa Comprehensive Secondary School, Jato-Aka

4080419Agwa Community Secondary School, Agwa

4080420Binev Community Secondary School, Agwabi

4080421Foundation College, Nyamatsor Mbagen

4080422Mcss, Aminde.

4080423Shorov Community School, Tyowanye

4080501Ipav Community Secondary School, Ikyuen

4080502Mbatiav Secondary School, Gbemacha

4080503Nongu U Kristu Usudan Hen Tiv Secondary School, Mkar

4080504Malamin Secondary School, Gboko

4080505Mbasur Community Secondary School, Pika-Mbatiav

4080506Saint John’s Day Secondary School, Gboko

4080507William Muckle Bristow Secondary School, Gboko

4080508Queen Of The Rosary Secondary School, Gboko

4080509Government Secondary School, Gboko

4080510King’s Comprehensive College, Mkar

4080511Saint James’ Junior Seminary, Yandev

4080512Commercial College, Gboko

4080513Gboko High School, Gboko

4080514Tofi Memorial Grammar School, Gboko

4080515Federal Government Girls’ College, Gboko

4080516Nongu U Kristu U Sudan Hen Tiv College, Mkar

4080517Mkar Model College, Mkar

4080518Kusaki College, Yandev

4080519Government Secondary School, Ikpa-Mbatierev

4080520Yion Day Secondary School, Orya

4080521Mbaakpoughul Community Secondary School, Tyodugh-Mbayion

4080522Holy Child Academy, Gboko

4080523Nongo U Kristu U Sudan Hen Tiv Secondary School, Kuhe Mbatiav

4080524Anglican Secondary School, Gboko

4080525Young Christian College, Gboko

4080526Notre Dame Secondary School, Mkar

4080527Community Secondary School, Yandev

4080528Day Secondary School, Buter Gboko North

4080529Trinity College, Gboko

4080530Akpur College, Gboko

4080532Mektan International College, Gboko

4080533Mbayion Comprehensive College, Gboko

4080534Creativity College, Ameladu,gboko

4080535National College, Gboko

4080536Mbaiwar Comprehensive College, Kusuv, Yandev, Gboko

4080537Akiishi Schools Generale, Amua Gboko

4080538St. Veronica’s Secondary School, Agidi Mbatiav

4080539Kwaghokohol Royal College, Gboko

4080540Glory College, Gboko

4080541Great Bethel International College, Gboko

4080542Excellent International College, Gboko

4080543National Evangelical Mission College, Gboko

4080544Prisons Day Secondary School, Gboko

4080545Amua Memorial Grammar School, Amua

4080546Ngumen College, Akpagher

4080547Graceland Secondary School, Akaajime, Gboko

4080548Uplift Secondary School, Gboko East

4080549Princess Adaja International College, Gboko

4080550Gboko International Secondary School, Gboko

4080551C.D.M Academy International Mkar Gboko

4080552Calvary Arrows College, Gboko

4080553Unique Secondary School, Gboko

4080554Divine Progressive College, Gboko

4080555Mbatyula Progressive College, Tsekucha

4080556Mbaachaambe Community Secondary School, Ikyumbur Mbatiav

4080557Kings Model College, Gboko

4080558Mbatiev Community Secondary School, Wohiev.

4080559Chiandy International School, Gboko.

4080560Nkst Secondary School, Hon Mbayion

4080561Dimtor Demonstration Secondary School, Adiwaka

4080601Government Secondary School, Agasha

4080602Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Udei

4080603Government Secondary School, Gbajimba

4080604Government Secondary School, Torkula

4080605Lobethas Unity College, Daudu

4080606Chombu-Tar Comprehensive Secondary School, Uikpan

4080607Sacred Heart Secondary School, Udei

4080701Mount Saint Michael’s Secondary School, Aliade

4080702Government Girls’ Model Secondary School, Aliade

4080703Government Secondary School, Ikpayongo

4080704Masev Community Secondary School, Taraku

4080705Government Secondary School, Taraku

4080706Yonov Community College, Ikpayongo

4080707Nongo U Kristu Usudan Hem Tiv Secondary School, Taraku

4080708Divine Trinity Secondary School, Aliade

4080709Saint Peter’s Anglican Secondary School, Aliade

4080710Government Day Secondary School, Aliade

4080711Jato Anchaver Memorial Secondary School, Mase

4080712N.K.S.T. Secondary School, Aliade

4080713Holychild Secondary School, Igbor

4080714Seat Of Wisdom Secondary School, Aliade

4080715St. John Bosco Commercial College, Aliade

4080716Mbabur Community Secondary School, Ahumbe

4080717People’s Grammar School, Naka

4080718Julia Mega Secondary School, Aliade

4080719Gwer Unity College ,Ikpayogo

4080720Mount Zion Academy, Ikpayongo

4080721Uhambe Memorial Commercial College, Taraku.

4080801Mount La Salle College, Naka

4080802Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Naka

4080803Saint Francis Xavier Secondary School, Agagbe

4080804Calvin Foundation College, Naka

4080805Nongo U Kristu Usudan Hen Secondary School, Atukpu

4080806Modern Secondary School, Naka

4080807Divine Hope Secondary School, Naka Gwer West

4080808Mount Sinai College, Naka

4080809Kadna Secondary School, Naka

4080810St. Theresa’s Catholic Secondary School, Jimbsnaka

4080901Tongov Community Secondary School, Amaafu

4080902Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Amaafu

4080903Nongo U Kristu Usudan Hen Secondary School, Sai

4080904Atongo Memorial College, Abaji-Kpav

4080905Yaov Memorial Secondary School, Abaji-Kpav

4080906Divine Love Catholic Girls’ Secondary School, Katsina-Ala

4080907Government Secondary School, Abaji-Kpav

4080908Nongo U Kristu Uken Usudan Hen Tiv Secondary School, Katsina-Ala

4080909Shitire Community Secondary School, Tor-Donga

4080910Government Model College, Katsina-Ala

4080911Doy Secondary School, Harga

4080912Saint Gerald’s Catholic Day Secondary School, Katsina-Ala

4080913Government Day Secondary School, Katsina-Ala

4080915Mbagena Comprehensive College, Shikaan

4080916Saint Pius Secondary School, Katsina-Ala

4080917College Of Education Demonstration Secondary School, K/Ala

4080918Kpav Comprehensive Secondary School, Tor Donga

4080919St. Peters Catholic Secondary School, Gbor Tongor

4080920Iveren Comprehensive College, Katsina Ala

4080921Ikyurav- Tiev Comm. Secondary School, Kastina- Ala

4080922Pathfinders College, Ikowe

4080923Continetal College, Katsina-Ala

4080924St. Margaret’s Girls College, Tordonga

4081001Mbavaa Community Secondary School, Amua-Gaav

4081002Adzer Beke College, Korinya

4081003Shangev-Tiev Community Secondary School, Awajir

4081004Iyordye Memorial Secondary School, Ansha-Korinya

4081005Government Secondary School, Gungul

4081006Government Secondary School, Korinya

4081007Leke High School, Agberagba

4081008Nongo U Kristu Usudan Hen Tiv Secondary School, Uavande

4081009Nongo U Kristu Usudan Hem Tiv Secondary School, Korinya

4081010Nongo U Kristu Usudan Hem Tiv Secondary School, Wuese-Gaav

4081011Agen Community Secondary School, Jov-Kyundan Shangev-Tiev

4081012Ikyor Victory College, Ibe

4081013Community Secondary School, Manta Diiv

4081014St. Joseph And Mary Secondary School, Korinya

4081015Mbaoso Community High School, Jov-Kyundan

4081016Hope International College, Tongo

4081017Government Secondary School. Ise-Agberagba

4081018King David’s College, Gungul

4081019Mbasor Community Secondary School, Ukehe

4081020Domji Memorial Academy Awajir

4081101Turan Community Secondary School, Jato-Aka

4081102Tseikpa Comprehensive Secondary School, Adikpo

4081103Mbagba-Nanev Community Secondary School, Adikpo

4081104G. I. Kajo Comprehensive Secondary School, Adikpo

4081105Ikurav-Ya Community Secondary School, Ikyogen

4081106Ajio Community Secondary School, Shangev-Ya

4081107Government Secondary School, Anwase

4081108Shangev-Ya Community Secondary School, Koti

4081109Government Secondary School, Koti Shangev-Ya

4081110Nongo U Kristu Usudan Hem Tiv Secondary School, Achia

4081111Nongo U Kristu Usudan Hem Tiv Secondary School, Jato-Aka

4081112Saint Andrew’s Secondary School, Adikpo

4081113Adikpo Comprehensive College, Adikpo

4081114Nongo U Kristu Usudan Hem Tiv Secondary School, Adikpo

4081115Christ The King College, Adikpo

4081116Madonna High School, Adagi

4081117Saint Mary’s Secondary School, Adikpo

4081118Mbanienge Community Secondary School, Ihonam-Nanev

4081119Barakur Peoples’ Comprehensive College, Ichol, Nyiev-Tiev

4081120Nongo U Kristu Usudan Hem Tiv Secondary School, Ichol Nyiev-Tiev

4081121Saaior Community Secondary School, Ada Shangev-Ya

4081122Maav Community Secondary School, Nyihemba

4081123Landmark International Model College, Adikpo

4081124Saint Francis-Xavier’s Catholic Secondary School, Ikyogen

4081125Day Secondary School,jato-Aka

4081126Mbalumuri Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Adikpo

4081127Full Gospel College, Abande

4081128Holy Family Catholic Secondary School, Jato-Aka

4081129Nkst Secondary School, Jaki Dzev Shangev-Ya

4081130Wantor Model College, Adikpo

4081131Nyam Asaku Model College, Achia

4081132New Jerusalem International Academy, Mbaikyam-Nanev, Adikpo

4081133Retha Juga Comprehensive High School, Jato Aka

4081134Nkst Secondary School, Ahobee

4081135Sacred Heart Day Secondary School, Adikpo

4081136Agbughul Kachi Memorial College, Adikpo

4081137Korinjo Memorial Secondary School, Dwajayo Aka

4081138Trinity Secondary School, Kwande

4081139Ityuav Community Secondary School, Andwer

4081140Philohans Community Development Model College, Mbangough, Kwande

4081141Ikpila- Lorzua College, Atsenga, Mbakan Shangveya

4081142Government Secondary School, Kachi

4081143St. Mulumba’s Secondary School, Tato – Aka

4081201Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Ugba

4081202Gaambe-Tiev Community Secondary School, Anyiin

4081203Tombo Community Secondary School, Ikyungwa

4081204Ugondo Community Secondary School, Ugba

4081205Government Secondary School, Anyin

4081206Mbavuur Community Secondary School, Abeda Logo

4081207Queen Of All Saints Secondary School, Tsenge, Ugba.

4081208St. John’s Anglican Secondary School, Arayin

4081209Anyiin Children Secondary School, Anyiin

4081210Immaculate Conception Secondary School, Abeda

4081211Nkst Secondary School, Ugba

4081212Unity Secondary School, Shisho Anyiin

4081301Our Lady Of Mount Carmel College, Makurdi

4081302Government Secondary School, North Bank, Makurdi

4081303Mount Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School, Makurdi

4081304Government Model School, Makurdi

4081305Ogiri-Oko Memorial Secondary School, Makurdi

4081306Airforce Secondary School, Makurdi

4081307Community Secondary School, Apir

4081308Evangelic Church Of West Africa Secondary School, Makurdi

4081309Government College, Makurdi

4081310Tilley Gyado College, Makurdi

4081311Padopads Harmony Secondary School, Makurdi

4081312Community Secondary School, Makurdi

4081313Government Girls’ College, Makurdi

4081314Nigeria Army School Of Military Engineering Secondary School, Makurdi

4081315Anglican Secondary School, Makurdi

4081316Nongo U Kristu Usaudam Hem Tiv Secondary School, Makurdi

4081317Special Science Senior Secondary School, Makurdi

4081318Loekka International Academy, Makurdi

4081319Government Secondary School, Airforce Base, Makurdi

4081320Aveco Model College, Makurdi

4081321The Apostolic Secondary School, Adeke

4081322Gaadi Comprehensive College, Makurdi

4081323Little Angels Comprehensive Secondary School, Makurdi

4081324Peace International Secondary School, Makurdi

4081325Unique Secondary School, Makurdi

4081326Immaculate Heart College, Makurdi

4081327Good News Secondary Grammar School, North Bank, Makurdi

4081328Mbawa Community Secondary School, Daudu

4081329Gateway Comprehensive College, North Bank, Makurdi

4081330The Kings Peculiar College, Makurdi

4081331Methodist High School, Makurdi

4081332Corona Secondary School, Makurdi

4081333Premier Comprehensive College, Wadata, Makurdi

4081334Dav Memorial Secondary School,north Bank, Makurdi

4081335St. Joseph Secondary School, Nyiman

4081336Praise Worthy Academy, Makurdi

4081337Lady Victoria Academy, Makurdi

4081338Golden College, Yagba

4081339Our Lady Of Perpetual Help College, Markurdi

4081340Paul Epton Academy, Demekpe, Markurdi

4081341Carm Wisdom College, Adeke, Markurdi

4081342Makir Zakpe College, Demekpe, Makurdi

4081343Royal Ambassadors College, Adeke

4081344Trust Academy, Makurdi

4081345Vaatia College, Makurdi

4081346Peniel College, Makurdi

4081347United Evangelical Secondary School, Makurdi

4081348Idaye Nkst Secondary School, High Level, Markurdi

4081349Command Secondary School, Makurdi

4081350Dyege Memorial College, Makurdi

4081351Holy Child Secondary School, Adeke

4081352Feyosun College, Makurdi

4081353Nogoa Secondary School, Makurdi

4081354St. Marks Secondary School, Apir

4081355Trinity Model Academy Makurdi

4081356Christ The King Secondary School, Makurdi

4081357Triumph Model College, Makurdi

4081358Benlad Secondary School, North Bank

4081359Cornerstone Academy, Makurdi

4081360The Good Shepherd College, Makurdi

4081361Ikyo-Azande Day Secondary School, Utange

4081362Makurdi International Secondary School, Hudco Qrts, Makurdi

4081363Victory Academy, Adeke Naka Rd, Makurdi.

4081364New Era Secondary Grammar School, North Bank, Makurdi

4081365Angus College Makurdi

4081366Elite International College, Makurdi

4081367Assemblies Of God Comprehensive College, Makurdi

4081401Government Secondary School, Ito

4081402Saint Joseph’s Secondary School, Obarike Ito

4081403Ito Community Secondary School, Okpokwu-Ito

4081404Anglican Comprehensive Secondary School, Itakpa-Ito

4081405Ediwe Memorial College, Obarike-Ito

4081406Methodist High School, Adum West

4081407St. Mark’s Secondary School, Ugbodum

4081408Itogo Community High School, Ekingo, Ito

4081409Adum Comprehensive Secondary School, Adum East

4081410Adiko Community Secondary School, Ogede-Ito

4081411Emmanuel Hilltop Secondary School, Ichori

4081412De Patrick’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Irabi

4081413C.A.C Grammar School, Iyaho, Obi

4081414Edo Peter Memorial Academy, Okpudu-Ogore

4081415Oluwa Onwaji Memorial Secondary School, Ikwokwu Ipinu- Ito

4081416Soled Secondary School, Ohuma Adum-Ito

4081417Ggss, Obazike-Ito

4081501Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Otukpa

4081502Okam High School, Orokam

4081503Itabono Community Secondary School, Owukpa

4081504Edugwu-Iye Community Secondary School, Adum-Oko

4081505Community Secondary School, Otukpa

4081506Owukpa Community Secondary School, Ibagba Owukpa

4081507Methodist High School, Odoba-Otukpa

4081508National College, Orokam

4081509Onoja Memorial Secondary School, Obu-Otukpa

4081510Al-Oodo Community Secondary School, Otto-Otukpa

4081511Government Secondary School, Ugbugbu-Owukpa

4081513Government Secondary School, Orokam

4081514Divine Love Pax Secondary School, Ipole-Igwu, Orokam

4081515Egbi Memorial College, Owukpa (egbi)

4081516Saint John’s College, Obu-Otukpa

4081517Saint John The Apostles Secondary School, Aifam

4081518Orokam Community Secondary School, Adum Alona

4081519Our Lady Queen Of Apostles College, Obu-Otukpa

4081520Kin Queen’s International College, Otukpa

4081522Ihotu Comprehensive College, Ipole-Otukpa

4081523Komplit Comprehensive College, Olaochagbaha

4081524Community Secondary School, Igwu-Akor Ogbadibo

4081525Oladam College, Ede-Adoyi, Ai’odu Owukpa

4081526Nativity Secondary School, Ukporo-Igwu

4081527Maranatha Science Secondary School, Obu-Otukpa

4081528Echewemema Secondary School, Ukalegu-Owukpa

4081529Unity Secondary School, Adu-Owukpa

4081530Olotuya International College, Otukpa

4081531St. James International College, Owupa

4081532Bethel Comprehensive College, Abosa-Oko

4081533Owoicho Memorial College, Ogbadigbo

4081534Trinity Comprehensive College, Ipole Ai-Ede, Owukpa

4081535Llagba Memorial Secondary School, Ogwurute

4081601Ugene City High School, Okpiko

4081602Okpiko Community Secondary School, Odelle

4081603Government Commercial Secondary School, Atlo

4081604Onyagede Community Secondary School, Onyagede

4081605Saint Vincent’s Catholic Secondary School, Anwule-0glewu

4081606Ajegbe Secondary School, Ohaji-Awume

4081607Odeh Memorial Secondary School, Onyagede

4081608Alaglanu Community Secondary School, Oglewu

4081609Ibrahim Memorial Secondary School, Onyagede

4081610Agadagba Community Secondary School, Emichi

4081611St. George’s College, Ondo-Amuwe

4081612Divine Mercy Secondary School, Ochobo

4081613Faith Academy, Onyagede

4081614Holy Innocent Catholic Day Seconday School, Ampia

4081615Oklohoma Comprehensive College, Idekpa

4081616Michael The Arch Angel Minor Seminary, Ochobo

4081701Government Secondary School, Ikachi

4081702Igede Community Secondary School, Okileme Ibilla

4081703Government Secondary School, Obusa

4081704Methodist High School, Ainu-Igede

4081705Government Secondary School, Oju

4081706Government Secondary School, Odigo-Uwokwu

4081707Igede Community Secondary School, Akwuda Iyeche

4081708Igede Community Secondary School, Opiem-Owo

4081709Assemblies Of God Comprehensive College, Anyuwogbu Ibilla

4081710Igede Community Secondary School, Ihulam-Oboru

4081711Benpaullian Central Secondary School, Ichakobe, Ibilla

4081712Igede Community Secondary School, Ogege, Idelle

4081713College of Immaculate Conception, Ihigile

4081714Dan-Alf Secondary School, Ibila-Oju

4081715Joda Royal Secondary School, Ogori Uwokwu

4081716Chriso Model College, Okoyongo Ainu Igede Oju

4081717Methodist High School, Ameka, Owo-Oju

4081718Demonstration Science Secondary School, College Of Education, Oju

4081719Igwe Community High School, Igwe Okpoko Uwokwo Oju

4081720Ukpa Community Secondary School, Ukap, Oju

4081721Dumbia Comprehensive Secondary School, Oju

4081722Odegbe Community Secondary School, Ohuhu-Owo

4081723Okaha College, Okpodom

4081724Fortune Classical College, Ega-Ibilla

4081801Obeya Memorial Secondary School, Ugwu Okpoga

4081802Edumoga Community Secondary School, Ojigo

4081803Government Secondary School, Okpoga

4081804Our Lady Of Fatima Girls’ Secondary School, Aidogodo-Okpoga

4081805Emmanuel Secondary School, Ugbokolo

4081806Saint Joseph’s College, Ichakwu-Amejo

4081807Ekenobi High School, Ekenobi Edumoga

4081808Community Secondary School, Ichama

4081809Government Secondary School, Ede-Okpoga

4081810Saint James Secondary School, Odessesa-Ugbokolo Town

4081811World Hope International Secondary School, Ugwu-Okpoga

4081812Agada Memorial Secondary School, Effoyo, Edumoga

4081813Iduh Memorial Secondary School, Ajide Eke

4081814Calvary College, Okpafie, Edumoga

4081815Victoria High School, Ichakwu-Amejo

4081816Al-Ujah Community Secondary School, Ipoya-Ogege

4081817Moro Memorial College, Okwungaga, Ugbokolo

4081818St. Anthony Secondary School, Aidogodo

4081819Mother Of Mercy Secondary School, Okpoga

4081820Lion Science & Technical Academy, Ugbokolo

4081821Christ Redeemed College, Okpafia

4081822Jesus Comprehensive College, Iwewe, Ugbokolo

4081823Ebute Memorial Secondary School, Oddessasa-Ugbokolo

4081824St. Peter’s Secondary School, Effoyo Edumoga

4081837Abba Builar Memorial Private School, Maduguri

4081838Al- Burhan Islamic School, Maiduguri

4081901Ugboju Community Secondary School, Okpachenyi Ugboju

4081902Wesley High School, Otukpo

4081903Okpeje Community Secondary School, Okpeje-Adoka

4081904Akpa Community Secondary School, Allan-Akpa

4081905Ejiga Memorial College, Okpaflo-Adoka

4081906Otukpo Community Secondary School, Upu-Otukpo

4081907Methodist High School, Ombi-Ugboju

4081908Adoka Community Secondary School, Adoka

4081909Ujor Memorial College, Otukpo

4081910Saint Monica’s Girls’ Secondary School, Otukpo

4081911Ewulo College, Otukpo

4081912Saint Francis College, Otukpo

4081913Government Secondary School (model), Otukpo

4081914Saint Anne’s Secondary School, Otukpo

4081915Idoma Community Secondary School, Otobi

4081916Saint Paul’s Secondary School, Otukpo

4081917Holy Rosary College, Adoka

4081918Okalekwo Memorial Secondary School, Aune-Adoka

4081919Jesus College, Otukpo

4081920Nichohilson Secondary And Commercial School, Otukpo

4081921King’s College, Ogobia-Ugboju

4081922Opa Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Opa-Adoka

4081923Adokpela College, Umogidi-Adoka

4081924Saint Mary’s College & Agric. Development Centre, Ondo-Ugboju

4081925Destiny High School, Ogobia-Ugboju

4081926Methodist High School, Eupi-Otukpo

4081927Federal Government College, Otobi

4081928Bishop Okwoche Memorial Methodist Girls’ High School, Otukpo

4081929Ugboju Icho Community Secondary School, Ipom

4081930Government Day Secondary School, Otukpo

4081931United Secondary School, Otukpo

4081932Saint Andrew’s Secondary School, Ogobia

4081933Ben Secondary School, Otukpo

4081934St. Williams Comprehensive Secondary School, Otukpo

4081935St. John’s Anglican Secondary School, Otukpo

4081936Mathias Echioda Royal College, Ogoli-Ugboju

4081937Odumu Ocheibi Memorial College, Edikwu

4081938Divine Love Secondary School, Ogobia Ugboju

4081939Muslim Community Secondary School, Otukpo

4081940Adoka Demonstration College, Ojinebe, Adoka

4081941The Livingstone Academy, Otukpo

4081942St. Michael’s Secondary School, Otukpo

4081943Methodist High School, Adoka

4081944Domax International Comprehensive Secondary School, Otukpo

4081945Federal Science & Technical College, Otukpo Secondary School, Otukpo

4081946St.Stephen Secondary School, Otukpo

4081947Ochefu Memorial Academy, Ogobia-Ugboju

4081948Mt. Carmel Comprehensive Secondary School, Eupi-Otukpo

4081949El Kings College, Otukpo

408195021St Century College, Ojakpama Adoka

4081951Winner’s Model College, Aukpa-Adoka

4081952National Academy, Otukpo

4081953Vama Model College, Otukpo

4081954Agbenu Bridge College, Otukpo

4081955Abah Memorial Model College, Okoto- Ogboju

4081956Adoyi Memorial College, Otukpo

4082001Mbakor Community Secondary School, Annune

4082002Government Secondary School, Annune

4082003T. B. T. College, Annune

4082004Mbanoughul Community Secondary School, Uchi-Mbakor

4082005Mbachoughul Community Secondary School, Ijor-Imenger

4082006Mbajir Community College, Asukunya-Mbakor

4082007Kyaa College Gwarche

4082008Dem Memorial College,Wannune

4082009James Kuv College, Wannune

4082101Mbaterem Community Secondary School, Kyado

4082102Torov Community Secondary School, Chito

4082103Ngenev Community Secondary School, Sankera

4082104Mbapuun Grammar School, Ngenev Zaki-Biam

4082105Government Secondary School, Afia

4082106Ucha Day Secondary School, Vaase

4082107Nongo U Kristu Usudan Hem Tiv Secondary School, Zaki-Biam

4082108Ucha Community Secondary School, Afia

4082109Nongo U Kristu Usudan Hem Tiv Secondary School, Gbagir

4082110Government Technical Secondary School, Zaki-Biam

4082111Shovihkah Comprehensive Secondary School, Zaki-Biam

4082112Saint Anthony Catholic Secondary School, Zaki Biam

4082113Modern Commercial Secondary School, Zaki-Biam

4082114Trinity Secondary School, Zaki-Biam

4082115N.E.M. Secondary School, Zaki Ibiam

4082116St. Stephen’s Anglican Secondary School, Zaki-Biam

4082117Sir Glean Model College, Gbeji

4082118Model High School, Zaki Biam

4082119St. Mathew’s Secondary School, Kyado

4082120Trinity Model College, Chito

4082121Precious International College, Zaki-Biam

4082122Royal Model College, Zaki-Biam

4082123Maryland Catholic Secondary School, Chito Markurdi

4082124Foundation Comprehensive College, Zaki Biam

4082125Hossana College, Kyado

4082126Royal Intervention Secondary School, Tine-Nune

4082127Achiv Comprehensive Secondary School, Sankera

4082128Holy Ghost College, Sankera

4082129Kings And Queens Model College, Zakibiam

4082130Atakpa Science College, Zaki- Biam.

4082131Ideal College, Kyado

4082132Gospel International College, Zaki- Biam

4082133St. Thomas The Apostles Secondary School, Afia

4082134Marshal Comprehensive Secondary School, Zaki-Biam

4082201Ukan Community Grammar School, Kartyo

4082202Mbaikyaa Community Secondary School, Ushongo

4082203Government Secondary School, Alu

4082204Ikyobo Comprehensive College, Ikyobo

4082205Mbagba High School, Mbamngu-Kparev

4082206Government Secondary School, Ushongo

4082207Igbo Memorial Secondary School, Akerior-Utange

4082208Mbaanyam Day Secondary School, Waapera

4082209Peoples’ Comprehensive High School, Lessel

4082210Mbagwa Community Secondary School, Lessel

4082211Government Secondary School, Lessel

4082212Mbaikyaa Progressive Secondary School, Mbagwaza

4082213Manor Day Secondary School, Manor

4082214International Day Secondary School, Lessel

4082215St. Stephen’s Secondary School, Adikpo-Mbaagwa

4082216Denssa Model College,Ushongo

4082217Wegh Bar Memorial Secondary School, Lessel

4082301Ute Community Secondary School, Koti-Yough

4082302Mbara Community Secondary School, Ihugh

4082303Apakaa High School, Mbagbera

4082304Mbaduku Community Secondary School, Tsar

4082305Tilley Gyado College, Ihugh

4082306Abutu Secondary School, Mbaishor-Ute

4082307Nongo U Kristu Usudan Hem Tiv Secondary School, Vandeikya

4082308Tsambe Community Secondary School, Adeiyongo

4082309Government Secondary School, Vandeikya

4082310Abege Memorial Secondary School, Mbaapakaa

4082311Government Secondary School, Ihugh

4082312Tsendzughul Memorial Secondary School, Tsambe

4082313Mbakaange High School, Vandeikya

4082314Mbawuar Secondary School, Ihugh

4082315Mbaakon Grammar School, Mbaakon

4082316Gyegwe Grammar School, Koti-Yough Ute

4082317Saint Peter’s Secondary School, Vandeikya

4082318Government Secondary School, Tsar

4082319Yongo-Tiev Community Secondary School, Tyemimongo

4082320Mbagbera Community Secondary School, Chi-Vandeikya

4082321Federal Government College, Vandeikya

4082323Our Lady Of Apostles Secondary School, Vandeikya

4082324Kasar Ijar Memorial Secondary School, Mbangwur

4082325St. Peter’s Secondary School, Mede-Mbangur, Vandeikya

4082326People’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Adamgbe

4082327Ubagidi Memorial College, Vandaikya

4082328Nkst Secondary School, Uka Mbawuar

4082329Henry Amarikya Model Secondary School, Vandeikya

4082330St. Winifred’s Girl’s Secondary School, Ihugh

4082331Quality Secondary School, Barazon Mbausu, Vadetkya

4082332Lone Star Comprehensive College, Akpaghev

4082333St. Winifred’s Secondary School, Mbajor

4082334Hannah Igber Memorial Secondary School, Mbaikyum

4082377Ubagich Memorial College,Vandeikya

4090101Government Secondary School, Malamfatori

4090201Government Secondary School, Uba

4090202Government Secondary School, Askira

4090203Government Girls’ Secondary School, Lassa

4090204Government Day Secondary School, Lassa

4090205Government Day Secondary School, Uvu

4090206Government Day Secondary School, Rumirgo

4090207Government Day Secondary School, Wamdeo

4090208Federal Science And Technical College, Lassa

4090209Government Day Secondary School, Dille

4090210Government Day Secondary School, Alagarno

4090211Government Day Secondary School, Mussa

4090301Government Senior Science Secondary School, Bama

4090302Government Girls’ Secondary School, Bama

4090303Government Secondary School, Kumshe

4090304Government Day Secondary School, Bama

4090305Kur Mohammed Day Secondary School, Bama

4090306Ibrahim Musa Staff Secondary School, Bama

4090401Government Secondary School, Waka-Biu

4090402Government Girls’ Secondary School, Biu

4090403Government Senior Science Secondary School, Biu

4090404Government Girls’ Secondary School, Mirnga

4090405Government Day Secondary School, Biu

4090406Lajada High School, Biu

4090407Godiya Private Secondary School, Biu

4090408Victory Unity College, Biu

4090409Standard Secondary School, Biu

4090410Government Day Secondary School, Miringa

4090411Pre-Campus College, Biu

4090412Ibra Foundation School, Miringa

4090501Government Girls’ Secondary School, Chibok

4090601Government Secondary School, Damboa

4090701Government Secondary School, Dikwa

4090801Government Secondary School, Gubio

4090901Government Secondary School, Gwoza

4090902Government Secondary School, Ville-Gwoza

4090903Government Day Secondary School, Gwoza

4090904Government Girls’ Secondary School, Ngoshe

4090905Government Day Secondary School, Warabe

4090906Government Day Secondary School Kirawa

4090907Government Day Secondary School, Ngoshe

4090908Government Day Secondary School, Izge

4090909Government Day Secondary School, Ashigashiya

4091001Government Day Secondary School, Kwajaffa

4091002Government Day Secondary School, Marama

4091003Government Secondary School, Sakwa, Borno

4091004Government Girls’ Secondary School, Shaffa

4091005Shaffa Community Day Secondary School, Shaffa

4091006Sakwa East Community Day Secondary School, Yimirshika

4091101Federal Government College, Maiduguri

4091102Namu Model Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091103Mairi Islamic Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091104Maiduguri Capital School, Maiduguri

4091105Elkanemi College Of Business Administration, (ecoba) Maiduguri

4091106Telta Memorial Secondary School, Molai Maiduguri

4091107Unimaid Demonstration Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091108Fizi High School, Maiduguri

4091109Ruby Springfield College, Maiduguri

4091110Maiduguri Experimental Schools Corner, Yobe

4091111Herwa Academy, Maiduguri

4091112Success Private School, Maiduguri

4091113Sunshine Stars Private School, Maiduguri

4091114Darul Qur’an Science Secondary School, Londoin Ciki, Maiduguri

4091115Dala Standard Secondary School, Dala Alamderi Ward,Maiduguri

4091116Amina Memorial Islamic Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091117Shehu Sanda Kyrami Government Day Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091118Government Secondary School, Old Maiduguri

4091119Government Day Secondary School, Mairi, Maidugurii

4091120Nakowa Model College, Maiduguri

4091121Namu Model Secondary School, Pom, Pouari

4091122Future Hope Private School, Maidiguri

4091123Learning Right Private Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091124Godiya Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091125North East International School, Maiduguri

4091201Government Secondary School, Benisheikh

4091202Government Secondary School, Ngamdu

4091301Government Girls’ Senior Science Secondary School, Konduga

4091302Government Secondary School, Auno

4091401Government Secondary School, Kukawa

4091402Government Girls’ Secondary School, Baga

4091501Government Secondary School, Kwaya-Kusar

4091502Government Day Secondary School, Wandali

4091601Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Mafa

4091701Government Girls’ Secondary School, Gajiganna

4091801Government College, Maiduguri

4091802Government Girls’ College, Maiduguri

4091803Yerwa Government Girls’ Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091804Brigadier Maimalari Day Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091805Government Day Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091806El-Kanemi College Of Islamic Theology, Maiduguri

4091807Himma Secondary School, (private) Maiduguri

4091808Alau Private Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091809Immaculate College, Maiduguri

4091810Mafoni Government Day Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091811Government Girls’ Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091812Mustafa Umar El-Kanemi Arabic College, Maiduguri

4091813Maiduguri International School, (Educational Trust) Maiduguri

4091814Saviour Model College, Maiduguri

4091815Foundation Model Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091816Benex Comprehensive School, Maiduguri

4091817Thanawiyyatu Sheikh Ahmad Abulfathi Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091818Jafra Private School, Maiduguri

4091819Imam Malik Islamic Centre, Maiduguri

4091820Baptist High School, Maiduguri

4091821Shehu Garbai School, Maiduguri

4091822Ansar-Ud-Deen College, Maiduguri

4091823Maiduguri Innovative Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091824Evangel Model Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091825Annahda College Of Science And Islamic Studies Gwange-Maiduguri

4091826City International Secondary School, Wulari, Maiduguri

4091827St. John’s College, Maiduguri

4091828A.K. Benisheikh Staff Model Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091829Women Day Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091830Winners Model Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091831Government Day Secondary School, Lamisula, Maiduguri

4091832Ibrahim Islamic Secondary School, Maduguri

4091833Government Day Secondary School, Zajiri

4091834Government Day Secondary School, Bulabulin

4091835Success Secondary School, Umurari Maiduguri

4091836Royal High School, Maiduguri

4091837Abba Bulkar Memorial Private School, Maiduguri

4091838Al-Burhan Islamic School, Maiduguri

4091839Ammy Academy College, Maiduguri

4091840Pearl’s Comprehensive School, Maiduguri

4091841Millennium International School,Maiduguri

4091842Bara’lmul Iman Islamic Integrated School, Maiduguri

4091843Bethel Private School, Maiduguri

4091844Our Lady’s Secondary School, Maiduguri

4091901Government Secondary School, New Marte

4092001Government Secondary School, Damasak

4092101Government Senior Science Secondary School, Monguno

4092102Government Girls’ Secondary School, Monguno

4092103Government Day Secondary School, Monguno

4092104Federal Government Girls’ College, Munguno

4092105Ibn Fartuwa Islamic Science Secondary School, Monguno

4092201Government Girls’ Secondary School, Wulgo

4092202Government Day Secondary School, Gamboru-Ngala

4092301Government Secondary School, Shani

4092302Government Day Secondary School, Kubo

4092401Government Secondary School, Briyel

4092501Government Secondary School, Gajiram

4100101Secondary School, Usumutong, Abi

4100102Bahumono Secondary Grammar School, Ebom

4100103Community Secondary Grammar School, Itigidi

4100104Igbo Imabana Secondary School, Abi

4100105Agbo Comprehensive Secondary School, Egboronyi Abi

4100106Edanafa Secondary Commercial School, Ediba Abi

4100107Community Secondary Commercial School, Adadama Abi

4100108Government Science School, Afafanyi, Abi

4100109Community Secondary School, Ebijakara

4100110Ndam’s Secondary Commercial School, Usumutong

4100111Favour-Bound Secondary Commercial School, Ekureku Abi

4100112Community Secondary School, Anong Bahumumo

4100113Secondary School, Bazohure/Igonigoni

4100114Victory Secondary School, Adadama, Abi

4100115Torita Academy, Enusokwe, Ediba, Abi

4100116Ekureku Community Secondary School, Anong Ekureku, Abi

4100117Community Secondary School, Ikpalegwa Abi

4100118First Unity Academy Secondary School, Ekureku

4100119Enugwema Comprehensive College, Ediba

4100201Community Secondary Grammar School, Oban Akamkpa

4100202Community Secondary School, Old Netim

4100203Government Secondary School, Akamkpa

4100204Government Science School, Akamkpa

4100205Government Comprehensive High School, Iko Ekperem, Akamkpa

4100206Ojor Community Presbyterian Secondary School, Ojor-Akamkpa

4100207Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikpai, Akamkpa

4100208Saint Bennard’s Technical College, Obung, Akamkpa

4100209Comprehensive High School, Aningeje, Akamkpa

4100210Onun Comprehensive High School, Mbabakom Town, Akamkpa

4100211Comprehensive High School, Aking

4100212Government Comprehensive High School, Ayaebam

4100213Comprehensive High School, Owai

4100214Achan Comprehensive High School, Mbeban Akamkpa

4100215Stella Maris Preparatory Seminary, Uyanga Akamkpa

4100216Comprehensive High School, Akor

4100217Uyangba Model High School, Akamkpa

4100218Community Secondary School, Ifumkpa

4100219Christian Secondary Commercial School, Akamkpa

4100220Comprehensive High School, Iwuru Central, Akamkpa

4100221Excel Secondary Commercial School, Nding Ane

4100222Abakum Secondary Commercial School, Uyanga

4100223Treasure Child Comprehensive Secondary School, Awi-Akampa

4100224Eng-Huat International Secondary School, Uyanga Akampa

4100225United Christian Academy Comprehensive College, Akamkpa

4100226Light-Way Sec. School, Aningeje, Akamkpa

4100301Secondary School, Ikot Edem Odo, Akpabuyo

4100302Community Secondary School, Akpabuyo

4100303Community Secondary School, Esighi, Akpabuyo

4100304Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Akwa Ikot Eyo (Edem) Akpabuyo

4100305Police Secondary School, Calabar

4100306Government Science School, Ikot Nakanda

4100307Government Comprehensive High School, Archibong Town Bakassi

4100308Government Secondary School, Ikot Eneyo Akpabuyo

4100309Comprehensive High School, Akansoko

4100310Camp High School, Akwa/ikot Effanga

4100311Assurance Secondary Commercial School Ikang Town

4100312Modern Secondary Commercial School, Anyanganse

4100313Eneyo International High School, Ikot Eneyo Akpabuyo

4100314Dynamic Grace Of God College, Akpabuyo

4100315Akwa High School, Ifiang Nsung

4100316Nigeria Navy Secondary School, Akpabuyo, Calabar

4100401Irruan Community Secondary School, Bunyia/okubuchi

4100402Community Secondary School, Katchuan Irruan-Boki

4100403Secondary Commercial School, Bekpor Irruan

4100404Community Secondary School, Nsadop, Boki

4100405Community Secondary School, Boje, Boki

4100406Trinity Secondary School, Bashua, Boki

4100407Buentsebe Secondary School, Wula Boki

4100408Boki Comprehensive Secondary School, Okundi Boki

4100409Secondary Commercial School, Bateriko-Boki

4100410Secondary School, Bawop-Boki

4100411Secondary Commercial School, Kakwagom Boki

4100412Buda Comprehensive Secondary School, Kakwagom, Irruan Boki

4100413Comprehensive Secondary School, Okwabang, Boki

4100414Ekpashi Technical College, Ntamante, Boki

4100415Community Secondary Commercial School, Abo-Ogbagante Village, Boki

4100416Community Secondary School, Ogep-Osokom, Boki

4100417Lutheran High School, Borun, Boki

4100418Community Secondary School, Iso-Bendeghe,boki

4100419Government Science School, Orimekpang, Boki

4100420Bessong Boki Comprehensive High School, Biajua, Boki

4100421Oku Secondary School, Oku Bushuyu, Boki

4100422Government Science School, Bansan, Boki

4100423Community Secondary School, Bumaji, Boki

4100424Beebo Comprehensive High School, Oluluo Boki

4100425Comprehensive High School, Buaachor-Boki

4100426Okwangwo Community Secondary School, Bokalum-Boki

4100427Government Science School, Kayang

4100428Community Secondary School, Bamba

4100429Border Commercial Secondary School, Danare

4100430Community High School, Olum

4100431Community Secondary School, Butatong

4100432Royal Heritage High School, Njugkaku, Boki

4100433Excellence Comprehensive High School, Okundi Boki

4100434Comprehensive High School, Okuaro/Buanankong

4100435Foundation Secondary Commercial School, Bunyia Irruan, Boki

4100436Destiny Secondary School, Kakwagom

4100437Oaths Comprehensive High School, Biakwan Orimekpang Boki

4100438Blessed Centre Secondary School, Okundi

4100439St. Patrick’s Secondary Commercial School, Biakwan, Boki

4100440Community Secondary School, Okwangwo, Boki

4100501Government Science School, Biakpan

4100502Community Secondary School, Adim

4100503Community Secondary School, Iko Esai

4100504Ubaghara High School, Ikun

4100505Community Secondary School, Abanwan Erei

4100506Biase Secondary School, Ehom-Biase

4100507Community Secondary Commercial School, Abini

4100508Agwagune Community Secondary School, Okurike, Biase

4100509Akpet Community Secondary School, Akpet Central, Biase

4100510Mary Immaculate Girls’ Juniorate, Iwuru, Obio Ntan

4100511Comprehensive High School, Akpet I, Biase

4100512Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Etono Central, Biase

4100513Solomon Unoh Memorial Comprehensive High Schhol, Agwagune, Biase

4100514Comprehensive High School, Abayong

4100515Community Secondary School, Urugbam-Erei

4100516Okoh Comprehensive High School, Ikot-Okpora

4100517Karl Peterson Memorial Academy, Betem

4100518Community Science School, Iwuru Obio Ntan

4100519Ayimor Comprehensive Secondary School, Ugbem

4100520Community Secondary School, Abayong

4100521Community Secondary Commercial School, Ibini-Erei

4100522Comprehensive High School, Idoma

4100523Purity Secondary School, Akpet Central

4100524Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Betem

4100525Stan-Best Secondary School, Akpet Central Biase

4100526Community Secondary School, Ipene-Erei, Biase

4100601Hope Waddell Training Institution, Calabar

4100602Saint Patrick’s College, Ikot Ansa, Calabar

4100603Eastern Secondary Commercial School, Calabar

4100604Emili’s Secondary Commercial School, Ekpo Eyo, Calabar

4100605Nico Secondary Commercial School, Calabar

4100606Army Day Secondary School, Ikot Ansa, Calabar

4100607Unique Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Omin

4100608Estate Secondary School, Calabar

4100609Government Secondary School, Henshaw Town, Calabar

4100610National Comprehensive Secondary School, Calabar

4100611Holy Child Secondary School, Marian Hill, Calabar

4100612West African People’s Institute, Calabar

4100613Edgerley Memorial Girls’ Secondary School, Calabar

4100614Pinn Margaret Secondary Commercial School, Calabar

4100615Federal Government Girls’ College, Calabar

4100616Immaculate Conception Seminary, Mfamosing

4100617Duke Town Secondary School, Calabar

4100618Government College, Ikot Ansa, Calabar

4100619Government Secondary School, Anantigha, Calabar

4100620The Word Of Promise High School, Calabar

4100621Access High School, Calabar

4100622Zenith High School, Calabar

4100623Nysc Model Secondary School, Ikot Amsa, Calabar

4100624Government Science School, Calabar

4100625Government Science School, Idang, Calabar South

4100626Modern Comprehensive College, Calabar

4100627University Of Calabar International Secondary School, Calabar

4100628Universal Secondary Commercial School, Calabar

4100629Government Secondary School, Akim

4100630Margaret Ekpo Secondary School, Calabar

4100631Federal Airport Authority Of Nigeria Secondary School, Calabar

4100632Holy Trinity College, Calabar

4100633Pereka Secondary Commercial School, Calabar

4100634De_wis College, Calabar

4100635Brotherhood Model College, Calabar

4100636Rapid Vocational Training Institution, Calabar

4100637Government Secondary School, Nassarawa Calabar

4100638Parliamentary Comprehensive Secondary School, Calabar

4100639Community Technical College, Calabar

4100640Etison Comprehensive High School, Ikot Ansa, Calabar

4100641Hillcrest High School, Calabar

4100642Divine Technical College, Anantigha

4100643Majesty High School, Calabar

4100644The Royal Integrated College Ltd, Calabar

4100645Government Girls’ Secondary School, Big Qua, Calabar

4100646Light-Way Secondary School, Calabar

4100647Government Secondary School, Atu, Calabar

4100648Victory Secondary Commercial School, Calabar

4100649Lime Light Secondary School, Calabar

4100650Sacred Heart Girl’s International Secondary School, Calabar

4100651Christian Science College, Federal Housing Estate, Calabar

4100652Government Secondary School, State Housing, Calabar

4100653Christian High School, Atakpa, Calabar

4100654Government Secondary School, Uwanse, Calabar

4100655Governmenet Secondary School, Fed. Housing Estate, Calabar

4100656Paico Comprehensive College, Anantigha, Calabar

4100657Daniest International High School, Calabar

4100658Divine International Academy, Calabar

4100659Hope & Love Secondary School, Calabar

4100660De-Fortune Academy, Calabar

4100661Government Secondary School, Ikot Effanga, Calabar

4100662Daglo College, Calabar

4100663Mary Slessor Academy Calabar

4100664Auntie Magaret Memorial High School, Calabar

4100665Heritage High School, Ikot Enebong, Calabar

4100666Christ The King College, Calabar

4100667Government Secondary School, Nyaghasang, Calabar

4100668St. Anne’s High School, Calabar

4100669Gifted International College, Satellite Town Calabar

4100670Holy Family High School, Otuansa-St Calabar

4100671Clemo High School, Ikot-Ansa, Calabar

4100672Greenland Secondary School, Ikot Effanga, Mkpa

4100673Ancilla Girl’s College, Calabar

4100701Community Secondary School, Okangha, Ikom

4100702Ofutop Comprehensive Secondary School,ikom

4100703Abanyom Community Secondary School, Edor, Ikom

4100704Ajassor Technical College, Ikom Etung

4100705Community Secondary School, Nde, Ikom

4100706Community Secondary School, Okuni, Ikom

4100707Government Secondary School, Ikom

4100708Ejagham Secondary School, Abijang

4100709Community Secondary School, Nsofang, Etung

4100710Holy Child Secondary School, Ikom

4100711Yala Community Secondary School, Ikom

4100712Velos Secondary Commercial School, Ikom

4100713Etung Comprehensive Secondary School, Bendeghe, Ekiem, Ikom

4100714Community Secondary School, Akparabong, Ikom

4100715Community Secondary School, Etomi-Etung

4100716Ogim Onor Secondary School, Abia-Etung

4100717Federal Government College, Ikom

4100718Army Day Secondary School, Afi Barracks, Ikom

4100719Community Secondary School, Balep, Ikom

4100720Mkpansi Secondary Commercial School, Okangha, Ikom

4100721Northern Abanyom Comprehensive Secondary School, Etikpe, Ikom

4100722Saint Patrick’s Secondary Commerical School, Ikom

4100723Government Science School, Agbokim

4100724Nogak Secondary School, Ikom

4100725Enzu Golden College, Ikom

4100726Community High School, Ekukunela-Ikom

4100727Government Science School, Effraya Ikom

4100728Government Science School, Ekpokpa, Ikom

4100729Comprehensive Secondary School, Nde-Afi

4100730Nta East Comprehensive Secondary School, Oyenghe

4100731Veden Secondary Commercial School, Bendeghe

4100732Nnam Comprehensive Secondary School, Alok Ikom

4100733Comprehensive Secondary School, Nta Ikom

4100734Philipson Comprehensive College, Ikom.

4100735Enoghi Secondary School, Ikom

4100736St. Johns Model Secondary School, Ikom

4100737Favour Comprehensive Secondary School, Border Road, Ikom

4100738Two Ends Multinational High School, Ikom

4100739Community Secondary School, Nkim, Ikom

4100740Nzuok-Ola Community Secondary School, Afbaragba, Ikom

4100741Comprehensive High School Alesi, Ikom

4100742Crown Model College, Four Corners, Ikom

4100743Model Secondary School, Nkarasi, Ikom

4100744St.Joseph’s Comprehensive Secondaryschool, Atimaka

4100745Vocational Commercial Secondary School, Okosora, Ikom

4100746Government Secondary School, Ekimkae, Bendeghe-Ekiem,Ikom

4100747Kings Comprehensive High School, Abinti Ikom

4100748Kings & Queens High School, Ikom Town

4100749Crina Secondary School, Ajassor Etung

4100750Comprehensive Secondary School, Itaka, Etung

4100751Merit International High School, Ikom

4100752Benkings Community College Nkonfap Ikom

4100753Community Science School, Mkopt, Etung

4100754Bosok Model College, Akparabong, Ikom

4100755Hill Side High School, Ikom

4100756Community Secondary Commercial School, Opu Ikom

4100757Nselle Community High School, Njemetop, Ikom

4100758Community Secondary School, Akam-Ikom

4100759Modern Secondary School, Bendeghe Ekiem, Etung

4100760Kevin Nsor Memorial College, Ikom

4100761Holy Family Secondary School, Border Road, Ikom

4100762Elite High School, Okondi Ikom

4100763Richardsin Academy Secondary School, Mgbaka-Nkpiri Ikom

4100764De-Joy Academy Secondary School, Edor

4100801Community Secondary School, Utugwang, Obudu

4100802Bedia Secondary Commercial School, Obudu

4100803Government Science School, Ipong

4100804Angiaba Secondary School, Okorshie, Obudu

4100805Community Secondary School, Ukpe, Obudu

4100806Government Secondary School, Obudu

4100807Girls’ Secondary School, Obudu

4100808Begiading Secondary Grammar School, Ohong, 0budu

4100809Alege Community Secondary School, Alege, Obudu

4100810Community Secondary School, Behuawhan, Obudu

4100811Community Secondary School, Ubang, Obudu

4100812Ukpada Community Secondary School, Utugwang-Obudu

4100813Clement Ebri Technical College, Ukpirinyi, Utugwang, Obudu

4100814Alege Community Secondary School, Alege Obudu

4100815Comprehensive High School, Kutiang, Obudu

4100816Model Secondary Commercial School, Nkerika-Utugwang Obudu

4100817Comprehensive High School, Igwo

4100818Begiaka Technical College, Ibong, Obudu

4100819Comprehensive Secondary School, Okworogung, Obudo

4100820Vertical Secondary School, Obudu

4100821Andoya Foundation College,obudu

4100822Kabong Secondary Commercial School, Ipong

4100823Julijons Foundation Secondary School, Kutia-Obudu

4100824Model Comprehensive Secondary School Begiaba-Obudu

4100825Federation Secondary School, Obudu

4100826Grace Missionary Secondary School Ukwel-Obudu

4100827Unity Secondary School, Ukwortung

4100828Udigie Comprehensive High School, Obudu

4100829Community Secondary School, Kubong Bette

4100830Community Secondary School, Betukwei, Obudu

4100831Community Secondary School, Okordem, Obudu

4100832The Rock Foundation Secondary School, Atiekpe Village, Obudu

4100833Okwrisesg Comprehensive High School, Ubang

4100834Okamkwu Community Secondary School Okambi Obudu

4100835Bayobre Community Secondary School, Ukpe-Obudu

4100836Comprehensive Secondary School, Ukwel-Obudu

4100837Bebuatsuan Community Secondary School,Ipong Obudu

4100838Abua Agbo Memorial Grammar School, Kikung-Ukpe

4100839F.C.E. Staff Secondary School, Obudu

4100840Royal Youth Academy, Igwo-Obudu

4100901Mbembe Comprehensive Secondary School, Obubra

4100902Community Secondary School, Apiapum, Obubra

4100903Community Secondary School, Adun, Obubra

4100904Community Secondary Commercial School, Ofudua, Obubra

4100905Okum East Secondary School, Ochon, Obubra

4100906Saint Brendan’s Secondary School, Iyamoyong, Obubra

4100907Government Technical College, Obubra

4100908Regina Pacis Modern Secondary School, Ofumbonggha, Obubra

4100909Community Secondary School, Yala, Obubra

4100910Government Comprehensive High School, Eja-Ijebeh, Obubra

4100911Doctor Eyaba Memorial Girls’ Secondary School, Obubra

4100912Egara Comprehensive Secondary School, Iyamitet

4100914Community Secondary School, Oyadama

4100915Unity Secondary School, Ababene

4100916Community Secondary School, Onyen-Okpon, Obubra

4100917Community Secondary School, Ogurude, Obubra

4100918Comprehensive Secondary School, Ohana

4100919Christian Secondary School, Apiapum

4100920Comprehensive Secondary School, Edondon

4100921Government Secondary School, Iyamoyong-Obubra

4100922Brain Field Secondary Commercial School, Obubra

4100923Isobo Comprehensive Secondary School, Isobo, Obubra

4100924Udumeyi High School, Isobo

4100925Elder Oyama Memorial Secondary School, Ofat-Adun Obubura

4100926Apex Modern Secondary School, Ovonum, Obubra

4100927Redemption Secondary Commercial School, Ofumbonga Obubra

4100928Excellence Secondary School, Mile 1 Obubra

4100929Opa Model Secondary School Mile 1 Obubra

4100930St. Peter’s Success Secondary School, Ofumgbongha, Obubra

4100931Pinnacle Secondary Commercial School, Ogurokpon, Obubra

4100932Community Secondary School, Ofumbongha Obubra

4100933St. Franklin Model Secondary School, Ochon, Obubra

4100934Vicstan Comprehensive Secondary School, Ofatura, Obubra

4100935Assurance Community Secondary School, Ovukwa Obubra

4100936Spring Of Success Secondary School, Ofumbogha, Obubra

4100937Community Secondary School, Araragha

4100938Success Secondary School, Isabang Obubra

4100939Optimistic Secondary School, Ogada 1, Obubra

4100940Goshen High School, Obubra

4101001Obanliku Community Secondary School, Sankwala

4101002Bendi Technical College, Obanliku

4101003Utanga Community Secondary School, Bagga, Obanliku

4101004Community Secondary School, Busi, Obanliku

4101005Community Secondary Commercial School, Ketting-Bendi, Obanliku

4101006Community Secondary School, Bendi, Obanliku

4101007Godbey Secondary Commercial School, Sankwala, Obanliku

4101008Comprehensive High School, Bishiri

4101009Government Science School, Kukare

4101010Bessenge Comprehensive High School, Utanga-Obanliku

4101011Basang Secondary Commercial School, Bayalele

4101012Community Secondary School, Cattle Ranch, Obanliku

4101013Adambe Secondary Commercial School, Utuhu

4101014Mount Oliver Modern School Of Art And Science, Amana

4101015Roal Community Secondary School Lishikwel -Bendi

4101016Bisu Community Secondary School, Bisu Obanliku

4101017Bebi Community Technical College Beegbong Bebi

4101101Community Secondary School, Ukwa Ibom, Odukpani

4101102Comprehensive Secondary School, Obom Itiat Odukpani

4101103Eniong Abatim Comprehensive Secondary School, Atan Onoyom

4101104Okoyong Community Secondary School, Akpap-Okoyong, Odukpani

4101105Government Secondary School, Creek Town, Odukpani

4101106Dan Archibong Memorial Secondary School, Usung Esuk

4101107Odot Ediong Secondary Commercial School, Obio Asim

4101108Government Comprehensive High School, Adiabo, Odukpani

4101110Charle’s Best College, Odukpani

4101111Comprehensive High School, Ito

4101112Government Secondary School, Adiabo,Odukpani

4101113Saint Matthew Secondary Commercial School, Ikot Effiong Otop

4101114Akim Akim Model High School, Odukpani

4101115Government Science School, Efut-Ibonda

4101116Government Comprehensive High School, Ikoneto

4101117Relief International Secondary School, Inua Akpa

4101118Goverment Comprehensive Secondary School, Atan Eki, Odukpani

4101119Government Secondary School, Asang-Eniong, Odukpani

4101120Government Secondary School, Adiabo-Okutikang

4101201Nkum Iborr Secondary Commercial School, Alladim, Ogoja

4101202Community Secondary School, Ughoro, Bekwarra, Ogoja

4101203Ukpah Community Secondary School, Bekwarra, Ogoja

4101204Community Secondary School, Afrike, Ogoja

4101205Comprehensive Secondary School, Gakem, Ogoja

4101206Army Day Secondary School, Army Barracks, Ogoja

4101207Holy Child Secondary School, Mount Carmel Ogoja

4101208Trinity Commercial College, Ibiaragidi-Bekwarra

4101209Annunciation Girls’ Juniorate, Moniaya, Ogoja

4101210Ekajuk Comprehensive Secondary School, Bansara, Ogoja

4101211Bekwarra Secondary School, Abuochiche, Ogoja

4101212Ntol Comprehensive Secondary School, Ndok, Ogoja

4101213Mbube East Secondary School, Oboso, Ogoja

4101214Mbube West Secondary School, Ekumtak, Ogoja

4101215Nkum Secondary School, Ibil, Ogoja

4101216Federal Science College, Ogoja

4101217Agiga Secondary Commercial School, Igoli Ogoja

4101218Saint Thomas’ College, Ogoja

4101219Community Secondary School, Nwang, Ekajuk, Ogoja

4101220Saint Catherine’s College, Abakpa Ogoja

4101221Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Mfom-Ogoja

4101222Government Science School, Egbe-Mbube Ogoja

4101223Saint Joseph Secondary School, Agiga Ogoja

4101224Good Shepherd Centre For Special Education, Ogoja

4101225State High School, Igoli Ogoja

4101226Comprehensive High School, Idum-Mbube, Ogoja

4101227Youths Secondary Commercial School, Igoli Ogoja

4101228Morphy Memorial Secondary School, Ishibori-Ogoja

4101229Odabua Model College, Beten

4101230Amazing Secondary School, Igoli, Ogoja

4101231Government Science School, Nyanya

4101232Victory Secondary School, Igoli Ogoja

4101233Government Technical College, Ogoja

4101234Aunty Mary-Grace Model Secondary School, Abakpa-Ogoja

4101235Rev. Kornelson Secondary Commercial School, Emmanda I

4101236Glado Computer Science College, Okuku

4101237Progressive Comprehensive College, Ochagbe-Afrike 2

4101238All Saints Secondary School, Abakpa, Ogoja

4101239Government Science School, Ishibori, Ogoja

4101240Government Girls’ High School, Igoli, Ogoja

4101241Pace Setter Secondary Commercial School, Mfom, Ogoja

4101242Rochris Comprehensive High School, Gakem

4101243Youth Academy College, Beten

4101244Model Science College, Agoo-Gakem Bekwara

4101245Liberation Model College, Anyikang

4101246Unity Secondary School, Oberia Mbube

4101247Ujia Secondary Commercial School Ibiaragidi-Bekwarra

4101248Model Comprehensive Secondary School Ogoja

4101249Achuon Memorial Secondary Commercial School, Ukpah

4101250Bakor Comprehensive Secondary School, Ekpurinya Ogoja

4101251Ebanimbin Comprehensive Secondary School, Egbung, Ogoja

4101252Unique Comprehensive College, Ijibor

4101253St. Joseph Secondary School, Itekpa

4101254St. Kizito Community Secondary School, Abuagbor-Iye

4101255Ellah Model High School, Bansara, Ogoja

4101256Little Saint Foundation Secondary School, Mbube Ogoja

4101257Shalom Secondary Computer College, Okuntak, Mbube Ogoja

4101258Atehung Community Secondary School, Unwapu-Ukpa

4101259Paradise Corner Stone College, Abuochiche, Bekwarra

4101260St. Mark Secondary School, Anyikang, Bekwarra

4101261Pace Setter Secondary School, Ibil, Ogoja

4101262Agilison Divine Academy, Ogoja

4101263Christian High School, Igodor, Ogoja

4101264Egre Egede Memorial College, Ngbana, Ogoja

4101265Alphaben International College, Mbarakul,Ogoja

4101266Charles Anthony Model Secondary School, Ishi-Aya Ibil Ogoja

4101267Mbe-Ayie Comprehensive Secondary School, Edide-Mbube, Ogoja

4101268La-Kate Model Academy, Ogoja

4101269Christ The King College, Mbok Ii, Ogoja

4101270Ogar Science Academy, Bekwara

4101271Achichi Foundation College, Ikparikobo, Bekwara

4101272Wisdom Secondary Commercial School, Afrike Bekwara

4101273Community Secondary School, Ukpe, Ogoja

4101274St. Joseph Orphanage Secondary School, Idum-Mbube, Ogoja

4101275Noble Secondary School, Itekpa, Bekwara

4101276Unity College, Utukpuru, Bekwarra

4101301Jonem High School, Okuku, Yala

4101302Secondary Grammar School, Wanakom, Northern Ukelle, Yala

4101303Comprehensive Secondary School, Mfuma South Ukella, Yala

4101304Igbeku Comprehensive Secondary School, Imaje, Yala

4101305Oe’yi Onwu Secondary Grammar School, Yahe-Yala

4101306Pope John Paul Ii Seminary, Okpoma, Yala

4101307Mary Knoll College, Okuku, Yala

4101308Yala Secondary Commercial School, Okpoma, Yala

4101309Yache Community Secondary School, Alifokpa, Yala

4101310Community Secondary School, Ijiegu Yache, Yala

4101311Community Secondary School, Wanikade, Yala

4101312Government Comprehensive High School, Anyugbe-Igede, Yala

4101313Government Science School, Wanihem, North Ukelle, Yala

4101314Community Secondary School, Okirikha Gabu, Yala

4101315Comprehensive Secondary School, Ekwonk

4101316Government Science School, Wogada-Ebo

4101317Government Secondary School, Okpoma-Yala

4101318Comprehensive High School, Ugaga Yala

4101319Veden Secondary School, Okuku, Yala

4101320Government Science School, Ijiraga

4101321National Secondary Commercial School, Yahe Yala

4101322Community Secondary School, Uchu-Yache

4101323Community Secondary School, Ijegu

4101324Community Secondary School, Echumofena

4101325Agba Community Secondary School, Opirikwu

4101326Glado Com Puter Science College, Okuku

4101327Ochumode Business Academy, Okuku

4101328Era Care Secondary School, Okuku

4101329Itekpa Comprehensive Secondary School Itekpa Okuku

4101330Ferdy Memorial College Okpoma

4101331Veden Comprehensive Secondary School, Okpoma-Yala

4101332Heritage College, Imaje, Yala

4101333Mathias Offoboche Secondary School, Okuku-Yala

4101334Community Secondary School, Ezekwe, Yala

4101335Science Academy Wanakom, Yala

4101336St. Francis Meridian College, Okuku

4101337Classical International College, Yala

4101338God’s Will Secondary School, Akreha-Yala

4101339Kings & Queens Science College, Ajeogboule Gabu,Yala

4101340Okani Comprehensive Secondary School, Osina,Yala

4101341Holy Trinity Standard Commercial Secondary, Okpoma Yala

4101342Supreme Secondary Commercial School, Igbekurekor,Yala

4101343Central Demonstration College, Idiku, Okpoma

4101344Glado College Of Arts & Science, Okpoma

4101345United Comprehensive Secondary School, Ibenta Wanikade

4101346Community Secondary School, Wonye, Yaache

4101347Bright Future Secondary School, Okuku, Yala

4101348St. Anthony Model College, Liokom North Ukelle, Yala

4101349Wanibolor Comprehensive Secondary School, Idum Wanibolor, Yala

4101350Ochumode Model College, Yahe

4101351Al-Marck Christ The King College, Ijokom, Yala

4101352Christ The King Comprehensive Academy, Etandere Ijegu, Yala

4101353Ulakom Model Academy, Iwango, Yala

4101354Destiny Comprehensive Secondary School, Yahe

4101355Community Secondary School, Okumenyi, Yala

4101356Odaji Agbo College, Ayeko, Yala

4101357Government Secondary School, Ipollo, Ukelle Yahe

4101401Community Secondary School, Mkpani, Yakurr

4101402Secondary School, Idomi, Yakurr

4101403Girls’ Secondary School, Ugep, Yakurr

4101404Comprehensive Secondary School, Nko, Yakurr

4101405Community Secondary School, Nko, Yakurr

4101406Ayiga Community Secondary School, Okodung-Assiga, Yakurr

4101407Community Secondary Commercial School, Ekunkune, Assiga

4101408Community Secondary School, Agoi Ibami, Yakurr

4101409Community Secondary School, Ugep, Yakurr

4101410Comprehensive Secondary School, Ekori, Yakurr

4101411Tekowa Comprehensive Science School, Agoi Ekpo, Yakurr

4101412Presbyterian Seminary, Yakurr, Ugep

4101413Vision Secondary Commercial School, Ugep

4101414Saint Patrick’s Technical College, Ugep

4101415Christian Secondary School, Ekori

4101416Cambridge Christian Secondary Commercial School, Ntankpo, Ugep

4101417Saint Joseph’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Ugep

4101418Eko Inika Science School, Ekori

4101419Itamonem Model Secondary School, Nko

4101420Ubi Ottoh Memorial Computer Secondary School, Ugep

4101421Emmanuel High School, Idomi

4101422Unibright Model School, Idomi Road, Ugep

4101423Community Secondary School Inyima Yakurr

4101424Presbeterian Secondary Grammar School, Mkpani

4101425Elder Ofem Memorial Secondary School, Mkpani

4101426Franmis Secondary School, Ketabebe

4101427Bens High School, Idomi

4101428All Saints Presbytarian Academy, Ugep

4101429Holy Standard College, Yakurr

4101430Community Secondary School, Ntinton Ekori

4101431Dr. Okoi Arikpo Memorial Secondary School, Ugep

4101432Ijiman Science Academy, Ugep

4101433Federick Owan Memorial Secondary School, Ugep

4101434The Apostolic Secondary Grammar School, Ugep

4101435Ras Comprehensive Secondary School, Ekpeti, Assiga

4101436Kent Commercial Academy, Ekori Yakurr

4101437Kingsford Vocational College, Ekori

4101438Unity Commercial Secondary School, Agoi-Ibami, Yakurr

4101439Redeemed Model Seminary Ugep

4101440Graceland Comprehensive Secondary School, Ugep

4101443Fredrick Owan Memorial Secondary School, Ugep

4109837Bebuatsuan Community Secondary School, Ipong Obudu

4110101Comprehensive Secondary School, Idumuje-Ugboko

4110102Martin College, Issele-Uku

4110103Okalete Comprehensive Secondary School, Issele-Mkpitime

4110104Onicha-Ugbo Girls’ Grammar School, Onicha-Ugbo

4110105Saint Martin De Porress Girls’ Grammar School, Onicha-Olona

4110106Ezi Secondary Commercial School, Ezi

4110107Pilgrim Baptist Grammar School, Issele-Uku

4110108Saint Pius Xth Grammar School, Onicha-Ugbo

4110109Comprehensive Secondary School, Onicha-Uku

4110110Idumuje Mixed Secondary School, Idumuje-Unor

4110111Azagba Mixed Secondary School, Issele-Azagba

4110112Olona Boys’ Secondary School, Onicha-Olona

4110113Odiani Mixed Secondary School, Ukwu-Nzu

4110114Ezechima Grammar School, Obior

4110115Obomkpa Mixed Secondary School, Obomkpa

4110116Blessed Emmanuel Secondary Commercial College, Onicha/olona

4110117Mother Of Perpetual Help Girls’ Juniorate, Issele-Uku

4110118Eziani Secondary Commercial College, Issele-Uku

4110119Boys’ Model Secondary School, Onicha-Olona

4110120Rev. Martin Memorial Mixed Secondary School, Issele-Uku

4110121St. Stephen’s Mixed Secondary School, Onicha-Ugbo

4110201Ewulu Mixed Grammar School,ewulu

4110202Ifite Secondary School, Isheagu

4110203Saint Roses Girls’ Grammar School, Ogwashi-Uku

4110204Nshiagu College, Ogwashi-Uku

4110205Ezemu Girls’ Grammar School, Ubulu-Uku

4110206Okiti Mixed Secondary School, Ubulu-Okiti

4110207St. Anthony’s College, Ubulu-Uku

4110208Anglican Grammar School, Ubulu-Uku

4110209Ubulu-Unor Mixed Secondary School, Ubulu-Unor

4110210Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogwashi-Uku

4110211Ejeme Secondary School, Ejeme-Aniogor

4110212Egbudu Mixed Secondary School, Egbudu Akah

4110213Adonte Mixed Secondary School, Adonte

4110214Nsukwa Grammar School, Nsukwa

4110215Saint Felix Seminary, Ejeme-Aniogor

4110216Adaigbo Secondary School, Ogwashi-Uku

4110217Abah Unor Comprehensive High School, Abaunor

4110218Delta Preparatory High School, Ogwasi-Uku

4110219John Memorial College, Ogwashi-Uku

4110220Queen’s Comprehensive College, Ubulu-Uku

4110221King Solomon Secondary School, Ubulu-Uku

4110222Kings International Academy, Ogwashi-Uku

4110223Daughters Of Divine Love Secondary School, Ubulu-Uku

4110224Deeper Knowledge Secondary School, Ogwuashi-Uku

4110225Christ Army Salvation High School, Ogwuashi-Uku

4110226Christ The King College, Ubulu-Uku

4110227Brigade Intensive Secondary School, Ogwashi-Uku

4110228New Hope Secondary School, Ogwashi-Uku

4110229Royal Foundation High School, Ogwashi-Uku

4110230Ashama Comprehensive Senior Secondary School, Ashama

4110301Ogo-Eze Secondary Commercial School, Ogo-Eze

4110302Kpakiama Secondary School, Kpakiama

4110303Esanma Grammar School, Syama

4110304Government College, Bomadi

4110305Akugbene Grammar School, Akugbene

4110306Ramos Creek Secondary School, Ogriagbene

4110307Esenaebe Senior College, Bomadi

4110401Tuomo Grammar School, Tuomo

4110402Ayakoromo Grammar School, Ayakoromo

4110403Torugbene Grammar School, Torugbene

4110404Burutu Grammar School, Burutu

4110405Mein Grammar School, Kiagbodo

4110406Gbesa Grammar School, Ojobo

4110407Ogulagha Secondary School, Ogulagha

4110408Egodor Secondary School, Egodor

4110409Okpokunou Secondary School, Okpokunou

4110410Odimodi Secondary School, Odimodi

4110411Tamigbe Grammar School, Toru-Tamigbe

4110412Obotebe Secondary School, Obotebe, Burutu

4110413Sokebolou Secondary School, Sokebolou – Burutu

4110414Daufa Secondary School, Ekogbene

4110415Word Of Faith Group Of Schools, Ogulagha

4110416Gbekebor Secondary School, Gbekebor

4110417Christ The King’s College, Torugbene

4110418Enekorogha Grammar School, Enekorogha

4110501Abraka Grammar School, Abraka

4110502Umiaghwa Secondary School, Oria-Abraka

4110503Egbo Commercial Grammar School, Egbo-Kokori

4110504Orhoakpor Secondary School, Orhoakpor

4110505Owhere Grammar School, Okpara Water Side

4110506Kokori Grammar School, Kokori Inland

4110507Igun Secondary School, Igun

4110508Urhuoka Secondary School, Urhuoka-Abraka

4110509Okpara Girls’ Secondary School, Okpara Waterside

4110510Abraka Secondary Commercial School, Abraka

4110511Ovu College, Urhodo-Ovu

4110512Okpara Boys’ Secondary School, Okpara Inland

4110513Kokori Girls’ Secondary School, Kokori

4110514Baptist High School, Eku

4110515Agbon College, Okpara Inland

4110516Ovu Grammar School, Ovu Inland

4110517Oviorie Secondary School, Oviorie-Ovu

4110518Eku Girls’ Secondary School, Eku

4110519Okurekpo Secondary Schol, Okurekpo

4110520Delta State University Secondary School, Abraka

4110521Antie Rose Secondary School, Abraka

4110522Erhimu Secondary School, Abraka

4110523Erho Secondary School, Erho Abraka

4110524All Saints Model College, Kokori-Inland

4110525Convenant Secondary School, Eku

4110526Our Redeemers College, Abarka

4110527Anibor Standard Secondary School, Isiokolo

4110528Redemption Academy, Eku

4110529Agbon Secondary School, Isiokolo

4110530Ibruvwe Secondary School, Kokori

4110531Starford Academy, Abraka

4110601Idjerhe Grammar School, Jesse

4110602Ogharefe Secondary School, Oghara-Junction

4110603Mosogar Secondary School, Mosogar

4110604Ogini Grammar School, Ogharefe

4110605Oghareki Grammar School, Oghareki

4110606Boboroku Secondary School, Boboroku-Jesse

4110607Jeminaye Comprehensive College, Ogharefe

4110608Pythagoras College, Mosogar

4110609Aghagha Comprehensive College, Oghara

4110610Ighoyota Secondary School, Ugborka-Mosogar

4110611Onyobru Secondary School, Onyobru Jesse

4110612Oreki Secondary School, Oghareki

4110613Gideon International Secondary School, Oghara

4110614Delta State Institute Of Continuing Education, Oghara

4110615Sage Global College, Oghara

4110616Ovade Senior Secondary School, Ovade

4110617Our Lady Of Nigeria Secondary School, Oghareki-Ogbara

4110618Cradle Education Centre, Oghara

4110619Ihwighwu Senior Secondary School, Ijomi, Ogharefe

4110620Shalom Demonstration Secondary School, Oghara

4110701Owa Alero Secondary Commercial School, Owa-Alero

4110702Owerre-Olubor Secondary School, Owerre-Olubor

4110703Owa Secondary School, Owa-Oyibu

4110704Comprehensive High School, Igbodo

4110705Otolokpo Mixed Secondary School, Otolokpo

4110706Erumu Secondary School, Ute-Erumu

4110707Mary Mount College II, Boji Boji Owa, Agbor

4110708Ika Grammar School II, Boji-Boji Owa

4110709Umunede Mixed Secondary School, Umunede

4110710Idumuesah Secondary School, Idumuesah

4110711Ekwuoma Secondary School, Ekwuoma

4110712Ute-Ogbeje Secondary School, Ute-Ogbeje

4110713Akumazi Umuocha Mixed Secondary School, Akumazi Umuocha

4110714Owa-Alizomor Secondary School, Owa-Alizomor

4110715Owanta Secondary School, Boji-Boji Owanta

4110716Mbiri Secondary School, Mbiri

4110717Ede Grammar School, Umunede

4110718Ute-Okpu Grammar School, Ute Okpu

4110719Unique Secondary Commercial School, Agbor

4110721Offor Comprehensive Secondary School, Ute Okpu

4110722Happy International Secondary School, Boji-Boji Owa

4110723Central Secondary Commercial School, Boji-Boji Owa

4110724Mary & Martha Juniorate Convent, Igbodo

4110725Blessed Children International Secondary School, Umunede

4110726Divine Academy, Umunede

4110727Calvary Secondary School, Boji-Boji Owa

4110728Hossana Secondary Commercial School, Boji-Boji, Owa

4110729Bethel Comprehensive College, Boji-Boji Owa

4110730Top Grade College, Umunede

4110731Dynamic Secondary Commercial School, Umunede

4110732Word Of Faith Secondary School Ekwuoma

4110733Word Of Faith Secondary School, B. B. Owa

4110734Royal Academy Secondary School, Bojo-Bojo Owa

4110735Command Secondary School, Mbiri

4110736Orient Academy Group Of Schools, Boji- Boji Owa

4110737Concern International Secondary School, Agbor

4110738King Solomon’s College, Owa Ekei

4110739N’owarinma Academy, Boji Boji

4110740Peniel Academy Boji- Boji, Owa, Agbor

4110801Oza-Nogogo Secondary Commercial School, Oza-Nogogo

4110802Ihu-Iyase Secondary School, Agbor-Nta

4110803Abavo Girls’ School, Abavo

4110804Omumu Mixed Secondary School, Omumu

4110805Baptists Girls’ Model High School, Agbor

4110806Alidinma Secondary School, Agbor-Alidinma

4110807Obi-Anyima Secondary School, Obi-Anyima, Abavo

4110808Mixed Secondary School, Abavo

4110809Agwa-Ewuru Secondary School, Ewuru, Agbor

4110810Saint Charles College, Abavo, Agbor

4110811Ogbemudein Mixed Secondary School, Agbor

4110812Emuhu Secondary School, Emuhu

4110813Ime-Obi Secondary School, Agbor

4110814Gbenoba Grammar School, Agbor

4110815Alisimie Mixed Secondary Commercial School, Alisimie-Agbor

4110816Suna Secondary Commercial College, Agbor Town

4110817Fide Secondary Commercial School, Agbor

4110818Ekuku Agbor Grammar School, Ekuku Agbor

4110819School Of Secondary Education, (i.c.e.) Agbor

4110820School Of Secondary Education, (c.o.e.) Agbor

4110821Good Child Comprehensive College, Agbor

4110822Staff Model Secondary School, College Of Education, Agbor

4110823Christ The King Secondary School, Agbor

4110824Saint John’s College, Alihagu, Agbor

4110825Hotline Academy, Agbor

4110826Holy Infant International School, Agbor-Obi

4110827Brain Trust Secondary School, Agbor

4110828Dominican Secondary/vocational School, Agbor

4110829Ideal Secondary School, Agbor

4110830God’s Will Academy Abavo

4110831Daughters Of Mary, Mother Of Mercy Girls Secondary School, Aliokpu-Agbor.

4110832Annoited Group Of Schools, Agbor

4110901Iyede Secondary Commercial School, Otor-Iyede

4110902Emo-Eni Grammar School, Ellu

4110903Ovrode Grammar School, Ovrode

4110904Oyede Comprehensive High School, Oyede

4110905James Welch Grammar School, Emevor

4110906Notre Dame College, Ozoro

4110907Owhe Grammar School, Otor-Owhe

4110908Atebo Comprehensive High School, Ekiugbo-Iyede

4110909Okpe-Isoko Grammar School, Okpe-Isoko

4110910Emevor Mixed Secondary School, Emevor

4110911Oketa Mixed Grammar School, Ofagbe

4110912Anglican Girls’ Grammar School, Ozoro

4110913Iluelogbo Grammar School, Iluelogbo

4110914Saint Joseph’s College, Ozoro

4110915Otibio Grammar School, Otibio

4110916Africa United Grammar School, Owhelogbo

4110917Opute Memorial Grammar School, Ozoro

4110918Emman Burie Secondary School, Ozoro

4110919Good Shepherd Catholic Boys Secondary School, Oyede

4110920Final Touch Secondary School, Ozoro

4110921Institute Of Continuing Education, Ozoro

4110922Aradhe Senior Grammar School, Aradhe

4110923Hope Foundation Secondary School, Ozoro

4110924Victory Academy Secondary School, Emevor

4110925Concord International Secondary School, Iyede

4110926Ofejiro Achievers International School, Ozoro

4111001Saint Michael’s College, Oleh

4111002Uro Grammar School, Uro

4111003Emore Grammar School Ii, Oleh

4111004Emede Grammar School, Emede

4111005Uzere Grammar School, Uzere

4111006Igbide Grammar School, Igbide

4111007Aviara Secondary Commercial School, Aviara

4111008Olomoro Comprehensive High School, Olomoro

4111009Idheze Grammar School, Idheze

4111010Irri Grammar School, Irri

4111011Enhwe Comprehensive High School, Enhwe

4111012Ivrogbo Grammar School, Ivrogbo Irri

4111013Emiye Girls’ Grammar School, Oleh

4111014Owodokpokpo Grammar School, Owodokpokpo

4111015Ikpide Grammar School, Ikpide

4111016Bethesda Secondary School, Irri

4111017Adam Memorial Secondary School, Araya

4111018School Of Secondary Education, (i.c.e.) Oleh

4111019New Era International College, Emede

4111020Abiogu Grammar School, Ewhokpaka

4111021Future Light Secondary School, Oleh

4111022Ufuoma Royal Secondary School, Oleh

4111023Christ The King College, Irri, Oleh

4111024Idodo Umeh Academy, Olomoro

4111025Golden Crest Academy, Emede

4111026Winners Secondary School, Oyede

4111027Umeh Senior Grammar School, Umueh-Isoko

4111028Elite Academy Uzere

4111101Ibrede Grammar School, Ibrede

4111102Ase Grammar School, Ase

4111103Afor Secondary School, Afor

4111104Ossissa Secondary School, Ossissa

4111105Saint Mary Magdalene Grammar School, Ashaka

4111106Mater Dei (model) Grammar School, Ashaka

4111107Obetim-Uno Secondary Commercial School, Obetim-Uno

4111108Mixed Secondary School, Okpai-Oluchi

4111109Aboh Grammar School, Aboh

4111110Iyede-Ame Grammar School, Iyede-Ame

4111111Onuaboh Secondary School, Onuaboh

4111112Umuolu Secondary School, Umuolu

4111113Onyah Secondary School, Onyah

4111114Ibedeni Secondary School, Ibedeni

4111115Utchi Secondary School, Utchi

4111116Ossisa Secondary Commercial School, Ossisa

4111117Saint Paul’s Technical Commercial College, Ashaka

4111118Fundamental Secondary School, Utagba-Ogbe

4111119Stella Maris Secondary School, Ashaka

4111120Igbuku Senior Secondary School, Igbuku

4111201Emu Secondary School, Emu-Uno

4111202Mixed Secondary School, Ogbagu-Ogume

4111203Girls’ Secondary School, Utagba-Ogbe

4111204Girls’ Secondary School, Ndemili

4111205Ebendo Secondary School, Emu Ebendo

4111206Estate Secondary School, Utagba-Uno

4111207Ezebaja Secondary School, Etua

4111208Ebologu Grammar School, Utagba-Uno

4111209Abbi Grammar School, Abbi

4111210Utagba-Ogbe Grammar School, Utagba-Ogbe

4111211Ndemili Grammar School, Ndemili

4111212Ogume Grammar School, Ogume

4111213Isumpe Secondary School, Ulogwe Isumpe

4111214Mixed Secondary School, Ugiliamai

4111215Obodeti Secondary Commercial School, Emu-Obodeti

4111216Mixed Secondary School, Onicha-Ukwani

4111217Abbi Girls’ Comprehensive Secondary School, Abbi

4111218Daniel’s College, Kwale

4111219Mayflower Internatioal School, Kwale

4111220Community Quality Grammar School, Ogbole-Ogume

4111221Universal Secondary School, Utagba-Ogbe, Kwale

4111222Novena University Staff Secondary School Kwale

4111223Oliogo Senior Secondary School, Oliogo, Umuseti

4111224Community Secondary School, Ogbole-Ogume

4111225Graceville Academy, Kwale

4111301Ugbolu Mixed Secondary School, Ugbolu

4111302Ibusa Girls’ Secondary School, Ibusa

4111303Okpalani Secondary Commercial School, Okpanam

4111304Saint Paul’s Grammar School, Ebu

4111305Saint Augustine’s College II, Ibusa

4111306Akwukwu Igbo Grammar School, Akwukwu Igbo

4111307Illah Grammar School, Illah

4111308Saint Thomas College, Ibusa

4111309Onward Secondary Commercial College, Illah

4111310Santa Maria College, Ibusa

4111311Federal Government Girls’ College, Ibusa

4111312Ese Aguani College, Ibusa

4111313Jordan Nationale College, Ibusa

4111314Mixed Secondary School, Ukala-Okpunor

4111315Madonna Comp. College, Akwukwu-Igbo

4111316Corda Jesu Private School, Ibusa

4111317Mic-Ilech College, Ibusa

4111318Trinity College, Ibusa

4111319Marble Hill High School, Okpanam

4111320Chosen Stars Secondary School, Ibusa

4111401Saint Patrick’s College, Asaba

4111402Niger Mixed Secondary School, Asaba

4111403Oko Secondary Mixed School, Oko

4111404Asaba Girls’ Grammar School, Asaba

4111405St. Brigids Girls’ Grammar School II, Asaba

4111406Osadenis High School II, Asaba

4111407School Of Secondary Education, Asaba


4111409Standard Life College, Asaba

4111410Goshen College, Asaba

4111411Wisdom Group Of Schools, Asaba

4111412Federal College Of Education (Techical) Staff Demostration Secondary School, Asaba

4111413Holy Wood Billingnal International School, Asaba

4111414Word Of Faith Secondary School, Asaba

4111415Asagba Mixed Secondary School, Asaba

4111416Infant Jesus Academy, Asaba

4111417Cornerstone International Secondary School, Asaba

4111418Graceville College, Asaba

4111419New Era College, Asaba

4111420West End Mixed Secondary School, Asaba

4111421Lumen Christi Private School, Asaba

4111422Madonna International College, Asaba

4111501Saint Peter’s Claver’s College, Aghalokpe

4111502Oha Secondary School, Oha

4111503Baptist High School, Orerokpe

4111504Eradaejaye Secondary School, Adegbarassa-Ugolo

4111505Ugbokodo Secondary School, Ugbokodo

4111506Adeje Secondary School, Adeje

4111507Esezi Secondary School, Ughoton

4111508Arhagba Secondary Commercial School, Asagba-Okpe

4111509Orhue Secondary School, Mereje

4111510Nehemiah International School, Okuokoko Effurun

4111511Our Lady Of Mercy Secondary School, Orerokpe

4111512Holy Trinity Anglican Grammar School, Okwuvo

4111513Arhieru Secondary Commercial School, Asagba-Okpe

4111514Okene Senior Secondary School, Okuokoko

4111515Playpen Secondary School, Okuokoko

4111516Cranefield International School, Jeddo

4111517Scholars International Academy, Okuodiete Orerokpe-Okpe

4111518Supreme Academy Osubi-Okpe

4111519Iv-Brain International School, Okuokoko, Okpe

4111601Uduophori Secondary Commercial School, Uduophori

4111602Agoloma Secondary School, Agoloma

4111603Odurubu College, Odorubu

4111604Oproza Grammar School, Patani

4111605Boys’ Model Secondary School, Patani

4111606Abari Secondary School, Abari

4111607Toru Angiama Secondary School, Patani

4111701Elume Grammar School, Elume

4111702Saint Ita’s Girls’ Grammar School, Sapele

4111703Zik Grammar School, Sapele

4111704Okotie Eboh Grammar School, Sapele

4111705Okpe Grammar School, Sapele

4111706Saint Malachy’s Grammar School, Sapele

4111707Chude Girls’ Grammar School II, Sapele

4111708Ufuoma Mixed Secondary School II, Sapele

4111709Ogiedi Mixed Secondary School, Ogiedi-Elume

4111710Orodje Grammar School, Sapele

4111711Urhiapele Mixed Secondary School, Sapele

4111712Eziafa Grammar School, Amukpe, Sapele

4111713Ethiope Mixed Secondary School, Sapele

4111714Pat. Secondary Commercial School, Sapele

4111715Intelligience Secondary Commercial School, Sapele

4111716Sacred Heart Mixed Secondary School, Sapele

4111717Excellence International Secondary School, Sapele

4111718Merit Mixed Secondary School, Sapele

4111719Pisgah Christian Secondary School, Amukpe, Sapele

4111720Davogha Model College, Sapele

4111721Pathfinder International Secondary School, Sapele

4111722School Of Secondary Education, (ice) Sapele

4111723International High School, Sapele

4111724Shalom College, Ogorode

4111725Saint Michael Hall Secondary School, Sapele

4111726Saint Dorothy Memorial College, Sapele

4111727Total Child Secondary School, C.e.m., Sapele

4111728Holy Child Secondary School, Sapele

4111729Our Saviour Secondary School, Sapele

4111730Gana Mixed Secondary School, Gana, Sapele

4111731Nepa Staff Secondary School, Sapele

4111732Christ The King College, Sapele

4111733Andoma International High School, Sapele

4111734Victory School of Science & Creativity, Sapele

4111735Springfield International High School, Sapele

4111736Hossana Secondary School, Sapele

4111737His Majesty International Secondary School, Sapele

4111738St. Louis College, Sapele

4111739Gloryland International Secondary School, Sapele

4111740Great Mark International Secondary School, Sapele

4111741Good Tidings Secondary School, Sapele

4111742Temple Mission School, Sapele

4111743Auntie Azuks Schools Urhuakpa, Sapele

4111744Treasureland Christian Academy, Sapele

4111745Bethel Baptist High School, Sapele

4111801Ovwian Secondary School 2, Ovwian

4111802Egini Grammar School, Egini

4111803Owhrode Mixed Secondary School, Owhrode

4111804Aladja Grammar School, Aladja

4111805Delta Steel Company Technical High School, Ovwian-Aladja

4111806Fieldcrest International High School, Ekete

4111807Onos Secondary Commercial College, Ovwian

4111808Foundation Secondary School, Ovwian

4111809Bright Success College, Ovwian

4111810Challenge Academy Secondary School, Orhuwhorun

4111811Christ The King College, Orhuwhorun Warri

4111812Renaissance High School International, Ovwian

4111813Saint Vincents College, Ovwian

4111814Guardian Secondary School, Orhmwhorun

4111815Royal College, Ovwian

4111816Saint Benedict Model College, Orhuwhorun

4111817Victory Continental Secondary School, Ovwian

4111818Orhuwhorun High School, Orhuwhorun

4111819Jenny Secondary School, Ekete

4111820Oxford International School Ovwian Warri

4111821Majesty Secondary School, Ovwian

4111822St. Theresa Secondary School, Orhuwhorun

4111823De Bride Model Secondary School, Orhuwhorun

4111824Harvard Supreme College, Aladja

4111825Adadja Secondary School, Emadadja

4111826Grace Group Of School, Aladja

4111827Hosanna Comprehensive High School, Aladja

4111828Holyland International School, Ovwian

4111829Otor- Udu Senior Secondary School, Otor-Udu

4111830Holy Ghost International Secondary School, Ovwian

4111831Ekete Senior Secondary School, Ekete

4111832Kris Neighbourhood Secondary School, Orhuwhorun

4111833Glorious Secondary School, Otikpata

4111834All Saints Anglican Secondary School, Aladja, Udu

4111835Excellent Pillars International School Orhuwhorun, Udu

4111836Owhe/Emevor (Mpcs) School, Aladja, Udu

4111837De Light Academy, Orhuwhorun

4111838Dayspring Christian College, Opete

4111839Triumph Secondary School, Ovwian

4111901Otokutu Grammar School, Otokutu

4111902Olomu Secondary School, Otorere-Olomu

4111903Ogbavweni Grammar School, Usiefrun

4111904Ekakpamre Grammar School, Ekakpamre

4111905Ovwor Mixed Secondary School, Ovwor-Olomu

4111906Oginibo Secondary School, Oginibo

4111907Arhavwarien Grammar School, Arhavwarien

4111908Otu-Jeremi Secondary School, Otu-Jeremi

4111909Saint Vincent’s College, Okwagbe

4111910Ewu Grammar School, Ewu-Urhobo

4111911Okpare Grammar School, Okpare-Olomu

4111912Egbo Grammar School, Egbo-Uhurie

4111913Owahwa Secondary School, Otor-Owahwa

4111914Oviri-Olomu Secondary School, Oviri-Olomu

4111915Gbaregolor Grammar School, Gbaregolor

4111916Ophorigbala Mixed Secondary School, Ophorigbala

4111917Orere Secondary School, Orere

4111918Effurun-Otor Secondary School, Effurun Otor

4111919Phcn Secondary School, Ekakpamre

4111920Okparabe Secondary School, Okparabe – Ughelli

4111921Ughevwughe Secondary School, Ughevwughe

4112001Government College, Ughelli

4112002Otovwodo Grammar School, Ughelli

4112003Orogun Grammar School, Orogun

4112004Agbarho Grammar School, Agbarho-Ughelli

4112005Aragba Secondary School, Aragha-Orogun

4112006Ebor Secondary School, Ebor-Orogun

4112007Adagwe Grammar School, Eruemukohwarien

4112008Anglican Girls’ Grammar School II, Ughelli

4112009Oghara Secondary School, Oghara-Agbarha

4112010Ehwerhe Grammar School, Ehwerhe-Agbarho

4112011Afiesere Secondary School, Afiesere, Ughelli

4112012Ofuoma Secondary School, Ofuoma-Ughelli

4112013Eni Grammar School, Evwreni

4112014Agadama Secondary School, Agadama

4112015Saint Theresa’s Grammar School, Ughelli

4112016Ibru College, Agbarha-Otor

4112017Uwheru Grammar School, Uwheru

4112018Unity School, Agbarho

4112019Ekiugbo Grammar School, Ekiugbo-Ughelli

4112020Orhoerha Secondary School, Ugono-orogun

4112021Ikweghwu Grammar School, Agbarho

4112022Ekropia Secondary Commercial School, Obodeti-Orogun

4112023Edjeba Secondary School, Edjeba-Agbarha

4112024Omo Secondary School, Ovara Orogun

4112025Girls’ Model Secondary School, Evwerni

4112026Ogaga Oghene Secondary School, Agbarha-Otor

4112027Owevwe Secondary School, Owevwe Agbarha-Otor

4112028Noble Crest Secondary School, Ughelli

4112029Edjekota Secondary School, Edjekota-Ogor

4112030Emonu Comprehensive High School, Emonu

4112031National Foundation Academy, Ughelli

4112032Kogbodi Secondary School, Ughelli

4112033Awirhe Grammar School, Awirhe

4112034Success International Academy Secondary School, Ughelli

4112035Imodje Grammar School, Imodje-Orogun

4112036Kes College, Ughelli

4112037Anointing International High School, Ughelli

4112038Institute Of Continuing Education, Ughelli

4112039Jevwe Secondary School, Orogun

4112040Agbarha Technical High School, Agbarha-Otor

4112041Cem Total Child Secondary School, Ughelli

4112042Zenith International College, Ughelli

4112043High Standard Comprehensive Secondary School, Ughelli

4112044Fountain Of Hope Secondary School, Ughelli

4112045Victory Secondary School, Ughelli

4112046Lulu Secondary School, Ughelli

4112047Obukohwo Demonstration Secondary School, Ughelli

4112048Faith Secondary School, Ughelli

4112049Sonnicity Universal Secondary School, Ughelli

4112050Madegbe International Secondary School, Agbarho

4112051Peacechild Secondary School, Agbarho

4112052Rim Mission Seminary Secondary School, Agharho

4112053Unique Secondary School, Ughelli

4112054Omavovwe Secondary School, Omavovwe, Agbara-Otor

4112055Marvel International School, Ughelli

4112056Oguname Secondary School, Agbarho

4112057Deluxe Modern Secondary School, Ughelli

4112058Ohoror Secondary School, Ohoror-Uwheru

4112059Onoriede International School, Ughelli

4112060Heroes Of Faith College, Ughelli

4112061Bavoke International School, Orho- Agharho

4112062Efe Model Secondary School, Orogun

4112063Winners College, Agharha-Otor

4112064Brightland Secondary School, Amekpa, Ughelli

4112065Oteri Secondary School, Oteri-Ugehelli

4112066Erhavwen Secondary School, Ekrerhavwen

4112067Oharisi Secondary School, Ughelli

4112101Amai Secondary Commercial School, Amai Ukwuani

4112102Umutu Mixed Secondary School, Umutu

4112103Umuaja Mixed Secondary School, Umuaja

4112104Saint Georges Grammar School, Obinomba

4112105Mixed Secondary School, Akoku-Ebedei

4112106Boy’s Secondary School, Obiaruku

4112107Umukwata Secondary School, Umukwata

4112108Ebedei Secondary School, Ebedei

4112109Obiaruku Grammar School, Obiaruku

4112110Akashiede Girls’ College, Obiaruku

4112111St. Gokate High School, Obiaruku

4112112Ndokwa Secondary Commercial School, Obiaruku

4112113Ezionum Secondary School, Ezionum

4112114Success Secondary School, Ebedei

4112115Precious Academy, Umutu

4112116Aunty Lyn Secondary School, Umutu

4112117Ekaba Luminary Secondary School, Umuaja

4112118Perpetual Secondary School, Obiaruku

4112119Hossana Christian Academy, Obiaruku

4112120Great Beginning Academy Obiauku

4112121Quality Foundation School, Obiaruku

4112122Umuebu Senior Secondary School, Umuebu

4112201Urhobo College, Effurun

4112202Our Lady’s High School, Effurun

4112203Ugborikoko Secondary School, Ugborikoko, Effurun

4112204Ekpan Secondary School, Ekpan

4112205Ogbe Secondary School, Effurun

4112206Alegbo Secondary School II, Effurun

4112207Mousco Secondary Commercial School, Enerhen

4112208Odin College, Effurun

4112209Peace Secondary School, Enerhen

4112210Holy Martyrs’ Of Uganda Seminary, Effurun

4112211Army Day Secondary School Ii, Effurun

4112212Auntie Rose Secondary School, Ugboroke, Effurun

4112213John F. Kennedy International School, Effurun

4112214Word Of Faith Secondary School, Effurun

4112215Ejiro Secondary School, Ugborikoko, Effurun

4112216Unique Girls Secondary School, Effurun

4112217Unique Boys’ Secondary School, Effurun

4112218Prime International School, Effurun

4112219Winis Standard Secondary School, Effurun

4112220Picfleur High School, Effurun

4112221Saint Anastasia Heights Secondary School, Effurun

4112222Ochuks Academy Secondary School, Ugborikoko

4112223Mother Of The Redeemer Catholic Secondary School, Effurun

4112224Challenge International School, Effurun

4112225Ufuoma Royal Secondary School, Effurun

4112226Seat Of Wisdom Model Schools, Ekpan Warri

4112227Christ The King Secondary School, Effurun

4112228Damasia College, Enerhen

4112229Continental College, Effurun

4112230Classique Academy, Effurun

4112231Mayland International College, Effurun

4112232Silver Spring Secondary School, Effurun

4112233Keystone Secondary School, Effurun

4112234Twinkle Star College, Ugborukoko Effurun

4112235Pinnacles High School, Effurun

4112236Jomaro International School, Ekpan

4112237Victory Secondary School, Effurun

4112238Stafford House International College, Effurun

4112239Careers Secondary School, Effurun

4112240Sunset Secondary School, Effurun

4112241Famous Secondary School, Effurun

4112242Atu-Best Academy, Ekpan

4112243Heroes Academy, Effurun

4112244St. Andy’s Model Secondary School, Ekpan

4112245Itu Royal College Enerhen. Uvwie

4112246St. Charles Secondary School, Okoribi, Effurun

4112247Divine Grace Secondary School, Effurun

4112248Royal Heritage Secondary School, Effurun

4112249Holy Family Secondary School, Effurun

4112250Bright Field International Secondary School, Ekpan

4112251Classical International College, Effurun

4112252Redeemed Secondary School, Effurun

4112253Assurance High School, Effurun

4112254Blessed International Secondary School, Enerhen

4112255Ugbomro Secondary School, Effurun

4112256New Era Model School, Ekpan

4112257Divine Success Secondary School, Effurun

4112258Opete Secondary School, Enerhen

4112259Regent International College, Ekpan

4112260Kamit Secondary School, Effurun

4112261Flocks Of Christ School, Effurun

4112262Edulyn College, Ekpan

4112263St. Anthony’s Secondary School, Ugborikoko

4112264Pacia International School, Ekpan

4112265Bethel Demonstration Secondary School, Effurun

4112266Emmakes Secondary School, Effurun

4112267Star Secondary School, Effurun

4112268Kezina International Academy, Ekpan

4112269Ebrumede Secondary School, Ebrumede

4112270St. Bridgit Academy, Ekpan.

4112271Macqueen’s High School, Effurun

4112301Hussey College II, Warri

4112302Erejuwa II Grammar School, Ode-Itsekiri

4112303Essi College 2, Warri

4112304College Of Commerce II, Warri

4112305Dom Domingos College II, Warri

4112306Nana College, Warri

4112307Yonwuren College, Ugbuwangue Warri

4112308Dore Numa College, Warri

4112309Uwangue College, Warri

4112310Federal Government College, Warri

4112311Step Forward Secondary Commercial School, Warri

4112312Delta Careers College, Warri

4112313National Comprehensive College, Warri

4112314Damak Secondary Commercial School, Warri

4112315Warri City College, Warri

4112316College Of Education Demonstration Secondary School, Warri

4112317School Of Secondary Education, (i.c.e.) Warri

4112318Brisco Secondary Commercial College, Warri

4112319Chambers College, Warri

4112320Christ International Secondary School, Warri

4112321Twin Fountain College, Warri

4112322Standard International College, Warri

4112323Ford Secondary School, Warri

4112324Classical International Secondary School, Warri

4112325Twinkle Star College, Warri

4112326Luminary Secondary School, Warri

4112327Maryland Secondary School, Warri

4112328Arolly Secondary Commercial College, Warri

4112329Cambridge International School, Warri

4112330Progress College, Warri

4112331Charity Secondary School, Salem City, Warri

4112332Creative Demonstration College, Warri

4112333Science Preparatory Centre, Warri

4112334Sure Success College, Warri

4112335Immaculate Secondary School, Warri

4112336Good Citizens College, Warri

4112337Guardian Secondary School, Warri

4112338Solid Rock Secondary Commercial College, Warri

4112339Wisdom Secondary Commercial Academy, Warri

4112340Kefe Academy, Warri

4112341Winners Academy International High School, Warri

4112342Fans College, Warri

4112343United College, Warri

4112344Bunmi Secondary School, Warri

4112345Fins Academy Secondary School, Warri

4112346Magic Touch Secondary School, Warri

4112347Supreme College, Warri

4112348Bright Hope Secondary School, Warri

4112349Tedok Comprehensive College, Warri

4112350Essi College III, Warri

4112351Ubeji Grammar School, Ubeji

4112352Royal College, Warri

4112353Victory Academy International School, Warri

4112354Overseas High School, Warri

4112355Success Patriotic College, Warri

4112356Holy Crest Secondary School Warri, Warri South Lga

4112357Delta Secondary School, Warri, Warri South. Lga

4112358Lord Ogmor International School, Warri

4112359Basic Secondary Comm. College, Warri

4112360Standard Model Secondary School, Warri

4112361Montessori International College, Warri

4112362Shekof Excellence Academy, Warri

4112363Benchill College, Warri

4112364Auntie Mercy Blessed Secondary School, Warri

4112365First Baptist Secondary School, Warri

4112366Trust International Secondary School, Warri

4112367Holy Cross Secondary School, Warri

4112368Mount Olives College, Warri

4112369Best Group Of Schools, Ubeji-Warri

4112370Kingsway International School, Warri

4112371Galaxy International School, Warri

4112372Best Model International School, Warri

4112373Genesis International School, Warri

4112374Merit Secondary School, Warri

4112375Willen Secondary School, Warri

4112376Great Grace Montessori School, Warri

4112401Isaba Grammar School, Isaba Warri

4112402Ogidigben Grammar School, Ogidigben-Escravos, Warri

4112403Ogbe-Ijoh Grammar School, Ogbe-Ijoh

4112404Gbaraun Grammar School, Oporoza, Warri

4112501Omateye College, Ajagbodudu

4112502Iwere College, Koko

4112503Ginuwa Grammar School, Gbokoda

4112504Tsekelewu Secondary School, Tsekelewu

4112505Alema College Abe-Ugborodo

4112506Oloduwa Secondary School, Opuama

4112507Ogbudu Gbudu Secondary School, Ogbudu- Gbudu

4112508Ogbinbiri Secondary School, Ogbinibiri

4112832Anointed Group Of Schools, Agbor

4120101Girls’ High School, Azuiyiokwu, Abakaliki

4120102Command Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120103Holy Ghost Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120104Army Day Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120105Ebonyi State Staff University Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120106Trinity Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120107Ekumenyi Secondary School, Okpuitumo

4120108Bishop Otubelu College, Abakaliki

4120109Bethel Comprehensive Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120110Abakaliki Evening Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120111St. Theresa’s Secondary School, Okpaugwu, Abakaliki

4120112Community Secondary School, Nduruku Abakaliki

4120113Akanu Ibiam Memorial Seminary, Kpirikpiri, Abakaliki

4120114Comprehensive Secondary School, Akpe Amachi, Abakaliki

4120115Comprehensive Secondary School, Ndiebor Amachi

4120116Ginger International Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120117Community Secondary School, Azuoffia Edda, Nduofutu

4120118Evangel Comprehensive Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120119Hope High International Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120120Jesus Is Lord International Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120121Compr. School Of Management Tech. Staff Sec. School, Abakaliki

4120122Rightstep International Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120123Enyigba Comprehensive Secondary School, Eketube, Abakiliki

4120124Saint High School, Abakaliki

4120125Christ The King Girl’s College, Ndiechi Amachi, Abakaliki

4120126Modern Girls’ Secondary School, Ndiebor Amachi, Abakaliki

4120201Secondary/technical School, Ekoli/nguzu, Edda

4120202Ebunwana Secondary School, Edda

4120203Government Secondary School, Owutu, Edda

4120204Itim Secondary School, Itim Edda

4120205Technical Secondary School, Oso Edda

4120206Community Secondary School, Nguzu, Edda

4120207Etiti Edda Secondary Technical School, Edda

4120208Ozem Comprehensive Secondary School, Edda Afikpo South

4120209Umunna Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogwuma Edada

4120210Girls’ High School, Ekoli-Edda

4120211Idima Secondary School, Okporojo-Idima

4120212Comprehensive Secondary School, Libolo-Edda

4120213Amaiyi Comprehensive College, Amaiyi Edda

4120214Community Secondary School, Ekeje Edda

4120301Government Secondary School, Afikpo

4120302Akpoha Technical Secondary School, Akpoha Afikpo

4120303Unwana Comprehensive Secondary School, Afikpo

4120304Amasiri Secondary School, Amasiri Afikpo

4120305Sir Francis Ibiam Grammar School, Afikpo

4120306Holy Child Secondary School, Afikpo

4120307Ozizza Comprehensive Secondary School, Afikpo

4120308Macgregor Secondary School, Afikpo

4120309School Of Arabic And Islamic Studies, Anofia, Afikpo

4120310Ugwueghu Community Secondary School, Afikpo

4120311Nkpoguoro Community Secondary School, Afikpo

4120312Amuro/mgbom Community Secondary School, Afikpo

4120313Ohaisu Community Secondary School, Afikpo

4120314Teresa Montessori College, Afikpo

4120315Enohia Itim Secondary School, Afikpo

4120316Community Secondary School, Amasiri

4120317Igbojimba Grammar School, Orra-Ozizza

4120318National Comprehensive Secondary School, Afikpo

4120319Bishop Thomas Mcgettricks Memorial Girls School Afikpo

4120320Ohabuike Secondary School, Ndibe, Afikpo

4120321Optimistic International Secondary School, Afikpo

4120322Comprehensive Secondary School, Amasiri

4120323Reach Continental School, Afikpo

4120324Akpoha Comprehensive. Secondary. School, Amata-Akpoha

4120325Ibii Community Secondary School, Ibii Afikpo

4120326Precious Foundation Secondary School, Amasiri

4120327Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Staff Secondary School, Uwana-Afikpo

4120328Unity Secondary School, Aimikpo Ozziza, Afikpo

4120329Onomike Secondary Grammar School, Ozizza , Afikpo

4120330Ekuma Ubagbala Memorial Secondry School, Amasiri

4120401Urban Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120402Abakaliki High School, (presco) Abakaliki

4120403Model Comprehensive Girls’ Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120404Izzi High School, Abakaliki

4120405Nnodo Secondary School, Abakalikii

4120406Community Secondary School, Mbeke Ishieke

4120407Government Technical College, Abakaliki

4120408Nkaleke Achara Community Secondary School, Ojiegbe

4120409Ndioke Grammar School, Ishieke

4120410Great Emmanuel Secondary School, Enyadilogu, Agalegu

4120411Mgbomeze Comprehensive Secondary School.Odomoke

4120412Comm. High School, Onuenyim

4120413Overcomers’ Comprehensive College, Ozibo

4120414Statesman College, Abakaliki

4120415Christ The King College, Onueke

4120416Ndiagu Ishieke Community Secondary School, Ndiugo

4120417Annunciation Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120418Prison Special Secondary School, Abakaliki

4120419Abarigwe Technical College, Ishieke

4120501Ezza Girls’ Secondary School, Izzikworo

4120502Ezza High School, Amuzu

4120503Community Secondary School, Izzikworo

4120504Community Secondary School, Ameka, Ezza

4120505Saint Peter’s Community Secondary School, Amana-Onueke

4120506Izzikworo High School, Ukometa

4120507Our Lady Of Lourdes Secondary School, Azuebonyi Idembia

4120508Soiro International Secondary School, Emeke

4120509Triumphant Secondary School, Onueke

4120510Community Secondary School, Ekka Ezza South

4120511Terry Comprehensive Memorial Secondary School, Ogboji Ezza South L.G.A

4120512St. Paul’s Model College, Amuzu Onueke

4120513Community Secondary School, Amuzu

4120514Eagle Comprehensive Secondary School, Isiugwu Ameka

4120515Kingdom Model Secondary School, Idembia

4120516Kpakpaji High School, Ameta Ezzama

4120517Premier Secondary School, Ikwato Idembia

4120518Omnium Santorium International College, Amudo

4120519Community Secondary School, Acharaukwu, Nsokkara

4120520Ezeta Ugbala Memorial Secondary School, Amudo

4120521Destiny Secondary School, Ameta, Ezzama

4120601Saint Aidan’s Secondary School, Umuezeoka

4120602Community Secondary School, Umuezeokoha

4120603Comprehensive Secondary School, Oriuzor-Ezza

4120604Community Secondary School, Oshiegbe-Umuekekoha

4120605Community Secondary School, Umuoghara, Ezza

4120606Izzo High School, Ndiagu Azu Umuoghara

4120607Community Secondary School, Nkomore Ezza North

4120608Adventure International School, Umuogara

4120609Community Secondary School, Inyere

4120610Premier International Academy, Oshiegbe

4120611Fen- Global Secondary School, Ogboji Imoha

4120612Community Secondary School, Ekweklekwe, Onu- Nworie

4120613Unity Foundation Secondary School, Oshiegbe

4120614St. Kizito’s Secondary School, Udenyi Umuezeoka

4120701Community Secondary School, Ndiagu Echara

4120702Girls’ High School, Agubia, Ikwo

4120703Ikwo High School, Agubia Ikwo

4120704Community Secondary School, Okpuitumo, Ikwo

4120705Folk Technical College, Onunwakpu Ndufu-Alike

4120706Community Secondary School, Ekka Awoke

4120707Community Secondary School, Abina Ikwo

4120708Community Secondary School, Ndufu-Alike

4120709Community Secondary School, Noyo-Alike, Ikwo

4120710Community High School, Ebiem Akpanwu Dele, Ikwo

4120711Unity Secondary School, Itenu Amagu-Ikwo

4120712Premier Secondary School, Ndiagu Amagu-Ikwo

4120713Urban Community Secondary School, Ndufu-Echara

4120714Community Secondary School, Etam Ikwo

4120715Enyi Community Secondary School, Enyichiri Ikwo

4120716Community Secondary School, Ndiaguigbudu

4120717Divine Comprehensive Secondary School, Agubia, Ikwo

4120718Anglican Secondary School, Ameka Ikwo

4120719Seat Of Wisdom Secondary School, Ndiofoke, Amatu

4120720Community Secondary School, Ndiagu Inyimagu

4120721Community Secondary School, Omege Echara

4120722Community High School, Nsuba, Etam-Ikwo

4120723Community Secondary School,Igweledoha Amagu, Ikwo

4120724Community Secondary School, Nzashi Ikwo

4120725Community Secondary School, Echialike Ikwo

4120726Christ The King Modern College, Agalagu-Alike, Ikwo

4120727Community Secondary School, Ndiaguazu Enyibirichi,Alike Ikwo

4120728Galaxy Foundation International College, Ndiofoke Amagu

4120729Idam-Aja Memorial Secondary School, Elugwu Ettam

4120801Girls’ High School, Ezillo

4120802Ntezi Community Secondary School, Ntezi

4120803Girls’ Special Science School, Ezillo

4120804Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuhuali/amazu

4120805Madonna Secondary School, Umuhuali

4120806Community Secondary School, Ezzagu

4120807Marist Comprehensive College, Onunweke-Ezzagu

4120808Community Secondary School, Azuinyaba

4120809Community Secondary School, Okpoto

4120810Community Secondary School, Agba

4120811Community Secondary School, Nkalagu

4120812Community Boys High School, Ezillo

4120813Premier Secondary School, Ogboji Ezzagu

4120814Union Comprehensive Secondary School, Obeagu

4120815Community Secondary School, Nkalaha

4120816Community Secondary School, Ohafia

4120817Comprehensive Secondary School, Ezillo

4120818Community Secondary School, Eguho Inyaba

4120819Comprehensive Secondary School, Iyonu

4120820St Charles Secondary School, Nigercem

4120821Community Secondary School, Umuhuali

4120822Community Secondary School, Onunweke, Inyaba


4120824Christ The King College, Nkalagu

4120826Girls Secondary School, Amanvu Nkalagu

4120827Seat Of Wisdom Secondary School, Ezzaobegu Ezzagu

4120901Akaeze Comprehensive Secondary School, Akaeze

4120902Ishiagu High School, Ishiagu

4120903Girls’ Secondary School, Ishiagu

4120904Unity Secondary School, Ishiagu

4120905Akaeze Community Secondary School, Iyioji Akaeze

4120906Umobor Secondary Technical School, Umuagwu, Akaeze

4120907Urban Secondary School, Ishiagu

4120908Blessed Iwene Tansi Memorial Secondary School, Okue Ishiagu

4120909Comprehensive Secondary School, Amaeze Ishiagu

4121001Holy Child Secondary School, (sharon) Inyimagu Izzi

4121002Boys’ Secondary School, Iboko

4121003Special Science School, Igbeagu

4121004Community Secondary School, Ezzainyimagu

4121005Community Secondary School, Igbeagu-Izzi

4121006Community Secondary School, Nwofe Agbaja

4121007John Calvin Secondary School, Oswanka Ezza-Inyimegu

4121008Saint Thomas Aquinas School, Nwofo

4121009Community Secondary School, Iziogo

4121010Evangel Secondary School, Nwezenyi, Izzi

4121011Ndiagu Agbaja C.S.S., Akparata, Ibina Izzi

4121012Unity Secondary School, Ochafu

4121013Ndieze Community Secondary School,Ohage-Wake

4121014Trinity Secondary School, Iboko

4121015Queens’ College,Ndezoke

4121016Twelve Apostles College, Ndiaboishiagu, Sharon

4121017Mgbalukwu Community Secondary School, Abarigwe

4121018Community Secondary School, Onuenyin, Ishieke

4121019Liberation Secondary School, Onunwakpu, Igbeagu

4121020Station Community Vocational Secondary School, Ndiogu

4121021Comprehensive Secondary School, Ndinwangba Ezza Inyimegu

4121022Sister Mary Aloysius College Of Mercy, Igbeagu

4121023Community Secondary School,Mkpuma Ekwo-Oku, Izzi

4121024Royal Academy Secondary School, Nchoko Igbeagu, Izzi

4121025Golden Gate Secondary School, Ndiakparata Igbeagu, Izzi

4121101Uburu Secondary School, Uburu

4121102Ugwulangwu Secondary School, Ohaozara East

4121103Eziokposi High School, Obioha, Okposi

4121104Government Secondary School, Okposi

4121105Zenith International School, Okposi

4121106Federal Government College, Okposi

4121107Enechi Ekuma High School, Okposi

4121108Isi-Okposi High School, Okposi-Okwu

4121109Uburu Community High School, Uburu

4121110Comprehensive Secondary School, Ugwmaugwu

4121111Holy Rosary College, Okposi

4121112Good Foundation Secondary School, Okposi

4121113International Model Secondary School, Ugwulagwu

4121114Urban Model Secondary School, Okposi

4121115Prime College Of Immaculate, Okposi

4121116Ndiagu Community Secondary School , Ododoma

4121117Adu Comprehensive Secondary School, Uburu Ohaozara

4121201Effium High School, Effium

4121202Community Secondary School, Effium

4121203Community Secondary School, Okposi, Eheku-Ngbo

4121204Saint Augustine Seminary, Ezzamgbo

4121205Boys’ Secondary School, Ezzamgbo

4121206Izhia Girls’ Secondary School, Ezzamgbo

4121207Ecumenical Community Secondary School, Umuohudu-Agbu, Ngbo

4121208Community Secondary School, Amofia Ngbo

4121209Royal Comprehensive College I, Ezzamgbo

4121210Community Secondary School, Ebeta Effium

4121211Girls’ Secondary School, Ndulo Ngbo

4121212Ijinike High School, Umuogudu Akpu Ngbo

4121213Wesley Secondary School, Ezzangbo

4121214Community Secondary School, Ukwagba-Ngbo

4121215Royal Comprehensive College Ii, Ezzamgbo

4121216Ngbo Comprehensive Secondary School, Ngbo

4121217Unuezeaka High School, Ngbo

4121218Community Secondary School, Ekwashi-Ngbo

4121219Victory Comprehensive Secondary School, Ezamgbo

4121220Saint Micheals’ Secondary School, Ezzamgbo

4121221Community Secondary School, Umuogudu Oshia Ngbo

4121222Noble Comprehensive Secondary School, Ngbo

4121223Community Secondary School, Abogodo Ngbo Ohankwu

4121224Plato Government Vocational Secondary School, Umuebe Izhia

4121225Federal Government Girls’ College, Ezzamgbo

4121226Premier International Academy, Effium

4121227Union Secondary School, Ndiagu Igube, Ngbo

4121228All Saints’ Secondary School, Effium

4121229Magistrate Idoko Memorial Modern Secondary School, Ekwashi Ngbo

4121230Comprehensive Secondary School Umusoke Amoffia Ngbo

4121231Cornerstone Academy Ndulo, Amoffia Ngbo

4121232Community Secondary School, Okposhi Eshi Ngbo

4121233Amoffia High School, Abarigwe Ngbo

4121234Community Secondary School, Ndaburu

4121235Umuimama Community Secondary School, Umuogudu, Akpu-Ngbo

4121236Immaculate Comprehensive Secondary School, Effium

4121237Community Secondary School, Unwuakpu Akpaku, Ngbo

4121238Ukwuagba High School, Ngbo

4121239Wesley Secondary School, Uturu Effium

4121240Ezeoka-Ugo Urban Secondary. School, Inikiri- Effium

4121241Ugoeze Comm. Secondary School, Effium

4121242St. Joseph Secondary School, Umuogudu Oshia Ngbo

4121243Frontline Comprehensive Secondary School, Ezzamgbo

4121244Anglican Cathedral International Grammar School, Ezzamgbo

4121245St. James Academy Akpegu Amoffia, Ngbo

4121246Mandate International Secondary School, Izhia

4121247Holy Trinity College, Ugbo

4121248Community Secondary School, Umugadu

4121249Igwebuike Community Secondary School, Effium

4121250Ezeokohu Community Secondary School, Effium

4121251Modern Grammar School, Okeali Ekwashi Ngbo

4121301Isu Secondary School, Isu, Onicha

4121302Onicha Secondary/technical School, Onicha

4121303Oshiri Community Secondary School, Oshiri

4121304Ukawu Secondary School, Onicha

4121305Saint Michael’s College, Oshiri

4121306Community Secondary School, Abaomege

4121307Onicha Community Secondary School, Egunkwo

4121308Union Secondary School, Agueke-Isu

4121309Evangel International Secondary School, Ugwenu

4121310Ezentum Comprehensive Secondary School, Agbabor, Isu

4121311Rubbic International Secondary School, Isu

4121312Mgbaneze Community Secondary School, Isu

4121313Comprehensive Secondary School, Okuzzu-Wkawu

4121314Community Secondary School, Ishinkwo

4121315Amas Secondary School, Igboeze Onicha

4121316Unity High School, Ugwu-Oshiri

4121317Ohoffia Comprehensive Secondary School, Ukawu

4121318Obeagu Community Secondary School, Isu-Onicha

4121319Girls Secondary School, Umuniko Isu

4121320Comprehensive Secondary School, Ebia- Oshiri

4121321Standard International College, Onicha

4121322Eziga Community Secondary School, Eziga

4121323Nwaliobu Alo Memorial Secondary School, Amamkpuma, Ukawu

4121324Newage International Secondary School, Amata, Isu Onicha

4130101Ikpeshi Grammar School, Ikpeshi

4130102Okpe Mixed Grammar School, Okpe-Ijaja

4130103Osu Mixed Secondary Commercial Grammar School, Uneme-Osu

4130104Igarra Girls’ Grammar School, Igarra

4130105Uma Secondary Commercial School, Imoga

4130106Comprehensive High School, Igarra

4130107Ekpe Mixed Grammar School, Ekpe

4130108Igbode Mixed Grammar School, Erhunrun-Uneme

4130109Enwan Mixed Secondary School, Enwan

4130110Okpameri Grammar School, Ibillo

4130111Ojirami Mixed Secondary School, Ojirami

4130112Ososo Comprehensive High School, Ososo

4130113Ugboshi Secondary School, Ugboshi

4130114Ikakumo High School, Ikakumo

4130115Anglican Grammar School, Igarra

4130116Somorika Secondary School, Somorika

4130117Ekugbe Secondary School, Ugboshiele/Aiyegunle

4130118Comprehensive High School, Ekpedo

4130119Atte Secondary School, Atte

4130120Ewure Secondary School, Atte

4130121Oza Comprehensive High School, Ojah

4130122Ososo Grammar School, Ososo

4130123Ekpese College, Lampese

4130124Akoko-Edo Mixed Grammar School, Uneme-Nekhua

4130125Success Secondary School, Igarra

4130126Afeye Secondary School, Ikiran-Ile

4130127Supreme International College, Igarra

4130128Buntina Secondary School, Igarra

4130129Federal Government College, Ibillo, Edo State

4130130Ibilokha Secondary School, Ibillo

4130131Talent Secondary School, Okpe

4130132Unity Comprehensive College, Igarra

4130133God’s Grace College, Igarra

4130134Dagbala Secondary School, Dagbala

4130135Anglican Science College, Igarra

4130136Universal Secondary School, Igarra

4130137Ogugu Secondary School, Ogugu

4130138Solid Rock Secondary School, Igarra

4130139Makeke Secondary School, Makeke, Akoko Edo

4130140Apex College, Ekor

4130141Divine Grace Secondary School, Igarra

4130142Prestige Secondary School, Igarra

4130143God’s Time High School, Igarra

4130144Gloryland Secondary School, Igarra

4130145Cannanland Secondary School, Igarra.

4130146Shepherded Hill Academy Ibillo

4130201Eghosa Grammar School, Benin City

4130202Edo Boys High School, Benin City

4130203Evbuotubu Secondary School, Benin City

4130204Eweka Grammar School, Benin City

4130205Uwelu Secondary School, Benin City

4130206Uselu Secondary School, Benin City

4130207Iyoba Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Benin City

4130208Use Secondary School, Benin-City

4130209Ohonre Grammar School, Ohonre

4130210Asoro Grammar School, Benin City

4130211Federal Government Girls’ College, Benin City

4130212University Of Benin Demonstration Secondary School, Benin City

4130213Egor Secondary School, Egor, Benin City

4130214Udens Comprehensive Secondary School, Benin City

4130215Evbareke Senior Secondary School, Benin City

4130216Blessed Education Centre, Benin City

4130217Golden Touch High School, Benin City

4130218University Preparatory Secondary School, Benin City

4130219Esangbedo Comprehensive Secondary School, Benin City

4130220Leo National College, Benin City

4130221Unilec International Private School, Benin City

4130222Saint Paul Memorial Secondary School, Benin City

4130223Integrity National High School, Benin City

4130224Uwagboe Demonstration Secondary School, Benin City

4130225Alpha High School, Benin City

4130226Enina Mixed Secondary School, Benin City

4130227Aigbovo Secondary School, Benin City

4130228Merit Secondary School, Benin City

4130229Obaro Secondary School, Benin City

4130230Christian Education Centre, Benin City

4130231Saint Thomas’ Basic Secondary School, Benin City

4130232Aka International College, Benin City

4130233Bright Future Foundation Secondary School, Benin City

4130234Ogbonmwan Secondary School, Benin-City

4130235Jobravo Mixed College, Benin

4130236Ultimate College, Benin

4130237Hopewell Secondary School, Benin

4130238Auntie Maria College, Benin

4130239Gabmay Secondary School, Benin

4130240Federal Staff Secondary School, Benin City

4130241Paramount Christian College, Benin City

4130242Learning Field Royal Academy, Benin City

4130243Okunbor Group Of Schools’, Uwelu Quarters, Benin City

4130244Ayela Uwanguw Academy, Benin City

4130245Amen Regent College, Benin

4130246Springfield High School, Benin City

4130247Continental Comprehensive Secondary School, Benin City

4130248Blessing Foundation College, Benin City

4130249Saint Antty Foundation Secondary School, Benin City

4130250Scholars Imperial High School, Benin City

4130251King’s And Queen’s College, Benin City

4130252Divine Comprehensive College, Benin City

4130253Word Of Faith Secondary School, Evbareke, Benin City

4130254Uyi Secondary School, Benin City

4130255John Kelly Secondary School, Benin City

4130256Paradise College, Benin City

4130257Goberts Secondary School, Benin City

4130258Current Academy Secondary School, Benin City

4130259Hill Top International College, Benin City

4130260Mao Unique High School, Benin City

4130261High Tower Education Centre, Benin City

4130262Royal Academy Secondary School, Benin City

4130263Basco Comprehensive College, Benin City

4130264Passover Secondary School, Benin City

4130265Stemas Foundation College, Benin City

4130266City Demonstration Secondary School, Benin City

4130267Samuel Aimufua Memorial Secondary School, Benin City

4130268Simbridge College, Benin

4130269Norman Edwards College, Benin

4130270Gentry National High School, Benin City

4130271Edo Academy, Benin City

4130272Federal Staff Business College, Benin City

4130273Itose Comprehensive College, Benin City

4130274Westfield Christian College, Benin City

4130275Student Foundation Career College, Benin City

4130276Divine Light Mixed Secondary School, Benin City

4130277Zenith High School, Benin City

4130278Madrid Secondary School, Evbuotubu

4130279Testimony Secondary School, Benin City

4130280Embassy Secondary School, Benin City

4130281Lifeline Educational Centre Secondary School, Benin City

4130282Magdon Comprehensive College, Benin City

4130283Adonai International School, Benin City

4130284Omoroguwo High School, Benin City

4130285Step Forward Secondary School, Benin City

4130286Bravura Secondary School, Egor

4130287Genius Comprehensive Academy, Benin City

4130288Special Touch Academy Secondary School, Benin City

4130289Cogent Academy Secondary School, Benin City

4130290Nosa Eke High School, Ugbowo

4130291Supreme High School, Benin City

4130292Queen’s High School, Evbuotubu, Egor

4130293Eagles College, Benin City

4130294Jaclason Group Of Schools, Egor

4130295Vacglon Academy Secondary School, Benin City

4130296Ambassador College, Benin City

4130297Mattins Secondary School, Benin City

4130298Alpha And Omega Secondary School, Benin City

4130299Winfosa Education Centre, Benin City

4130301Opoji Secondary Commercial School, Okhore-Opoji

4130302Opoji Grammar School, Eguare Opoji

4130303Irrua Girls’ Secondary School, Irrua

4130304Ugbegun Grammar School, Ugbegun

4130305Usugbenu Grammar School, Usugbenu

4130306Ujabhole Grammar School, Irrua

4130307Annunciation Catholic College, Irrua, Esan Central

4130308Idunwele Girls’ Secondary School, Ewu-Ishan

4130309Ebudin Secondary School, Ugbegun

4130310Ikekato Secondary School, Ikekato Irrua

4130311Ewu Grammar School, Ewu

4130312Uneah Secondary School, Ibore-Irrua

4130313Scarlet Secondary School, Ewu-Ishan

4130314Zenith Royal College, Irrua

4130315Future Leaders Academy, Irrua

4130316Unique Secondary School, Eguare, Irrua

4130317Victorious Child Secondary, Eidenu-Irrua

4130318Shaka Momodu Memorial College, Irrua

4130319Standard International College, Eidemi Irrua

4130320Ebenezer Model Education Centre, Eko-Ewa

4130321Usi-Mart Academy, Opoji

4130322Judes’ College, Ugbegun

4130323Ideal Secondary School, Abokhal Quaters Eguavie Irrua

4130324Afuda Secondary School, Afuda-Irrua

4130325Government Science And Technical College, Irrua

4130401Agba Grammar School, Uromi

4130402Obeidu Secondary School, Uromi

4130403Arue Secondary School, Uromi

4130404Ebho-Iyi Secondary School, Uromi

4130405Obiyon Secondary School, Uromi

4130406Efandion Secondary School, Uromi

4130407Amedokhian Secondary School, Uromi

4130408Esan Grammar School, Uromi

4130409Our Lady Of Lurdes Girls’ Grammar School, Uromi

4130410Lumen Christi International High School, Uromi

4130411Uroh Secondary School, Uzea

4130412Uzea Secondary School, Olinlin-Uzea

4130413Idumoza Secondary School, Uromi

4130414Word Of Faith College, Uromi

4130415Christ The King Secondary School, Uromi

4130416Ufua Memorial Secondary School, Uromi

4130417Megrow Secondary School, Uromi

4130418Okpere Memorial Secondary School, Uromi

4130419Baptist Academy, Uromi

4130420Inegbeboh Comprehensive College, Uromi

4130421Buddy Secondary School, Uromi

4130422Unique High School, Uromi

4130423Obhili Memorial Grammar School, Uromi

4130424Universal Secondary School, Uromi

4130425Eigbibhala Oriasotie Memorial Secondary School, Uromi

4130426Okoeguale High School, Uromi

4130427Leaders Academy School, Uromi

4130428Obumen Memorial College, Egbele Uromi

4130429Federal Science And Technical College, Uromi

4130430Oriade High School, Uromi

4130431Divine Culture Secondary School, Benin

4130432Sacred Heart High School, Uromi

4130433Holy Trinity Secondary School, Uromi

4130434Holy Family Academy, Uromi

4130435Center For Child Care And Youth Dev. Sec. School, Uromi

4130436Esan Model (Boys) Grammar School, Uromi, Benin

4130501Ugboha Secondary Commercial School, Ugboha

4130502Ewatto Grammar School, Ewatto

4130503Edeikholor Grammar School, Ubiaja

4130504Ohardua Mixed Secondary School, Ohardua

4130505Obiaza Mixed Secondary School, Ubiaja

4130506Okhuesan Secondary School, Okhuesan

4130507Udakpa Secondary School, Ubiaja

4130508Illushi Secondary School, Illushi

4130509Agadaga Secondary School, Ewohimi

4130510Uhomebho Mixed Secondary School, Ewatto

4130511Okaiaben Secondary School, Ewohimi

4130512Saint John Bosco’s College, Ubiaja

4130513Pilgrim Baptist Grammar School, Ewohimi

4130514Emu Grammar School, Emu

4130515Ewohimi Secondary School, Ewohimi

4130516Sacred Heart Girls’ Model Secondary School, Ubiaja

4130517Unity Secondary School, Ewohimi

4130518Saint Francis College, Ubiaja

4130519Ubiaja Community Secondary School, Ubiaja

4130520Oria Secondary School, Oria

4130521Odua College, Ohordua

4130522Gospel Time Secondary School, Ubiaja

4130523Light House College, Ibhiadam, Ewu

4130524Japajom Secondary School, Ubiaja

4130525King’s & Queen’s College, Ubiaja

4130526Emunekhua Secondary School, Emunekhua

4130527Bright Hope College, Inyenlen

4130528Larmart High School, Ubiaja

4130529Arehoi Memorial College Ohordua

4130530St. Andrew’s College, Emu

4130531Esteem Secondary School, Udakpavia Ubiaja

4130532Ewatto Community Secondary School, Idinwe Ewatto

4130533Adesua College, Idinwe, Ewatto

4130534Larmart Demonstration College, Ibhiedu, Ohordua

4130535Irena Secondary School, Ewatto

4130536St. Mathias Group Of School, Ewohimi

4130537Holy Innecents Secondary School, Ugboha

4130601Ogwa Grammar School, Ogwa

4130602Uhiele Grammar School, Ekpoma

4130603Akugbe Secondary School, Emuhi-Ekpoma

4130604Illeh Secondary School, Ekpoma

4130605Ihumudumu Secondary School, Ekpoma

4130606Ujoelen Grammar School, Ekpoma

4130607Eguare Secondary School, Ekpoma

4130608Ujogba Secondary School, Ujogba

4130609Oka Secondary School, Egoro-Noka, Ekpoma

4130610Iruekpen Girls’ Secondary School, Iruekpen

4130611Urohi Secondary School, Urohi Ekpoma

4130612Ujemen Secondary School, Ekpoma

4130613Emaudo Secondary School, Ekpoma

4130614Iruekpen Grammar School, Iruekpen

4130615Ambrose Ali University Secondary School, Ekpoma

4130616Ukhun Secondary School, Ukhun

4130617Zanna Royal Academy, Ekpoma

4130618Idoa Secondary School, Idoa

4130619Mousco International Comprehensive College, Ekpoma

4130620Palm International College, Iruekpen

4130621Austin Beh Secondary School, Uwam Nifor

4130622Bishop Ajayi Crowther Memorial College, Ekpoma

4130623Blessing Secondary School, Ekpoma

4130624Wisdom Secondary School, Ekpoma

4130625Bonahis Secondary School, Ekpoma

4130626Assurance Secondary School, Ekpoma

4130627New Dimension High School, Benin

4130628Christ Foundation Secondary School, Benin

4130629Amazing Grace Secondary School, Ekpoma

4130630Saint Saviour National Secondary School, Ekpoma

4130631Cosmopolitan Church Secondary School, Ukpenu, Ekpoma

4130632Future Steps Academy, Ekpoma

4130633Ehiemua Memorial College, Ekpoma

4130634Suco International College, Ujemen Ekpoma

4130635Victory Secondary School, Ogwa

4130637Christ Is The Answer Secondary School, Ekpoma

4130638Mount Carmel Secondary School, Ekpoma

4130701Ekperi Grammar School, Ugbekpe-Ekperi

4130702Fugar Mixed Secondary School, Fugar

4130703Ogbona Secondary School, Ogbona

4130704Anegbette Secondary School, Anegbette

4130705Saint John’s Boys’ Model Secondary School, Fugar

4130706Pioneer Comprehensive High School, Fugar

4130707Osagbe College, Udaba Ekperi

4130708Life Line College, Fugar City

4130709Tony-Tom Comprehensive Secondary School, Ugbekpe-Ekperi

4130710Delegiwa Memorial Secondary School, Ugbekpe-Ekperi

4130711Prudence Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogbona

4130712Monica Group Of Schools, Iraokhor-Fugar

4130713Osumhe Secondary School, Osowhegbe-Ekperi

4130714Central College, Ogochi-Ekperi

4130801Okpella Comprehensive High School, Okugbe Okpella

4130802Imiegba Grammar School, Imiegba

4130803Iviukwe Grammar School, Iviukwe

4130804Egori Community Secondary School, Egori, Agenebode

4130805Igiode Secondary School, Igiode Agenebode

4130806Army Day Secondary School, Agenebode

4130807Afokpella Secondary School, Afokpella

4130808Ogute-Oke Secondary School, Okpella

4130809Weppa Secondary School, Weppa-Agenebode

4130810Saint Peter’s Grammar School, Agenebode

4130811Ikpomaza Grammar School, Okpella

4130812Oghe Community Secondary School, Ivioghe

4130813Ekuri Secondary Commercial School, Imiekuri-Okpella

4130814Providence Secondary School, Agenebode

4130815Progress Secondary School, Agenebode

4130816Okpekpe Secondary School, Okpekpe

4130817Elite Secondary School, Okpella

4130818Success Secondary School, Agenebode

4130819Sacred Heart College, Agenebode

4130820Hebrew International Secondary School, Okugbe-Okpella

4130821Iddo Community Grammar School, Iddo-Okpella

4130822Okpella College, Awuyemi Okpella

4130823United Secondary Commercial College, Okpella

4130824St. Margaret Mary’s High School, Iddo-Okpella

4130825Jebamoh Unisecondary School, Itsukwi

4130826Christ The King Secondary School, Agenebode

4130901Uku Secondary Commercial School, Iyuku-Uzairue

4130902South Ibie Secondary School, Iyakpi

4130903Apana Mixed Secondary School, Apana

4130904Jattu Secondary School, Jattu

4130905Our Lady Of Fatima College, Auchi

4130906Momodu College, Agbede

4130907Ikabigbo Grammar School, Ikabigbo

4130908Jagbe Secondary School, Jagbe

4130909Afowa Mixed Secondary School, Afowa-Uzairue

4130910Uluoke Secondary School, Uluoke

4130911Ughiole Secondary School, Aviele

4130912Ayuele Secondary School, Agbede

4130913Iyerekhu Secondary School, Iyerekhu

4130914Iyekhie Girls’ Secondary School, Auchi

4130915Akpekpe Secondary School, Auchi

4130916Auchi Comprehensive High School, Auchi

4130917Afashio Mixed Secondary School, Afashio

4130918Saint Angela Girls’ Grammar School, Uzairiue

4130919Ayogwiri Grammar School, Ayogwiri

4130920Iyamho Community Secondary School, Iyamho-Uzairue

4130921Auchi College, Auchi

4130922Army Day Secondary School, Auchi

4130923Ayua Secondary Commercial School, Ayua

4130924Iyora Secondary School, Iyora-Uzairue

4130925Sa’id Mixed Secondary School, Aviele-Auchi

4130926School Of Secondary Education, Auchi

4130927Muslim Secondary School, Auchi

4130928Evangel International School, Auchi

4130929Brighter Tomorrow Secondary School, Auchi

4130930Bishop Oyebode Memorial College, Auchi

4130931Patman College, Jattu, Uzairue

4130932Amina Foundation College, Agbede

4130933Brightway Secondary School, Jattu-Uzairue

4130934Auchi Polytechnic Secondary School, Auchi

4130935Diligence Secondary School, Jattu-Uzairue

4130936Vicky Secondary School, Jattu-Uzairue

4130937Early Breed Secondary School, Auchi

4130938Sancta Maria Secondary School, Ibienafe

4130939Elite Comprehensive College, Auchi

4130940Maris Blessed Secondary School, Auchi

4130941Trinity Secondary School, Jattu-Uzairue

4130942Izhar-Ud-Deen Muslim Secondary School, Jattu-Uzairue

4130943Al-Mukhtar Secondary School, Auchi

4130944Brainfield International School, Auchi

4130945Scholars Secondary School, Agbede

4130946Akhuetieme Comprehensive Secondary School, Iyakpi

4130947Aibotse Secondary School, Auchi

4130948Rilfad Secondary School, Auchi

4130949Morning Star Secondary School Iyakpi, Auchi

4130950St. Philips Secondary School, Jattu-Uzairue

4130951Success Comprehensive College, Auchi.

4130952Golden Kingdom Academy, Ughok-Ayuele

4130953Grace Divine Secondary School, Sabo South, Ibie

4130954Abiri Secondary School, Auchi

4130955Anwain Senior Secondary School, Idegun

4130956Daystar Secondary School, Ubiane, Aviele

4130957Ikelebe Secondary School, Auchi

4130958Hikmah Secondary School, Auchi

4130959Spring Leaders Secondary School, Edo

4130960Hira Comprehensive College, Iyakpi

4130961Hizbullah Secondary School, Auchi

4131001Ebelle Secondary Commercial School, Ebelle

4131002Igueben Mixed Secondary School, Igueben

4131003Igueben Grammar School, Igueben

4131004Ekpon Grammar School, Ekpon

4131005Ewossa Secondary School, Ewossa

4131006Ugun Secondary School, Ugun

4131007Ekekhen Idumogo Secondary School, Igueben

4131008Okalo Secondary School, Okalo

4131009Igueben College, Igueben

4131010Amahor Secondary School, Amahor

4131011Anglican Grammar School, Ebelle

4131012Brain Trust, Enakoye Secondary School, Ebelle

4131013Success Academy Secondary School, Igueben

4131014Wisdom Group Of School, Igueben, Benin City

4131015Faith College, Igueben

4131016Calvary Secondary School, Ekpon

4131017Ecopas Secondary School, Ekpon

4131018Edede High School, Igueben

4131019Zion Secondary School, Gkpon

4131020Shiloh Hil College, Igueden

4131101Western Boys’ High School, Benin City

4131102Niger College, Benin City

4131103Idogbo Secondary School, Idogbo

4131104Saint Maria Goretti Grammar School, Benin City

4131105Itohan Girls’ Grammar School, Benin City

4131106Aduwawa Secondary School, Benin City

4131107Oguola College, Benin City

4131108Osemwende Secondary School, Ohoghobi

4131109Ugiomo Secondary School, Benin City

4131110Ozolua Grammar School, Ologbo

4131111Queen Ede Secondary School, Benin City

4131112Ogunbor Secondary School, Benin City

4131113Army Day Senior Secondary School, Ikpoba Hill, Benin City

4131114Presentation National High School, Benin City

4131115Igbinedion Secondary School, Benin City

4131116Bishop Ajayi Crowther Memorial College, Benin City

4131117Lina Comprehensive College, Benin City

4131118Umelu Secondary School, Benin City

4131119Russell International College, Ikpoba Hill, Benin City

4131120Henson Demonstration Secondary School, Benin City

4131121Rubber Research Institute Of Nigeria Secondary School, Iyanomo, Benin City

4131122Penach International High School, Benin City

4131123Ute Secondary School, Ute

4131124Excel Secondary School, Benin City

4131125Bowe High School, Benin City

4131126Tempest High School, Benin City

4131127Urora Secondary School, Urora

4131128Saint Magdalene Mixed College, Benin City

4131129Accord Secondary School, Benin City

4131130Universal Comprehensive College, Benin City

4131131Hills International High School, Benin City

4131132Graceland Education Centre, Benin City

4131133Heritage International College, Benin

4131134Peak Comprehensive College, Benin

4131135Courage High School, Benin City

4131136Madonna Modern College, Benin City

4131137Richon High School, Benin City

4131138Gracious Secondary School, Benin City

4131139Holy Rosary Group Of Schools, Benin City

4131140Unicoach High School, Benin City

4131141Unity High School, Benin City

4131142Christ Chosen Secondary School, Benin City

4131143Medna Secondary School, Benin City

4131144Ebe Foundation Secondary School, Benin City

4131145Malpha Education Centre, Benin City

4131146Better Life Secondary School, Benin City

4131147Eden City College, Benin City

4131148Nonpareil Secondary School, Benin City

4131149Crystal College, Benin City

4131150Star International School, Benin City

4131151Auntie Julie Secondary School, Ologbo

4131152Eminent Secondary School, Benin City

4131153Obey-Olise High School, Benin City

4131154Calvary High School, Benin City

4131155Success Secondary School, Aduwawa, Benin City

4131156Good Foundation Secondary School, Benin City

4131157Standard High School, Benin City

4131158Notre Dame Special Secondary School, Benin City

4131159Grace College, Ekae, Benin City

4131160Sacred Wealth High School, Benin City

4131161Legend Secondary School, Benin City

4131162Word Of Faith School, Benin City

4131163Loyola Secondary School, Benin City

4131164Harvard Secondary School, Benin City

4131165Oregbeni Estate Secondary School, Benin

4131166Luigi Tartaghno Catholic Secondary School, Benin

4131167Word Of Success Secondary School, Benin

4131168Basic Foundation Secondary School, Benin

4131169Stars Christian College, Benin

4131170Zion Comprehensive College, Benin

4131171Royal Climax College, Benin

4131172Rezheights High School, Benin

4131173Patricia Group Of Schools, Benin City

4131174Faithful Secondary School, Benin City

4131175Faithline Mixed Secondary School, Benin City

4131176Corporate High School, Benin City

4131177Christo Comprehensive College, Benin City

4131178Christ Mission Group Of Schools, Benin City

4131179Word Of Faith Secondary School, Benin City

4131180Saint Carol’s College, Benin City

4131181Prince Of Peace Academy, Benin City

4131182Peyo Education Centre, Ikpoba, Okha

4131183Igbinovia Secondary School, Benin City

4131184Unity Group Of Schools, Benin City

4131185Upward Christian Secondary School, Benin City

4131186King’s Onward College, Benin City

4131187Justice Secondary School, Benin City

4131188Holy Child Secondary School, Benin City

4131189Bedrock Secondary School, Benin City

4131190Nscia Comprehensive College, Benin City

4131191Christ Mandate Secondary School, Benin City

4131192Winrose Secondary School, Benin City

4131193Oman Christain Academy, Benin City

4131194Igho Secondary School, Benin City

4131195Forward Secondary School, Oka1, Benin City

4131197Denosa Demonstration Secondary School, Benin City

4131198Greatest Secondary School, Benin City

4131199Prime High School, Aduwawa, Benin City

4131201Edo College, Senior Secondary School, Benin City

4131202Immaculate Conception College, Benin City

4131203Anglican Girls’ Grammar School, Benin City

4131204Edokpolo Grammar School, Benin City

4131205Oredo Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Benin City

4131206Ihogbe College, Benin City

4131207Oba-Ewuare Grammar School, Benin City

4131208Emotan College, Benin City

4131209Iyekogba Grammar School, Iyekogba, Benin City

4131210Akenzua 11 Senior School, Benin City

4131211Baptist High School, Benin City

4131212Idia College, Benin City

4131213New Era College, Benin City

4131214Greater Tomorrow Secondary School, Benin City

4131215Holy Mary Comprehensive College, Benin City

4131216School Of Secondary Education, (i.c.e.) Benin City

4131217Saint Paul’s Minor Seminary, Benin City

4131218Midwest Secondary School, Benin City

4131219Word Of Faith College, Benin City

4131220Imaguero College, Benin City

4131221Paragon Comprehensive College, Benin City

4131222Lydia Secondary School, Benin City

4131223Travis Christian College, Benin City

4131224Garrick Memorial Secondary School, Benin City

4131225Coronet Secondary School, Benin City

4131226Agbeyegbe Creative Secondary School, Benin City

4131227Covenant Christian Academy, Benin-City

4131228Edokpolor Secondary School, Benin City

4131229Emmanuel Comprehensive College, Benin City

4131230Dynamic Secondary School, Benin City

4131231Liberation Academy Secondary School, Benin City

4131232Broadway Secondary School, Benin City

4131233Students’ Academy Secondary School, Benin City

4131234First Impression College, Benin City

4131235Rapid Success High School, Benin City

4131236Sunny Comprehensive College, Benin City

4131237High Tower College, Benin City

4131238Franej International High School, Benin City

4131239Newsky International Secondary School, Benin City

4131240Ceta International Secondary School, Benin City

4131241Phencos International Secondary School, Benin City

4131242Nigtingale Secondary School, Benin

4131243New Discovery School, Benin City

4131244Imperial College, Benin

4131245Nosakhare Model Education Centre, Benin City

4131246Merriken College, Benin City

4131247Ohis Secondary School, Benin City

4131248Unibound High School, Benin City

4131249Jatto Memorial Christian College, Benin City

4131250Oghosa Education Centre, Benin City

4131251Gaius Obaseki International High School, Benin City

4131252Tunland College, Benin City

4131253Faithland Secondary School, Benin City

4131254Progressive Secondary School, Benin City

4131255Divine Wisdom Educational Institute, Benin City

4131256Wider World High School, Benin City

4131257Ebenezer Secondary School, Benin City

4131258Negbenebor International School, Benin City

4131259Saint Mary Dedication High School, Benin City

4131260Kezia Secondary School, Benin City

4131261Passmaster Academy, Benin City

4131262Independence Secondary School, Benin City

4131263Favour Secondary School, Benin City

4131264Presely Secondary School, Benin City

4131265Eston College, Benin

4131266Triumph Secondary School, Benin City

4131267Auntie Rose Secondary School, Benin City

4131268Lilmak Secondary School, Benin City

4131269Libra College, Benin City

4131270Man Prof. High School, Benin City

4131271Diamond Scholars Academy, Benin City

4131272Elyon Education Centre, Benin City

4131273Topmost International College, Benin City

4131274Unprep Secondary School, Benin City

4131275Coltech Secondary School, Benin-City

4131276Paragon Demonstration School, Benin City

4131277Pioneer Secondary School, Benin City

4131278Unicent High School, Benin City

4131279Ighile Secondary School, Benin City

4131280Global Secondary School, Benin City

4131281Blue Dove Education Centre, Benin City

4131282Kiddies Kollege, Benin City

4131283Emmanuel Foundation Education Centre, Benin City

4131284Great Oxford International Group of Schools, Benin City

4131285Kids College Benin City

4131286Unifac High School Benin City

4131287Blessed Comprehensive College, Benin City

4131288Ogbe Secondary School, Benin City

4131289Precious Secondary School, Benin City

4131290Ascension Secondary School, New Benin, Benin City

4131291Iyobosa International School, Benin City

4131292Salvation Secondary School, 30 Oko-Ogba Rd., Benin City

4131293Royal City College, Benin

4131294Golan Heights Secondary School, Benin

4131295Praise College, Benin City

4131296Corinthians College, Benin City

4131297First Choice High School, Benin City

4131298Modellink Comprehensive College, Benin City

4131299St. Jude Academy, Benin City

4131301Ugo Grammar School, Ugo-Niyekorhiomwon

4131302Oheze Secondary School, Oloten

4131303Evboesi Mixed Secondary School, Evboesi

4131304Aibiokunla Grammar School, Abudu

4131305Mixed Secondary School, Ugboko Numagbae

4131306Obanosa Secondary School, Evbuobamsa

4131307Igbanke Grammar School, Igbanke

4131308Urhonigbe Grammar School, Urhonigbe

4131309Ugbeka College, Evboehighae

4131310Oza Grammar School, Oza

4131311Ogan Mixed Secondary School, Ogan

4131312Ugu Grammar School, Umoghunmu-Nokhua

4131313Mixed Secondary School, Okogbo

4131314Igbanke Mixed Secondary School, Igbanke

4131315Mixed Secondary School, Obozogbe-Niro

4131316Ugboko-Niro Mixed Secondary School, Ugboko-Niro

4131317Owe Mixed Secondary School, Owe

4131318Urhonigbe Mixed Secondary School, Urhonigbe

4131319Sokponba Mixed Secondary School, Sokpaonba

4131320Evbokabua Mixed Secondary School, Evbokabua

4131321Orogho Secondary School, Orogho

4131322Omolua Secondary School, Igbanke

4131323Iru Grammar School, Iru

4131324Ehengbuda Secondary School, Urhonige

4131325Stepping Stone International Secondary School, Ogan-Abudu

4131326Umoghun-Zuagbor Secondary School, Umoghun

4131327Nancy High School, Ugo, Niyekeorhionuwon

4131328Greater Height Secondary School, Abudu

4131329Wisdom Academy Secondary School, Oza

4131330High Standard Secondary School, Igbanke

4131331Girls’ Model Secondary School, Abudu

4131332Ecomark Comprehensive Secondary School, Abudu

4131333St. Johnbosco College, Ugo Niyekorhiomwon

4131334Pride College, Evbovemwen Via Abudu

4131335Royal Climax College, Obagie-Nozehe

4131336Oben Secondary School, Oben

4131337Supreme Educational Centre Secondary School, Igbanke

4131338Divine Knowledge Academy, Abudu.

4131339Zenith Modern Academy, Otobaye Ii.

4131340Mind Builders College, Abudu.

4131341God’s Favour Secondary School, Abudu.

4131342Ikobi Secondary School, Ikobi

4131343St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, Abudu

4131344Esigie Comprehensive College, Abudu

4131345Fame High School, Evbobanosa

4131401Ihievbe Grammar School, Ihievbe

4131402Ikhin Mixed Secondary School, Ikhin

4131403Edeki Grammar School, Otuo

4131404Arokho Secondary School, Arokho

4131405Mixed Secondary School, Warrake

4131406Uokha Grammar School, Uokha

4131407Azama College, Otuo Azama

4131408Erah Grammar School, Erah

4131409Ikao Secondary School, Ikao

4131410Ivbiaro Secondary School, Ivbiaro

4131411Otugo Grammar School, Ake

4131412Evbiamen Grammar School, Evbiamen-Emai

4131413Okpokhumi Grammar School, Okpokhumi

4131414Saint James Grammar School, Afuze

4131415Hope Secondary School, Warrake

4131416Ase Secondary School, Afuze

4131417Napoly Secondary School, Ihievbe-Ogben

4131418Oboh International Secondary School, Ihievbe

4131419Abumere Grammar School, Afuze Emai

4131420His Majesty College, Amoya-Otuo

4131421Idodo Secondary School, Otuo

4131422Grocing Group Of Schools, Afuze-Enai

4131423Igue-Sale Secondary School, Igue Sale

4131424Mayfair Secondary School, Warake

4131425Irehietaohi College, Ivbiaro

4131426Rohis College, Afuze

4131427Dickson Williams Secondary School, Otuo

4131428Queen Maris College, Otuo

4131501Uhonmora Secondary Commercial School, Uhonmora

4131502Holy Trinity Grammar School, Sabongidda-Ora

4131503Ozalla Secondary Commercial School, Ozalla

4131504Okpuje Secondary School, Ivbieleke

4131505Oke Secondary School, Oke-Ora

4131506Luleha Grammar School, Ugboihen-Luleha

4131507Avbiosi Secondary School, Avbiosi

4131508Saint Mary Grammar School, Eme-Ora

4131509Uzebba Grammar School, Uzebba

4131510Sobe High School, Sobe

4131511Venerable Akinluyi Memorial College, Sabongidda-Ora

4131512Oje Reliance Secondary School, Avbiosi

4131513Egheomo Education Centre, Uzebba

4131514Unuata Secondary School, Ovbiokhuanrin-Ora

4131515Kins International College, Sabongida-Ora

4131516Evbo-Otokhai Secondary School, Ikhin

4131517Demag Secondary School, Uanhumi-Emai (Afuze)

4131518St. Daniel’s Secondary School, Sabongida-Ora

4131519Hem Secondary School, Benin

4131601Udo Mixed Secondary Commercial School, Udo

4131602Umaza Secondary School, Umaza

4131603Ugbogui Secondary School, Ugbogui

4131604Egbema Secondary School, Ofunama

4131605Urhezen Secondary School, Urhezen

4131606Nikrowa Grammar School, Nikrowa

4131607Iguobazuwa Grammar School, Iguobazuwa

4131608Elawure Grammar School, Usen

4131609Siluko Grammar School, Siluko

4131610Oba Ovnramwen Grammar School, Iguoriakhi

4131611Elaiho Grammar School, Iguelaiho

4131612Ajakurama Secondary School, Ajakurama

4131613Ighile Secondary School, Udo

4131614Gbelebu Secondary School, Gbelebu

4131615Frontline Vicob Secondary School, Igwobazuwa

4131616Millicent College, Marindoti

4131701Uhen Mixed Secondary Commercial School, Uhen

4131702Ise Grammar School, Utekon

4131703Ezomo College, Ora

4131704Ebomisi Secondary School, Ugbogiobo

4131705Utese Secondary School, Utese

4131706Iguedaiken Grammar School, Ekiadolor

4131707Ore-Nolomi Secondary School, Iguosodin, Nebugin

4131708Ugbine Secondary School, Ugbine

4131709Okokhuo Secondary School, Okokhuo

4131710Utoka Grammar School, Utoka

4131711Nifor Secondary School, Nifor

4131712Oghede Secondary School, Oghede

4131713Oba Erediauwa Secondary School, Obarenren

4131714Ogbesse Secondary School, Ogbesse

4131715Ekosodin Secondary School, Ekosodin

4131716Osasinmwin-Oba Secondary School, Osasinmwin-Oba

4131717Okada Grammar School, Okada

4131718Odighi Grammar School, Odighi

4131719Ughoton Secondary School, Ekewan

4131720Iguadolor Secondary School, Iguadolor

4131721Army Day Secondary School, Ekehuan

4131722Army Day Secondary School, Ogbowo

4131723St. David’s Boys’ Model Secondary School, Benin City

4131724Nifor Academy Secondary School, Uwan, Nifor

4131725Cambridge College, Benin City

4131726Excellence Secondary School, Benin City

4131727Rosa Mystica Catholic College, Egbeta

4131728Learning Field Royal Academy, Iguosa, Benin City

4131729Magdon Comprehensive College, Nifor

4131730Excel Foundation Secondary School,Uwa, Nifor

4131731Apex Secondary School, Benin City

4131732Igbinosa Secondary School, Benin City

4131733Jubilee Academy Secondary School, Isiohor, B/City

4131734Ogua Secondary School, Ogua

4131735Imafidon Comprehensive College, Benin City

4131736Highers Wisdom Academy, Igue-Iheya Qtrs, Isior, Benin City

4131737Oboh Secondary (Senior) School, Iguoboh

4131738Treasure Christian College, Igue-Keya, Benin City

4131739Bethany Christian Academy, Ekosidin, Benin City

4131740Evidence College, Benin City

4131741Faith Immaculate College, Evbomore

4131742Mayor College, Benin-City

4131743Leaders College, Benin City

4131744Word Of Faith Schools, Ekehuan, Benin City

4131745Chrisida Educational Centre, Benin City

4131746Intellect Secondary School, Igue-Iheta Qtrs, Benin

4131747Young Scholars Academy, Benin-City

4131748Ikpiti Grammar School, Gebegele, Benin

4131749Royal Exalt Secondary School, Egbaed Quarters Benin

4131750Owan Secondary School, Owan

4131801Egba Grammar School, Egba Heights, Egba

4131802Ugieghudu Grammar School, Ugieghudu

4131803Umagbae Grammar School, Adumagbae

4131804Edaiken Grammar School, Okhuaihe

4131805Oke Mixed Secondary School, Oke-Irhue

4131806Ugenoba Mixed Secondary School, Ugonoba

4131807Elaiho Grammar School, Eguaehaor-Isi

4131808Oghada Grammar School, Oghada

4131809Ehor Grammar School, Ehor

4131810Uhi Grammar School, Uhi

4131811Igieduma Grammar School, Igieduma

4131812Orhua Mixed Secondary School, Orhua

4131813Ugiamwen Secondary School, Ugiamwen

4131814Obadan Mixed Secondary School, Obadan

4131815Aiwerioba-Ogiugo Grammar School, Ugoneki

4131816Egbede Community Grammar School, Uvbe

4131817Iguomon Secondary School, Iguomon

4131818Ugha-Obagie Mixed Secondary School, Ugha

4131819Eyaen Secondary School, Eyaen Benin City

4131820Urhokuosa Mixed Secondary School, Urhokuosa

4131821Eagle Secondary School, Benin

4131822Iguobe Mixed Secondary School, Iguobe

4131823Victory Secondary School, Ekor

4131824Paulson Foundation Secondary School, Benin City

4131825Divine Dominion Secondary School, Benin City

4131826Brain Touch Academy, Uvbe Town

4131827Christ The Winners Schools, Benin Auchi Rd., Benin City

4131828Marvel Educational Centre, Benin City

4131829Evergreen Group Of Schools, Benin-City

4131830Zenith Model Education Centre, Igbogiri

4132001Izekor Secondary School, Benin City

4132002Jossy Wisdom Secondary School, Benin City

4132003Osayi Secondary School, Benin City

4132004Standard Foundation Secondary School, Benin City

4132005Fountain Secondary School, Benin City

4132006Brilliance Stars Education Centre, Benin City

4132007Brano High School, Benin City

4132008Unibest International High School, Benin City

4132009Royal Devine College, Benin City

4132010Jubille Secondary School, Benin City

4132011Oxford Scholar Academy Secondary School, Benin City

4132012Pace-Setter Academy Secondary School, Benin City

4132013Christlight Secondary School, Uselu, Benin City

4132014Ab Education Centre, Benin City

4132015Key To Success Education College,Benin City

4132016Josa Academy Secondary School, Benin City

4132017Holyland Demonstration Secondary School, Benin City

4132018Salvation Academy Secondary School, Benin City

4132019Highland Comprehensive College, Ugbowo

4132020Standard High School, Egor, Benin City

4132021Ransford Education Centre, Benin City

4132022Iyobo Aibuoefe Academy Secondary School, Benin City.

4132023True Dreams Christian College, Benin City.

4132024Liberty Secondary School, Benin City.

4132025Powerline Academy, Uselu, Benin City

4132026New Waves Preparetory College, Benin City.

4132027Truth Comprehensive College, Benin City.

4132028Discovery Demonstration College, Benin City.

4132029Greater Star Secondary School, Benin City

4132030Ase-Osa Hope Foundation School, Ugbigbokho, Benin City

4132031Mediatrix University Preparatory College, Benin City

4132032Dominion City Academy, Benin City

4132033St. Jamver Education Centre, Benin City

4132034Passmark Secondary School, Benin City

4132035Catholac Comprehensive College, Benin City

4132036Learnwell Model Secondary School, Benin City

4132037Basic Academy, Mechanic Village, Uguikpe-Egor

4132038Corporate Academy, Egor

4132039Evanmon Secondary Education Centre, Egot

4132040Oxonian Grand Academy, Benin City

4132041Aideyan Memorial Academy, Benin City

4132042Ralph Education Centre Secondary School, Benin City

4132043Noma Academy Secondary School, Benin City

4132044Modest Comprehensive Secondary School, Benin City

4132045New Stars Preparatory Secondary School, Benin City

4132046Holy Rock High School, Benin-City

4132047Diligent Excellent Academy, Benin City

4132048Greater Faith Academy, Benin City

4132049Great Oxford Secondary School, Egor

4132050Divine Redemption Academy, Benin

4132051New Camp College, Benin

4132052Authentic Touch Academy, Benin

4132053Hallmark High School, Benin City

4132054Great Messiah Secondary School, Benin City

4132055Dayspring Secondary School, Benin-City

4132056Faith In Word Secondary School, Benin-City

4132057Excellent Education Centre, Benin-City

4132058Light And Love Education Centre, Benin City

4132059Columbia Secondary School, Benin-City

4132060Hope Group Of Schools, Benin-City

4132061Hannah High School, Benin-City

4132062Ubth Staff Secondary School, Ugbowo, Benin-City

4132063Government Science And Technical College, Benin

4132064Jafield High School, Benin

4132065Joyland Secondary School, Benin

4132901Tunlad Secondary School, Benin City

4132902Oka Secondary School, Oka

4132903Password College, Benin

4132904Christ Covenant College, Benin

4132905Golden Foundation College, Benin

4132906Obasuyi College, Obayantor

4132907Edo Demonstration High Sscool, Benin City

4132908Gloria Secondary School, Ikpoba Hill

4132909St. Rita’s Comprehensive High School, Off Upper Sakpoba, Benin City

4132910United Secondary School, Benin City

4132911Destiny Academy, Benin City

4132912Solid Apex Educational Centre, Benin City.

4132913Royal Comprehensive College, Benin City.

4132914Aunty Rose Mixed Secondary School, Benin City.

4132915Genesis Education Foundation, Benin City

4132916Peace Foundation School, Benin City

4132917Ruth Secondary School, Benin City

4132918Emmetebunor College, Benin City

4132919Praise Academy, Benin City

4132920Bissam Secondary School, Benin-City

4132921Axxess Foundation Secondary School, Benin-City

4132922Joseph Itotoh Memorial Secondary School, Benin-City

4132923Brain Builders International Group Of Schools, Benin City

4132924Golden Gate International Group Of Schools, Benin City

4132925Dominion International Secondary School, Benin

4132926Ever Precious Secondary School, Benin City

4132927Green Park Academy Benin-City

4132928Glovic Secondary School, Benin-City

4132929St. Mulumba Girls Secondary School, Benin-City

4132930Cream Crest Secondary School, Benin City

4132931Dorcas Secondary School, Benin-City

4132932God’s Grace Educational Centre, Evboriaria

4132933Parent’s Pride International High School, Benin

4132934Learning Field Academy, Benin

4132935Bright Stars Schools, Oghodo, Benin

4132936Milkflo Schools, Urora, Benin

4132937Ajoki Secondary School, Ajoki

4132938Mary Lucky Comprehensive College, Benin City

4132939Mount Cedar Education Centre Benin

4132940Kris High School, Benin

4132941Word Of Truth High School, Benin-City

4132942Word Of God Group Of Schools, Benin-City

4132943Mesh Secondary School, Benin

4132944Divine Providence Education Centre, Benin

4132945Peakest International School, 5, Akin-Edu Street, Off, Nnpc, Benin

4133001Winners Foundation Secondary School, Benin City

4133002Phelim High School, Benin City

4133003Fortune High School, Benin City

4133004Aihie International High School, Benin City

4133005Osa-Osula Secondary School, Benin City

4133006Swift Educational Centre, Benin City.

4133007Odunamen Foundation School, G.R.A. , Benin City.

4133008Elite Demonstration College, Benin City.

4133009Blue Print Academy, Benin City.

4133010Omo Group Of Schools, Benin City.

4133011Turning Point High School, Benin City

4133012El-Shadai Academy, Benin City

4133013Lucia Private School, Ewah Road, Benin City

4133014Freedom Assembly Secondary School, Benin City

4133015Ywca Secondary School, Benin City

4133016Bay-Flowers Inter School, Benin City

4133017Epitome College, Benin-City

4133018Omonigho Student Academy, Benin-City

4133019Divine Climax Education Centre, Benin City

4133020Southern Academy, Benin City

4133021Amena International Secondary School, Benin City

4133022Newton Education Centre, Benin City

4133023Ojomoh Education Centre Benin-City

4133024Pame Secondary School, Benin

4133025Rising Hope Academy, Ugbor, Benin

4133026New Benin Baptist Secondary School, Benin- City

4133027Wisdom Gate International College, Benin-City

4133028Christ Model Academy Secondary School, Benin

4133029Sacred Heart High School, Evbukhu

4133030Inomwan Foundation Secondary School, Benin-City

4133031Rosie Marie International; School, Benin-City

4133032Chinel Universal Academy, Ekenwan, Benin City

4140101Christ’s School, Ado-Ekiti

4140102Christ’s Girls’ School, Ado-Ekiti

4140103Ado Grammar School, Ado-Ekiti

4140104Mary Immaculate Grammar School, Ado-Ekiti

4140105Ola-Oluwa Muslim Grammar School, Ado-Ekiti

4140106Ado Community High School, Ado-Ekiti

4140107Christ Apostolic Church Comprehensive High School, Ado-Ekiti

4140108Baptist Comprehensive High School, Oke-Ila, Ado-Ekiti

4140109Mary Hill Boys’ High School, Ado-Ekiti

4140110Ben-Folarin College, Ado-Ekiti

4140111Ekiti State Government College, Ado-Ekiti

4140112Christ The King Comprehensive High School, Ado-Ekiti

4140113Anglican High School, Ado-Ekiti

4140114Ansar-Ud-Deen Comprehensive High School, Ado-Ekiti

4140115Falana High School, Ado-Ekiti

4140116Eureka National Comprehensive High School, Ado-Ekiti

4140117Nova International Secondary School, Ado-Ekiti

4140118Holy Child Catholic Secondary School, Ado-Ekiti

4140119Ekiti Anglican Diocesan High School, Ado-Ekiti

4140120Omega Academy, Ado-Ekiti

4140121Adewale Comprehensive College, Ado Ekiti

4140122Fountain International High School, Ado-Ekiti

4140123Muslim College, Ado-Ekiti

4140124First Class Academy, Ado-Ekiti

4140125Living Spring International Model College, Ado-Ekiti

4140126Living Christ College, Ado-Ekiti

4140127Busy Minds Star International College, Ado-Ekiti

4140128Ekiti Methodist High School, Ado-Ekiti

4140129Wisdom Foundations International College, Ado-Ekiti

4140130Jokotayo Academy, Ado-Ekiti

4140131All Souls Anglican Senior Grammar School, Ado

4140132Young Brain Education College, Ado

4140133Ideal Grammar School, Ado-Ekiti

4140134Petoa City College, Ekute Quarters, Ado

4140135Providence Secondary School, Ado-Ekiti

4140136New Creation College, Temidire Quarters Ado

4140137Convenant Secondary Academy, Ado

4140138Sheperd International College, Ado- Ekiti

4140139At-Tawheed Model Senior School, Ado-Ekiti

4140140Tinuola International College, Ado-Ekiti

4140141Wonder City College, Ado- Ekiti

4140142New Model International College,Ado-Ekiti

4140143Greater Tomorrow Model College, Ado- Ekiti

4140144Bestline Distinct College, Ado Ekiti

4140145Linkers Model College, Ado- Ekiti

4140146Great Mercies International College, Ado- Ekiti

4140201Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School, Efon Alaaye

4140202Efon Alaaye High School, Efon Alaaye

4140203Apostole Babalola Memorial Grammar School, Efon Alaaye

4140204Anglican Secondary School, Efon Alaaye

4140205Saint Michael Catholic Grammar School, Efon Alaaye

4140206Efon Alaaye City College, Oke-Are

4140207Federal Government Girls College, Efon-Alaye

4140208Our Saviour’s Standard College, Efon-Alaaye

4140209Ekiti State Government College, Efon Alaaye

4140301Omuo Comprehensive High School, Omuo-Ekiti

4140302Ekamefa Community Commercial Grammar School, Ilasa-Ekiti

4140303Community Grammar School, Omuo-Ekiti

4140304Omuooke Grammar School, Omuooke-Ekiti

4140305Obedu Community Grammar School, Isinbode-Ekiti

4140306Omuo-Ore Secondary School, Omuo-Ekiti

4140307Amunnu Comprehensive High School, Omuo-Ekiti

4140308Olivet High School, Omuo-Ekiti

4140309Mouro Memorial High School, Omuo-Ekiti

4140310Sola Babalola Memorial High School, Iro-Ekiti

4140311Modupe Akinlabi Memorial High School, Ilasa

4140312Blessing Model Secondary School, Omuo-Ekiti

4140313Saint Silas Anglican Secondary School, Omuo-Oke Ekiti

4140314Ogunmokunwa Memorial Christ College, Kota, Omuo-Ekiti

4140315Isedo Comprehensive High School, Omuo-Oke, Ekiti

4140316Ore-Ofe Academy Secondary School, Omuo-Oke Ekiti

4140317Elites Secondary School, Omuo-Ekiti

4140318Living Spring International College, Omuo

4140319Methodist Senior High School, Isinbode-Ekiti

4140320Ifelodun Community Grammar School, Ikun/Araromi-Ekiti

4140321C.A.C. Secondary School, Ita-Alaafia,Omuo-Ekiti

4140322Glory Ideal College, Omuo- Oke

4140323Olukayode College, Omuo, Ekiti

4140324Citadel Of Success College, Isibode- Ekiti

4140401Corpus Christi College, Ilawe-Ekiti

4140402Community High School, Igbara-Odo, Ekiti

4140403United High School, Ilawe-Ekiti

4140404Ogotun High School, Ogotun-Ekiti

4140405Omoeleye Comprehensive High School, Igbara-Odo, Ekiti

4140406Oniwe Comprehensive High School, Ilawe-Ekiti

4140407Ojorube Grammar School, Ogotun-Ekiti

4140408Alarelu Comprehensive High School, Igbara-Odo

4140409Ademeso Royal College, Ogotun-Ekiti

4140410Ilawe Grammar School, Ilawe-Ekiti

4140411Solid Foundation International College, Ilawe-Ekiti

4140412Unity Secondary School, Ogotun-Ekiti

4140413Victory College, Ilawe Ekiti

4140414Toluwani Sec School, Igbara-Odo

4140415Glory International Secondary School, Igbara-Odo

4140501Okemesi Grammar School, Okemesi-Ekiti

4140502District Commercial Secondary School, Aramoko-Ekiti

4140503Edu High School, Erio-Ekiti

4140504Erin-Ayonigba High School, Erijiyan-Ekiti

4140505Ajinare Grammar School, Ido-Ajinare, Ekiti

4140506Alamoye Comprehensive High School, Aramoko-Ekiti

4140507Community High School, Okemesi-Ekiti

4140508Ipole/iloro Commercial Grammar School, Ipole Iloro, Ekiti

4140509Ikogosi High School, Ikogosi-Ekiti

4140510Community Grammar School, Aramoko-Ekiti

4140511Erijiyan Community High School, Erijiyan-Ekiti

4140512Victory Royal College, Aramoko, Ekiti

4140513Glory Model College, Aramoko, Ekiti

4140514Bezaleel Excellent College, Erijiyan-Ekiti

4140515Fabunmi Memorial Senior High School, Okemesi-Ekiti

4140516Olive Royal Academy College, Erinjiyan Ekiti

4140517Merciful God Int’l High School, Aramoko-Ekiti

4140601Ijaloke Grammar School, Emure-Ekiti

4140602Orija High School, Emure-Ekiti

4140603Eporo High School, Eporo-Emure, Ekiti

4140604Government Science College, Emure Ekiti

4140605Emure Model High School, Emure

4140606God’s Own Comprehensive College, Emure

4140607Christ Our Foundation Academy, Emure-Ekiti

4140608St. Paul Anglican Grammar School, Emure- Ekiti

4140609Christ Victory Academy, Emure

4140610Progressive International High School, Emure- Ekiti

4140701Ode-Ekiti High School, Ode-Ekiti

4140702Aisegba Community Grammar School, Aisegba-Ekiti

4140703Ijanmodu Comprehensive High School, Ijan-Ekiti

4140704Ojugbaye Comprehensive High School, Imesi-Ekiti

4140705Ileowuro High School, Agbado-Ekiti

4140706Methodist High School, Egbe-Ekiti

4140707Community High School, Iluomoba-Ekiti

4140708Aisegba Comprehensive High School, Aisegba-Ekiti

4140709Christ International Comprehensive College, Agbado

4140710All Saints Catholic College Ilupeju Ijan Ekiti

4140711Ayo Daramola Memorial Grammar School, Ijan Ekiti

4140712Ayeteju Comprehensive Senior College, Iro Ayeteju

4140713Christ The Answer Secondary School, Aisegba-Ekiti

4140714Jobabeg International College, Aisegba

4140715Faith And Love College, Ode-Ekiti

4140716New Era College, Ode Ekiti

4140717Toluwani Golden College, Imesi-Ekiti

4140718Ujilogun High School, Ilupeju-Ijan, Ijan Ekiti

4140801Ekiti Parapo College, Ido-Ekiti

4140802Ifaki Grammar School, Ifaki-Ekiti

4140803Notre-Dame Grammar School, Usi-Ekiti

4140804Methodist Girls’ Grammar School, Ifaki-Ekiti

4140805Methodist Comprehensive High School, Aaye-Ekiti

4140806Ilogbo High School, Ilogbo-Ekiti

4140807Oganganmodu Grammar School, Ido-Ekiti

4140808Elo High School, Ayetoro-Ekiti

4140809Ojo-Ugbole High School, Igbole-Ekiti

4140810Orin High School, Orin-Ekiti

4140811Usi High School, Usi-Ekiti

4140812Ora Community High School, Ora-Ekiti

4140813Ekiti State Government College, Usi-Ekiti

4140814Osi Community High School, Osi-Ekiti

4140815Adladof High School, Ifaki, Ekiti

4140816Oke-Osanyintolu Model High School, Ido-Ekiti, Ekiti

4140817Liberty International Science College, Ido-Ekiti

4140818Aanu Oluwa Progressive College, Ifaki Ekiti

4140819Ifisin Grammar School, Ifisin-Ekiti

4140820Federal Science & Technical College, Usi Ekiti

4140901Doherty Memorial Grammar School, Ijero-Ekiti

4140902Ayetoro/Iloro High School, Iloro-Ekiti

4140903Ipoti High School, Ipoti-Ekiti

4140904Babatope Memorial High School, Ikoro-Ekiti

4140905Comprehensive High School, Odo-Owa, Ekiti

4140906Ayegunle/temidire Comprehensive High School, Ayegunle, Ekiti

4140907Ekameta Community High School, Epe/ara/araromi Ekiti

4140908Ijero High School, Ijero-Ekiti

4140909Ijurin Comprehensive High School, Ijurin-Ekiti

4140910Iloro Community High School,iloro-Ekiti

4140911Community Secondary School, Ipoti-Ekiti

4140912Eso-Obe Comprehensive High School, Ikoro-Ekiti

4140913Ara Comprehensive High School, Ara-Ijero-Ekiti

4140914Omotade College, Ijero-Ekiti

4140915Okeoro/Iroko Comprehensive High School, Okeoro-Ekiti

4140916Grace Youth College, Ijero-Ekiti

4140917Faith Royal College, Ijero Ekiti

4140918Oluwalose Secondary School, Ipoti-Ekiti

4140919St. Gabriel Catholic Secondary School, Ijero Ekiti

4140920Cornerstone International School, Ikoro

4140921The African Church Grammar School, Iloro-Ekiti

4140922Orisunbare Community Secondary School, Ijero-Ekiti

4140923Christ Apostolic Church High School, Ijero- Ekiti

4141001Annunciation School, Ikere-Ekiti

4141002Amoye Grammar School, Ikere-Ekiti

4141003Saint Louis’ Grammar School, Ikere-Ekiti

4141004African Church Comprehensive High School, Ikere-Ekiti

4141005Eleyo High School, Ikere-Ekiti

4141006Ajolagun High School, Ikere-Ekiti

4141007Ansar-Ud-Deen Comprehensive High School, Ikere-Ekiti

4141008Irepodun Community High School, Ikere-Ekiti

4141009Ekiti State Government College, Ikere-Ekiti

4141010Bobas High School, Ikere-Ekiti

4141011College Of Education Demonstration Secondary School, Ikere-Ekiti

4141012Distinction Secondary School, Ikere-Ekiti

4141013Prince & Princess Academy, Ikere-Ekiti

4141014Ikere High School, Ikere-Ekiti

4141015Baptist High School, Ikere-Ekiti

4141016Victory City College, Ikere-Ekiti

4141101Egbeoba High School, Ikole-Ekiti

4141102Ansar-Ud-Deen High School, Ikole-Ekiti

4141103Saint Mary’s Girls’ Grammar School, Ikole-Ekiti

4141104Comprehensive High School, Ayedun-Ekiti

4141105Comprehensive High School, Ijesa-Isu-Ekiti

4141106Irepodun High School, Ipao-Ekiti

4141107Odo-Oro High School, Odo-Oro, Ekiti

4141108Ayebode High School, Ayobode-Ekiti

4141109Ara Community High School, Ara, Ikole-Ekiti

4141110Itapaji Community High School, Itapaji-Ekiti

4141111Community High School, Oke-Ako-Ekiti

4141112Community High School, Irele-Ekiti

4141113Holy Apostolic High School, Ikole-Ekiti

4141114Community High School, Orin-Odo, Ikole-Ekiti

4141115Fiyinfolu High School, Oke Ayedun, Ekiti

4141116Odundun High School, Odo-Ayedun Ekiti

4141117Ebenezer Premier Secondary School, Asin Ikole Ekiti

4141118Saint Theresa’s Catholic Secondary School, Ikole-Ekiti

4141119Tessy Gacamic Hope College, Ikole

4141120Rapid High School, Ikole-Ekiti

4141121Crown Secondary School, Ikole-Ekiti

4141122Federal Government College, Ikole-Ekiti

4141123Iyemero Community High School, Iyemero-Ekiti

4141124Success High School, Odo-Ayodun, Ekiti

4141125Ikole City College, Ikole- Ekiti

4141126Prospect Varsity College, Ikole Ekiti

4141127Goodnews Secondary School,Orin Odo- Ekiti

4141201Ilejemeje Community High School, Iye-Ekiti

4141202Iludun Community High School, Iludun-Ekiti

4141203Ewu Comprehensive High School, Ewu Ekiti

4141204Ipere Comprehensive High School, Ipere-Ekiti

4141205Oniyo Grammar School, Eda Oniyo Ekiti

4141206Canaanland Pre-Varsity Academy, Iye- Ekiti

4141301Ekiti Baptist High School, Igede-Ekiti

4141302Eyemote Comprehensive High School, Iyin-Ekiti

4141303Igbemo Community Comprehensive High School, Igbemo Ekiti

4141304Community Comprehensive High School, Awo-Ekiti

4141305Okunsusi/Jemiriye High School, Igede-Ikiti

4141306Egirioke High School, Iyin-Ekiti

4141307Are/Afao Comprehensive High School, Are-Afao, Ekiti

4141308Iropora Community High School, Iropora Ekiti

4141309Community High School, Iworoko-Ekiti

4141310Oloketuyi Memorial Grammar School, Igbemo-Ekiti

4141311Mater Christi Girls’ High School, Igede

4141312Government Science College, Iyin Ekiti

4141313Community High School, Esure Ekiti

4141314Ife Oluwa Model College. Iyin

4141315Deborah College Igede-Ekiti

4141316Eyio Comm. High School, Eyio-Ekiti

4141401Ise-Emure Grammar School, Ise-Emure Ekiti

4141402Ise Comprehensive High School, Ise-Ekiti

4141403Akinluse Comprehensive High School, Ise-Ekiti

4141404Community Grammar School, Orun-Ekiti

4141405Obada High School, Ise-Ekiti

4141406United Comprehensive High School, Ise-Ekiti

4141407Our Lord’s College, Ise-Ekiti

4141408Agbede Comprehensive College, Ise-Ekiti

4141409Mercy Grammar School, Ise-Ekiti

4141410God’s Wisdom Comprehensive High School, Ise-Ekiti

4141411Ogbese Comprehensive High School, Ogbese-Ekiti

4141412Christ Academy Secondary School, Afolu, Ise-Ekiti

4141413Multi-Talent Comprehensive College, Ise-Ekiti

4141414Success College, Ise-Ekiti

4141415Arinjale Comprehensive Senior High School, Ise-Ekiti

4141416Adetunji Ajayi Senior Secondary School, Ise-Ekiti

4141417Berachah Glorious College, Ise-Ekiti

4141418Rhema Greater Height International Secondary School, Ise-Ekiti

4141419St. Mark’s Anglican Comprehensive High School, Ise

4141420C.A.C. Comprehensive High School, Ise-Ekiti

4141501Moba Grammar School, Otun-Ekiti

4141502Igogo Commercial High School, Igogo-Ekiti

4141503Amure High School, Ikun-Ekiti

4141504Eyemojo Comprehensive High School, Osan-Ekiti

4141505Otun Comprehensive High School, Otun-Ekiti

4141506Osun Grammar School, Osun-Ekiti

4141507Erinmope High School, Erinmope Ekiti

4141508Ansar-Ud Deen Islamic Secondary School, Otun-Ekiti

4141509Adventist Comprehensive High School, Otun Ekiti

4141510Aaye Oja Community Grammar School, Aaye-Oja-Ekiti

4141511Amazing Grace College, Otun Ekiti

4141512Ikosu Senior Comprehensive High School, Ikosu Ekiti

4141513Christ Royal Master College, Otun-Ekiti

4141514Holy Michael Champion College, Otun Ekiti

4141515Lumen Christi Catholic Secondary School, Otun-Ekiti

4141516Ifelodun Comprehensive High School Igogo- Ekiti

4141517Epe Community High School, Epe Ekiti

4141601Ayede Grammar School, Ayede-Ekiti

4141602Obalatan Commercial Grammar School, Ilupeju Ekiti

4141603Ansar-Ud-Deen High School, Ire-Ekiti

4141604Saint Augustine’s Comprehensive High School, Oye-Ekiti

4141605Isan Secondary School, Isan-Ekiti

4141606Community High School, Ayegbaju-Ekiti

4141607Ogunnire Comprehensive High School, Ire-Ekiti

4141608Itapa/osin Community Comprehensive High School, Itapa-Ekiti

4141609Itaji Community Grammar School, Itaji-Ekiti

4141610Ilupeju High School, Ilupeju-Ekiti

4141611Ekiti State Government College, Oye-Ekiti

4141612Omu-Ijelu High School, Omu-Ijelu Ekiti

4141613National High School, Oye-Ekiti

4141614Christ The King’s Catholic College, Ire-Ekiti

4141615Our Lady Seat Of Wisdom Catholic Girls’ Secondary School, Oye, Ekiti

4141616Community High School, Osin-Ekiti

4141617Government Science College, Ayede Ekiti

4141618Oye Egbo High School, Oye-Ekiti

4141619Oluwanifesimi College, Ilupeju-Ekiti

4141620Concentric International Group Of Schools, Oye-Ekiti

4141621Christ The King Academy, Ilupeju-Ekiti

4150101Girls’ High School, Nenwe

4150102Awgu High School, Nenwe

4150103Community Secondary School, Oduma

4150104Community Secondary School, Okpanku

4150105Okpanku High School, Okpanku

4150106Community Secondary School, Mpu

4150107Community Secondary School, Ndeabo

4150108Community High School, Esinesi Oduma

4150109Comprehensive Secondary School, Newe

4150110St. John Bosco Secondary School, Nenwe

4150111Model Secondary School, Mpu

4150112Girls’ Secondary School, Oduma

4150113Regnum Adventist Secondary School, Nenwe

4150114Community Secondary School, Ohofia Oduma

4150115Union Secondary School, Oduma

4150201Mmaku High School, Mmaku

4150202Community Secondary School, Affam Mmaku

4150203Technical School, Mgbidi

4150204Community Secondary School, Ihe

4150205Girls’ Secondary School, Owelli

4150206Technical School, Amoli-Awgu

4150207Community Secondary School, Isu-Awa

4150208Girls’ Secondary School, Mgbowo

4150209Community Secondary School, Ugbo

4150210Community Secondary School, Ugbo-Okpala

4150211Community Secondary School, Obeagu-Awgu

4150212Special Science School, Ihe-Awgu

4150213Community Secondary School, Ituku-Awgu

4150214Girls’ Secondary School, Agbogugu

4150215Community Secondary School, Amabor Owelli

4150216Community Secondary School, Mmaku

4150217Girls’ High School, Mgbowo

4150218Rosary High School, Awgu

4150219Saint Vincent Secondary School, Agbogugu

4150220Boys’ Secondary School, Mgbowo

4150221Boys’ Secondary School, Awgu

4150222Community Secondary School, Ogbaku

4150223Community Secondary School, Ugwueme

4150224Comprehensive High School, Ogugu, Awgu

4150225Saint Mary’s Mission Secondary School, Owelli

4150226Saint Theresa’s Secondary School, Mmaku

4150227Alpha Secondary School, Awgu

4150228Perfection Grammar School, Awgu

4150229Community Secondary School, Nkwe

4150230Presentation Secondary School, Agwu

4150231Eziobu Secondary School, Ugwueme Nike

4150232St. Vincent De Paul Seminary Agbogugu

4150233Urban Secondary School, Agwu

4150301Trans-Ekulu Girls’ Secondary School, Enugu

4150302Community Secondary School, Ugwogo-Nike Enugu

4150303Command Day Secondary School, Enugu

4150304Girls’ Secondary School, Emene, Enugu

4150305National Grammar School, Nike, Enugu

4150306Saint Patrick’s Secondary School, Emene, Enugu

4150307Girls’ Secondary School, Abakpa-Nike, Enugu

4150308Daughters Of Divine Love Juniorate, Abakpa-Nike, Enugu

4150309New Haven Boys’ Secondary School, Enugu

4150310City College, Enugu

4150311Ecumenical Community Secondary School, Enugu

4150312Modern Ideal College, Abakpa-Nike, Enugu

4150313Annuciation Secondary School, Nike, Enugu

4150314New Bethel Model Secondary School,emene, Enugu

4150315Republic Comprehensive Secondary School, Abakpa-Nike, Enugu

4150316Basic Comprehensive Secondary School, Abakpa-Nike

4150317Seat Of Wisdom Secondary School, Trans-Ekulu

4150318Jenkins Comprehensive College, Enugu

4150319Precious Comprehensive Secondary School, Abakpa, Enugu

4150320St. Joseph s Secondary School, Emene

4150321City Comprehensive Secondary School, Abakpa Nike

4150322Holy Cross Secondary School, Abakpa Nike

4150323Divine Comprehensive Secondary School, Abakpa,Enugu East

4150324State Ideal Secondary School Ogwuagor, Abakpa Nike

4150325Modern Ideal College, Emene

4150326St. Ann’s College, (D.D.L.) Abakpa-Nike, Enugu

4150327Cocci International Secondary School, Enugu

4150328Stephen’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Onu Ogba Nike, Emene Enugu

4150329Fountain Comprehensive College, Fed Housing Estate, Enugu

4150330Gateway Secondary School, Abakpa Nike Enugu

4150331St. Marks Anglican Secondary School, Emene, Enugu

4150332Solid Base Private Secondary School, Eneugu

4150333John Best International College, Abakpa Nike, Enugu

4150334Kings High School, New Haven Enugu

4150335Inland Comprehensive Secondary School, Ibeagwa

4150336St. Cyprians Secondary School, Abakpa Nike

4150337Divine Love Secondary School, Enugu

4150338Victoria Foundation Secondary School, Abakpa-Enugu

4150339Beverly Kings Comprehensive Secondary School, Enene, Enugu

4150340John Igwesi Memorial Grammar School, Emene

4150341Basic Foundation Secondary School, Emene

4150342Success Base International College, Enugu

4150401Queen’s School, Enugu

4150402Metropolitan Girls’ Secondary School, Enugu

4150403University Of Nigerian Secondary School, Enugu

4150404Federal Government College, Enugu

4150405Urban Girls’ Secondary School, Enugu

4150406Community Secondary School, Iva-Valley, Enugu

4150407Osisatech Secondary School, Enugu

4150408Our Lord’s Shepherd International Secondary School, Enugu

4150409The Good Shepherd Anglican Seminary, Enugu

4150410Providence High School, Enugu

4150411Lady Ibiam Memorial Ecumenical Girls’ Secondary School, Enugu

4150412Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu

4150413City Girls’ Secondary School, Enugu

4150414Baptist High School, Enugu

4150415Community Secondary School, Ndiagu Amechi, Enugu

4150416Osisatech Girls Secondary School, Independence Lay-Out, Enugu

4150417Praiseland International Secondary School, Enugu

4150418Pine Crest College, Enugu

4150419Magnet International High School, China Town, Enugu

4150420Calvary Foundation International Secondary School, Coal Camp Enugu

4150421Springs Of Life International Secondary School, Enugu

4150422Purple Krown College, Enugu

4150423Coal Camp Secondary School, Ogbete-Enugu

4150424Bethel Home Convent, Enugu

4150425Hill View High School, Enugu

4150426St. Monica Girls’ Comprehensive College, Enugu

4150427Government Secondary School, Enugu

4150428New Layout Secondary School, Enugu

4150429Day Secondary School, Enugu

4150501College Of Immaculate Conception, Uwani Enugu

4150502Girls’ Grammar School, Awkunanaw, Enugu

4150503Maryland Secondary School, Enugu

4150504Army Day Secondary School, Awkunanaw, Enugu

4150505Holy Rosary College, Uwani-Enugu

4150506Union Secondary School, Awkunanaw, Enugu

4150507Uwani Secondary School, Enugu

4150508Idaw-River Girls’ Secondary School, Enugu

4150509Community Secondary School, Obeagu Awkunanaw, Enugu

4150510Community Secondary School, Ugwuaji

4150511God’s Time International Secondary School, Enugu

4150512Queen’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Enugu

4150513Konigin Des Friedens College, Enugu

4150514Queen’s Model Secondary School, Awkunanaw, Enugu

4150515Niger Secondary Grammar School, Achara Layout, Enugu

4150516May Blossom High School, Enugu

4150517God Provides Secondary School, Enugu

4150518Saint Vincent De Paul National Secondary School, Awkunanaw, Enugu

4150519Kings Comprehensive Secondary School, Awkunanaw, Enugu

4150520Comprehensive Secondary School, Akwuke

4150521King’s Kids’ Comprehensive Secondary School, Achara Layout, Enugu

4150522Chiukwu Memorial Secondary School, Amechi-Uno

4150523St. Paul The Apostle Secondary School, Awkunanaw, Enugu

4150524King’s College, Enugu

4150525Holy Angels Comprehensive Secondary School, Amechi, Awkunanaw

4150526Bethel Secondary School, Uwani, Enugu

4150527Immaculate Comprehensive Secondary School, Enugu

4150528Victory High School, Achara Layout, Enugu

4150529Julex Comprehensive Secondary School, Achara Layout, Enugu

4150530Crystal Secondary School, Enugu

4150531Cyrich International School, Enugu

4150532Emmanuel Anglican Secondary School, Enugu

4150533Solid Foundation Secondary School, Enugu

4150534St. Joseph’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Uwani Enugu

4150535His Grace High School, Enugu

4150536Methodist College, Enugu

4150537Judith Foundation International Secondary School, Enugu

4150538Girls’ High School, Uwani, Enugu

4150539Chinedu International Secondary School, Ikirike Idaw-River Layout, Enugu

4150540Model Anglican High School, Amechi

4150601Community Secondary School, Awha Ndiagu

4150602Community Secondary School, Imezi-Owa

4150603Community Secondary School, Obeleagu Umana

4150604Community Secondary School, Obinofia Ndiuno

4150605Community Secondary School, Ozom Mgbagbu Owa

4150606Community Secondary School, Obinofia Ndiagu

4150607Community Secondary School, Umana Ndiagu

4150608Community Secondary School, Ogwofia Imezi-Owa

4150609Community Secondary School, Agba Umana

4150610Community Secondary School, Aguobu-Iwollo

4150611Sades Sapientiae Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Oghe

4150612Community Secondary School, Ezema Olo

4150613Aguobu-Owa High School, Aguobu-Owa

4150614Amansiodo Community Secondary School, Oghe

4150615Community Secondary School, Mgbagbu-Owa

4150616Ezeagu Comprehensive Secondary School, Isigwu, Umana

4150617Community High School, Umumba Ndiagu

4150618Community Secondary School, Umumba Ndiuno

4150619Community Secondary School, Aguobu Umumba

4150620Special Science School, Oghe

4150621Community Secondary School, Awha Imezi

4150622Girls’ Secondary School, Aguobu Owa

4150623Community Secondary School, Umuaji, Mgbagbu-Owa

4150624Model Secondary School, Olo

4150625Community Secondary School, Omughu-Umana

4150626Saint Michael’s Community High School, Okpudo

4150627St. Theresa’s Secondary School, Oghe

4150628Maria Assumpta Comprehensive Secondary School, Akama Oghe

4150629Wisdom Comprehensive Secondary School, Oghe

4150630Unity Secondary School, Ihuonyia Amansiodo Oghe

4150631Iwollo High School, Iwollo

4150701Community High School, Ukehe

4150702Girls’ Secondary School, Aku

4150703Community Secondary School, Ozalla

4150704Community Secondary School, Ohodo

4150705Community Secondary School, Ekwegbe

4150706Community Secondary School, Ohebe-Dim

4150707Orinandu Community Secondary School, Ukehe

4150708Community Secondary School, Ukopi Ekwegbe

4150709Premier Secondary School, Ukehe

4150710Boys’ Secondary School, Aku

4150711Specilal Science School, Ukehe

4150712Community Secondary School, Umunko

4150713Community Secondary School, Aku

4150714Community Secondary School, Umuna

4150715Choice Comprehensive College, Ohodo

4150716Model Comprehensive College, Ohodo

4150717Legacy International College, Ozalla

4150718Igbo-Ekiti Secondary School, Ikolo

4150719Milyloui Memorial Secondary School, Achara Ohodo

4150720Universal Secondary School, Ohodo

4150721Kings International College, Umunko

4150801Aji High School, Aji, Enugu-Ezike

4150802Community High School, Okpo Enugu-Ezike

4150803Community High School, Umuida

4150804Community Secondary School, Uda

4150805Community Secondary School, Umuogbo-Agu

4150806Community Secondary School, Amachalla

4150807Igboeze Secondary School, Enugu Ezike

4150808Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Ekposhi

4150809Community Secondary School, Isiugwu, Enugu Ezike

4150810Community Secondary School, Ugbaike

4150811Community Secondary School, Igogoro, Enugu Ezike

4150812Community High School, Olido, Enugu-Ezeike

4150813Community Secondary School, Imufu, Enugu-Ezeike

4150814Union Secondary School, Ugbaike

4150815Community Secondary School, Umuopu, Enugu-Ezeike

4150816Community Secondary School, Aguibeje

4150817City High School, Ogrute, Enugu-Ezike

4150818Community Secondary School, Ette

4150819Calvary Secondary School, Ette

4150820Saint Joseph s Tech & Skill Centre, Ugbaike

4150821Carl And Merle Acuff Comprehensive Secondary School, Ette

4150822D’ Mcglade Secondary School, Ogurute

4150823Comprehensive High School, Inyi

4150824Community Secondary School, Amufie, Enugu-Ezike

4150825Community Secondary School, Ama-Orba, Inyi

4150826Hillside Secondary School, Amube Enugu Ezike

4150827Unity Islamic Secondary School, Umuogbo- Ekposhi

4150828Harvard International College, Amachalla

4150829St. Andrew’s Secondary School, Ibagwa Aka

4150901Boys’ Secondary School, Ovoko

4150902Girls’ Secondary School, Ibagwa-Aka

4150903Community Secondary School, Itchi

4150904Iheaka Girls’ Secondary School, Iheaka

4150905Community Secondary School, Ihakpu-Awka

4150906Community Secondary School, Unadu

4150907Community Secondary School, Unadu Igboeze

4150908Boys’ Secondary School, Ibagwa-Aka

4150909Community Secondary School, Alor Agu

4150910Community Secondary School, Uhunowerre

4150911Saint Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, Ibagwa Aka

4150912St. Francis Secondary School, Ovoko

4150913Community Secondary School, Nkalagu Obukpa

4150914Holy Trinity Secondary School, Iheaka

4151001Community Secondary School, Neke

4151002Isi-Uzo Secondary School, Ikem/neke

4151003Community Secondary School, Eha-Ohuala Eha-Amufu

4151004Ogor Community Secondary School,ikem

4151005Community Secondary School, Umuhu, Eha-Amufu

4151006Community Secondary School, Mbu

4151007Union Secondary School, Eha-Amufu

4151008Agape Comprehensive College, Eha-Amufu

4151009First Century Gospel Comprehensive Secondary School, Mbu Akpoti

4151010Community Secondary School, Umualor

4151011St. Paul’s Model Secondary School, Ikpakpara

4151012Von International Secondary School, Eha-Amufu

4151013Nicholas International College, Mbu-Amon

4151014Modern Secondary School, Eha-Amufu

4151101Community Secondary School, Amagunze

4151102Unateze Girls’ Secondary School, Nara

4151103Community Secondary School, Amafor, Ugbawka

4151104Community Secondary School, Nomeh

4151105Boys’ Secondary School, Nara

4151106Community Secondary School, Nkerefi

4151107Community Secondary School, Owo

4151108Comprehensive Secondary School, Isigwe Ugbawka

4151109Comprehensive Secondary School, Eziama Amechi-Idodo

4151110Community Secondary School, Ihuokpara

4151111Stella Maris Comprehensive Secondary School, Obinagu Uwani Akpugo

4151112Madonna Secondary School, Ugbawka

4151113Community Secondary School, Uzam

4151114City Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkerefi

4151115Community Secondary School, Ubahu

4151116Christ The King International College, Nara, Nkanu East

4151117St. Patrick s Secondary School, Mount Zion, Nkerefi

4151118Holy Innocent Secondary School, Amagunze

4151119Igwebuike Secondary School, Imeoha Nkerefi

4151120Royal Secondary School, Nara

4151121Comprehensive Secondary School, Enuogu, Nkerefi East, Enugu

4151122Community Secondary School, Mburubu

4151123Community Secondary School, Akpawfu

4151201Girls’ Secondary School, Obe

4151202Comprehensive Secondary School, Akpasha-Awkunanaw

4151203Akpugo High School, Akpugo

4151204Obe Technical College, Obe

4151205Community Secondary School, Agbani

4151206Girls’ Secondary School, Akegbe-Ugwu

4151207Community Secondary School, Umueze, Awkunanaw

4151208Community Secondary School, Amurri

4151209Ozalla High School, Ozalla

4151210Technical College, Obinagu-Uwani, Akpugo

4151211Community Secondary School, Obuoffia Awkunanaw

4151212Saint Augustine Comprehensive Secondary School, Akpugo

4151213Saint Joseph Secondary School, Agbani

4151214Alins Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkanu West

4151215Special Science Boys’ Secondary School, Agbani

4151216Special Science Girls’ Secondary School, Agbani

4151217Airforce Comprehensive School, Agbani

4151218Surban Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuigbo Amurri

4151219Jerog Comprehensive Secondary School, Akegbe-Ugwu

4151220Ana International Secondary School, Afomgbe, Obuno Akpugo

4151221Mea Mater Elizabeth High School, Agbani

4151222Elizabeth Model Secondary School, Ndiagu-Akpigo

4151223Zion Secondary School, Amagu Akegbe-Ugwu

4151224Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Agbani

4151225Yumac High School, Agbani

4151301Saint Teresa’s College, Nsukka

4151302Urban Girls’ Secondary School, Nsukka

4151303Opi High School, Opi Nsukka

4151304Community Secondary School, Lejja, Nsukka

4151305Edem Community Secondary School, Edem

4151306Community Secondary School, Ibagwa-Ani

4151307Government Technical College, Nsukka

4151308Community High School, Umabor Eha-Alumona

4151309Community Secondary School, Eha-Ndiagu Nsukka

4151310Community Secondary School, Okpuje

4151311Community Secondary School, Obimo Nsukka

4151312Community Secondary School, Obukpa

4151313Community Secondary School, Ezebunagu

4151314Queen Of The Rosary Secondary School, Nsukka

4151315Nsukka High School, Nsukka

4151316Community Secondary School, Ede Oballa

4151317University Of Nigeria Secondary School, Nsukka

4151318Saint Cyprian’s Special Science School, Nsukka

4151319Community Secondary School, Isienu Nsukka

4151320Saint Johncross Seminary, Nsukka

4151321Saint Cyprian’s Girls’ Secondary School, Nsukka

4151322Boys’ Secondary School, Nru Nsukka

4151323Girls’ Secondary School, Opi-Nsukka

4151324Model Secondary School, Nsukka

4151325Saint Catherine’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Nsukka

4151326Federal Government Girls’ College, Lejja

4151327Community Secondary School, Alor-Uno

4151328Community Secondary School, Opi Agu

4151329Shalom Academy, Nsukka

4151330Christ The Same Secondary School, Nsukka

4151331City Comprehensive Secondary School, Nsukka

4151332Inland Secondary School, Opi

4151333Leja High School, Lejja Nsukka

4151334Universal Comprehensive Secondary School, Nsukka

4151335Modern Comprehensive Secondary School, Nsukka

4151336Igwe C. N. Ezea Memorial Secondary School, Ozzi-Edem

4151337Obfo International Academy, Nsukka

4151338All Saints Secondary School, Nru, Nsukka

4151339Profam’s Trinity Comprehensive Secondary School, Nguru Eha, Alumona

4151340Onward International Secondary School, Nsukka

4151341Madonna International College, Umabor Eha-Alumona Nsukka

4151342Royal Crown Academy, Nsukka

4151343Paraclete College, Obukpa

4151344Agu Umabor Community Secondary School, Umabor

4151345Hillview Unique Secondary School, Nsukka

4151346Community Secondary School, Akpotoro Obimo, Nsukka

4151347Our Saviour The King College, Umabor Eha-Alumona

4151348Community Secondary School, Okutu

4151349St. Charles College, Opi, Nsukka

4151350Urban Boys Secondary School, Nsukka

4151351Community Secondary School, Breme

4151401Awlaw High School, Awlaw, Oji-River

4151402Girls’ High School, Ugwuoba

4151403Model Community Secondary School, Isikwe Achi

4151404Akpugoeze High School, Akpugoeze

4151405Corpus Christi College, Achi

4151406Anglican Grammar School, Achi

4151407Model Comprehensive Boys’ Secondary School, Inyi

4151408Girls’ High School, Inyi

4151409Community Secondary School, Ugwuoba

4151410Community Secondary School, Isiama Awlaw

4151411Urban Secondary School, Oji-River

4151412Aforc International Secondary School, Achi

4151413Santa Maria Secondary School, Inyi

4151414St. Theresa s Secondary School, Ugwuoba

4151415Savory Memorial Seminary, Achi

4151416Our Lady Rainbow Of Peace Compr. Secondary School, Achi

4151417St. Paul’s College, Oji River

4151418St. Michael’s Secondary School, Ugwuoba

4151501Community Secondary School, Obollo Etiti

4151502Boys’ High School, Orba

4151503Community Secondary School, Imilike Agu

4151504Community Secondary School, Ogbodu-Aba

4151505Community Secondary School, Umundu

4151506Saint Patrick’s Model Comprehensive Sec. School, Obollo Eke

4151507Ezimo Agu High School, Ezimo-Agu

4151508Girls’ Secondary School, Owerre-Eze, Orba

4151509Community Girls Secondary School, Imilike-Ulo

4151510Community Secondary School, Amalla

4151511Community Secondary School, Ezimo Uno

4151512Ada Community Secondary School, Obollo-Etiti

4151513Community Secondary School, Obollo Afor

4151514Community Secondary School, Umuitodo, Obollo-Udenu

4151515Girls’ Secondary School, Obollo Afor

4151516Holy Ghost Ambassadors College, Amalla

4151517Saint Joseph College, Orba

4151518Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Obollo-Orie

4151519St. Patricks Secondary School, Obollo Afor

4151520Christ The King Secondary School, Ezimo-Agu

4151521Morning Star Comprehensive College, Amalla

4151522Oxford Secondary School, Obollo-Afor

4151523Our Lady Of Perpetual Help College, Orba

4151524Summit International School, Orba

4151525Community Secondary School, Orba

4151526Sancta Maria College, Obollo Afo

4151527Model Secondary School, Orba

4151601Community High School, Amokwe

4151602Community High School, Obioma

4151603Girls’ High School, Nachi

4151604Comprehensive High School, Ukana

4151605Community Secondary School, Egede

4151606Community Secondary School, Amaozalla Affa

4151607Community Secondary School, Ebe

4151608Community Secondary School, Akpakwume

4151609Community Secondary School, Umulumgbe

4151610Comprehensive High School, Udi-Abia

4151611Technical Secondary School, Umuoka

4151612Christ High School, Abor

4151613Saint Paul’s Secondary School, Eke

4151614Girls’ Technical School, Abor

4151615Technical Secondary School, Amofia Affa

4151616Community Secondary School, Agbudu-Udi

4151617Community Secondary School, Nze

4151618Community Secondary School, Amokwu-Affa

4151619Community Secondary School, Nsude

4151620Community Secondary School, Udi

4151621Colliery Comprehensive Secondary School, Ngwo

4151622Girls’ Secondary School, Ngwo

4151623Saint Theresa’s Secondary School, Abor

4151624Community Secondary School, Awhum

4151625Neke High School, Udi

4151626Community High School, Ogor-Affa

4151627Nachi High School, Nachi

4151628Ozougwu Comprehensive Secondary School, Hill-Top, Ngwo

4151629Sacred Heart Seminary, Nsude

4151630Community Secondary School, Ngwouno

4151631Community Secondary School, Okpatu

4151632Our Lord’s Secondary School, 9th Mile Corner, Ngwo

4151633Ave Maria College, Ngwo

4151634Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Amokwe

4151635Fr. Ogbonna Memorial Comprehensive College, Okpatu

4151636Holy Child Convent, Nachi

4151701Atta Memorial High School, Adaba

4151702Adada Secondary School, Nkpologu

4151703Community Secondary School, Abbi/ugbene

4151704Girls’ Secondary School, Umulokpa

4151705Community Secondary School, Nimbo

4151706Boys’ Secondary School, Akiyi Umulokpa

4151707Uzo-Uwani Secondary School, Adani

4151708Community Secondary School, Ukpata

4151709Community Secondary School, Iggah

4151710Uvuru Secondary School, Uvuru

4151711Community High School, Nrobo

4151712Mater Amabilis Girls’ Comprehensive Secondary School, Adani

4151713Community Secondary School, Ogurugu

4151714Welfare Secondary School, Opanda

4151715Madonna Secondary School, Adani

4151716Sinai Comprehensive College, Adani

4151717Immaculate Heart Of Mary Secondary School, Adaba.

4151718Providence Comprehensive College, Ugbene Ajima

4151719St. Joseph’s College, Adaba

4151720Community Secondary School, Ugbene- Ajima

4160101Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Pindiga Gombe

4160102Government Day Secondary School, Akkoyel

4160103Government Day Secondary School, Kashere

4160104King’s Model College, Tonfure-Gombe

4160105Government Day Secondary School, Bogo

4160106Government Day Secondary School, Kalshingi

4160107Government Day Secondary School, Kembu

4160108Government Day Secondary School, Gadawo

4160109Government Day Secondary School, Kumo

4160110Government Day Secondary School, Tumu

4160111Government Day Secondary School, Akko

4160201Government Secondary School, Talasse

4160202Government Secondary School, Cham

4160203Community High School, Nyuwar Balanga

4160204Government Day Secondary School, Bambam

4160205Government Day Secondary School, Putoki

4160206Community Day Secondary School, Jessu

4160207Government Day Secondary School, Bangu

4160208Government Day Secondary School, Lafia Wada Unguda

4160209Government Day Secondary School, Swa

4160210Government Day Secondary School, Gelengu

4160211Government Day Secondary School, Kulani

4160212Ecwa Mela Memorial Academy Secondary School, Talasse

4160301Ecwa Theological College, Billiri

4160302Government Science Secondary School, Billiri

4160303Tangale Community Secondary School, Popimo

4160304Government Day Secondary School, Tal Billiri

4160305Sambo Secondary School, Billiri

4160306Federal Government College, Billiri, Gombe

4160307Ecwa Secondary School, Tangale Dcc Billri

4160308Molta Amazing Grace Academy, Billiri

4160309Government Day Secondary School, Amtawalam

4160310Government Day Secondary School, Tudu

4160311Government Day Secondary School, Ibinola

4160312Government Day Secondary School, Billiri

4160401Government Secondary School, Duku

4160402Government Girls’ Secondary School, Malala, Duku

4160403Dukku Community Science Secondary School, Dukku

4160404Government Day Secondary School, Gombe Abba

4160405Government Day Secondary School, Duku-West

4160406Government Day Secondary School, Malala

4160407Government Day Secondary School, Hashidu

4160501Government Girls’ Secondary School, Bajoga

4160502Government Day Secondary School, Bajoga Gombe

4160503Federal Government Girls’ College, Bajoga, Gombe

4160504Government Day Secondary School, Bojoga South

4160505Government Day Secondary School, Tongo

4160506Government Day Secondary School, Ashaka

4160507Government Day Secondary School, Bage

4160508Jibwis Islamic Science Secondary School, Bajoga

4160601Government Art Secondary School, Gombe

4160602Government Science Secondary School, Gombe

4160603Government Arabic College, Gombe

4160604Government Girls’ Science Secondary School, Doma

4160605Government Comprehensive Day Secondary School, Gombe

4160606Gombe High School, Gombe

4160607All Saints College, Gombe

4160608Jibwis Islamic Science Secondary School, Gombe

4160609Government Day Secondary School, Gandu Gombe

4160610Government Secondary School, (pilot) Gombe

4160611Shehu Abubakar Government Day Secondary School, Gombe

4160612Iqmic Community Secondary School, Gombe

4160613Baptist Academy School, Gombe

4160614Bethany International College, Gombe

4160615Universal Secondary School, Gombe

4160616Diocesan High School, Gombe

4160617Ecwa Good News Secondary School, Gombe

4160618Government Day Secondary School, Bolari East (Barracks)

4160619Markazu Science Secondary School, Bolari

4160620Evangel College, Buba-Shonga, Gombe

4160621St. James Secondary School, Gombe

4160622Government Day Secondary School, Nasarawo

4160623Special Education Center, Gombe

4160624Government Day Secondary School, Pantami

4160625Gombe International School, Gombe

4160626Government Day Secondary School, Orji Estate

4160627Government Day Secondary School, Herwa Gana

4160628Ilimi International College, Gombe

4160629Jibwis Islamic Science Secondary School, Jauro Abare

4160701Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kaltungo

4160702Government Science Secondary School, Kaltungo

4160703Government Girls’ Secondary School, Tula

4160704Government Comprehensive Day Secondary School, Kaltungo

4160705Ecwa L. Crawford Secondary School, Kaltungo

4160706Kilang High School, Kaltungo

4160707Government Day Secondary School, Baule Kaltin

4160708Government Day Secondary School, Gujuba

4160801Government Secondary School, Malam-Sidi

4160802Kwami Community Secondary School, Kwami

4160803Government Day Secondary School, Daban-Fulani

4160804Government Day Secondary School, Komfulala

4160805Government Day Secondary School, Gadam

4160806Government Day Secondary School, Bojude

4160901Government Secondary School, Nafada

4160902Government Day Secondary School, Birin-Fulani

4160903Government Day Secondary School, Birin-Bolawa

4161001Government Secondary School, Dadin-Kowa

4161002Government Day Secondary School, Deba

4161003Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kuri

4161004Government Day Secondary School, Kwadon

4161005Government Day Secondary School, Zambuk

4161006Government Day Secondary School, Kanawa

4161007Government Day Secondary School, Kuri

4161008Government Day School, Lubo

4161009Government Day Secondary School, Difa

4161010Government Day Secondary School, Gwani East

4161011Government Day Secondary School, Wade

4161101Government Day Secondary School, Filiya

4161102Shongom Community Secondary School, Lapan

4161103Walter Gowans Memorial College, Lasulle-Shongom

4161104Government Day Secondary School, Boh

4161105Bright Way Academy, Boh

4170101Girls’ Secondary School, Ogbor Nguru

4170102Okwuato Secondary School, Aboh Mabaise

4170103Community Secondary School, Lagwa

4170104Mbutu Community Secondary School, Mbutu, Mbaise

4170105Lorji Community Secondary School, Lorji

4170106Nguru Secondary Technical School, Nguru

4170107Mater Ecclesiae Seminary, Nguru

4170108Enyiogugu Secondary School, Enyiogugu

4170109Oke-Ovoro Secondary School, Uvuru

4170110Nguru Secondary Commercial School, Eke-Nguru

4170111Amuzu Comprehensive Secondary School, Amuzu, Aboh Mbaise

4170112Uzunorji Community Secondary School, Aboh Mbaise

4170113Christ The Saviour Secondary School, Umuhu Okwuato Aboh Mbaise

4170114Development Secondary School, Mbaise

4170115Mother Mary Coleman Memorial Secondary School, Ogbor Nguru

4170116Independent Baptist High School, Obokwu Ozara, Mbutu

4170117Evangel International Secondary School, Mbaise

4170118Mercy Model Secondary School, Mbutu

4170119Sancta Maria Secondary School, Uvuru

4170201Secondary Commercial School, Otulu Ahiazu Mbaise

4170202Ihenworie Secondary School, Ahiara Mbaise

4170203Community Secondary School, Obodo Ahiara

4170204Ahiazu Secondary School, Lude

4170205Comprehensive Secondary School, Okrika Nweke

4170206Umuokrika Secondary Technical School, Ekawerazu

4170207Community Secondary School, Amuzi

4170208Paternoster Secondary School, Ekwerazu

4170209Girls’ Secondary School, Ekwerazu

4170210Saint Patrick’s Secondary School, Ogbe Ahiara

4170211Secondary Technical School, Obohia

4170212Comprehensive Secondary School, Oparanadim

4170213Our Mother Of Special Graces, Ihette Aforukwu

4170214El- Shadai College, Obohia

4170215Holy Family Secondary School, Aguneze

4170301Chokoneze Secondary Technical School, Ezinihitte

4170302Eziudo Girls’ High School, Ezinihitte Mbaise

4170303Okpofe Secondary School, Okpofe

4170304Onicha Secondary School, Ezinihitte, Mbaise

4170305Ihitte Ezinihitte Secondary Technical School, Ezininitte

4170306Amumara Secondary School, Ezinihitte, Mbaise

4170307Mbaise Girls’ High School, Onicha Ezinnihitte

4170308Ife Grammar School, Ife Ezinihitte

4170309Mbaise Secondary School, Aboh Mbaise

4170310Community Secondary School, Itu Ezinihitte

4170311Obizi High School, Ezinihitte Mbaise

4170312Eziudo Secondary Technical School, Eziudo

4170313Handmaids Holy Child Juniorate, Amumara

4170314Eziagbogu Secondary School, Ezinihitte

4170315Udo Secondary Technical School, Ezinhitte

4170316Community Secondary School, Obizi-Ezinihitte

4170317Ime Onicha Comprehensive Secondary School, Ezinihitte

4170318Saint Leo’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Onicha Eziagbogu

4170319Saint Augustine’s Secondary School, Obizi

4170320Oboama Secondary School, Ezinihitte Mbaise

4170321Urban Secondary School, Oboamo, Ezininitte Mbaise

4170322King’s College, Chokoneze

4170323Ahaiwe National Secondary School, Akpodim

4170324Model Secondary School, Amumara

4170325Mary Sumner Juniorate, Okpofe Ezinihitte

4170326City Comprehensive Secondary School, Itu

4170327Graceland Secondary School, Ezinihitte, Mbaise

4170328Epiphany College, Ihitte Ezinihitte

4170329Brofab Secondary School, Umuoma Okpofe

4170330Pope John Paul Ii Model Secondary School, Umunagbor Ihitte

4170401Agbaja Secondary Technical School, Agbaja

4170402Boys’ Secondary School, Umualumaku

4170403Umuezeala-Ama Secondary School, Ehime Mbano

4170404Union Comprehensive Secondary School, Nzerem

4170405Annunciation Convent, Umueze, I, Ehime

4170406Girls’ High School, Umuezeala, Owerri

4170407Girls’ Secondary School, Ezeoke Nsu

4170408Community Secondary School, Umunumo

4170409Secondary Technical School, Umueze I

4170410Nsu Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuanunu Nsu

4170411Umueleke Umueze Secondary Commercial School, Ehime Mbano

4170412Umueze II Secondary School, Ehime Mbano

4170413Fatima Secondary School, (technical) Umuakagu Nsu

4170414Ibeafor Secondary School, Umunumo Mbano

4170415Community Secondary School, Dioka Nzerem

4170416Comprehensive Secondary School, Agbaghara Nsu

4170417Umuduru Nsu Secondary School, Nsu

4170418Ezeoke High School, Ezeoke, Nsu

4170419Mount Olives Seminary, Umuezeala Nsu

4170420Comprehensive Secondary School, Umukabia Ehime-Mbano

4170421Comprehensive Secondary School, Umunakanu Ehime, Mbano

4170422Queen Of Peace Girls Secondary School, Umueze

4170423Queen Of Fatima International Academy, Umuakagu

4170424New Bethel Secondary School, Umueze II Ehime

4170425Mother Of Mercy Convent Secondary School, Umunakanu Owerri Ehime Mbano

4170426Stella Maris Comprehensive Secondary School, Agbaja Ehime, Mbano

4170427St. Patrick’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuezeala, Owerri

4170428Maranatha Secondary School, Umuezeala-Ama

4170429Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuezeala Ogwara Ehime- Mbano

4170501Senior Secondary Technical School, Dikenafai

4170502Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuma-Isiaku

4170503Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuobom

4170504Comprehensive Secondary School, Ugbelle

4170505Saint Kizito’s Secondary School, Umuchima

4170506National Secondary School, Ntueke

4170507Isiekenesi High School, Isiekenesi

4170508Umueshi Secondary School, Umueshi

4170509Amanator Secondary School, Amanator

4170510Saint Dominic Savio Comprehensive Secondary School, Urualla

4170511Loyola Academy, Ogboko

4170512Rochas Foundation College, Ogboko

4170513St. Josephine Bakhita Secondary School, Umuago

4170514Iwene Tansi College, Umunobo, Amanafor

4170601National High School, Arondizuogu

4170602Comprehensive Secondary School, Urualla

4170603Akpulu Secondary School, Akpulu

4170604Iheme Memorial Secondary School, Arondizuogu

4170605Cor Mariae High School, Urualla

4170606Akokwa High School, Akokwa

4170607Saint John Chrysostom Junior Seminary, Osina

4170608Charles Heerey Memorial Juniorate, Urualla

4170609Secondary Commercial School, Osina

4170610Secondary Technical School, Akokwa

4170611Secondary Technical School, Obodoukwu

4170612Roselec International Secondary School, Akokwa

4170613Mary Elizabeth Sumner Convent, Akokwa

4170614Christ The King Comprehensive Secondary Sch., Umuezeaga

4170615Young Stars Secondary School, Akokwa

4170616St. Theresa’s Secondary School, Arondizuogu

4170617Christ The King College, Arondizuogu

4170618St. Barnabas Catholic Jubliee Sec. School, Akokwa

4170619St. John Secondary School, Urualla

4170620St. Damian’s Secondary Technical School Umukegwu, Akokwa

4170621Holy Cross College, Obodoukwu

4170701Comprehensive Secondary School, Ngugo

4170702Atta Boys’ Secondary School, Atta Ikeduru

4170703Uzoagba Secondary School, Uzoagba, Ikeduru

4170704Comprehensive Secondary School, Avuvu

4170705Iho-Dimeze Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikeduru

4170706Amaimo Community Girls’ Secondary School, Ikeduru

4170707Community Secondary School, Ugiri-Ike

4170708Owu-Amakohia Community Secondary School, Ikeduru

4170709Inyishi Community Secondary School,ikeduru

4170710Amaimo High School, Ikeduru

4170711Dora Chinyere Nwankiti Juniorate, Inyishi

4170712Uzoagba Girls’ Secondary School, Ikeduru

4170713Atta Girls’ Secondary School, Atta

4170714Girls’ Secondary School, Akabo

4170715Umudim Secondary School, Ikeredu

4170716Amatta Community Secondary School, Ikeduru

4170717Umuoziri Secondary Technical School, Inyishi

4170718Amakohia Secondary School, Ikeduru

4170719Secondary Commercial School, Eziama, Ikeduru

4170720First Century Gospel Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikembara

4170721Davis Comprehensive Secondary School, Atta

4170722Arch Bishop Pepple Junior Seminary School, Inyishi

4170723Godson Ohuruogu Memorial Secondary School, Akabo Ikeduru

4170724Good Shepherd Secondary School, Umudim Atta

4170801Amainyi High School, Ihitte

4170802Abueke Community Secondary School, Abueke

4170803Secondary Technical School, Umuezegwu

4170804Amakohia Secondary School, Ihitte

4170805Community Secondary School, Onicha Uboma

4170806Madonna Senior Secondary School For Science, Etiti

4170807Uboma Secondary School, Ikperejere

4170808Okata Comprehensive Secondary School, Ihitte Uboma

4170809Nweruru Mbakwe Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuihi

4170810Boys’ High School, Amuzu, Ihitte Uboma

4170811Daughters Of Mary Mother Of Mercy Girls’ High School, Uboma

4170812Community Secondary School, Amainyinta

4170813Saint Augustines Model Secondary School, Amainyi

4170814Bethany Day Secondary School, Lowa Ihitte-Uboma

4170815Queen Of Angels Secondary School, Umuezegwu

4170816The Saviour’s International Secondary School, Umuderim

4170817St Ann’s International Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuezegwu, Ihit

4170818All Saints Secondary School,Uboma

4170901Obollo Secondary Technical School, Obollo

4170902Girls’ Secondary School, Umunkwo

4170903Community Secondary School, Umuduru Osu

4170904Eziama Model Secondary School, Isiala-Mbano

4170905Ezihe Community Secondary School, Mbano

4170906Anara Community Secondary School, Anara

4170907Ibeme High School, Ibeme

4170908Saint Dominic’s Secondary School, Uguiri

4170909Aquinas Secondary School, Osu

4170910Comprehensive Secondary School, Amauzari

4170911Amaraku Community Secondary School, Amaraku

4170912Comprehensive Secondary School, Mbeke Osuh Isiala Mbano

4170913Community Secondary School, Osuachara

4170914Okohia Secondary School, Anara

4170915Community Secondary School, Ogbor Ugiri

4170916Umuozu Secondary School, Ugiri Isiala Mbano

4170917Umuneke Secondary School, Umuneke Ugiri

4170918Science And Computer Seminary, Ezihe, Isiala Mbano L.G.A.

4170919Regina Caeli Girls’ Secondary School, Umunachi, Osuama

4170920Saint Theresa’s Secondary School, Obollo, Isiala Mbano

4170921Transfiguration Of Our Lord’s Seminary, Umunkwo Isiala Mbano

4170922St. Paul’s High School, Osu

4170923Santa Crux Academy, Isiala Mbano

4170924Agester Secondary School, Amuzari

4170925St. Stephen’s Secondary School, Oka

4170926Ruco Secondary School, Umunchi

4170927St. Anthony Secondary School, Umunkwo

4170928Holy Trinity Secondary School, Obolio

4171001Secondary Technical School, Amandugba

4171002Amucha Secondary Technical School, Amucha

4171003Girls’ Secondary Technical, Umuaka

4171004Comprehensive Secondary School, Amurie, Omanze

4171005Ekwe Secondary School, Ekwe

4171006Ebenator Ekwe Secondary School, Ekwe Okwuotiri

4171007Isunjaba High School, Isu

4171008Saint Saviour’s Secondary School, Umuaka

4171009Comprehensive Secondary School, Atta

4171010Okwudor Secondary Technical School, Okwudor

4171011Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkume

4171012Isunjaba Comprehensive Secondary School, Isu

4171013Sancta Maria Secondary School, Umuaka

4171014Mater Amabilis Secondary School, Amauju

4171015Sancta Teresa Secondary School, Amurie Omanze

4171016Duruji International Secondary School, Umuaka

4171017Holy Family Secondary School, Umuochara Umundugba

4171018Destiny Model Secondary School, Umuaka

4171101Mbieri Secondary Technical School, Mbieri

4171102Orodo Secondary Technical School, Orodo

4171103Obazu Girls’ Secondary School, Mbieri

4171104Umunoha High School, Mbaitoli

4171105Afara Secondary School, Mbaitoli

4171106Archdeacon Dennis Junior Seminary, Mbieri

4171107Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogwa

4171108Umueze Ogwa Secondary School, Ogwa, Mbaitoli

4171109Ifakala Community Secondary School, Mbaitoli

4171110Ubomiri Girls’ Secondary School, Ubomiri Mbaitoli

4171111Ogbaku Girls’ Secondary School, Ogbaku Mbaitoli

4171112Comprehensive Secondary School, Ubomiri Mbaitoli

4171113Imo State School For The Deaf, Orodo

4171114Obazu Community Secondary School, Mbieri

4171115Girls’ Secondary School, Umueze Ogwa

4171116Community Secondary School, Mbieri

4171117Presentation Secondary School, Ogbaku

4171118Community Secondary School, Eziama Obiato

4171119Umunoha Secondary School, Umunoha Mbaitoli

4171120Anna Memorial Comprehensive Secondary School, Umunjam

4171121Stella Maris Comprehensive Secondary School, Orodo

4171122Umuonyeali Community Secondary School, Mbieri

4171123Bright International Secondary School, Obazumbieri

4171124Girls Secondary School, Ifakala Mbaitoli

4171125Basic Comprehensive Secondary School, Ohohia Mbieri

4171126Excellent Brains Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuezeala-Alakpa, Ala

4171127Christ The King Secondary School, Umuagwu Mbieri

4171128Imperial Secondary School, Ubomiri Mbaitoli

4171129Goodmorning International Secondary School, Orodo

4171130Shammah International Secondary School, Ofekata Orodo

4171201Omuhu Comprehensive Secondary School, Ngor-Okpala

4171202Nguru Umuaro Community Secondary School, Nguru

4171203Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuekwune

4171204Dorothy College, Imerienwe

4171205Tedem College, Imerinwe, Owerri

4171206Umuohiagu Secondary School, Umuohiagu

4171207Owerri Grammar School, Imerienwe

4171208Obube Secondary School, Ulakwo

4171209Ngor-Okpala High School, Umuneke-Ngor

4171210Community Secondary School, Obibiezena

4171211Saint Peter Claver Seminary, Okpala

4171212Amala/Ntu Secondary School, Ngor-Okpala

4171213Secondary Commercial School, Obiangwu

4171214Okpala Secondary School, Okpala

4171215Community Secondary School, Mbato, Ngor-Okpala

4171216Christ The King Secondary School, Obike Ngor-Okpala

4171217Imerienwe Girls’ Secondary School, Ngor-Okpala

4171218Ogbeke-Obibi Secondary School, Obibiezena

4171219Community Secondary School, Orisheze, Ngor-Okpala

4171220Baptist High School, Umuohie Ngor

4171221Logara High School, Ngor Okpala

4171222Rox Secondary School, Umuagu Obike

4171223Handmaids Materdei Gilrs’ Secondary School, Obube

4171224Lumen Christi Girls’ Secondary School, Umuewere, Nguru, Ngor-Okpala

4171225Macrow Secondary School, Okpala

4171226St Carol’s Secondary School, Ulakwo

4171227Relief International Secondary School, Umuokwa Amala

4171228Rapid Comprehensive Secondary School, Umualum, Ngor, Ngor-Okpala

4171229Obecs Ideal Comprehensive Secondary School, Imerienwe

4171230Kings High School, Eziama. Ngor-Okpala

4171231New Era Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuoye-Imerienwe

4171232St. Mary’s International Secondary School, Elelem Ngor Okpala

4171233Kings Classic High School, Alatia Amala

4171234Umuneke Comprehensive Secondary School,Ulakwo-Umuneke

4171301Saint Augustine’s Grammar School, Nkwerre

4171302St. Catherine’s Girls’ Secondary School, Nkwerre

4171303Community Secondary School, Abajah

4171304King Jaja High School, Amaigbo

4171305Comprehensive Secondary School, Eziama Obaire

4171306Isu High School, Isu

4171307Dick Tiger Memorial Secondary School, Amaigbo

4171308Owerre-Nkwoji Secondary School, Owerre Nkowrji

4171309Nkwerre High School, Nkwerre

4171310Community High School, Abba

4171311Community Secondary School, Amaokpara

4171312Isu Girls’ Secondary School, Isu

4171313St. Gregory’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Amaigbo

4171314Jesus The Way Secondary School, Agbaja

4171315Living Word Academy Secondary School, Nkwere

4171316St. Monica’s International Secondary School, Nkwerre

4171317St. Paul’s Secondary School, Nkwerre

4171401Ehunnachi Comprehensive Secondary School, Obowo

4171402Saint Margaret’s Convent, Umuariam Obowo

4171403Community Secondary School, Ikenanzizi

4171404Girls’ Secondary School, Ikenanzizi

4171405Avutu Secondary Technical School, Avutu

4171406Okenalogho Secondary Technical School, Okenalogho-Obowo

4171407Secondary Technical School, Umuariam Obowo

4171408Secondary Commercial School, Achara

4171409Community Secondary School, Okwuohia Obowo

4171410Comprehensive Secondary School, Amanze Obowo

4171411Saint Theresa’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikenanzizi, Obowo

4171412Holy Family Secondary School, Odenkume Obowo

4171413Sacred Heart Secondary Technical College, Amuzi

4171414St. Maria Goretti Catholic Secondary School, Umulogho

4171415Prince & Princess Academy, Obowo

4171416Susanchris Model Secondary School, Umuariam, Obowa

4171417Sure Foundation Model Secondary School, Auutu

4171418Hrh Eze E. Nkwo Comprehensive Secondary School, Umualoma Okwunaezigwe

4171501Priscilla Memorial Secondary School, Oguta

4171502Agwa Secondary School, Agwa

4171503Ejemekwuru/Akabor Secondary School, Ejemekwuru

4171504Oguta Girls’ High School, Oguta

4171505Trinity High School, Oguta

4171506Saint Michael’s Secondary School, Orsu-Ododo

4171507Izombe Secondary Commercial School, Izombe

4171508Egbuoma Secondary School, Egbuoma

4171509Community Secondary School, Awa Oguta

4171510Obiako Memorial Secondary School, Oguta

4171511Eziorsu Community Secondary School, Ezioru

4171601Ezinachi Community Secondary School, Okigwe

4171602Community Boys’ Secondary School, Okwe

4171603Okwelle Community Secondary School, Okwelle

4171604Umulolo High School, Okigwe

4171605Community Secondary School, Umuduru Egbeaguru

4171606Saint Peter’s Seminary School, Okigwe

4171607Okigwe National Secondary School, Umuna Okigwe

4171608Queen Of The Apostles Secondary Technical School, Okigwe

4171609Methodist College, Ihube

4171610Girls’ Secondary School, Okigwe

4171611Federal Government College, Okigwe

4171612Boys’ Secondary School, Umulolo Okigwe

4171613Girls’ Secondary School, Umucheke-Okwe

4171614Agbobu Community Secondary School, Okigwe

4171615Girls’ Secondary School, Ihube, Okigwe

4171616Urban Secondary School, Ubaha, Okigwe

4171617Queen Of The Apostles Girls’ Secondary Technical School, Okigwe

4171618Thomas Birch Freeman Memorial Seminary, Ugwaku-Okigwe

4171619City College, Okigwe

4171620Umuowa-Ibu Technical Secondary School, Okigwe

4171621Community Secondary School, Okigwe

4171622Aku Community Secondary School, Okigwe

4171623Marshall Secondary Commercial College, Okigwe

4171624Christ Academy Secondary School, Amuro, Okigwe

4171625The Lord’s Foundation Pilgrims Academy, Okigwe

4171626Mater Dei Secondary School Arondizuogu

4171627Regina Caeli Secondary Technical School, Umuduru Egbeaguru

4171628Anglican Secondary School, Okigwe

4171629Marianna College, Okigwe

4171630De-Milleninuim International High School, Umuna Okigwe

4171631Holy Family Secondary Technical School, Umulolo, Okigwe

4171632Bethel Comprehensive Academy, Ihube

4171633All Saints Model Secondary Technical School, Ugwuaku, Okigwe

4171634Christ The King Grammar School, Ubahu Okigwe

4171701Obosima Technical Secondary School, Ohaji

4171702Ununwaku Secondary School, Ohaji

4171703Ohoba Comprehensive Secondary School, Ohaji

4171704Umuokanne Comprehensive Secondary School, Ohaji

4171705Ohaji High School, Mgbirichi

4171706Egbema Secondary School, Egbema

4171707Secondary Commercial School, Assa

4171708Community Secondary School, Awara, Ohaji

4171709Umuapu Secondary School, Umuapu Ohaji

4171710Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Mgbirichi

4171711Mmahu Secondary School, Mmahu

4171712(Crm) International College, Mgbirichi

4171714Divine Secondary School, Umuapu, Ohaji

4171715Divine Achievers Secondary School, Ohuoba Ohaji

4171716Umudike Comprehensive Secondary School, Umudike Ii Egbema

4171801Bishop Shanahan College, Orlu

4171802Ogberuru Secondary School, Ogberuru, Orlu

4171803Township Comprehensive Secondary School, Amaifeke

4171804Saint Mary’s Seminary, Umuowa

4171805Community Secondary School, Umuna Orlu

4171806Green Uzo Comprehensive College, Ihioma

4171807Holy Rosary Secondary School, Ihioma

4171808Urban Secondary School, Umuna, Orlu

4171809Eziachi Secondary School, Eziachi

4171810Secondary Technical School, Umuowa

4171811Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuzike

4171812Girls’ Secondary School, Orlu

4171813Community Secondary School, Obinugwu, Ihitte-Owerri

4171814Saint Maria Goretti Girls’ Secondary School, Umudioka

4171815Ojike Memorial Secondary School, Orlu

4171816Community Secondary School, Mgbee, Orlu

4171817Community Secondary School, Owerre Ebeiri

4171818International Secondary School (i.s.s.), Owere-Ebeire, Orlu

4171819Umeze Community Secondary School, Amike

4171820Bishop Samuel Ebo Secondary School, Amaifeke, Orlu

4171821Twins Comprehensive Secondary School, Amaifeke

4171822Shammah Model Secondary School, Umuna

4171823St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Umuna

4171824Comprehensive Secondary School, Umutanze Orlu

4171825Evangel Secondary School, Okporo

4171826St. Charles Lwanga Modern Secondary School, Eziachi

4171827Father Courtney Memorial Secondary School, Ihioma Orlu

4171901Orsu Ihitte-Ukwa Secondary School, Orsu Ihitte-Ukwa

4171902Girls’ Secondary School, Awoidemili

4171903Ihette Owerri Secondary School, Orlu

4171904Umuhu Okabia Secondary School, Orlu

4171905Community Secondary School, Awoidemili

4171906Ihitenansa Secondary School, Ihitenansa

4171907Amanachi Secondary Commercial School, Amanachi

4171908Comprehensive Secondary School, Eziawa

4171909Trinity Convent, Orsuihitte-Ukwa

4171910St. Joseph Ambrosia Secondary School, Umuhu Okabia

4171911Sacred Heart International Secondary School, Orsu, Ihitte Ukwa

4171912Ambassador International Secondary School, Umuhu Okabia

4171913Sacred Heart Secondary School, Amaruru

4171914Holy Ghost International Secondary School, Ihitenansa Orsu

4171915Epiphany Secondary School, Awo Idemili

4172001Omuma Secondary Technical School, Omuma Mgbidi

4172002Amiri Secondary School, Amiri

4172003Umuorji Girls’ Secondary School, Mgbidi

4172004Akata Secondary School, Akata

4172005Akuma Secondary School, Akuma

4172006Nempi Secondary School, Nempi

4172007Comprehensive Secondary School, Ozara

4172008Comprehensive Secondary School, Awo-Omamma

4172009Mgbidi Secondary School, Mgbidi

4172010Secondary Technical School, Awo-Omamma

4172011Ubogwu Secondary Commercial School, Awo-Omamma

4172012Amiri Girls’ Secondary School, Amiri

4172013Comprehensive Secondary School, Ubulu

4172014Ohakpu Secondary Commercial School, Ohakpu

4172015Otulu Secondary Commercial School, Oru

4172016Uchenna Secondary School, Awo-Omamma

4172017Logos International Secondary School, Awo-Omamma

4172018Benjamin Franklin College, Awo-Omamma

4172019Divine Secondary School, Awo-Omamma

4172020St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Mgbidi

4172021Comprehensive Secondary School, Ibiasoegbe

4172022Marianum Academy, Aji

4172023St. Gregory’s College, Amiri

4172024St. Patrick’s College, Awo Omama

4172025Chosen International Secondary School, Umuguma Village Mgbidi

4172026Logos Girls’ International Secondary School, Awo-Omamma

4172027Ononuju Foundation Secondary School, Aji, Oru West

4172028St. Linus’ Secondary School, Awo-Omamma

4172029Emezie Memorial Grammar School, Oru West

4172030Cybern Comprehensive Secondary School, Ubogwu, Awo Omama

4172031Holy Trinity Secondary School, Omuma

4172032Achievers Model Secondary School, Aji

4172101Girls’ Secondary School, Akwakuma

4172102Uratta Secondary School, Uratta

4172103Ihiagwa Secondary School, Ihiagwa

4172104Ara Secondary School, Ara, Owerri

4172105Naze Secondary School, Naze

4172106Nekede Secondary School, Nekede, Owerri

4172107Irete Secondary Technical School, Owerri

4172108Comprehensive Secondary School, Avu

4172109Community Secondary School, Orogwe

4172110Comprehensive Secondary School, Emeabiam

4172111Bishop Lasbery Girls’ Secondary School, Irete

4172112Government Secondary School, Owerri

4172113Holy Ghost College, Owerri

4172114Owerri Girls’ Secondary School, Owerri

4172115Emmanuel College, Owerri

4172116Egbu Girls’ Secondary School, Owerri

4172117Azaraegbelu Secondary School, Emekuku

4172118Comprehensive Secondary School, Emekuku

4172119Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Egbu

4172120Our Lady Of Mount Carmel College, Emekuku

4172121Federal Government Girls’ College, Owerri

4172122Community Secondary School, Emekuku

4172123Comprehensive Secondary School, Obinze

4172124Emii Secondary Technical School, Emii Owerri

4172125Army Day Secondary School, Obinze

4172126Ndegwu Secondary School, Umunwoha

4172127Oforola Community Secondary School, Oforola

4172128Emekuku High School, Emekuku-Owerri

4172129Assemblies Of God Bethel Seminary, Nekede

4172130Eziobodo Secondary Technical School, Eziobodo

4172131Amakohia-Ubi Secondary School, Amakohia-Ubi

4172132Premier Secondary School, Orji

4172133Urban Development Secondary School, New Owerri

4172134Boys’ Secondary School, New Owerri

4172135Girls’ Secondary School, Ikenegbu

4172136Comprehensive Development Secondary School, Owerri

4172137Alvana Model Secondary School, Owerri

4172138Compehensive Secondary School, Amakohia-Uratta

4172139Archdeacon Dennis Foundation International Boys’ Secondary School, Egbu

4172140Casita Maria Girls’ Secondary School, Emekuku

4172141Madonna Model Secondary School, Works Layout, Owerri

4172142Saint Paul’s International Boys’ Secondary School, Owerri

4172143Methodist High School, Ikenagbu

4172144Comprehensive Secondary School, Agbala

4172145H.H.C.J. Assumpta Girls’ Model Secondary School, Prefab Owerri

4172146Father Cloonan Memorial Secondary School, Emekuku

4172147Rochas Foundation Secondary School, Owerri

4172148Holy Rosary International College, Owerri, Owerri East

4172149Holy Cross Catholic Academy, Emii, Owerri North

4172150Christian Child Care Secondary School, Umuoba Uratta

4172151Calvary International Secondary School, Orji

4172152Eternal Word Christian Secondary School International, Umudibia, Nekede

4172153Claret Academy Secondary School, Area ” A” World Bank Owerri

4172154Genuis International Secondary School, Nekede, Owerri

4172155Catholic College Of Immaculate Heart Of Mary, Orji- Owerri

4172156Baptist High School, Wetheral Road, Owerri

4172157Lighthouse Start Right High School, Aladinma, Owerri

4172158Futo Int’l Secondary School, Owerri

4172159Pac College, Egbeada, Owerri

4172160Development Secondary School, Mbaoma Owerri

4172161New Laetare High School, Akwakuma, Owerri

4172162Christ The King International Anglican Academy, Owerri

4172163Domino International Secondary School, Owerri

4172164Ss. Mary & Joseph Secondary School, Umualum, Nekede

4180101Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Babura

4180102Government Day Secondary School, Babura

4180103Government Day Secondary School, K/Babba

4180104Government Day Secondary School, Jigawa

4180105Government Day Secondary School, Garun Gudinya

4180201Government College, B/kudu

4180202Government Day Secondary School, Wurno

4180203Government Day Secondary School, Sara

4180204Government Day Secondary School, Sundumina

4180205Government Day Secondary School, Y/Damai

4180206Government Senior Secondary School, Birnin Kudu

4180301Senior Government Girls’ Arabic Senior Secondary School, Birniwa

4180302Government Day Secondary School, Birniwa

4180303Government Day Secondary School, Diginsa

4180401Government Secondary Commercial School, Dutse

4180402Dutse Model International Secondary School

4180403Government Day Senior Secondary School, G/Dutse

4180404Government Day Senior Secondary School. Galamawa

4180405Government Girls Day Secondary School, Dutse

4180406Salem Group Of Schools, Dutse Jigawa

4180407Dutse Capital School, Dutse

4180501Government Girls’ Secondary School, Garki

4180502Government Day Secondary School, Garki

4180503Government Day Secondary School, Doko

4180601Science Secondary School, Lautai Gumel

4180602Government Day Secondary School, Gumel

4180603Government Day Secondary School, Danladi

4180604Government Day Secondary School, Dantanoma

4180701Government Secondary School, Basirka

4180702Government Gilrs’ Secondary School, Gwaram

4180703Government Day Secondary School, T/Gwaram

4180704Government Day Secondary School, Galambi

4180705Government Day Secondary School, Fagam

4180706Government Day Secondary School, Maruta

4180707Government Day Secondary School, Kila

4180801Government Secondary School, Hadejia

4180802Government Secondary School, Wunti Hadejia

4180803School For Arabic And Islamic Studies, Hadejia

4180804May Excellence International College, Hadejia

4180805Government Day Secondary School, A. Y. Hadejia

4180806Government Day Secondary School, F/G, Hadejia

4180807Government Science Technical College, Hadejia

4180808Maje Comprehensive High School, Hadejia

4180809Government Day Arabic Secondary School, Sambo Hadejia

4180810Usman Bn Affan Islamiya Senior Secondary School, Hadejia

4180901Government Secondary School, Aujara

4180902Girls’ Science Secondary School, Jahun

4180903Government Day Arabic Secondary School, Jahun

4180904Government Day Secondary School Kale

4180905Government Day Secondary School, Harbo

4180906Government Day Secondary School, Gunka

4180907Government Secondary School, Jahun

4181001Science Secondary School, Kafin-Hausa

4181002Government Day Secondary School, K/Hausa

4181003Government Day Secondary School, Balangu

4181004Government Day Secondary School, Sarawa

4181005Government Day Secondary School, Sabon Gida

4181006Government Day Secondary School Jabo

4181101Government Girls’ Arabic Senior Secondary School, Kaugama

4181102Government Day Secondary School, Kaugama

4181103Government Day A Secondary School, M/Yalleman

4181104Government Day Secondary School, Dakaiyawa

4181105Government Day Secondary School, Marke

4181201Federal Government Girls’ College, Kazaure

4181202Government Secondary School, Kazaure

4181203Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kazaure

4181301Government Secondary School, Maigatari

4181401Government Secondary School, Malam Madori

4181402Government Girls’ Secondary School, Malam Madori

4181403Government Day Secondary School, Garungabas

4181501Government Secondary School, Ringim

4181502Government Day Secondary School, Ringim

4181503Government Day Secondary School, Sankara

4181504Government Day Secondary School, Dabi

4181505Government Day Secondary School, Yandutse

4181601Government Secondary School, Roni

4181602Computer Girls Secondary School, Roni

4181603Government Day Secondary School, Amaryawa

4181701Government Girls’ Secondary School, Sule Tankarkar

4181702Government Girls’ Secondary School, Danzomo

4181703Government Day Secondary School, S/Tankarkar

4181704Government Day Secondary School, Danzomo

4181801Girls’ Science Secondary School, Taura

4181802Government Secondary School, Taura

4181803Government Day Secondary School, Kwalam

4181804Government Day Secondary School, Majiya

4181805Government Day Secondary School, Maje

4181806Gdss, Kiri

4181901Federal Government College, Kiyawa

4181902Government Day Secondary School, Kiyawa

4181903Government Day Secondary School, Katanga

4181904Government Day Secondary School, Mabobi

4181905Government Day Secondary School, Andaza

4181906Government Day Secondary School, Shuwarin

4182001Government Day Secondary School, Kiri Kasamma

4182002Government Day Secondary School, Turabu

4182101Government Day Secondary School, Karkarma

4182102Government Day Secondary School, Firji

4182201Government Day Secondary School, Y/Tukur

4182202Government Secondary School, Gantsa

4182301Government Day Secondary School, Gagarawa

4182302Government Day Secondary School, Medu

4182401Government Day Secondary School, Auyo

4182402Government Day Secondary School, Auyokayi

4182501Government Day Secondary School, Guri

4182601Government Day Secondary School, Gwiwa

4182602Government Day Secondary School, Korayal

4182701Government Day Secondary School, Tsakuwawa

4190101Government Secondary School, Birnin Gwari

4190102Science Secondary School, Birnin-Gwari

4190103Government Secondary School, Randagi

4190104Government Secondary School, Kuyelo

4190105Government Secondary School, Dogon Dawa

4190106Government Girls’ Secondary School, B/ Gwari Kaduna

4190107Government Secondary School, Kakangi

4190201Government Secondary School, Sabon Tasha

4190202Government Secondary School, Gwagwada

4190203Government Secondary School, Udawa

4190204Command Secondary School, Kaduna

4190205Our Lady Of Fatima Girls’ Secondary School, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna

4190206BEC International College, Barnawa, Kaduna

4190207Christ Ambassadors College, Kaduna

4190208Newbreed Secondary School, Kaduna

4190209Joy International College, Kaduna

4190210Baptist Model High School, Kaduna

4190211Dabo Secondary School, Kaduna

4190212Finpat International School, Kaduna

4190213Queency International School, Kaduna

4190214Oxford International School, Kaduna

4190215Imperial School, Kaduna

4190216Ecwa Christian Academy, Kaduna

4190217Yisheng School, Ungwar Sunday

4190218Adieze Brains Secondary School, Ungwam-Pama

4190219Hope Comprehensive Secondary School, Ungwan Romi

4190220Goodwill Schools U/yelwa, Kaduna

4190221Gracious International Secondary School, Ugwan Romi, Kaduna

4190222Cross High School U/Pama, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna

4190223Government Secondary School, Nassarawa

4190224Classical International Secondary School, Ungwar Romi, Kaduna

4190225Victory Secondary School, Ungwar Yelwa, Kaduna

4190226Fradapal El-Shaddai Secondary School, Sabo Tasha, Kaduna

4190227Zika’s Destiny International Schools, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna

4190228Milton College Of Arts & Science Mahuta Hills, Kaduna

4190229Majac International School, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna

4190230Government Secondary School, Narayi, Kaduna

4190231Government Secondary School, Kujama

4190232Filkom Secondary School, Ungwar Boro, Kaduna

4190233Progress High School, Narayi

4190234Bethel Comprehensive School, Ungwan Yelwa, Kaduna

4190235Lapan College, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna

4190236Ammega Model College, Gonin-Gora, Kaduna

4190237Great Model Academy, Trikania, Kaduna

4190238Prelude Comprehensive College, Kujama

4190239Government Secondary School, Ungwar Romi, Kaduna

4190240Kudansa Academy, Maraba Rido

4190241Divine Secondary School, Ungwan Romi, Kaduna

4190242Blessun Academy Secondary School, U/Boro, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna

4190243Harmony International School, U/Romi Kaduna

4190244Pettella Secondary School, U/Romi Kaduna

4190246Blessed Secondary School, Ungwar Yelwa Kaduna

4190247Rowlet School, Gony- Gora Kaduna

4190248Truth And Life Model College, Kaduna

4190249Government Secondary School, Kudenda, Kaduna

4190250Excel Modern Integrated Schools, U/ Makama, Kaduna

4190251Maranatha College, Trikania, Kaduna

4190252Victory International Schools,Gonin-Gora, Kaduna

4190253Mission Academy International School, Kaduna

4190254Government Secondary School, Maraban Rido, Kaduna

4190255Jesam School International, U/Boro

4190256Demonstration College, Ungwan Pama

4190257Redeemed Desteve Royal School, Kaduna

4190258First Royal International School, Kudenda-Kaduna

4190259Trinity Academy International College, Nassarawa

4190260Engravers’ College, Kakau-Daji, Kaduna

4190261Joyce Standard Academy, Sabon-Tasha, Kaduna

4190262Fezon International School, Kaduna

4190263Government Secondary School, Sabon Gaya, Kaduna

4190264Bright International Group Of Schools, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna

4190265Elija Paradise Academy, Kudenda, Kaduna

4190266City Comprehensive Academy, Kujama

4190267Divine Providence International School, Kaduna

4190268Damtek International School, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna

4190301Government Secondary School, Yakawada

4190302Government Secondary School, Shika Zaria

4190303Dr. Shehu Lawal Girls’ Secondary School, Giwa, Zaria

4190304Zaria Academy, Shika

4190305Mallam Abdulkarim Islamic Science School, Giwa

4190401Government Secondary School, Rigachikun

4190402Government Secondary School, Jaji

4190403Government Secondary School, Turunku

4190404Grays’ International College Of Science Management & Information Technology, Kaduna

4190405Anny Secondary School, Rigasa, Kaduna

4190406All Saints’ International College, Kaduna

4190407Best Start Comprehensive College, Mando

4190408Government Secondary School, Birni Yero, Kaduna

4190409Armed Forces Command & Staff College Day Secondary School, Jaji

4190410Nigerian Turkish International Colleges, Kaduna

4190411Amana International School, Rigasa

4190412Government Secondary School, Katari

4190413Iman International School, Kaduna

4190414Kings Comprehensive College, Mando, Kaduna

4190415Vision International School, Mando, Kaduna

4190416Government Secondary School, Sabo Afaka, Mando, Kaduna

4190417Government Secondary School, Rigasa (Snr) Rigasa, Kaduna

4190418Gibeon International School, Afaka Mando, Kaduna

4190419Government Secondary School. Zangonaya

4190420Sally International Academy, Rigasa, Kaduna

4190421Iqrah Academy International School, Rigasa, Kaduna

4190422Febol School, Mando, Kaduna

4190423Kaduna Grammar School, Kaduna

4190501Government Secondary School, Ikara

4190502Science Secondary School, Ikara

4190601Government Secondary School, Ngarshang-Kwoi

4190602Girls’ Science School, Kwoi

4190603Government Secondary School, Kuryas

4190604Government Secondary School, Ankung

4190605Baptist High School, Kwoi

4190606Government Secondary School, Nok

4190607Government Secondary School, Fai

4190608Ecwa Christian Academy, Kwoi

4190609Government Secondary School, Sab-Zuro, Kwoi

4190610Government Secondary School, Bello Fushi Chori

4190701Government Secondary School, Fadan Kagoma

4190702Government Secondary School, Kafanchan

4190703Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kafanchan

4190704Anglican Junior Seminary, Kafanchan

4190705Government Secondary School, Zikpak, Kafanchan

4190706Government Secondary School,Unguwar Mai-lafiya

4190707Na-Kowa College, Kafanchan

4190708Government Secondary School, Bakin Kogi, Kaninkon

4190709Government Secondary School, Ugwar Fari, Kaninkon

4190710St. Peter’s Claver’s Creative Mind Secondary School, Kafanchan

4190711Government Secondary School, Gidan Waya

4190712Baptist Science Academy, Kafanchan

4190713Government Secondary School, Barde

4190714Federal Science & Technical College. Kafanchan

4190715Government Secondary School, Kyayya

4190716All Saints Model College, Kafanchan

4190801Government Secondary School, Kurmin-Musa

4190802Government Secondary School, Jaban Kogo

4190803Government Secondary School, Awon

4190804Government Secondary School, Kachia

4190805St. Peter’s Minor Seminary, Katari

4190806Government Secondary School, Gumel Kachia

4190807Government Secondary School, Yarbung

4190808Government Secondary School, Sabon Sarki

4190809St. John’s Secondary School, Kachia

4190810Government Secondary School, Nasa, Kachia

4190811Government Secondary School, Kurmin Sara

4190812Government Secondary School, Doka-Ngimah

4190813Ecwa Secondary School, Kurmin Gyada

4190814Government Secondary School, Bishini

4190815Government Secondary School, Koron Tsohuwa, Kaduna

4190816Government Secondary School, Kurmin Jatau, Kachia

4190901Rimi College, Kaduna

4190902Government Secondary School, Unguwarsarki

4190903Kaduna Capital School, Kaduna

4190904Dalet Girls’ Secondary School, Kawo Kaduna

4190905Airforce Secondary School, Kaduna

4190906Essence International School, Kaduna

4190907Labayi International School, Kaduna

4190908Government College, Kaduna

4190909Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kawo, Kaduna

4190910Sardauna Memorial College, Kaduna

4190911Federal Government College, Kaduna

4190912Government Girls’ Secondary School, Tafawa Balewa Way, Kaduna

4190913Government Secondary School, Kawo, Kaduna

4190914Government Girls’ Secondary School, Independence Way, Kaduna

4190915Betty Queen International School, Kaduna

4190916Zamani College, Kaduna

4190917Clara Secondary School, Kaduna

4190918Uncle Bado Memorial College, Kaduna

4190919Jam’iyyar Matan Arewa Premier Secondary School, Kaduna

4190920Bethel Baptist High School, Kaduna

4190921Prince College, Kaduna

4190922Command Day Secondary School, Kaduna

4190923Government Girls Secondary School, Doka, Kaduna

4190924Chloe Heights International School, Kaduna

4190925Christ High School, Mando, Kaduna

4190926The Corinthian International Secondary School, Kaduna

4190927Ansar-Ud-Deen College, Kaduna

4190928Adeyemo College Of Arts & Science, Kaduna

4190929Saint Michael’s Anglican Diocesan College, Kaduna

4190930Saint Patrick’s Secondary School, Kawo, Kaduna

4190931Talents International School, Kawo, Kaduna

4190932Fellowship Baptist High School, Kawo, Kaduna

4190933Nawair-Ud-Deen Model College, Kaduna

4190934Scintillate International Secondary School, Ungwan Dosa

41909352Nd Ecwa Secondary School, Kaduna

4190936Nigeria Defence Academy Staff Secondary School, Kaduna

4190937Universal Academy Secondary School, Ungwan Rimi, Kaduna

4190938Lousiana Deprince Academy, Kaduna

4190939Jamal Secondary School, Kaduna

4190940Chrisdom Secondary School, Kaduna

4190941Salvation International School, Unguwan Mu Azu, Kaduna

4190942Time Schools, Badarawa-Kaduna

4190943Standard Foundation School, Kaduna

4190944T.& T. Schools Kaduna

4190945Faith Academy (College) Sabon Tasha, Kaduna

4190946Kaduna Science Academy, Kaduna

4190947Beijing International School, Kawo New Extension, Kaduna

4190948Ehcowas Discovery Academy, Hayin Banki, Kaduna

4190949Hampos College, Kaduna

4190950Al-Manar Academy, Gra, Kaduna

4190951Destiny College, Malali, Kaduna

4190952Sheik Abdullahi Gwandu College, Kaduna

4190953Dariq International School, Kaduna

4190954Albayan Standard College, Kaduna

4190955Legacy Schools U/Rimi, Kaduna

4190956Nuruddinil Islamee Society School, Malali, Kaduna

4190957De Victory International Schools, Kaduna

4190958Government Secondary School, Rafin Guza

4190959College Of Immaculate Conception, Hayin Banki, Kaduna

4190960Future Leaders International School, Kaduna

4190961Christ Anglican Church School, Kaduna

4190962Rare Gem Academy, Kaduna

4191001Government Secondary School, Kakuri

4191002Government Girls’ Secondary School, Tudun Wada, Kaduna

4191003Government Girls’ Secondary School, Barnawa

4191004Queen Amina College, Kakuri Kaduna

4191005Abubakar Gumi College, Kaduna

4191006Hawad International School, Barnawa, Kaduna

4191007Model International School, Kaduna

4191008Wilson College, Kaduna

4191009Immaculate International School, Kaduna

4191010Challawa Secondary School, Kaduna

4191011Jinie College, Kaduna

4191012Hope Secondary School, Kaduna

4191013Trinity International College, Kaduna

4191014Danbo International College, Kaduna

4191015Supreme International College, Kaduna

4191016Hanat College International, Rigasa, Kaduna

4191017Piety High School, Kaduna

4191018Jupavi International Secondary School, Television, Kaduna

4191019Ecwa Secondary School, Barnawa, Kaduna

4191020Challenge International College, Kaduna

4191021Gaskiya Skills International School, Barnawa, Kaduna

4191022Comprehensive College, Kaduna

4191023Heyik Secondary School, Kakuri, Kaduna

4191024Netherlands International Schools, Kaduna

4191025Government Girls’ Secondary School, Ungwar-Mu’azu, Kaduna

4191026Victory Academy, Kakuri, Kaduna

4191027Umar Bin Khattab Model Secondary School, Kaduna

4191028Medi School, Kaduna

4191029Bilkisu International Secondary School, Barnawa, Kaduna

4191030Kaduna Polytechnic Demonstration Secondary School, Kaduna

4191031Brainstrust College, Kaduna

4191032Joy Secondary School, Tundun Wada, Kaduna

4191033Excel Universal College, Kaduna

4191034Simtalex Secondary School, Kaduna

4191035Christ Comprehensive School, Kaduna

4191036Blessed Academy, Kabala West, Kaduna

4191037Mameena Memorial Secondary School, Tudun-Wada

4191038Government Secondary School, Kargi road, Tundun-Wada, Kaduna

4191039Oore-Ofe Baptist Church School, Tundun Wada, Kaduna

4191040United Secondary School, Kurmin Mashi

4191041Aunt Nica’s Secondary School, Tudun Wada

4191042Panaf Secondary School, Barnawa

4191043Our Saviour International School, Kakuri, Kaduna

4191044Garkuwa Secondary School, Television, Kaduna

4191045Daystar Christian Academy, Kaduna

4191046Pet International School, Trikania, Kaduna

4191047Barnawa Baptist High School, Barnawa, Kaduna

41910482Nd Ecwa Secondary School, Kakuri, Kaduna

4191049Christ Supreme Academy, Kakuri, Kaduna

4191050Mascot Academy, Kaduna

4191051Seeds International School, Kakuri Kaduna

4191052Henas International School, Kakuri Kaduna

4191053Dec International School, Adamu Yaro Road, Kaduna

4191054Priestly School, New Ext. U/ Romi Kaduna

4191055Funmi Schools Barnawa Kaduna

4191056Abumutali International Model School, Tudun Wada, Kaduna

4191057Focus Academy Kabala West, Kaduna

4191058Classical International Model School, Tudun Wada, Kaduna

4191059Al-Aleem Academy, Kaduna

4191060Arewa Model School, Kaduna

4191061Metropolitan Comprehensive College, Kurmi Mashi, Kaduna

4191062Armstrong International School, Kaduna

4191063Evat Model Secondary School, Badiko Kaduna

4191064New Era Model College, Kaduna

4191065Metropolitan Schools, Kawo

4191066Dr Ahmed Mohammed Makafi Government Secondary Schools, Hayin Banki, Kaduna

4191067Bintalya International School, Kaduna

4191068Newbreed Academy, Tudun Wada, Kaduna

4191069Prestige International School, Tudun Wada, Kaduna

4191070Scabed International Schools, U/Romi, Kaduna

4191071Hassana Memorial School, Kaduna

4191072Hamash International School, Kabala-West, Kaduna

4191073Jola Wisdom Standard School, Kabala West, Kaduna

4191074St. Anne’s Secondary School, Kakuri, Kaduna

4191075St. Matthew’s Secondary School, Television , Kaduna

4191076Government Secondary School, Television Road, Kaduna

4191077First Zenith International Model School, Makera, Kaduna

4191101Government Secondary School, Iddah

4191102Government Secondary School, Kenyi

4191103Government Secondary School, Jere

4191104Government Secondary School, Kagarko

4191105Government Secondary School, Kubacha

4191106Government Secondary School, Dogon-Kurmi Kabacha

4191107Government Secondary School, Katugal

4191108Government Secondary School, Kurmin Dangana

4191109Government Secondary School, Kukui

4191110Government Secondary School, Kushe Makaranta

4191111Government Secondary School, Dullu Tafa

4191112Government Secondary School, Kuratam

4191113Government Secondary School, Kwaturu

4191201Government Secondary School, Kufana

4191202Government Secondary School, Kasuwan Magani

4191203Government Secondary School, Kajuru

4191204Government Secondary School, Tudun Mare

4191205Government Secondary School, Idon, Kaduna State

4191301Government Secondary School, Fadan Attarkar

4191302Government Secondary School, Manchok

4191303Government College, Kagoro

4191304Government Secondary School, Kagoro

4191305Government Secondary School, Bondon

4191306Government Secondary School, Mallagum, Kagoro

4191307Govt Secondary School, Kadarko-Kagoro, Kaduna

4191308Government Secondary School, Kukum Daji

4191401Government Secondary School, Kauru

4191402Government Secondary School, Kwassam

4191403Government Secondary School, Dandaura

4191404Govt. Sec. School, Galadimawa

4191501Government Secondary School, Pambegua

4191502Government Secondary School, Damau

4191503Government Secondary School, Anchau Takalafiya

4191504Government Girls’ Secondary School, Mararraban, Kubau

4191505Government Secondary School, Dutse-Wai

4191506Government Secondary School, Zuntu

4191507Government Secondary School, Kangi

4191508Government Secondary School, Kubau, Kaduna

4191601Government Secondary School, Kudan

4191602Government Secondary School, Hunkuyi, Zaria

4191603Government Secondary School, Likoro-Zaria

4191701Government Secondary School, Saminaka

4191702Government Secondary School, Gure

4191703Government Secondary School, Yarkasuwa

4191704Government Secondary School, Kono

4191705Government Secondary School, Lere

4191706Government Secondary School, Damakasuwa

4191707Governement College, Saminaka

4191708Government Secondary School, Kahugu

4191709Girls’ College Of the Beatitudes, Saminaka

4191710Government Secondary School, Kayarda

4191711Government Secondary School, Garun Kurama

4191712Government Secondary School, Ramin Kura

4191713International Science & Technical College, Saminaka

4191714Shalom Comprehensive College, Saminaka

4191715Government Secondary School, Dan Alhaji

4191801Government Secondary School, Mayere

4191802Government Secondary School, Makarfi

4191803Government Commercial College, Makarfi

4191804Government Secondary School, Nasarawan Doya

4191805Government Secondary School, Gubuchi

4191901Government Girls’ Secondary School, Samaru, Zaria

4191902Demonstration Secondary School, Abu, Zaria

4191903Government Secondary School, Chindit Barracks, Zaria

4191904Saint Joseph Seminary, Zaria

4191905Government Girls’ Secondary School, Dogon-Bauchi

4191906Government Secondary School, Bomo, Zaria

4191907Nigeria Military School, Zaria

4191908Government Commercial College, Zaria

4191909Federal Government Girls’ College, Zaria

4191910Therbow Secondary School, Zaria

4191911God’s Time Comprehensive Secondary School, Samaru-Zaria

4191912Buks International Secondary School, Zaria

4191913Government Secondary School, Basawa, Zaria

4191914Williams School, Zaria

4191915First Baptist High School, Sabon-Garri, Zaria

4191916Model Secondary School, Islamic Trust Of Nigeria, Zango-Shamu, Zaria

4191917Redemption College, Samaru, Zaria

4191918Life Line Academy Samaru, Zaria

4191919Aminu Government Secondary School, Sabon Gari, Zaria

4191920Dagama’s Legacy Secondary School, Zaria

4191921Christian Teaching Centre Academy, Zaria

4191922Great Hallmark International School, Sabon Gari, Zaria

4191923Premier High School, Gra, Zaria

4191924Destiny International School, Zaria

4191925Basic Secondary School, Tudun Wada, Zaria

4191926Golden Height Comprehensive School, Jushi Waje Zaria

4191927Abu Hurayrah International College, Zaria

4191928Gipat Inter Continental College, Zaria

4191929Victory Secondary School, Zaria.

4191930Knowledge Is Power Secondary School, Zaria

4191931Judy School, Sabon Gari, Zaria

4191932Christ College, Layin Zomo, Zaria

4191933Ibrahim Bello Memorial College, Zaria

4192001Government Secondary School, Gwantu

4192002Government Secondary School, Godo-Godo

4192003Nag Community Secondary School, Randa

4192004Government Secondary School, Fadan Wate

4192005Government Secondary School, Mayir

4192006Government Secondary School, Asso

4192007Government Secondary School, Jagindi Tasha

4192008Government Secondary School, Fadan Ayu

4192009Ecwa Secondary School, Fandan Karshi

4192010Government Secondary School,Wasa Station, Kaduna

4192011Government Secondary School, Sabongida

4192012Government Secondary School, Gbonkok Arak

4192013Government Secondary School, Fadan, Karshi

4192101Government Secondary School, Tundun Saibu

4192102Girls’ Science School, Soba

4192103Government Secondary Technical School, Soba, Zaria

4192104Government Secondary School, Soba

4192105Government Secondary School, Gamagira

4192201Government Secondary School, Zango Kataf

4192202Government Secondary School, Ungwar Rimi Kaje

4192203Government Girls’ College, Zonkwa

4192204Government Secondary School, Fadan Kaje

4192205Government Girls’ Secondary School, Zonkwa

4192206Tafawa Balewa Memorial College, Samaru-Kataf

4192207Government Secondary School, Kamuru-Ikulu

4192208Government Secondary School, Madakiya

4192209Saint Francis College, Zonkwa

4192210Government Secondary School, Fadan Kamantan

4192211Government Secondary School, Anchuna Sarki

4192212Government Secondary School, Gangora

4192213Government Secondary School, Zonkwa

4192214Government Secondary School, Wadon

4192215Saint Charles Borromeo Minor Seminary, Madakiya

4192216Government Secondary School, Farman

4192217Government Secondary School, Bafai Gora, Zonkwa

4192218Government Secondary School, Jankasa

4192219Government Secondary School, Fadia Tudun Wada

4192220Government Secondary School, Fanjim

4192221Government Secondary School, Kurmi Bi, Zonkwa

4192301Science Secondary School, Kufena

4192302Barewa College, Zaria

4192303Alhudahuda College, Zaria

4192304Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kofan-Gayan

4192305Government Secondary School, Zaria

4192306Saint Bartholomew’s Secondary School, Wusasa, Zaria

4192307Comprehensive College, Zaria

4192308Government Girls’ Secondary School, Zaria

4192309Sheikh Ibrahim Arab Special Secondary School, Karau-Karau, Zaria

4192310Lawal Aliyu Academy, Zaria

4192311Government Secondary School, Dakace, Zaria

4192312Contemporary Life School, Tukur-Tukur, Zaria

4192313Demonstration Secondary School Ii Abu, Zaria

4192314Great Standard School, Wusasa-Zaria

4192462Aunty Lailka Private School, Kano

4192463Channel International Secondary School, Kano

4199637Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Nasarawa Calabar

4200101Government Secondary School, Ajingi

4200102Government Secondary School, Toranke, Kano

4200103Government Secondary School, Gurduba

4200104Government Secondary School, Chula

4200201Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Albasu

4200202Government Arabic Secondary School, Tsangaya

4200203Government Arabic Secondary School, Faragai

4200204Government Secondary School, Albasu

4200205Government Secondary School, Panda, Kano State

4200301Kano Foundation Girls’ Secondary School, Bebeji

4200302Government Secondary School, Bebeji

4200303Government Secondary School, Rantan

4200304Government Secondary School, Rahama

4200401Government Senior Secondary School, Bichi

4200402Government Arabic Secondary School, Kargon/bichi

4200403Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Danzabuwa

4200404Government Secondary School, Saye-Kano

4200405Government Secondary School, Harbau

4200406Government Girl’s Secondary School, Bichi

4200407Government Secondary School, Danzabuwa

4200408Government Secondary School, Buden Gari Bichi

4200409Government Secondary School, Chiromawa, Bichi

4200501Government Girls’ College, Dala

4200502Government Secondary School, Dala

4200503Government Secondary School, Gwamaja

4200504Kings College, Kano

4200505Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kofar Mazugal, Kano

4200506Amana International College, K/Ruwa, Kano

4200507Hope Secondary School, Kano

4200508Allahullateef International College, Kurna

4200509Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Gwammaja

4200510Government Girls Secondary School, Kuka Bulu-Kiya

4200511Assahaba College, Kano

4200512Government Secondary School, Kurna Asabe

4200513Government Girls Arabic Secondary School, Tudun Bojuwa

4200514Queen Amina College, Kano

4200515Government Girls Secondary School, Dandishe

4200516Government Girls Secondary School, Gwammaja

4200517Al-Fauzsylim Group Of Schools, Kano

4200518Green Olive International School, Kano

4200519Azim Comprehensive College, Rijiyar Lemo, Dala Kano State

4200520Gora Academy, Kano

4200521Raj’s Success College, Kano

4200522Government Girl’s Secondary School, Yammata

4200601Government Secondary School, Dambatta

4200602Government Girls’ Arabic Senior Secondary School, Dambatta

4200603Government Secondary School, Fagwalawa

4200604Government Secondary School, Koren Danbatta

4200605Government Secondary School, Zago

4200606Maimunatu Government Girls Secondary School, Danbatta

4200607Government Day Secondary School, Dambata

4200701Dawakin Kudu Science College, Kano

4200702Government Arabic Senior Secondary School, Dawakin Kudu

4200703Government Girls’ Secondary School, Yar’gaya

4200704Government Secondary School, Gano

4200705Government Secondary School, Tsakuwa

4200706Government Secondary School, Dawakiji

4200707Government Secondary School, Yankatsari

4200708Government Secondary School, Yar’gaya, Kano

4200801Government Secondary School, Doguwa

4200802Government Senior Secondary School, Riruwai

4200803Government Secondary School, Burji

4200804Government Secondary School Dadin Kowa

4200805Government Arabic Secondary School, Falgoren Daji, Kano

4200901Dawakin-Tofa Science College, Kano

4200902Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kwa

4200903Government Secondary School, Dawakin Tofa

4200904Government Secondary School, Dawanau

4200905Government Secondary School, Kwa Kano

4200906Government Arabic Secondary School, Dawankin Tofa

4200907Government Secondary School, Dandalama

4200908Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, D/Tofa

4200909Government Secondary School, Jalli

4201001Saint Thomas Secondary School, Airport Road, Kano

4201002College Of Arts And Science Staff Secondary School, Kano

4201003Government Secondary Commercial School, Airport Road, Kano

4201004Army Day Secondary School, Bukavu Barracks, Kano

4201005Government Secondary School, Stadium, Kano

4201006Tony Cheta College, Kano

4201007Mohammed Vice Adamu Government Secondary School, Kano

4201008Success Comprehensive College, Kano

4201009Abbas Maje Nasarawa Secondary School, Kano

4201010Faan Staff Secondary School, Kano

4201011Unique National Comprehensive College, Kano

4201012Government College, Kano

4201013Government Secondary School, Kwakwachi

4201014Standard Comprehensive Secondary School, Kano

4201015Government Girls’ Secondary School, Maikwatashi

4201016Government Secondary School, Maikwatashi (boys’)

4201017Holy Trinity Secondary School, Kano

4201018Hannatu Memorial College, Kano

4201019Tropical College, Kano

4201020Standard Foundation Comprehensive College, Kano

4201021Kings International College, Kano

4201022Maryam Abacha Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kurna

4201023Divine Daughters’ College, Kano

4201024Muslim Community College, Kano

4201025Anglican High School, Sabon Gari, Kano

4201026Evangel International School, Kano

4201027Tambaya Yahaya Comprehensive School, Kano

4201028Model International College, Kano

4201029Sorters International School, Kano

4201030The Lords Academy, Kano

4201031Researcher’s International School, Kano

4201032Triumph Model College, Kano

4201033Veraben Grammar School, Kano

4201034Premier College, Kano

4201035The Apostolic Mission School, Kano

4201036Army Day Secondary School (Girls), Bukavu, Barracks

4201037F. A. Group Of Schools, Kano

4201038Faith International College, Fagge Kano

4201039Golden Crown International School, Kano

4201040Gulf Comprehensive College, Kano

4201041Government Arabic Secondary School, Kwachiri

4201042Government Girls Secondary School, Dabo

4201043Sharon Academy International School, Kano

4201044Citadel Academy College, Kano

4201045Abu Science & Commerce College, Kano

4201046Good Shepherd Model School, Kano

4201047Floral International School, Kano

4201048Kizito International School, Kano

4201049Rochas Foundation College, Kano

4201050Supreme International Schools, Kano

4201051Immaculate Majesty College, Kano

4201052Salam International College, Kano

4201053Royal Foundation Academy, Kano

4201054Foundation Secondary School, Kano

4201055Baptist Academy, Kano

4201056Queen Ad Schools, Kano

4201057Golden Future Academy, Burma Road, Sabo Gari, Kano

4201058Best Brains Secondary School, Kano

4201059Governor’s College, Kano

4201060Jum-Ben International High School, Sabongari, Kano

4201061Queen’s College, Kano

4201062Roselle Academy, Kano

4201101Government Secondary School, Zakirai

4201102Government Secondary School, Gabasawa

4201103Government Secondary School, Yola Wangara

4201201Garko Girls’ Science College, Kano

4201202Government Secondary School, Garko

4201301Maitama Sule Science College, Gaya

4201302Government Arabic Secondary School, Gaya, Kano

4201303Government Secondary School, Kademi

4201304Government Girls Secondary School, Gaya

4201305Government Secondary School, Maimakawa

4201306Government Secondary School, Gaya- Gandu

4201401Government Girls’ Secondary School, Jogana

4201402Government Secondary School, Guduwawa

4201403Government Secondary School, Gezawa

4201404Government Girls’ College, Gezawa

4201405Government Secondary School, Garun Danga

4201406Government Secondary School, Jogana

4201407Government Girls Secondary School, Gezawa, Kano

4201501Government Secondary School, Gwale

4201502Aminu Kano Commercial College, Kano

4201503Musa Iliasu College, Kano

4201504Federal College Of Education Staff Secondary School, Kano

4201505Government Girls’ Secondary School, S/Mainagge, Kano

4201506Government Secondary School, Goron Dutse, Kano

4201507Government Girls’ Arabic College, G/Dutse, Kano

4201508Governmant Arabic College, Gwale, Kano

4201509Government Girls’ College, Kano

4201510Ace Academy, Kano

4201511Al-Ansar Girls’ College, Kano

4201512Iman Secondary School, Kano

4201513Izazuddeen Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Kano

4201514Sheik Bashir El-Rayal Secondary School, Kano

4201515Government Secondary School, Warure

4201516Nasara Academy, Kabuga, Kano

4201517Adeola Comprehensive College, Kofar Kabuga

4201518Abu Hanifa Academy, Kano

4201519Pyramid (Al-Aharam) Comprehensive College, Kano

4201520Sheik Tijjani Usman Islamic College, Kano

4201521Government Secondary School, Dorayi Baba

4201522Zayyad Academy, Kano

4201523Abu Hanifa College, Madawari

4201524Sheik Mahiula Islamic Secondary School, Sani Mainaggae

4201525Government Girls Secondary School, Dsukawuya Kano

4201526Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Gwale

4201527Government Girls Secondary School, Dorayi-Babba

4201528Government Girls Secondary School, Ai’sami, Kano

4201529Adamu Nama’aji Islamic Secondary School, Goron-Dutse, Kano

4201530City Centre College, Kano

4201531Al-Ameen Model School, Kano

4201532Al-Azhar School, Kano

4201533Balarabe Haladu, Islamic Academy, Kano

4201534Government Girls Secondary School, Ja’en

4201535Waya School, Complex College, Ja’en

4201536Sheikh Isyaku Rabiu College, Kano

4201537Kuntau Science Academy, Dorayi Babba

4201538Prestige International Comprehensive College, Kagon Kaya

4201539Buhari Government Girls Arabic Secondary School, Sabon-Sara Kano

4201540The Caliphate Secondary School, Kano

4201541Darul Arkan College, Kano

4201601Government Secondary School, Gwarzo

4201602Government Secondary School, Riji

4201603Government Girls Secondary School, Gwarzo

4201604Government Secondary School, Karkari

4201605Government Secondary School, Getso

4201606Government Secondary School, Kutama

4201701Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kabo

4201702Government Secondary School, Kabo

4201703Government Secondary School, Garo

4201801Government Secondary School, Karaye

4201802Government Secondary School, Chedi

4201901Government Secondary School, K/Maiyaki

4201902Government Secondary School, Kiru Yamma

4201903Government Secondary School, Yako

4201904Government Secondary School, Dangora

4201905Government Secondary School, Galadimawa

4201906Government Secondary School, Sakarma

4201907Government Girls Secondary School, Kiru

4202001Government Secondary School, Naibawa

4202002Government Secondary School, Panshekara

4202003Government Secondary School, Kumbotso

4202004Government Secondary School, Mariri

4202005Government Secondary School, Shekar Barde

4202006De Larfel Secondary School, Kano

4202007Crown Science & Commercial College, Kano

4202008Mulco Science And Commercial College, Kano

4202009Top Quality College, Kano

4202010Victory Academy, Kano

4202011Uthman Bin Affan Model College, Kumbotso

4202012Special Education School, T/Maliki Kano

4202013Kids High School, Kano

4202014Liberty International College, Kano

4202015Brains International School, Chiranchi, Kano

4202016Best College, Kano

4202017Diamond International School, Kano

4202018M.T. International College, Kano

4202019New Breed College, N/Maikalwa Kano

4202020Government Girls Secondary School, Chiranchi

4202021Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Wailari

4202022Government Girl’s Arabic Secondary School, Panshekara

4202023Sundora International School, Kano

4202024Government Girls Arabic Secondary School, Sheka, Kano

4202025Berachah International, Kano

4202026Nice Academy, Kano

4202027Amazing Academy International School, Kano

4202028Rabi And Zainab International School, Kano

4202029Assayyada Zainab Science Secondary School, Kano

4202030Government Secondary School, Dan-Maliki

4202031Best Alternative Comprehensive College, Tudun Maliki, Kano State

4202032Saádatu Rimi College Of Education Staff School, Kumbotso, Kano State

4202033The Light College, Panshekara, Kano

4202034Fatima Mahmoud College, Kano

4202035Babayaro Memorial International School, Kumbotso

4202101Government Arabic Secondary School, Kura

4202102Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kura

4202103Government Girls Arabic Secondary School, Tanawa, Kura, Kano

4202104Government Secondary School, Dan-Hassan

4202105Government Secondary School, Tamburawa

4202106Government Secondary School, Yandakwari

4202107Government Secondary School, Karfi, Zaria Road, Kano

4202201Government Secondary School, Kunya

4202202Government Secondary School, Minjibir

4202203Federal Government Girls’ College, Minjibir

4202204Government Girls’ Secondary School, Minjibir

4202301Rumfa College, Kano

4202302Government Secondary School, Sharada

4202303Shekara Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kano

4202304Senior Arabic Secondary School, (his) Shahuci

4202305Government Secondary School, K/Nasarawa

4202306Model Comprehensive College, Kano

4202307School For Arabic Studies, Kano

4202308Alhassan Usman College, Kano

4202309Umma Zaria Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Koki Kano

4202310Spring Secondary School, Kano

4202311Halal College, Kano

4202312Hasiya Bayero Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Kano

4202313Continuing Education Centre, Gidan Galadima, Kano

4202314Government Girls Secondary School, Gandun Albasa, Kano

4202315Government Girls’ Secondary School, Hassana Sufi

4202316Amina Memorial College, Kano

4202317New Standard College, Kano

4202318Government Secondary School, Sabuwar Kofa

4202319City Education Centre, Kano

4202320Government Girls Secondary School, Yakasai

4202321Community Education Resource Centre (Cerc) Staff School, Kano

4202322Government Girls Arabic Secondary School, Kofar Nai’sa

4202323Government Girls Secondary School, Festival K/ Wambai

4202324Government Girls Secondary. School, Sharada, Kano

4202325Noble Academy, Kano

4202326Pragmatic College, Kano

4202401Saint Louis Secondary School, Bompai Kano

4202402Ahmadiyya College, Kano

4202403Government Secondary School, Kawaji

4202404Crescent International School, Kano

4202405Kano Capital Secondary School, Kano

4202406Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Kawaji Kano

4202407Government Secondary School, Tarauni

4202408Unity Comprehensive College, Kawaji, Kano

4202409Day Science College, Kano

4202410Ecwa Baba Alhamdu Secondary School, Kano

4202411Danco Commercial College, Kano

4202412Kano Model School, Kano

4202413Government Grils’ Secondary School, Giginyu

4202414Hamdala Comprehensive College, Kano

4202415Dangana Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Tudun-Wada

4202416Samadi International School, Kawaji, Dakata

4202417Basic College, Kano

4202418Prime College, Kano

4202419Bennie College, Kano

4202420Girls’ Science And Technical College, Kano

4202421First Grade Comprehensive School, Kano

4202422E. C. W. A. Secondary School, Kano

4202423Government Girls’ Secondary School, Dakata

4202424Pajec International School, Kano

4202425Fatimat International High School, Kano

4202426Palmgrove International Secondary School, Badawa

4202427Ave Madona College, Kano

4202428Christled Baptist High School, Kano

4202429Pathfinder Comprehensive College, Kano

4202430Gateway To Knowledge For Success College, Kano

4202431A. T. International School, Kano

4202432Bristow International College, Kano

4202433Yakubu Memorial Secondary Schjool, Kano

4202434Nigerian Turkish International College, Kano

4202435Gateway International School, Kano

4202436Seat Of Wisdom College, Kano

4202437Nigerian Turkish International Girls College, Kano

4202438Onward Secondary School, Kano

4202439Government Secondary School, Hotoro

4202440Zaifat International School Kawaji, Kano

4202441Kano Bright Star International School, Kano

4202442Government Secondary School, Suntulma

4202443Ecwa Restoration Secondary School, Kano

4202444Yandutse College, Kano

4202445Precise Comprehensive College, Kano

4202446Hajara Ahmed International College, Kano

4202447Government Senior Islamic Secondary School, Dakata

4202448Government Girls Secondary School, Hotoro Masallachi

4202449Government Girls Secondary School, Magwan

4202450Queens Science Academy, Hotoro

4202451Progressive Science & Commercial College, Kano

4202452Sankore International College, Kano

4202453Royal College, Kano

4202454Da’awa Comprehensive Secondary School, Kano

4202455Jofay High School, Kano

4202456El-Litinin College, Kano

4202457Pinnacle Group Of School, Kano

4202458Alfijer Science College, Kano

4202459Government Girls Arabic Secondary School, Hotoro, Kano

4202460Charis College, Kano

4202461Government Girls Arabic Secondary School, Tudun/Murtala, Kano

4202462Aunty Laila Private School, Kano

4202463Channel Int’l Sec. School, Kano

4202464Cedar Presidential Private College, Kano

4202465Tireni International School, Dakata Junction

4202466Happy Day International School, Jotoro North

4202467Ete Inoh College, Kano

4202468Wamy International Schools, Kano

4202469Amazing Intelligence College, Kano

4202470Ultimate International College, Tudun Murtala, Kano State

4202471Kano Capital Boys Secondary School, Kano

4202472Solid Rock College, Kano

4202473Eleganzar International Academy, Kano

4202474Hameedah International College, Kano.

4202501Government Secondary School, Rano

4202502Government Secondary School, Rurum

4202503Government Girls Secondary School, Rano

4202601Government Secondary School, Rimin Gado

4202602Government Secondary School, Yalwan Danziyal

4202701Government Secondary School, Rogo Ruma

4202702Government Secondary School, Zarewa

4202703Government Secondary School, Yanoko

4202704Government Secondary School, Bari

4202705Government Secondary School, Beli

4202801Government Secondary School, Shanono

4202802Police Girls Secondary School, Shanono, Kano

4202803Government Secondary School, Tsaure

4202804Govt. Sec. School, Faruruwa

4202901Government Secondary School, Rimi

4202902Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Sumaila

4202903Government Secondary School, Sumaila

4202904Govt. Sec. School, (Kundum) Sumaila

4203001Government Girls’ Unity College, Kachako

4203002Government Secondary School, Takai

4203003Government Secondary School, Kachako, Kano

4203004Government Secondary School, Faruruwa

4203101Federal Government College, Kano

4203102School Of Business Studies, Kano

4203103Hassan Ibrahim Gwarzo Secondary School, Kano

4203104Nana Aisha Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Kano

4203105Lufaloy Grammar School, Kano

4203106Franbeat International School, Kano

4203107Dinop International Secondary School, Kano

4203108Excel College, Kano

4203109New Salsa College, Kano

4203110Gulf Group College, Kano

4203111Emphatic Neo-Classic College, Kano

4203112Inter Continental College, Kano

4203113Cleopatra Comprehensive College, Kano

4203114Fatima Muhammad Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kano

4203115Government Secondary School, Kundila

4203116Mayor Comprehensive College, Kano

4203117Horizon Science And Commercial College, Gyadigyadi

4203118Gemstone College, Kano

4203119Maitama Sule Girl’s Academy, Kano

4203120Government Girls’ Secondary School, Hausawa

4203121Government Girls’ Secondary School, Unguwan Uku

4203122Reward International School, Kano

4203123Essence College, Kano

4203124Assalam Private School, Kano

4203125Murtala Muhammed Secondary School, Kano

4203126Gold Star Secondary School, Kano

4203127Havana College, Kano

4203128Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Ado Musa Nama Ituwo

4203129Epic Academy, Naibawa Quarters

4203130Shehu Abdullahi Science Academy, Tarauni, Kano State

4203201Army Day Secondary School, Janguza, Army Barrack

4203202Government Secondary School, Tofa-Kano

4203203Government Secondary School, Lambu

4203204Government Girls Secondary School, Tofa

4203301Government Secondary School, Tsanyawa

4203302Government Secondary School, Kabagiwa

4203303Government Secondary School, Dunbulum

4203401Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School Tudun Wada

4203402Government College, Dankadai, Tundun Wada, Kano

4203403Government Secondary School, Faskar Maaji

4203404Government Girls Secondary School, Tudun Wada Dankadai

4203405Government Secondary School, Yaryasa, Kano

4203406Dankadai Inuwa Memorial Government Secondary School, Tudun-Wada, Dankadai, Kano

4203407Government Secondary School, Karefa

4203501Bayero University Staff Secondary School, Gwarzo rd.

4203502Government Secondary School, Zaura Babba

4203503Winners College, Kano

4203504Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kadawa

4203505Government Secondary School, RijiyarZaki

4203506Fahad International School, Bachirawa, Kano

4203507Government Secondary School, Ungogo

4203508Annur College, Kano

4203509Government Secondary School, Bachirawa, Kano

4203510Government Secondary School, Jajira, Kano

4203511Sunrise Academy, Kano

4203512Addy Basic School, Kano

4203601Government Secondary Commercial School, Wudil

4203602Government Secondary School, Wudil

4203603Government Secondary School, Darki Kano

4203604Government Secondary School, Indabo

4203605Government Secondary School, Utai

4203606Government Girls’ Secondary School, Sabon Garin, Wudil

4203607Government Secondary School, Lajawa

4203701Government Secondary School, Kibiya

4203702Government Girls Arabic Secondary School, Kibiya

4203703Government Secondary School, Burum Burum

4203704Government Secondary School, Durba

4203705Tahfeezul Qur’an College, Kibiya

4203801Government Secondary School, Bagwai, Kano

4203802Government Secondary School, Gadanya

4203803Government Secondary School, Kiyawa Kano

4203901Government Secondary School, Madobi Kano

4203902Government Secondary School, Kwankwaso

4203903Government Girls Secondary School, Madobi

4203904Akilu Comprehensive Islamic Secondary School, Madobi

4203905Malamai Government Secondary School, Kwankwaso

4204001Government Secondary School, Bunkure

4204002Government Secondary School, Kumurya

4204003Government Secondary School, Barkum

4204101Government Secondary School, Chiromawa

4204102Government Secondary School, G/Malam

4204201Government Secondary School, Kunchi

4204202Government Secondary School, Shuwaki

4204203Government Secondary School, Yan’dadi

4204301Government Secondary School, Koguna Kano

4204302Government Secondary School, Makoda

4204303Government Secondary School, Maitasaidau

4204304Government Girls Secondary School, Maitsidau

4205129Pyramid (Al-Aharam) Comprehensive College Kano

4210101Government Pilot Day Secondary School, Bakori

4210102Federal Government Girls’ College, Bakori

4210103Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Kabama

4210104Government Rural Boarding School, Tsiga

4210105Government Day Secondary School, Kakumi

4210106Comprehensive Secondary School, Kwanki

4210107Community Girls College, Bakori

4210108Community Day Secondary School, Guga

4210109Government Senior Secondary School, Kurami

4210110Government Senior Secondary School, Jargaba

4210111Al-Umma Comprehensive High School, Bakori

4210201Government Rural Boarding Secondary School, Baure

4210202Government Day Secondary School, Babban-Mutum

4210203Government Senior Secondary School, Yanmaulu

4210301Government Science Secondary School, Batagarawa

4210302Government Girls’ Science Secondary School, Ajiwa

4210303Ulul-Albab Science Secondary School, Katsina

4210304Government Secondary School, Tsanni

4210305Government Senior Secondary School, Batagarawa

4210306Government Senior Secondary School, Ajiwa

4210307Government Senior Secondary School, Dandagoro

4210401Government Pilot Day Secondary School, Batsari

4210402Government Day Secondary School, Babbanduhu

4210403Community Girls Day Secondary School, Batsari

4210404Government Day Secondary School, Rumah

4210501Government Science Secondary School, Bindawa

4210502Government Senior Secondary School, Dialaje

4210503Government Senior Secondary School, Doro

4210504Government Senior Secondary School, Binadawa

4210505Government Senior Secondary School, Shibdawa

4210601Government Day Secondary School, Charanchi

4210602Government Day Secondary School, Radda

4210603Government Day Secondary School, Kuraye

4210701Government Day Secondary School, Dan-Dume

4210702Community Day Secondary School, Dandume

4210703Government Secondary School, Mahuta “D”

4210704Government Secondary School, Dugunma’azu

4210705Government Senior Secondary School, Tumburkai

4210801Government Rural Boarding Secondary School, Danja

4210802Community Day Secondary School, Dabai

4210803Government Senior Secondary School, Tandama

4210901Government Day Secondary School, Dan-Musa

4210902Government Day Secondary School, Yantumaki

4210903Government Senior Secondary School, Mara

4211001Government Secondary School, Daura

4211002Government Day Secondary School, Daura

4211003Federal Government College, Daura

4211004Government Girls’ Day Secondary School, Daura

4211005Government Secondary School, Suduji

4211101Government Day Secondary School, Dutsin-Ma

4211102Government Science Secondary School, Dutsin-Ma

4211103Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Dutsin-Ma

4211104Government Pilot Day Secondary School, Dutsin-Ma

4211105Government Day Secondary School, Karofi

4211106Government Girls’ Day Secondary School, Dutsin-Ma

4211107Government Secondary School, Makera

4211108Jamu Foundation College, Dustinma

4211109Community Day Secondary School, Dutsinma

4211110Government Senior Secondary School, Kuki

4211201Government Science Secondary School, Faskari

4211202Government Girls’ Science Secondary School, Daudawa

4211203Government Day Secondary School, Faskari

4211204Government Secondary School, Maigora

4211205Government Secondary School, Mairua

4211206Community Day Secondary School, Yankara

4211207Government Day Secondary School, Ruwan Godiya

4211208Government Senior Secondary School, Daudawa

4211301Government Day Secondary School, Funtua

4211302Government College, Funtua

4211303Hauwa Community College, Funtua

4211304Ideal International College, Funtua

4211305Government Day Secondary School, Maska

4211306Government Day Secondary School, Sabuwa

4211307Government Girls’ Day Secondary School, Funtua

4211308Government College, (Day Wing), Funtua

4211309King Kids Secondary School, Funtua

4211310Imam Science & Art School, Funtua

4211311Government Day Senior Secondary School, Makera-Funtua

4211312Wisdom International College, Funtua

4211313Unity Secondary School, Funtua

4211314Focus International College, Funtua

4211315Government Senior Secondary School, Goya

4211401Government Rural Boarding Secondary School, Ingawa

4211402Government Day Secondary School, Yandoma

4211403Government Secondary School, Yandoma

4211501Government Day Secondary School, Jibia

4211502Government Girls’ Secondary School, Jibia

4211503Government Senior Secondary School, Magama-Jibia

4211601Government Science Secondary School, Kaita

4211602Government Day Secondary School, Dankama

4211701Government Day Secondary School, Rimaye

4211702Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kankiya

4211703Government Day Secondary School, Kankiya

4211705Government Secondary School, Kafin-Soli

4211706Government Senior Secondary School, Kanti-Kankia

4211801Government Science Secondary School, Kankara

4211802Government Day Secondary School, Burdugan

4211803Government Day Secondary School, Kankara

4211804Government Day Secondary School, Zangon, Pauwa

4211805Community Day Secondary School, Ketare

4211901Government College, Katsina

4211902Government Day Secondary School, Kofar Yandaka, Katsina

4211903Government Day Secondary School, Natsinta, Katsina

4211904Government Girls’ College, Katisina

4211905Katsina College, Katsina

4211906Sir Usman Nagog College Of Arabic And Islamic Studies, Katsina

4211907Government Day Secondary School, Kofar Sauri

4211908Auntie Ramatu College, Kofar Sauri

4211909Kiddies International School, Katsina

4211910Government College (Day Wing I) Katsina

4211911Hope International College, Katsina

4211912Mariamoh Ajiri Memorial International School, Katsina

4211913Onward College, Katsina

4211914Hazel International School, Katsina

4211915Keyway International College, Katsina

4211916St. Martin’s De-Porres College, Katsina

4211917Government Girls College 11, Katsina

4211918Government College (Day Wing Ii), Katsina

4211919Barda International College, Katsina

4211920Government Senior Secondary School, Kambarawa

4211921Saldefi International School, Katsina

4211922Global Science Secondary School, Katsina

4211923Government Day Secondary School 2, Kofar/Yandaka

4211924Alhuda Academy Comprehensive Secondary School, Katsina

4211925Government Senior Secondary School, Kofar-Kaura

4211926Erudite Comprehensive Secondary School, Katsina

4212001Government Rural Boarding Secondary School, Kurfi

4212002Government Day Secondary School, Birchi

4212003Government Senior Secondary School, Tsauri

4212004Community Girls Arabic Secondary School, Kurfi

4212101Government Day Secondary School, Malumfashi

4212102Government Day Secondary School, Dayi

4212103Government Secondary School, Malumfashi

4212104Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Malumfashi

4212105Government Day Secondary School, Karfi

4212106Government Day Secondary School, Danrimi

4212107Government School For The Deaf, Malumfashi

4212109Community Model Arabic College, Malumfashi

4212110Great Ambassadors International College, Malumfashi

4212111Community Day Secondary School, Makaurach

4212112St. Vincent Ferrer’s College, Malumfashi

4212113Federal Science & Technical College, Dayi

4212114Government Senior Secondary School, Dansarai

4212115Premier International College, Malumfashi

4212201Government Secondary School, Mani

4212202Government Girls’ Science Secondary School, Mani

4212203Government Day Secondary School, Mani

4212204Government Senior Secondary School, Muduru

4212205Police Boys”secondary School, Mani

4212301Government Day Secondary School, Mashi

4212302Government Day Secondary School, Doguru

4212303Government Senior Secondary School, Birnin-Kuka

4212401Government Day Secondary School, Matazu

4212402Government Day Secondary School, Mazoji

4212403Community Girls’ Day Secondary, Matazu

4212501Government Science Secondary School, Musawa

4212502Government Day Secondary School, Jikamshi

4212503Community Day Secondary School. Musawa

4212504Government Senior Secondary School, Dangani

4212505Government Senior Secondary School, Tabanni

4212601Government Day Secondary School, Rimi

4212602Government Day Secondary School, Tsagero

4212603Government Senior Secondary School, Abukur

4212604Government Senior Secondary School, Iyatawa

4212605Government Senior Secondary School, Makurda

4212701Government Rural Boarding Secondary School, Safana

4212702Government Day Secondary School, Zakka

4212703Government Day Secondary School, Babban Duhu

4212704Community Day Secondary School, Safana

4212705Government Senior Secondary School, Gora Ll

4212801Government Day Secondary School, Sandamu

4212802Government Day Secondary School, Fago

4212803Government Girls’ Science Secondary School, Sandamu

4212804Government Day Secondary School, Katsayal

4212805Government Senior Secondary School, Karkarku

4212901Government Senior Pilot Day Secondary School, Zangon-Daura

4212902Government Girls Secondary School, Rogogo

4212903Government Senior Secondary School, Kawarin-Mallamai

4213001Government Girls’ Secondary School, Shargalle

4213002Government Day Secondary School, Dutsi

4213101Government Day Secondary School, Mai’adua

4213102Community Girls’ Secondary School, Mai’ Adua

4213103Government Senior Secondary School, Bumbum

4213201Government Day Secondary School, Dan-Kanjiba

4213202Government Pilot Day Secondary School, Kafur

4213203Government Day Secondary School, Yari Bori

4213204Government Day Secondary School, Mahuta ‘G’

4213205Government Day Secondary School, Dutsen-Kura

4213206Community Girls’ Day Secondary School, Kafur

4213207Government Senior Secondary School, Rawayau

4213208Community Day Sec. School, Gozaki

4213209Government Senior Secondary School, Rugoji

4213301Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kaikai

4213302Government Day Secondary School, Kusada

4213303Government Secondary School, Kofa

4213401Government Day Secondary School, Damari

4220101Kanta College, Argungu

4220102Sama Secondary School, Argungu

4220103Government Arabic And Islamic Secondary School, Argungu

4220104Government Girls’ Comprehensive Secondary School, Argungu

4220105Government Day Secondary School, Aluwasa

4220106Government Secondary School, Gulma

4220107Government Day Secondary School, Lailaba

4220108Government Day Secondary School, Kaurar Sanni

4220109Government Secondary School, Natsini

4220201Government Secondary School, Yeldu

4220202Government Girls’ Secondary School, Augie

4220203Government Day Secondary School, Augie

4220204Government Day Secondary School, Bayawa

4220205Government Day Secondary School, Tiggi

4220301Government Secondary School, Kaoje

4220302Government Girls’ Secondary School, Zagga

4220303Government Secondary School, Illo

4220304Government Day Secondary School, Bagudo

4220305Government Day Secondary School, Lolo

4220306Government Secondary School, Bani

4220307Government Day Secondary School, Tsamiya

4220401Nagari College, Birnin Kebbi

4220402Government Day Secondary School, Birnin Kebbi

4220403Abdullahi Fodio Secondary School, Birnin Kebbi

4220404Government Girls’ College, Birnin Kebbi

4220405Army Day Secondary School, Birnin Kebbi

4220406Government Arabic & Islamic Secondary School, Ambrusa

4220407Government Day Secondary School, Kalgo

4220408Government Day Secondary School, Ambursa

4220409Government Day Secondary School, Kardi

4220410Government Day Secondary School, Makera

4220411St. James Anglican College, Badariya Birnin Kebbi

4220412Basaura Institute Of Comprehensive Education, Birnin Kebbi

4220413Government Day Secondary School, Zauro

4220414Abudullahi Bin Fodiyo Islamic Institute, Birnin- Kebbi

4220415Government Secondary School, Gulumbe

4220416Joda International School, B/Kebbi

4220417Brilliance College, Gra, B/Kebbi

4220418Abi Private School, B/Kebbi

4220419Government Day Secondary School, Diggi

4220420Government Day Secondary School, Gwadangaji

4220421Government Day Secondary School, Badariya

4220422Government Day Secondary School, Gesse Phase 1, Birnin- Kebbi

4220423High Standard College, Birnin Kebbi

4220501Government Secondary School, Kamba

4220502Government Girl’s Secondary School, Kamba

4220503Government Secondary School, Bachaka

4220601Government Secondary School, Gwandu

4220602Federal Government Girls’ College, Gwandu

4220603Government Day Secondary School, Gwandu

4220604Government Day Secondary School, Dalijan

4220605Government Day Secondary School, Malisa

4220606Government Day Secondary School, Masama

4220607Government Day Secondary School, Kambaza

4220701Government Day Secondary School, Jega

4220702Haliru Abdu Arabic Secondary School, Jega

4220703Government Secondary School, Aliero

4220704Government Girls’ Comprehensive Secondary School, Aliero

4220705Government Day Secondary School, Jandutse

4220706Government Day Secondary School, Basaura

4220707Government Day Secondary School, Kashin Zama

4220708Yassima International Secondary School Jega

4220801Government Girls’ Arabic And Islamic Secondary School, Kangiwa

4220802Government Day Secondary School, Kangiwa

4220803Government Day Secondary School, Bui

4220804Government Day Secondary School, Rafin Tsaka, Kebbi

4220901Government Secondary School, Koko

4220902Government Day Secondary School, Besse

4221001Government Girls’ Secondary School, Mahuta

4221002Government Day Secondary School, Mahuta

4221003Government Secondary School, Birnin Tudu

4221004Government Day Secondary School, Kukum

4221101Government Secondary School, Dirin-Daji

4221102Government Day Secondary School, Makuku

4221104Government Day Secondary School, Gelwasa

4221201Government Secondary School, Dakin-Gari

4221202Government Day Secondary School, Suru

4221203Government Girl’s Comprehensive Secondary School, Suru

4221204Government Secondary School, Fana

4221205Government Day Secondary School, Aijannare

4221301Government Secondary School, Yelwa, Yauri

4221302Abarshi Secondary School, Yauri

4221303Government Girls’ Science College, Yelwa, Yauri

4221304Federal Government College, Birnin Yauri

4221305Abarshi Girls Secondary School, Yauri

4221306Government Secondary School, Birnin-Yauri

4221307Baptist High School, Yelwa Yauri

4221308Government Day Secondary School, Zamare

4221309Government Day Secondary School, Tondi Tsamiya

4221401Government Science College, Zuru

4221402Bahago Gomo Day Secondary School, Zuru

4221403Army Day Secondary School, Zuru

4221404Government Arabic And Islamic Secondary School, Wasagu

4221405Mama Arziki Comprehensive High School, Senchi

4221406Ibrahim Sakaba Government Day Secondary School, Dabai, Zuru

4221407School For Higher Islamic Studies, Zuru

4221408Government Day Secondary School, Danko

4221409Federal Science & Technical College, Zuru

4221410Emir Sani Sami Staff Science Secondary School, Zuru

4221411The King International School, Zuru

4221412Dominican College, Dabai

4221413Government Day Secondary School, Bedi Zuru

4221414Government Day Secondary School, Magoro Zuru

4221415Government Day Secondary School, Tadurga/Zodi

4221416Government Day Secondary School, Isgogo

4221417Government Day Secondary School, Amanawa- Zuru

4221501Government Day Secondary School, Wara

4221502Government Day Secondary School, Ngaski

4221503Government Day Secondary School, Kambuna

4221504Government Day Secondary School, Kimo

4221505Government Day Secondary School, Libata

4221601Government Day Secondary School, Ribah

4221602Government Day Secondary School, Bena

4221603Government Girls Comprehensive Secondary School, Maga

4221604Government Day Secondary School, Unashi, Kebbi

4221605Government Day Secondary School, Ayu

4221606Government Day Secondary School, Kanya

4221701Government Day Secondary School, Raha

4221702Government Day Secondary School, Tilli

4221703Government Day Secondary School, Tungar, Dannufe

4221704Government Day Secondary School, Zogirma

4221705Government Girl’s Secondary School, Bunza

4221801Government Day Secondary School, Maiyama

4221802Government Day Secondary School, Sambawa

4221803Government Day School, Andarai

4221804Government Day Secondary School, Mungadi

4221901Government Day Secondary School, Gebbe

4221902Government Day Secondary School, Shanga

4221903Government Day Secondary School, Giron Masa

4222101Government Day Secondary School, Kuka

4230101Government Science Secondary School, Ogaminana

4230102Ebira Community Secondary School, Ogaminana

4230103Community Secondary School, Ege

4230104Community Secondary School, Kuroko

4230105Community Secondary School, Adavi-Eba

4230106Government Day Secondary School, Inoziomi

4230107Government Secondary School, Kuroko

4230108Government Day Secondary School, Okunchi

4230109De-Wisdom Comprehensive College, Zariagi

4230110Mica Comprehensive College, Idatochi-Ogaminana

4230111Wisdom Dominion International College, Adavieba

4230112Mikab Model College, Nagazi-Uvete

4230113Tobert Memorial College, Kuroko Okene

4230114Community Model College, Adavi-Eba

4230115Adavi Local Government Science Secondary School, Nagazi-Eba, Ogaminana

4230116Adavi Local Government Science Secondary School, Enyidudu

4230117Adavi Local Government Science Secondary School, Ozuri/Oniyek, Ogaminana

4230118Success College, Ozuri, Ogaminana

4230119Al-Fat’hu Model Academy, Ogaminana

4230120Al-Azhar International College, Lokoja

4230121Scintillate International Model School, Otokiti Village, Lokoja

4230122Glory Comprehensive College, Okene

4230123Goddy Academy International College, Ikaraworo- Inoziomi

4230124Osara Community Secondary School, Osara

4230201Community Comprehensive High School, Eganyi

4230202Government Secondary School, Ebiya

4230203Local Government Secondary School, Ajaokuta

4230204Ascl Staff Comprehensive Secondary School, Ajaokuta

4230205Government Science Secondary School, Adogo

4230206Government Secondary School, Steel City Ajaokuta

4230207Community Secondary School, Geregu

4230208Longevity Secondary School, Ajaokuta

4230209Royal Crown Secondary School, Ajaokuta

4230210Asco Staff Comprehensive Secondary School, Ajaokuta

4230211Sally Academic International Secondary School, Ajaokuta

4230212Legacy High School, Ajaokuta

4230213Kiddies- Kingdom Secondary School, Adogo, Ajaokuta

4230301Inye Community Secondary School, Inye

4230302Government Secondary School, Ogodu

4230303Awo Community Secondary Commercial College, Awo

4230304Ankpa District Community Grammar School, Ankpa

4230305Community Secondary School, Okenyi-Ankpa

4230306Young Muslim Congress Secondary School, Ankpa

4230307Enjema Community Grammar School, Enjema

4230308Christ The King College, Awo-Akpali

4230309Saint Charles College, Ankpa

4230310Enjema Community Secondary School, Ofugo

4230311Government Girls’ Science Secondary School, Okaba

4230312Ojoku District Community Secondary School, Ojoku

4230313Ika Community Secondary School, Ika

4230314Demonstration Secondary School Kogi State College Of Education, Ankpa

4230315Community Secondary School, Ogodo-Ankpa

4230316Community Secondary School, Okaba-Ankpa

4230317College Of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Ankpa

4230318Prisons Staff Model Secondary School, Ankpa

4230319Aleka Academy, Ankpa

4230320Uecsecondary School, Eti-Afor Gamgam

4230321Government Secondary School, Enabo

4230322Local Government Special Day Secondary School, Ankpa

4230323College Of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Ojoku

4230324Community Secondary School, Ajitata Ankpa

4230325Redeemer Secondary School, Ankpa

4230326Elite Foundation College, Ankpa

4230327Ochi Community Secondary School, Ochi-Attah

4230328Community Secondary School, Emekutu

4230329Muwassasatu Islamiyat Secondary School, Ajobe

4230330Government Day Secondary School, Ikanekpo, Ankpa

4230331Community Grammar School, Ochi-Ofago

4230332Government Secondary School, Inye

4230333Unity Comprehensive Secondary School, Ankpa

4230334Global College, Ojokodo, Ankpa

4230335Jama’atu Nastril Islam Secondary.School, Ankpa

4230336Gilgal High School, Ankpa

4230337Comsal Docg’s Secondary School, Ankpa

4230338As-Salam College Of Arabic & Islamic Studies Okeniyi Udama

4230339United Evangelical Church Secondary School, Ankpa

4230340Alfa Memorial Islamiya Secondary School, Inyologu

4230401Government Secondary School, Mozum

4230402Bassa-Nge Community Secondary School, Adum-Woiwo

4230403Bassa-Nge Anglican Grammar School, Gboloko

4230404Government Science Secondary School, Oguma

4230405Government Secondary School, Emi Guni

4230406Community Secondary School, Akakana

4230407Community Secondary School, Effin

4230408Community Secondary School, Odenyi

4230409Daughters Of Mary, Mother Of Mercy Secondary School, Sheria-Oguma

4230410Community Secondary School, Kpanche

4230411Community Secondary School, Koji

4230501Community Secondary Commercial College, Anyigba

4230502Community Secondary School, Egume

4230503Ochaja Girls’ Secondary School, Ochaja

4230504Community Secondary School, Iyale

4230505Community Secondary School, Olowa

4230506Oganenigu Community Secondary School, Aloko

4230507Government Secondary School, Egume

4230508Government Secondary School, Olowa

4230509Dekina Divisional Secondary School, Dekina

4230510Government Secondary School, Ologba

4230511Ikani-Eibo Memorial College, Ogbaloto

4230512Ajiyolo Community Secondary School, Ajiyolo-Ojaji

4230513Community Secondary School, Ajekelaga

4230514Agbeji Grammar School, Agbeji

4230515Ochaja Boys’ Secondary School, Ochaja

4230516Government Science Secondary School, Dekina

4230517Christians Missions In Many Lands Secondary School, Anyigba

4230518Biraidu Community Secondary School, Abocho

4230519Muslim High School, Ayangba

4230520Christians Missions In Many Lands Secondary School, Ogbogodo

4230521Government Day Secondary School, Dekina

4230522Our Lady Of Schools, Anyigba

4230523Araba Community Secondary School, Araba-Salifu

4230524Community Secondary School, Okura-Olafia

4230525Christian Missions In Many Lands Special School, Iyale

4230526Ogbabede Community Secondary School, Agada

4230527Government Day Secondary School, Odu, Dekina

4230528Ofoji Community Secondary School, Emewe Opada

4230529Grace Christian College, Anyigba

4230530Ukpo Comm. Secondary School, Arogwoni, Ogbade

4230531Community Secondary School, Emewe Efokpa

4230532Community Secondary School Agbada 11

4230533Government Secondary School, Ojofu

4230534Peter Tokula Memorial High School, Odu-Ofomu

4230535Emakoji Community Secondary School, Adoji

4230536Agala Community Secondary School, Agala-Ate

4230537Christ The Good Shepherd Academy Of Sciences, Dekina

4230538Oleniji Community Secondary School, Ajudacha

4230539Community Secondary School, Etutekpe, Kogi

4230540Christian Evangelical Fellowship Of Nigeria Sec. School, Anyigba

4230541Christ The Good Shepherd Academy Of Science, Anyingba

4230542College Of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Olofu Anyigba

4230543Ss Peter & Paul Academy Egume

4230544Power International Secondary School, Anyigba

4230545Isa Memorial Islamic Academy, Ajiolo Ojaji

4230601Saint Kizito’s College, Isanlu

4230602Oke-Oyi Science Secondary School, Ponyan

4230603Local Government Secondary School, Alalodu-Ejuku

4230604African Church Secondary School, Isanlu

4230605Alu Community High School, Alu

4230606Jama’atu Nasril Islam Comprehensive High School, Ife-Olukotun

4230607Oluyori Muslim Comprehensive High School, Isanlu

4230608Wesley High School, Ife-Olukotun

4230609Ejuku Community High School, Ejuku

4230610Isanlu Community Secondary School, Isanlu

4230611Ponyan Comprehensive High School, Ponyan

4230612Igbagun Secondary School, Igbagun

4230613Ogga/ogbom Grammar School, Agunbelewo

4230614Government Day Secondary School, Isanlu

4230615Community High School, Takete-Isao

4230616Asetu Memorial Commercial Secondary School, Oranre

4230617Isanlu High School, Ijowa-Isanlu

4230618Isanlu Victory College, Ilafin Yagba L.g.a.

4230619Local Government Secondary School, Idofin Isanlu

4230620Aunty Cama International College, Isanlu

4230621Community Secondary School, Igbo-Ero

4230622Jege High School, Jege

4230701Community Secondary School, Odomomoh-Ibaji

4230702Ibaji Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Enweli

4230703Community Secondary School, Iyano-Ibaji

4230704Government Secondary School, Onyedega-Ibaji

4230705Community Secondary School, Odeke-Ibaji

4230706Government Day Secondary School, Ejule-Ojebe, Ibaji

4230707Edoja Community Secondary School, Uchuchu-Ibaji

4230708Father Dominic Arome Memorial College, Echeno-Ibaji

4230709Community Secondary School, Unale-Ibaji

4230710Community Secondary School, Affah

4230711Ibe-Oja Community Secondary School, Obale-Ibaji

4230712Ibaji High School, Aiyeke-Ibaji

4230713Community Secondary School, Nwajala-Ibaji

4230714Analo Community Secondary School, Elele Ibaji

4230715Ejule-Onu Community Secondary School, Ejule-Onu

4230716Akwuro Grammar School, Akwuro

4230717Omabo/Ojila Community Secondary School, Omabo

4230718Anocha Community Secondary School, Anocha

4230801Community Secondary School, Oforachi

4230802Ogah Memorial Grammar School, Idah

4230803Government Secondary School, Okenya

4230804Saint Kizito’s Seminary College, Idah

4230805Dickson Memorial College, Idah

4230806Holy Rosary College, Idah

4230807Saint Peter’s College, Idah

4230808Idah Secondary Commercial College, Idah

4230809Government Girls’ Secondary School, Idah

4230810Government Secondary School, Idah

4230811Polytechnic Secondary School, Idah

4230812Islamiyyah Model Secondary School, Idah

4230813Becky’s High School, Idah

4230814Babayade International College, Idah

4230815Trinity International College, Idah

4230816Victory Secondary Academy, Iyogbo, Idah

4230901Community Secondary School, Ajaka

4230902Government Secondary School, Akpanya

4230903Akpanya Community Secondary School, Akpanya

4230904Adoru District Secondary School, Adoru

4230905Avrugo District Secondary School, Avrugo

4230906Community Secondary School, Ugwaka/Ollah

4230907Amaka Community High School, Amaka

4230908Avrugo Community Secondary School, Avrugo

4230909Community Secondary School, Ogbogbo

4230910Madonna Secondary School, Ajaka

4230911Community Secondary School, Ofuloko

4230912Islamiyya Secondary School, Ajaka

4230913Food For Thought Secondary School, Okenya

4230914Government Special Science College, Ajaka

4230915Community Secondary School, Ogbogba

4231001Baptist High School, Ekinrin-Adde

4231002Ijumu Anglican Science Secondary School, Iyara

4231003Baptist Secondary Commercial School, Iyah-Gbede

4231004Government Secondary School, Iyamoye

4231005Ahmadiyya Secondary School, Aiyegunle-Gbede

4231006Community High School, Aiyetoro-Gbede

4231007Government Day Secondary School, Ogidi-Ijumu

4231008Community Secondary School, Ayere-Ijumu

4231009Ijumu Local Government Secondary School, Aiyegunle-Gbede

4231010Okoro-Gbede High School, Okoro-Gbede

4231011Iffe Secondary Commercial College, Iffe-Ijumu

4231012Community Secondary School, Egbeda-Egga-Ijumu

4231013Ikoyi Community High School, Ikoyi-Ijumu

4231014Community High School, Iyara-Ijumu

4231015Government Day Secondary School, Ogale-Aduge

4231016Community High School, Iyamoye

4231017Iyara Muslim High School, Iyara

4231018Government Secondary School, Ayetoro-Gbede

4231019Community Comprehensive College, Ekinrin-Adde

4231020Community Comprehensive College, Ayeh-Gbede

4231021Community Secondary School, Ogidi-Ijumu

4231022Adekunle Ideal College, Iyamoye-Ijumu

4231023Ogede Secondary School, Ayetoro-Gbede

4231024Muslim Community College, Ayetoro-Gbede

4231025The Apostolic Church Ayetoro Gbede Area Secondary School, Odokoro-Gbed

4231026Apostolic Faith Secondary School, Aiyetoro Gbede, Ijumu

4231027Lawal International Academy,Iyamoye

4231101Government Science Secondary School, Okedayo Kabba

4231102Saint Augustine’s College, Kabba

4231103Saint Barnabas Secondary School, Kabba

4231104Saint Monica’s College, Kabba

4231105Government Secondary School, Iluke-Bunu

4231106Kiri High School, Araromi

4231107Kabba Community High School, Kakun-Kabba

4231108Local Government Secondary School, Ayede-Bunu

4231109Local Government Secondary School, Otu-Egunbe, Kabba

4231110Ajigba Grammar School, Olle-Bunu

4231111Community Secondary School, Odo-Ape, Kabba

4231112Okebunkun High School, Okebunkun-Bunu

4231113Community Secondary School, Illah Bunu

4231114Green Valley Grammar School, Kabba

4231115Federal Government Girls’ College, Kabba

4231116Bishop McCalla Comprehensive High School, Kabba

4231117Comprehensive High School, Oke-Offin, Bunu

4231118Local Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Korede,Kabba

4231119Sacred Heart College, Kabba

4231120Christ Anglican Secondary School, Kabba

4231201Crowther Memorial College, Lokoja

4231202Saint Clement’s Minor Seminary Secondary School, Lokoja

4231203Government Science Secondary School, Lokoja

4231204Government Secondary School, Agbaja

4231205Bishop Delisle College, Lokoja

4231206Muslim Community Secondary School, Lokoja

4231207Army Day Secondary School, Lokoja

4231208Government Day Secondary School, Adankolo Lokoja

4231209Government Secondary School, Abugi-Lokoja

4231210Local Government Secondary School, Kabawa-Lokoja

4231211Arigbede College, Lokoja

4231212Michael Omonogun Memorial Secondary School, Lokoja

4231213Community Secondary School, Okofi

4231214St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, Lokoja

4231215Institute Of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Lokoja

4231216Harmony Secondary School, Lokoja

4231217Baptist High School, Lokoja

4231218Government Girls’ Secondary School, Lokoja

4231219Christfield Secondary School, Lokoja

4231220Ondare Musa Memorial Secondary School, Lokoja

4231221Local Government Secondary School, Otube Karara Lokoja

4231222Al-Ansar Secondary School, New-Layout, Lokoja

4231223Local Government Secondary School, Oshokoshoko

4231224Ecwa Secondary School, Zango-Daji, Lokoja

4231225Freedom Faith Secondary School, Adankolo

4231226Kings & Queens Onward International Academy, Lokoja

4231227United Evangelical Church Secondary School, Lokoja

4231228Teachers Home International College, Lokoja

4231229Muslim Secondary School, Angwan Kura, Lokoja

4231230Grace International School, Obajana

4231301Government Secondary School, Koton-Karfe

4231302Community Secondary School, Gegu Beki

4231303Kogi Local Government Secondary School, Girinyan

4231304Local Government Secondary School, Aseni

4231305Community Girls Secondary School, Koton-Karfe

4231306Government Day Secondary School, Akpogu

4231307Rhama Community Secondary School, Koton Kanfe

4231308Rock “N” Gardens Academy, Lokoja

4231309Local Government Secondary School, Budon

4231310Community Secondary School, Omoko, Kogi

4231311Kings & Queens Modern Secondary. School, Felele

4231312Community Secondary School, Ahoko

4231313Community Secondary School,, Chikara

4231314Local Government Secondary School, Odah

4231315Amazing Grace Citadel College, Kotonkarfe

4231401Government Day Secondary School, Takete-Ide Amuro

4231402Evangelical Church Of West Africa Secondary School, Mopa

4231403Baptist Girls’ High School, Mopa

4231404Ilai Community Grammar School, Ilai

4231405Cruise Memorial College, Mopa

4231406Amuro Community Secondary School, Amuro

4231408Mopamuro Local Govt. Secondary School, Okeagi

4231409Orokere Comprehensive High School, Amuro

4231410Local Government Secondary School, Ayedayo Amuro

4231411Government Special Science Secondary School, Mopa

4231412Government Science Secondary School, Aiyede Amuro

4231501Community Secondary School, Ejule

4231502Community Secondary School, Ugwolawo

4231503Community Secondary School, Aloji

4231504Community Secondary School, Umomi

4231505Community Secondary School, Onicha-Igo

4231506Emodu Community Secondary School, Ofabo

4231507Community Secondary School, Ochadamu

4231508Federal Government College, Ugwolawo

4231509Community Secondary School, Agojeju

4231510Government Secondary School, Itobe

4231511Government Secondary School, Alloma

4231512Owowolo-Iyokpe Community Secondary School, Ofolikpa

4231513Community Secondary School, Ofakaga

4231514Community Secondary School, Alla-Ejima

4231515Model Girls Secondary School, Ogbonicha-Ofu

4231516Community Secondary School, Obagwu

4231517God’s Dominion Secondary School, Itobe

4231518Comprehensive Secondary School, Okabo

4231519Arabic And Islamic Secondary School, Ugwalawo

4231520Creative Secondary School, Ugwalawo

4231521Community Secondary School, Ogbagebe

4231522Sacred Heart Marist College, Ejule

4231523Faith International Secondary School, Itobe

4231524Midway International Secondary School,Ejule

4231525Idachaba Okama Memorial College, Ugwolawo

4231601Community Comprehensive High School, Ogori

4231602Magongo Community Secondary School, Magongo

4231603Government Science Secondary School, Ogori Magongo

4231701Ihima Community Secondary School, Ihima

4231702Government Girls’ Unity Secondary School, Oboroke

4231703Okehi Community Secondary School, Ikuehi

4231704Okehi Community Secondary School, Uboro

4231705Okehi Community Secondary School, Oboroke Ihima

4231706Okehi Community Science Secondary School, Eika-Ohizenyi

4231707Government Day Secondary School, Ebako-Ihima

4231708Government Day Secondary School, Ohueta

4231709National Iron Ore Mining Project Staff Secondary School, Itakpe

4231710Ebira Muslim College, Ikuehi

4231711Fce Demonstration Secondary School, Okene

4231712Divine Academy Co-Educational Secondary School, Itakpe

4231713Bright Future International Secondary School, Obangede

4231714Trinity College, Ohueta

4231715Ansarul-Islam Secondary School, Oboroke-Ihima

4231716Community Secondary School, Obangedee

4231717Wisdom Dominion International College, Ihima

4231718Odumson Model Academy Oboroke-Ihima

4231719The Holy Flock Of Christ College, Obeiba-Ihima

4231801Abdul Aziz Attah Memorial College, Okene

4231802Okene Secondary School, Okene

4231803Lennon Memorial College, Ageva-Okene

4231804Government Secondary School, Okene

4231805Ebira Muslim Community College, Okengwe

4231806Okengwe Community Secondary School, Arigo

4231807Etahi Community Secondary School, Okene

4231808Queen Of Apostles College, Okene

4231809Local Government Secondary School, Agassa

4231810Local Government Secondary School, Ohiana-Okene

4231811Local Government Secondary School, Upogoro

4231812College Of Arabic And Islamic Studies, Okene

4231813Government Day Secondary School, Ahache-Okene

4231814Government Day Secondary School, Iruvucheba

4231815Government Girls’ Day Secondary School, Otutu-Okene

4231816Okene Central Community Secondary School, Anyava-Okene

4231817Okengwe Comprehensive College, Idoma

4231818Kadrex International College, Etahi-Okene

4231819Qualitative Secondary School, Idoma

4231820St. Johst John N Bosco Comprehensive Secondary School, Okene

4231821Al- Hilal Islamic Model College, Etahi- Okene

4231822Solardad College, Okene

4231823Standard Secondary School, Okengwe

4231824De- Wisdom Group Of School, Okene

4231901Olamaboro Community Grammar School, Okpo

4231902Community High School, Ofante

4231903Ammeh Commercial College, Etutekpe-Okpo

4231904Government Secondary School, Okpo

4231905Emomoka Community Secondary School, Adum-Ogugu

4231906Iga Community College, Ikeje

4231907Agaliga Community Secondary School, Efabo

4231908Emoriko Community Secondary School, Adupi-Ogugu

4231909Ogugu Community Secondary School, Ogugu

4231910Imane Community Grammar School, Imane

4231911Emonyoku Community Secondary School, Emonyoku-Ogugu

4231912Community High School, Etutekpe-Okpo

4231913Qua Iboe Church (Nigeria) Secondary School, Ogugu

4231914Babanawa College, Ikeje-Igah

4231915Sulab High School, Okpo

4231916Emonoja Community College, Ogbofe-Ogugu

4231917Emagaba Community Secondary School, Emagaba Ii Ogugu

4231918Agaliga Community Comprehensive College, Etukwo

4231919Ocheba High School, Igah-Ocheba

4231920Ogene Community Model College, Igumale-Ogugu

4231921Government Day Secondary School, Ikem-Ogugu

4231922Alagalani Community Secondary School, Okpo

4231923Community Grammar School, Ejule Ofante

4231924Evergreen International College, Odo Eto, Okpo

4231925Emodu Community Secondary School, Emodu

4231926Ofokpo Community Secondary. School, Emagaba 1, Ogugu

4231927Community Secondary School, Ade

4231928Government Special Science College, Imane

4231929Inele Community Secondary School, Inele

4232001Government Secondary School, Abejukolo

4232002Ife Community Secondary School, Abejukolo

4232003Iyaji Commercial Secondary School, Abejukolo

4232004Ife Community Secondary School, Bagaji-Odo

4232005Ife Community Secondary School, Ibado-Akpacha

4232006Ife Community Secondary School, Agbenema

4232007Government Day Secondary School, Abejukolo

4232008Agojeju-Odoh Community Secondary School, Agojeju-Odoh

4232009Bagana Community Secondary School, Bagana

4232010Olla Community Secondary School, Olla

4232011Uec Secondary School, Ogodu

4232012Odo Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Ajokpachi-Odo

4232013Olokwu Community Secondary School, Olokwu

4232014Government Science Secondary School, Icheke-Ogame

4232015Community Secondary School, Ajiyolo-Ife

4232053God’s Reward International College, Ogijo

4232101Titcombe College, (Ecwa) Egbe

4232102St. Peter’s College, Egbe

4232103United Secondary Commercial College, Odo-Ere

4232104Government Secondary School, Egbe

4232105Comprehensive High School, Odo-Eri

4232106Okutadudu High School, Odo-Ere

4232107Egbe Comprehensive College, Egbe

4232108Government Day Secondary School, Okeri

4232109Obagidan Secondary Commercial School, Ogbe

4232110Local Government Secondary School, Ejiba

4232111Akumarun Community Secondary School, Okoloke

4232112Community Secondary School, Odo-Ara

4232114Community Grammar School, Oke Ere

4232115Okoto Community Grammar School, Odo-Eri

4232117Ecwa George Campion Academy, Egbe

4232118Heritage College, Egbe

4232119Royal Model College, Odo-Eri

4240101Government Secondary School, Afon

4240102Government Secondary School, Ballah

4240103Asa Local Government Commercial Secondary School, Bakase

4240104Jamaat Nasiril Islam Grammar School, Oniyere

4240105Government Secondary School, Alapa

4240106Government Day Secondary School, Otte

4240107Government Day Secondary Schol, Aboto-Oja

4240108Asa Local Government Secondary Commercial School, Oguntoyinbo

4240109Asa Local Government Secondary School, Budo-Egba

4240110Community Secondary School, Ogbondoroko

4240111Cherubim And Seraphim College, Laduba

4240112Ansarul Islam College, Laduba

4240113Community Secondary School, Ogele

4240114Total Child Secondary School, Araromi-Ilorin

4240115Sapati International School, Ilorin

4240116Lasoju Comprehensive High School, Lasoju

4240117Asa Local Government Secondary School, Temidire

4240118Ansarul Islam Secondary School, Aboto Osa

4240119Asa Local Government Secondary School, Budo- Tuntun

4240201Batonu Baptist Grammar School, Okuta

4240202Government Secondary School, Yashikira

4240203Government Secondary School, Ilesha-Baruba

4240204Government Secondary School, Gwanara

4240205Local Government Secondary School, Kosubosu

4240206Government Day Secondary School, Okuta

4240207Government Secondary School, Sinawu

4240208Kasane Secondary School, Shiya

4240209Ansarul Islam Secondary School, Gure

4240210Community High School, Boriya

4240211Government High School, Kenu

4240212Ecwa Secondary School, Gure

4240213Ansarul-Islam Secondary School, Taberu Bata

4240214Cornerstone Secondary School, Chikanda

4240215Senior Secondary School, Gwasoro

4240216Senior Secondary School, Gbere Bereru, Ilorin

4240301Lafiagi Secondary School, Lafiagi

4240302Government Secondary School, Lafiagi

4240303Government Secondary School, Bacita

4240304Tsaragi Unity Secondary School, Tsaragi

4240305Government Secondary School, Shonga

4240306Government Day Secondary School, Gbugbu

4240307Government Day Secondary School, Lafiagi

4240308Yoshua College, Bacita Estate

4240309Government Day Secondary School, Zambufu

4240310Bata Community School, Efagi

4240311Kinti Community Secondary School, Gana Gagi

4240312U.M.C.A. Secondary School, Bacita

4240313Bata-Kinti Comprehensive High School, Dumagi

4240314Etsu Aliyu Senior Secondary School, Isaragi

4240315Goshen Christian Academy, Bacita

4240316Christ The King College, Bacita

4240317Etsu Abdullahi Secondary School, Bacita Village

4240318Nysc Model Secondary School, Kpandaragi

4240319Ave Maria Catholic Secondary School, Lafiagi

4240401Eruku Secondary Commercial School, Eruku

4240402Osi Central Secondary School, Osi

4240403Government Secondary School, Obbo-Aiyegunle

4240404Methodist High School, Eruku

4240405Benevolent Comprehensive High School, Obbo-Aiyegunle

4240406Koro Grammar School, Koro

4240407Community Comprehensive High School, Obbo-Ile

4240408Anglican Comprehensive High School, Oke-Opin

4240409Etan Community Secondary School, Etan

4240410Iketa Grammar School, Osi

4240411Community High School, Isapa

4240412Divine Providence Catholic Secondary School, Osi

4240413Community Senior Secondary School, Ikerin-Opin

4240414Snr Sec. School, Isolo-Opin

4240415Community Senior Secondary School, Epe Opin

4240416Muslim Community Secondary School, Osi

4240417Isare- Opin Grammar School, Osi, Ekiti

4240501Ecwa Secondary School,Igbaja

4240502Playfair Memorial College, Oro-Ago

4240503Omupo (anglican) Grammar School, Omupo

4240504Baptist Grammar School, Igbaja

4240505Unity/oke-Ode Grammar School, Oke-Ode

4240506Idofian Grammar School, Idofian

4240507Jama’atu Nasril Islam College, Babanloma

4240508Government Secondary School, Share

4240509Government Unity Technical College, Amodu Asungbolu

4240510Community Secondary School, Elerinjare

4240511Community Grammar School, Ora

4240512Ansarul Islam Secondary School, Maloko

4240513Yaru High School, Yaru

4240514Muslim Secondary Commercial School, Igbaja

4240515Olayinka Grammar School, Olayinka

4240516Idera Community Secondary School, Idera

4240517Ajagun Comprehensive High School, Oke-Oro Oro Ago

4240518Christian Commercial College, Oro-Ago

4240519Community High School, Okanle-Fajeromi

4240520Secondary Commercial College, Omi-Aro

4240521Government Secondary School, Babanla

4240522Agunjin District High School, Agunjin

4240523Government Day Secondary School, Owode-Ofaro

4240524Agbeku Secondary Commercial School, Agbeku

4240525Ebamiyo Community Secondary School, Ebamiyo

4240526Ansarul Islam Secondary School, Oko-Ode

4240527Agbonna High School, Share

4240528Awulesoro High School, Owa-Kajola

4240529Government Day Secondary School, Alegongo-Temidire

4240530Community Secondary School, Babanloma

4240531Aworo-Ona Grammar School, Irabon, Oro Ago

4240532Comprehensive High School, Oke-Ayo

4240533Community Secondary School, Ganmo

4240534Omupo Muslim College, Omupo

4240535Akewushola College, Amoyo, Ilorin

4240536Muslim Community Grammar School, Oke-Oro/oro Ago

4240537Igbo-Owu Commercial Secondary School, Igbo-Owu

4240538Seventh-Day Adventist Secondary School, Oke Ode

4240539Opeloyeru International High School, Ganmo

4240540Fomwan Comprehensive College, Oke-Ode

4240541Masudo College, Masudo

4240542Notre Dame Girls’ Academy Amoyo

4240543Senior Secondary School, Oke- Oyan

4240544Amoyo Senior Secondary School, Amoyo, Ilorin

4240601Government Secondary School, Ilorin

4240602Saint Anthony’s Secondary School, Ilorin

4240603Cherubim And Seraphim College, Sabo Oke Ilorin

4240604Agbeyangi Community Secondary School, Agbeyangi Ilorin

4240605Okelele Secondary School, Ilorin

4240606Army Day Secondary School, Sobi-Barracks, Ilorin

4240607Community Secondary School, Iponrin

4240608Government Secondary School, Lajiki

4240609Kwara State School For The Handicapped, Ilorin

4240610Tetegun Comprehensive High School, Apado

4240611Ayetoro-Ile Community Secondary Commercial School, Ilorin

4240612Bukola Ansarul Islam High School, Budo-Are

4240613Community Secondary School, Oke-Oyi, Oja

4240614Community Grammar School, Ile-Apa Ilorin

4240615Kwara State Polytechnic Secondary School, Ilorin

4240616Government Day Secondary School, Karuma

4240617Government Day Secondary School, Amule

4240618Government Day Secondary School, Fate-Ilorin

4240619Ansarul Islam Secondary School, Marafa-Oja

4240620University Of Ilorin Secondary School, Ilorin

4240621Government Day Secondary School, Tapa Ayetoro-Oja

4240622Government Day Secondary School, Oke-Ogbe

4240623Kinsey Academy College, Ilorin

4240624Government Day Secondary School, Ojagboro, Ilorin

4240625David Akintola College, Ilorin

4240626Best Way College, Oke-Oyi

4240627Sheba International College, Amilegbe

4240628The Word Assembly College, Ilorin

4240629Future Leaders Model College, Oja- Gbooro

4240630Olokuta Senior Secondary School, Anfeyin-Oja

4240631His Grace College, Ilorin

4240632Muslim Model Secondary School, Idi- Ori, Ilorin

4240633Ayo College, Ilorin

4240634Ifeoluwa International College, Ilorin

4240635Zarat Model College, Isale-Koko, Ilorin

4240701Bishop Smith Memorial College, Ilorin

4240702Ansarul Islam Secondary School, Ilorin

4240703United Community Secondary School, Ilorin

4240704Government Secondary School, Omode

4240705Government Girls’ Day Secondary School, Okesuna, Ilorin

4240706Government Day Secondary School, Oke Aluko, Ilorin

4240707Government Day Secondary School, Agbabiaka

4240708Government Day Secondary School, Okekere, Ilorin

4240709Muhyideen Arabic Secondary School, Kulende, Ilorin

4240710Government Day Secondary School, Tanke, Ilorin

4240711Taoheed Secondary School, Ilorin

4240712Anglican Grammar School, Ilorin

4240713Ecwa Secondary School, Ganmo

4240714Chapel Secondary School, Ilorin

4240715Union Baptist Grammar School, Ilorin

4240716Government Day Secondary School, Kulende, Ilorin

4240717Government Day Secondary School, Gaa-Akanbi, Ilorin

4240718Christ Apostolic Church Secondary School, Gaa Akanbi

4240719Dalex Royal College, Fate-Ilorin

4240720Emmanuel Baptist College, Ilorin

4240721Ebenezer High School, Ilorin

4240722Effective International College, Ilorin

4240723Umca High School, Ilorin

4240724Precious Gift International School, Ilorin

4240725Emmaculate Model College, Iiorin

4240726Ifedamola International High School, Ilorin

4240727Nana Aishat Memorial College, Alagbado, Ilorin

4240728Alexandar College Of Art & Science, Upper Gaa Akanbi, Ilorin

4240729Cornerstone International Secondary School, Tanke

4240730Rehoboth College, Ilorin

4240731Ilorin South Local Government Secondary School, Oke-Adini

4240732Adebola College, Gaa- Akanbi, Ilorin

4240733Reputable International College, Ilorin

4240734Roemichs International School, Llorin

4240735Messiah High School, Nnpc Pipe-Line Tanke

4240736Okc International College, Ilorin

4240737St. Charles College, Ilorin

4240738Flora College, Ilorin

4240739Lower Niger River Basin Staff College, Ilorin

4240740Sango Senior Secondary School, Kulende

4240741Excellent International College, Tanke

4240742Cornerstone Independent High School, Ilorin

4240743Adewumi Abake College, Olorunsogo Upper Gaa Akanbi Ilorin

4240744Olumawu College, Ilorin

4240745Senior Secondary School, Opolo

4240746Abdulaziz- Atta Memorial College, Ilorin

4240747Our Lady’s Catholic Secondary School,Kulende

4240748Oluwaseun College, Oloje, Ilorin

4240801Sheikh Abdulkadir College, Ilorin

4240802Queen Elizabeth School, Ilorin

4240803Mount Carmel College, Ilorin

4240804Government High School, Ilorin

4240805Ilorin Grammar School, Ilorin

4240806Baboko Community Secondary School, Ilorin

4240807Barakat Community Secondary School, Ilorin

4240808Banni Community Secondary School, Ilorin

4240809College Of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Ilorin

4240810Government Day Secondary School, Alore-Ilorin

4240811Government Girls’ Day Secondary School, Pakata, Ilorin

4240812Local Government Secondary School, Odore

4240813Government Girls’ Day Secondary School, Oko-Erin

4240814Government Day Secondary School, Airport, Ilorin

4240815Federal Government College, Ilorin

4240816Baptist Model High School, Ilorin

4240817Ilorin Comprehensive High School, Ilorin

4240818Government Day Secondary School, Adewole Estate, Ilorin

4240819Government Day Secondary School, Odo-Okun, Ilorin

4240820Modelak Science College, Ilorin

4240821Kwara State College Of Education Model Secondary School, Ilorin

4240822Government Day Secondary School, Adeta Ilorin

4240823The Apostolic Grammar School, Airport, Ilorin

4240824Eucharistic Heart Of Jesus Model College, Asa Dam Road, Ilorin

4240825Olufunke Memorial Secondary School, Ilorin

4240826Stephen’s Fountain of Knowledge College, Ilorin

4240827IQRA College, Ilorin

4240828Jibsorek International College, Ilorin

4240829Glorious Vision International College, Ilorin

4240830Socrates College, Ilorin

4240831Busarialao College, Ilorin

4240832An-Nur Islamic College, Ilorin

4240833Islamic College, Ilorin

4240834Lumex International College, Ilorin

4240835Ilorin West Local Govt. Secondary School, Osin Aremu, Off Asa Dam Road

4240836Joel Best Legacy Model College, Oko Erin

4240837Real Option College, Gaa-Odota, Ilorin

4240838Alade College, Taiwo Road, Ilorin

4240839Five Way International Secondary School, Adewole, Ilorin

4240840Oluwatoyin Progressive Secondary School, Ilorin

4240841International Arts & Science Academy, Agbabiaka, Ilorin

4240842Muhammed Kamaludeen College, Adewole, Ilorin

4240843Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Private Sec. School, Oloje, Ilorin

4240844Focal Point College, New Yidi Road, Ilorin

4240845Gold Academy, Ilorin

4240846Dola Star Model College, Ilorin

4240847Fortunate International L College Of Arts And Science, Ilorin

4240848Federal Staff Secondary School, Adewole Estate, Ilorin

4240849Royal International College, Ilorin

4240850In-Depth International College, Ilorin

4240851Rukayat Science Academy, Odota, Ilorin

4240852Montessori Model College, Ilorin

4240853Balogun Model College, Off Taiwo Road, Ilorin

4240854St. James C.A.C Snr, Secondary School,Ilorin

4240901Oro Grammar School, Oro

4240902Esie/iludun Anglican Grammar School, Oro

4240903Notre Dame Girls’ Secondary School, (oke-Maria), Oro

4240904Government Secondary School, Omu-Aran

4240905Comprehensive High School, Ajasse-Ipo

4240906Ansarul Islam Grammar School, Ijomu Oro

4240907Omu-Aran High School, Omu-Aran

4240908Okeya High School, Okeya-Po

4240909Oyelagbawo Grammar School, Ilala

4240910Government Secondary School, Agbamu

4240911Arandun Grammar School, Arandun

4240912Iludun-Oro Comprehensive High School, Oro

4240913Buari Comprehensive High School, Buari

4240914Ansarul Islam Secondary School, Igbonla

4240915Jamaat Nasril Islam Grammar School, Oke-Ola, Oro

4240916Aran-Orin Comprehensive High School, Aran-Orin

4240917Ofe-Aran Commercial College, Omu-Aran

4240918Ogbo Grammar School, Omu-Aran

4240919Aperan Comprehensive College, Omu-Aran

4240920Ayaki Secondary Grammar School, Okerimi-Oro

4240921Agbonda High School, Agbonda

4240922Ansarul Islam Secondary Commercial College, Sanmora

4240923Community High School, Esie

4240924Oro Muslim High School, Oro

4240925Jamaat Nasril Islam Secondary School, Eggi-Oyopo

4240926Dab-Comprehensive High School,Iddo-Oro

4240927Christian Comprehensive High School, Ijomu Oro

4240928Government Day Secondary School, Rore

4240929Government Day Secondary School, Ijan-Otun

4240930Ecwa Girls’ Secondary School, Omu-Aran

4240931Government Day Secondary School, Agbele

4240932Government Day Secondary School, Ajasse-Ipo

4240933Apaarin Community Grammar School, Igbonla

4240934Iludun-Oro Anglican Girls’ College, Iludun-Oro

4240935Alade College, Ajase-Ipo

4240936Government Christian College, Omu-Aran

4240937Federal Government Girls’ College, Omu-Aran

4240938Thomas Adewumi International College, Oko

4240939Ansarrul-Islam Secondary School, Omu-Aran

4240940Adeoti College, Omu-Aran

4240941Abiola Standard College, Ajase Ipo

4240942Living Truth Christ College International, Iludun Oro

4240943Banwo Olufunto Ideal College, Ajasse-Ipo

4240944Victory Model College, Omu Aran

4240945Obi International College, Omu-Aran

4241001Baptist Grammar School, Isanlu-Isin

4241002Victory Comprehensive College, Edidi

4241003Iwo Comprehensive High School, Iwo

4241004Isin Community Secondary Commercial School, Egii-Owu-Isin

4241005Ijara-Isin High School, Ijara-Isin

4241006Oke-Onigbin Secondary School, Oke-Onigbin

4241007Comprehensive High School, Oko

4241008Olla Secondary Commercial School, Olla

4241009Alla Grammar School, Alla

4241010Jama’at Nasril Islam Secondary School, Owu-Isin

4241011Isanlu-Isin Comprehensive College Isanlu-Isin

4241012Oke-Aba Secondary School, Oke-Aba

4241013Community Secondary School, Oba-Isin

4241014Ecwa Secondary School, Odo- Eku

4241101Government Unity Secondary School, Kaiama

4241102Government Day Secondary School, Kaiama

4241103Government Secondary School, Kugiji

4241104Kaima Local Government Secondary School, Gwaria

4241105Kaima Local Government Senior Secondary School, Bani

4241106Ola International College, Kaima

4241201Government Secondary School, Malete

4241202Government Arabic College, Jebba

4241203Awon-Ga High School, Shao

4241204Moro Local Government Secondary School, Megida-Ipaiye

4241205Moro Local Government Secondary School, Ejidongari

4241206Moro Local Government Secondary School, Oloru

4241207Government Secondary School, Bode Saadu

4241208Government Day Secondary School, Shao

4241209Government Day Secondary School, Lanwa

4241210United Missionary Church Of Africa Comprehensive High School, Jebba

4241211Government Secondary School, Jebba

4241212Government Day Secondary School, Okutala

4241213Omega College, Shao, Ilorin

4241214Hawawu Memorial College,Tepatan Oyun Ilorin

4241215Alaran College, Bode-Saadu

4241216Royal Seed High School, Jebba

4241217Senior Secondary School, Ore-Asomu

4241301Offa Grammar School, Offa

4241302Saint Clare’s Anglican Grammar School, Offa

4241303Anglican College Of Commerce, Offa

4241304Ansaru-Ud-Deen College, Offa

4241305Government Secondary School, Offa

4241306Olalomi Comprehensive College, Offa

4241307Okin High School, Offa

4241308Iyeru Grammar School, Offa

4241309Offa Community Secondary School, Offa

4241310Moremi High School, Offa

4241311Nawair-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Offa

4241312Government Day Secondary School, Offa

4241313Tawakalitu Grammar School, Offa

4241314Adesoye College, Offa

4241315Federal Polytechnic Staff Secondary School, Offa

4241316Taoheed College, Offa

4241317Oyeleke Memorial College, Offa

4241318Omolabake College, Offa

4241319Goodness Royal College, Offa

4241320Buks International School, Offa

4241321Olaitan Zion College, Offa

4241322Adeola College, Offa

4241323Mustapha Standard College, Offa

4241401Fatima Community College, Ekan-Meje/aran Orin

4241402Babalola Memorial (cac) Grammar School, Odo-Owa

4241403Iloffa Grammar School, Iloffa

4241404Government Secondary School, Idofin

4241405Idofin High School, Idofin

4241406Anglican Grammar School, Ilale

4241407Obaji Comprehensive High School, Ekan-Nla

4241408Muslim Community College, Ayedun

4241409Orota Community High School, Odo-Owa

4241410Iloffa Comprehensive High School, Illofa

4241411Jamaat Nasril Islam Comprehensive High School, Odo-Owa

4241412Apostolic Faith Secondary School, Egosi-Ile, Oke Ero

4241413Community Senior Secondary School, Egosi- Ile

4241414Community Secondary (Snr) School, Imode

4241501Erinl-Ile Secondary School, Erin-Ile

4241502Oyun Baptist High School, Ijagbo

4241503Ojoku Grammar School, Ojoku

4241504Government Secondary School, Igosun

4241505Government Secondary School, Ipee

4241506Ira Grammar School, Ira

4241507Ansar-Ud-Deen Islamic High School, Ipee

4241508Suraju-Deen College, Erin-Ile

4241509Ikotun High School, Ikotun, Oyun

4241510Igosun High School, Igosun

4241511Christ Comprehensive Hgh School, Erin-Ile

4241512Ansarul Islam College, Ikotun

4241513Ipee Baptist Grammar School, Ipee

4241514Moje Girls’ High School, Erin-Ile

4241515Government Day Secondary School, Igbonna

4241516Ansar-Ud-Deen College, Ijagbo

4241517Oyun Local Government Secondary School, Ilemona

4241518Popoola College, Erin-Ile

4241519Glorious Bethel College, Erin-Ile

4241520Bimaks International School, Ijagbo

4241537Commercial Secondary School, Igbo Owu

4241601Patigi Secondary School, Patigi

4241602Community Secondary School, Lade

4241603Government Secondary School, Kpada

4241604Islamiyya College, Patigi

4241605The Apostolic Church Secondary School, Patigi

4241606Senior Secondary School,Lata, Patigi

4241607Unique Faithprogressive College, Lade, Patigi

4250101Anwar-Ul-Islam (model) College, Agege

4250102Saint Joseph Secondary School, Agege

4250103Saka Tinubu Memorial High School, Orile Agege

4250104Lagos Baptist Senior Secondary School, Agege

4250105Government Senior College, Agege

4250106Oniwaya High School, Agege

4250107Abibatu Mogaji Millennium Senior Secondary School, Iloro- Agege

4250108Orile Agege Community High School, Agege

4250109Yewa High School, Agege

4250110Dairy Farm Senior Secondary School, Agege

4250111Sango Senior Secondary School, Agege

4250112State Senior High School, Oyewole Agege

4250113Onipetesi High School, Iloro-Agege

4250114Girls Senior High School, Iyana Ipaja

4250115Jubril Martins High School, Agege

4250116Jelly-Las College, Agege

4250117Links International School, Agege

4250118Folbim High School, Agege

4250119Atlas College, Agege

4250120Onibu-Ore Comprehensive High School, Oko-Oba, Agege

4250121A&T College, Tabon-Tabon, Agege

4250122Saint Mark College, Agege

4250123Sarah Comprehensive College, Oko Oba, Agege

4250124Honey Spring High School, Fagba

4250125Rose Valley High School, Agege

4250126Adegoke High School, Agege

4250127Lagooz College, Orile Agege

4250128Ored College, Agege

4250129Glory Emmanuel High School, Oke-Odo, Agege

4250130Brilliant Academy, Iloro Agege

4250131Abiks High School, Agege

4250132Juli Comprehensive College, Agege

4250133Golden Stars College, Agege

4250134Brighter Hope Comprehensive High School, Ogba-Agege

4250135Fitjoy Academy, Okekoto, Agege

4250136Tofek Secondary School, New Oko Aba, Agege

4250137Ope-Olu Comprehensive Secondary School, Dopemu-Agege, Lagos

4250138Darman Model College, Agege

4250139Divine Blessed College, Agege

4250140Status Comprehensive College, Agege

4250141Christ Field Comprehensive College, Agege

4250142Lagos Baptist Senior Secondary School Ii, Agege

4250143Normal College, Ijaiye, Ogba-Lagos

4250144Oshboug Modern Secondary School, Aguda-Ogba

4250145Roy Faith Platinum College, Oke-Odo, Agege

4250146Fountain Of Wisdom College, Oko-Oba, Agege

4250147Hope Dynamic Comprehensive College, Papa Asafa Agege

4250148Pandora Comprehensive College,Mulero, Agege

4250201Gaskiya Senior College, Badia

4250202Trinity Secondary School, Araromi, Olodi-Apapa

4250203Cardoso Senior High School, Badia

4250204Ajeromi Ifelodun Senior High School, Osho Drive

4250205Awodi-Ora Senior Secondary School, Cardoso Ajegunle

4250206Adeolu Senior Secondary School, Tolu

4250207Alakoto High School, Tolu

4250208Olodi-Apapa Senior Secondary School, Olodi-Apapa

4250209Tincan Island Senior High School, Tolu

4250210Unity Senior Secondary School, Tolu

4250211Creek Senior High School, Tolu

4250212Newland Senior Secondary School, Tolu

4250213Mokoya Senior High School, Olodi-Apapa

4250214Ojoku Senior High School, Tolu

4250215Ojora Memorial Senior Secondary School, Tolu

4250216Oluwa Memorial Senior Secondary School, Tolu

4250217Oshodi Senior Secondary School, Olodi-Apapa

4250218Reservation Senior Secondary School, Tolu

4250219Temidire Senior High School, Tolu

4250220Expressway Senior Secondary School, Tolu

4250221Hope Bay College, Ajegunle Apapa

4250222High Achievers College, Apapa Ajegunle

4250223Ekum College, Amukoko, Lagos

4250224De-Light International Secondary School, Olodi-Apapa

4250225First Foundation College, Ajegunle, Apapa

4250226Kalac-Loyola Secondary School, Olodi-Apapa

4250227Noel College Of Arts & Science, Orile Iganmu

4250228Moonlight College, Wowo Street, Olodi Apapa

4250229Topfield College, Ajegunle

4250230Leonard Umunna College, Apapa

4250231Oloye Comprehensive College, Sari Iganmu

4250232Rybeka Model College, Apapa

4250233Bola Ige Millennium Senior Secondary School, Tolu

4250234Johnson Grammar School, Alaba Oro, Lagos

4250235Umbrella Comprehensive High School, Olodi Apapa

4250236Chambers College, Amukoko

4250237Julewubi Foundation College, Amukoko

4250238Dorcas Memorial College, Awodi-Ora

4250239Infant Jesus College, Ajegunle, Apapa

4250240Kingston High School, Alaba Oro, Lagos

4250241Highstone College, Ajegunle

4250242Sunfab College, Alafia B/Stop, Orile

4250243Caro Favoured College,Ajegunle

4250244Emdee College, Apapa

4250245Festlad College, Orile-Iganmu, Lagos

4250246Patjoe High School, Olodi-Apapa

4250247Cedec International Secondary School, Olodi-Apapa

4250248Marian Academy, Ijora Badiya

4250249St. Ambrose College, Orile Iganmu

4250250Cardoso Catholic Secondaryschool, Ajegunle

4250251Prince Charles Secondary School, Olodi-Apapa

4250252Orire College, Sari Iganmu

4250253Victory Progressive College, Ajegunle

4250301Awori Anglican Comprehensive High School, Ipaja

4250302Command Secondary School, Ipaja

4250303Abesan Senior High School, Ipaja

4250304Alimosho Senior Grammar School, Gowon Estate

4250305Community Grammar School, Akowonjo

4250306Community Senior Grammar School, Ipaja

4250307State Senior High School, Gowon Estate

4250309Igando Community Senior High School, Igando-Ikotun

4250310Sasa Community Senior High School, Sasa

4250311Oke-Odo Senior High School, Oke Odo

4250312Lagos State Model Senior College, Meiran

4250313Chrisland College, Idimu, Lagos

4250314Egan Senior Grammar School, Egan

4250315Ikotun Senior High School, Ikotun

4250316Doregos Private Academy, Ipaja

4250317Topmost International Comprehensive Secondary School, Ipaja

4250318Lerato Comprehensive College, Ijaiye-Ojokoro

4250319Modern Age College, Baruwa, Ipaja

4250320Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School, Idimu

4250321Gec Comprehensive College, Ipaja

4250322Sunbeam Comprehensive College, Sasa

4250323High Grade Secondary School, Akowonjo

4250324Bamaka International College, Abesan, Ipaja

4250325Josemaria College, Idimu

4250326Ikotun Comprehensive College, Ikotun

4250327Saint Michael’s Model College, Egbeda

4250328Legacy High School, Akowonjo

4250329Pacific Comprehensive College, Bammeke

4250330Latmos Comprehensive College, Egbe

4250331Saint Saviour’s High School, Alagbada, Ikotun

4250332Elias International Secondary School, Okeodo

4250333Good Shephered Comprehensive High School, Meiran

4250334Tomia Community Senior Secondary School, Alagbado

4250335Ijegun Comprehensive Senior High School, Ijegun

4250336High Class Comprehensive High School, Ikotun

4250337Baptist Model High School, Ijegun

4250338Dee Unique College, Ipaja

4250340Konsol Private College, Egbeda

4250341Tunyo Comprehensive College, Egan

4250342Laurels Academy, Akowonjo

4250343Elibel Comprehensive Academy, Abesan-Ipaja

4250344Medal Merit High School, Igando

4250345Yetkem High School, Ajasa/surulere Town, Alagbado

4250346Living-Spring Comprehensive College, Ikotun

4250347Remade High School, Egan, Lagos

4250348Sound Hope Private Academy, Baruwa, Ipaja

4250349Sweet Valley College, Ikotun, Lagos

4250350Queenmaris College, Ikotun

4250351Mandate Private College, Obadore, Lagos

4250352Ifesowapo/Aboru Senior Secondary School, Aboru

4250353Great Grace Private High School, Onikanga, Ayobo Lagos

4250354Royal Comprehensive College, Candos, Baruwa Ipaja

4250355Olorunfunmi Senior Grammar School, Sanusi Street, Idimu

4250356Kinsol High School, Agodo, Egbe, Lagos

4250357St. Alphonsus Liguori Private Secondary School, Aboru, Iyana Ipaja

4250358Prime Focus Comprehensive Academy, Fatolu, Ipaja

4250359Roshallom International Secondary School, Gowon Estate, Ipaja

4250360Angels College, Oke-Odo

4250361Sigma Bond Academy, Idimu

4250362Foldemi Private College, Abaranje Road, Ikotun

4250363Meiran Community Senior High School, Meiran

4250364Royal Rainbow High School, Agodo Egba

4250365Flourescent Comprehensive Private Academy, Ipaja

4250366First Zion High School, Ijegun

4250367Fanlot Comprehensive High School, Abule-Egba

4250368Bejide Memorial College, Isheri Olofin, Lasu Road

4250369United Universal College, Ikotun

4250370Meu Victory Comprehensive College, Idimu

4250371Skylight Comprehensive College, Ikola Ipaja

4250372Westminster College, Ikotun

4250373Emmanuel Comprehensive College, Ipaja

4250374Global Excellence Comprehensive College, Ipaja

4250375Akinrotoye Memorial High School, Ayobo

4250376Wetland Comprehensive College, Obadare

4250377Tadey International College, Alimosho

4250378Bols International College, Ipaja

4250379Ferscoat Comprehensive Academy, Ipaja

4250380Renics College, Gowon Estate, Ipaja

4250381Prime Amos Grammar School, Omiata, Agbelekale

4250382Blessed Trinity Comprehensive High School, Isheri

4250383Ejiflox College, Egan

4250384Cal College, Egbeda

4250385Toklak Private Comprehensive College, Alimoso

4250386Toamy Private College, Egbe

4250387Christ Academy High School, Ikotun

4250388Towergate Secondary School, Ipaja

4250389Palm-Ville College, Alimosho

4250390Intelligent High School, Idimu

4250391Fortune Private College, Ikotun

4250392Spring Board College, Egbe

4250393Krisbethel College, Ipaja

4250394God’s Blessing International School, Ayobo

4250395Markin Grace College, Isheri Osun

4250396Liberty College, Ayobo, Alimoso

4250397Green Pasture High School, Ijegun

4250398Egbeda Millennium Senior School, Egbeda

4250399Ogunlade College, Ijegun

4250401Awori-Ajeromi Senior Grammar School, Agboju

4250402Amuwo Senior Grammar School, Agboju

4250403Dr. Lucas Memorial Senior Grammar School, Kirikiri Town

4250404Festac Senior College, Festac

4250405Agboju Senior Secondary School, Agboju

4250406Ivory Senior Grammar School, Ibeshe

4250407Unity Senior Grammar School, Amuwo

4250408Amuwo-Odofin Senior Secondary School, Mile 2

4250409Festac Senior Girls Secondary School, Festac

4250410Festac Senior Grammar School, Festac-Town

4250411Imoye Senior High School, Mile 2

4250412Kuje Senior Secondary School, Agboju

4250413Odofin Senior Secondary School, Mile 2

4250414Satellite Town Senior Secondary School, Satelite Town

4250415Amuwo-Odofin Community Senior Secondary School, Amuwo Odofin

4250416Amuwo-Odofin Senior High School, Amuwo Odofin

4250417Igbologun Senior Secondary School, Igbologun

4250418Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Navy Town, Ojo

4250419Navy Town Senior Secondary School, Navy Town

4250420King’s High School, Satellite Town, Lagos

4250421Saint Jude’s Private Secondary School, Festac Town, Lagos

4250422Tendertouch College, Festac Town, Lagos

4250423Earlylife Secondary School, Festac Town, Lagos

4250424Mason College, Festac Town, Lagos

4250426Universal-Muslim Comprehensive High School, Agboju

4250427S-Tee High School, Festac Town, Lagos

4250428Scottfield International School, Amuwo-Odofin

4250429Stepping Stone College, Satellite Town

4250430Doseg International College, Amuwo-Odofin

4250431Pat’s Private Secondary School, Agboju Amuwo

4250432Ambassador College, Festac Town Lagos

4250433The Learningfield Secondary School, Satellite Town

4250434Hopebay College, Maza-Maza

4250435Junifpride International Private School, Festac Town

4250436Radiance High School, Festac Town

4250437The Bliss Co-Educational Secondary School, Abule

4250438A. A. International School, Marwa Way, Satelite

4250439Saint Margaret Secondary School, Amuwo Agboju

4250440Leads College, Ijegun Village, Satelite

4250441Bookman Academy, Lagos

4250442Darman Model College, Satellite Town

4250443Loral International Secondary School, Festac Town

4250444Kabe College, Festac Town

4250445Great Trinity College, Kirikiri, Lagos

4250446Jomal Comprehensive College, Festac

4250447Golden Step Secondary School, Amuwo-Odofin

4250448Kingstep School, Festac

4250449Whitefield High School, Amuwo- Odofin

4250450Saint Mary’s College, Festac Town, Lagos

4250451P&K High School, Amuwo-Odofin

4250452Foresight Secondary School Festac Town

4250453Christhill College, Amuwo Odofin, Ojo

4250454Dr. Soyemi Memorial Secondary School, Festac Town, Lagos

4250455Nowa Secondary School, Navy Town, Ojo

4250456Solika High School, Amuwo-Odofin

4250457Danvic Leaders’ School, Kirikiri Town, Apapa

4250458Iman College, Ago Okota Palace Way, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos

4250459Barbara Cox College, Festac Town, Lagos

4250460Alternative High School For Girls,Amuwo Odofin

4250501United Christian Senior High School, Bambay Cresent

4250502Apapa Senior High School, Pelewura

4250503Randle Senior Secondary School, Pelewura Crescent

4250504Sari Iganmu Senior High School, Sari-Iganmu

4250505Iganmu Senior High School, Sari-Iganmu

4250506Araromi Senior Secondary School, Iganmu

4250507An-Najat International School, Apapa, Lagos

4250508Starlight College, Sari-Iganmu

4250509Brightland College, Apapa

4250510Mavir Leaders College, Olodi-Apapa

4250511Seagate College, Apapa

4250512Sacred Heart College, Apapa

4250513Immanuel Anglican Secondary School, Marine Beach , Apapa

4250601Badagry Senior Grammar School, Badagry

4250602Iworo Ajido Senior High School, Ebute Olofin

4250603Methodist Senior Grammar School, Badagry

4250604Ajara Senior Grammar School, Ajara

4250605Ansar-Un-Deen Senior Grammar School, Badagry

4250606Araromi Ilogbo Senior High School, Oko-Afo

4250607Ikoga Senior Grammar School, Ikogazebbe

4250608Kankon Senior Secondary School, Kankon

4250609Sito-Gbethrome Senior Secondary School, Sito

4250610Topo Senior Grammar School, Topo

4250611Lagos State Model Senior College, Kankon

4250612Odofa Private Secondary School, Km33 Badagry Expressway, Agbara

4250613State Senior High School, Ibereko

4250614Government Senior College, Ajara

4250615Damtops International Secondary School, Badagry

4250616Opeyemi Comprehensive High School, Badagry

4250617Beulah Comprehensive College, Badagry

4250618Supreme Pillars College, Agemowo Town, Via Movo, Badagry

4250619Javy College, Bereko Badagry

4250620Uth Manzak Comprehensive College, Badagry

4250621Osyglad Comprehensive College, Oko-Afo, Badagry

4250622Frontline Comprehensive College, Badagry

4250623Ascension College Imeke, Badagry, Lagos

4250624Larion College, Morogbo, Badagry

4250625Bamfem Comprehensive High School, Magbon-Badagry

4250626Meritland College, Badagry

4250627Josad Heritage Int’l School, Povita Badagry

4250628Ajoke High School, Badagry

4250629St. Michael Alabstars College, Badagry

4250630Sugarfield High School, Badagry

4250631Everfaithful God College, Badagry

4250632Dikor Comprehensive High School, Badagry

4250633Philbeth College, Badagry, Lagos

4250634French Village International College, Badagry, Lagos

4250701Epe Senior Grammar School, Iraye-Oke

4250702Igboye Community Senior High School, Igbooye Mojoda-Epe

4250703Okemagba Senior High School, Mojoda

4250704Pobuna Senior Secondary Grammar School, Poka

4250705Nazareth Senior College, Ibonwon

4250706Lofi Comprehensive Senior High School, Ejinrin

4250707Government Senior College, Ketu

4250708Saint Patrick’s Grammar School, Eredo-Epe

4250709Agbowa Senior Community Grammar School, Agbowa

4250710Epe Senior Girls’ High School, Apena

4250711Lagos State Senior Model College, Agbowa

4250712Odomola Senior High School, Iraye

4250713Baptist Model High School, Agbowa-Ikosi

4250714Ajebo Senior High School, Ajebo

4250715Ise Senior High School, Epe

4250716Molajoye Community Senior High School, Molajoye

4250717Odo-Obara Senior High School, Awolowo Rd Epe

4250718Ogunmodede Senior College, Papa

4250719Army Children Senior High School, Lasu Rd

4250720Oriba Senior High School, Oriba Town

4250721Igbogun Senior High School, Igbogun Village

4250722Otta Ikosi Senior High School, Otta Ikosi

4250723Alaro Senior High School, Iraye-Oke

4250724Lagos State Model Senior College, Igbonla

4250725Yegunda/Idomu Senior High School, Yegunda Village

4250726Igbo-Apawa Senior High School, Igbo-Apawa Village

4250727Citizens Comprehensive College, Temu-Epe

4250728Atlantic Hall, Poka, Epe

4250729El-Bossaa Model Senior College, Epe

4250730Eucharistic Heart Of Jesus Senior Model College, Epe

4250801Methodist Boys’ High School, Victoria Island

4250802Saint Gregory’s College, Lagos

4250803Holy Child College, Ikoyi

4250804Aunty Ayo Girls Comprehensive Senior High School, Ikoyi

4250805Aunty Ayo’s Girls Senior High School, Ikoyi

4250806Ilado Community Senior High School, Osborne Rd Ikoyi

4250807Girls Secondary Grammar School, Lalupon Close

4250808Government Senior College, Ikoyi

4250809Government Senior College, Maroko

4250810Kuramo Senior College, Ozumba Mbadiwe

4250811Akande Dahunsi Memorial Senior High School, Osborne

4250812Falomo Senior High School, Falomo

4250813Government Senior College, Victoria Island

4250814Ireti Senior Grammar School, Akanbi Damola

4250815Victoria Island Senior Secondary School, Ozumba Mbadiwe

4250816Wahab Folawiyo Senior High School, Osborne

4250817Lagos State Senior Model College Badore, Badore

4250818A.D.R.A.O. International School, Victoria Island, Lagos

4250819Eti-Osa Community Senior High School, Sangotedo

4250820Aunty Ayo’s International School, Ikoyi, Lagos

4250821School Masters Academy, Ajah

4250822Dowen College, Lekki

4250823Stride Tower College, Alfa Beach, Lekki

4250824The Lagoon Secondary School, Lekki

4250825Ilasan Senior Secondary School, Ilasan

4250826White Sands School, Lekki

4250827Lekki Penisula College, Lekki

4250828Edidot College, Badore Ajah

4250829Canterbury International High School, Ajah

4250830Aldamak Nouran Senior Secondary School, Eti-Osa

4250831Chrisland High School, Ajah

4250832Joyceville College, Ajah

4250833Al-Akeedat Model College, Ajah

4250834Vesture Of Glory Sec. School, Ajah

4250835Jesilo High School, Ikota, Lekki

4250836Chartered College, Lekki

4250837Liberty Bells College Ajah

4250838Crane College, Ajah

4250839Gbara Community Senior Secondary School, Lekki

4250840Crescent College, Victoria Island

4250901Ibeju Senior High School, Ibeju-Agbe

4250902Community Senior High School, Lekki

4250903Magbon-Alade Senior Grammar School, Magbon-Alade

4250904Community Senior High School, Orimedu

4250905Iwerekun Community Senior High School, Lakowe

4250906Community Senior High School, Magbon-Segun

4250907Community Senior High School, Ilagbo

4250908Akodo Community Senior High School, Akodo-Orofun

4250909Community Senior High School, Debojo

4250910Caleb International College, Lekki

4250911Albesta Academy, Lekki

4250912The White Dove High School, Eti-Osa

4250913First Option College, Abijoh, Ibeju Lekki

4250914Divine Scholars College, Bogije, Ibeju- Lekki

4251001Lagos African Church Grammar School, Ifako/ijaiye

4251002State High School, New Oko-Oba, Ifako/ijaiye

4251003Ebenezer Comprehensive High School, Ijaye-Ojokoro

4251004Anwar-Ul-Islam Girls’ High School, Ojokoro

4251005Sonmori Senior Comprehensive High School, Ifako-Jaye

4251006Ijaye Ojokoro Senior High School, Ojokoro

4251008Iju Senior Grammar School, Iju Station

4251009Vetland Senior Grammar School, Ifako Ijaye

4251010Keke Senior High School

4251011Ifako International Secondary School, Ifako-Ijaiye

4251012Imola Comprehensive College, Ifako Agege

4251013Home Science Association Secondary School, Alakuko

4251014Stadium Grammar School, Ijaiye Agege

4251015Tifedayo International High School, Alagbado

4251016Mercy College, Ijaiye Ojokoro

4251017Oxford College, New Oko-Oba Agege

4251018Providence Heights ‘ph’ Secondary School, Ifako/ijaiye

4251019Royal Crown Comprehensive High School, Iju-Agege

4251020Burkinsheen International Secondary School, Ijaiye Ojokoro

4251021Pre-Campus College, Ifako, Agege

4251022African Church Model College, Ifako Agege

4251023Sachel College, Ijaiye-Ojokoro

4251024Ezekiel Private College, Iju-Ishaga

4251025Starfield Private College, Fagba Iju

4251026Omobola Secondary School, Ojokoro

4251027Holy Blessing College, Abule-Egba

4251028Abiola Grammar School, Alakuko

4251029Divine Success International School, Alakuko

4251030Santos Comprehensive High School, Ifako

4251031Pythagoras College Of Nigeria, Ogba

4251032Badestay Comprehensive High School, Iju

4251033Golden Triangle College, Alagbado

4251034Amje College, Alakuko

4251035Saint Anthony’s International Secondary School, Ifako Ijaye

4251036Temidire Comprehensive College, Abule Egba

4251037Solomon Grace Secondary School, Abule-Egba

4251038Raymond Private Secondary School, Alakuko

4251039New Erral College, Obadeyi Ijaye, Ojokoro

4251040Al-Azim College, Iju Ifako-Ijaiye

4251041Supreme Height College, Ifako, Agege

4251042Owen Thomas College, Alagbado

4251043Iqra Comprehensive College, Ijaye-Ojokoro

4251044Guaranty High School, Iju Ishaga

4251045Good Foundation College, Ifako-Ijaiye

4251046Angolu High School, Ojokoro

4251048Vega College, Alagbado, Lagos

4251049Molaks High School, Iju-Ishaga

4251050New-Tech College, Fagba, Iju-Lagos

4251051Reima Royal College, Ijaiye Ojokoro

4251052Most High College, Ojokoro

4251053Jemsol Comprehensive College Ijaiye Ojokoro

4251054De Glorious College, Agbado Crossing, Ifako Ijaiye

4251055Dream Makers College Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos

4251056High Standard College, Ifako Ijaiye

4251057Anastasia Comprehensive College, Abule-Egba

4251058Immaculate Grace Academy, Ijaiye-Ojokoro

4251059Datforte High School, Ijaiye Ojokoro

4251060Mcroyal College, Obawole, Iju, Lagos

4251061The Pinnacle Grammar School, Ifako Ijaiye

4251062Pledge Private College, Abule Egba

4251063Lizben Private College, Alagbado

4251064Canaan College, Ijaiye-Ojokoro

4251065Taqwa High School, Agege

4251066Damiland High School, Iju-Ifako

4251067Educare Comprehensive High School, Ijaiye-Ojokoro

4251068Bachel Model College, Ifako-Ijaiye

4251069Tetton Secondary School, Meiran, Ifako-Ijaiye

4251070Lato High School, Ifako-Ijaiye

4251071Ijaiye Ojokoro Senior High School Ii, Ijaiye Ifako

4251072Karmel College, Iju

4251073Adeola Memorial College, Iju-Ifako

4251074Mafazat Comprehensive High School, Alagbado

4251075Utopia Comprehensive College, Ijaiye

4251076Falas Academy

4251077Gibraltar Secondary School, Ifako-Ijaiye

4251078Ewoma College Ii, Awori, Abule Egba

4251079Lashbol College, Ojokoro, Lagos

4251080Lords Blossom Pathcollege, Alagbado

4251081Mimak College, Alakuko-Lagos

4251082Hanse-Bol College, Abule-Egba, Lagos

4251083Barachel Model College, Ifako-Agege

4251084Dadeyo High School, Abule Egba

4251085Sonmori Senior Comprehensive High School Ii, Ifako Ijaiye

4251086Ijaiye Highland College, Ifake Ogba

4251087De- Rehoboth College, Ojokoro Lsdpc Estate

4251088Fastspeed Comprehensive College, Ifako-Ijaye

4251101Victory High School, Ikeja

4251102Ikeja Senior High School, Ikeja

4251103Victory College, Ikeja

4251104Ogba Grammar School, Ogba, Ikeja

4251105Oke-Ira Senior Grammar School, Oke-Ira Ikeja

4251106Oregun Senior High School, Oregun

4251107Agidingbi Senior Grammar School, Agidingbi

4251108Babs Fafunwa Millennium Senior Secondary School, Ojodu

4251109Opebi Senior Grammar School, Opebi

4251110Omole Senior Grammar School, Omole Estate

4251111Army Cantonment Senior Secondary School, Onigbongbo/Bank Anthony Way

4251112Air Force Secondary School, Ikeja

4251113Command Day Secondary School, Military Cantonment, Ikeja

4251114Army Children Senior High School, Maryland

4251115Community Senior High School, Wasimi-Maryland

4251116Adebayo Mokuolu College, Ogba

4251117Atlantic Hall, Maryland, Ikeja

4251119Zinnia College, Ikeja

4251120Ashdale College, Ojodu, Ikeja

4251122Victory Grammar School, Ikeja

4251123Pre-Varsity Education Centre, Ikeja

4251124Summit International High School, Ojodu

4251125Cayley College, Agidingbi Ikeja

4251126Dansol High School, Ikeja

4251127Jerare Summit Secondary School, Ogba

4251128Topmost International Comprehensive Sec. School, Maryland

4251130Unique Heights Junior And Senior High School, Isheri Ikeja

4251131Frances College, Ogba Ikeja

4251132Prismoni Comprehensive High School, Ojodu Ikeja

4251133Vivian Fowler Memorial College For Girls’, Ikeja

4251134Saint Gloria’s College, G.R.A. Ikeja

4251135Ctc International School, Junior And Senior High School, Ikeja

4251136Isolog College, Ojodu-Ikeja

4251137D-Ivy College, Ikeja

4251138State Senior High School, Gra, Ikeja

4251139Camp David Academy, Ikeja

4251140Veritas College, Oregun Ikeja

4251141Specialist College, Aguda Ogba

4251142Rita College, Ojodu

4251143Universal White Hall, Ikeja

4251144Wisdom Gate High School, Ikeja

4251145Nigerian Turkish International College, Opebi Ikeja

4251146Oak International College, Ogba, Ikeja

4251147Leeland College, Oregun, Ikeja

4251148Logos Comprehensive College, Maryland

4251149Crescent Hall International School, Gra-Ikeja

4251150Wellspring College, Omole-Ikeja

4251151Lerato Comprehensive School II Valley Estate, Ikeja

4251152Cambridge College, Ikeja, Lagos

4251153Excellent Foundation College, Agidingbi

4251154Vicsum Private College, Ikeja

4251155S.T.T. Regency College, Ikeja

4251156Murtala Muhammed Airport Secondary School, Ikeja

4251157Melville College, Ikeja

4251158Chemline Academy, Ikeja

4251159Mayor Heights College, Ikeja

4251160Yeshua High School, Ojodu

4251161Chrisland High Schol, Ikeja

4251162Mind Builders High School, Alausa- Ikeja

4251163Babs Fafunwa Millenium Senior Grammar School, Ojodu

4251201Oriwu Senior Model College, Ikorodu

4251202Zumratul Islamiyyah Senior Grammar School, Igbogbo

4251203Ikorodu Senior High School, Apeka Estate

4251204Imota Community Senior Grammar School, Imota

4251205Government Senior College, Owutu Ikorodu

4251206United Senior High School, Ikorodu

4251207Ikorodu Senior Grammar School, Ikorodu

4251208Majidun Community Senior Grammar School, Majidun

4251209Ansar-Ud-Deen Senior Grammar School, Imota

4251210Ipakodo Senior Grammar School, Ipakodo

4251211Shams-El-Deen Senior Grammar School, Ikorodu

4251212Isiu Senior Grammar School, Isiu

4251213Keme Balogun Senior College, Ibeshe

4251214Luwasa Senior High School, Ijede

4251215Odogunyan Senior Grammar School, Odogunyan

4251216Oreyo Senior Grammar School, Igbogbo

4251217Maya Community Senior Grammar School, Maya

4251218Community Senior Grammar School, Gberigbe

4251219Community Senior Secondary School, Bayeku

4251220Ifelodun Senior High School, Oke Agbo

4251221Reri Senior Secondary School, Oreta-Offin

4251222Yewa Senior Grammar School, Aga

4251223Lagos State Model Senior College, Igbokuta

4251224Goodwill Secondary School, Ikorodu

4251225Lagos State Civil Service Senior Model College, Igbogbo

4251226Stars International College, Ikorodu

4251227Homat Comprehensive College, Igbogbo Ikorodu

4251228The Saints International School, Isawo Via Ikorodu

4251229Mahmud Ahmadiyya College, Ijede, Ikorodu

4251230Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary, Ikorodu

4251231Living Stone College, Ikorodu

4251232Lighthouse International Secondary School, Ikorodu

4251233Fountain International College, Ikorodu

4251234Nepa Staff Secondary School, Ikorodu

4251235Inglewood Academy, Owutu, Ikorodu

4251236Adtak College, Ikorodu

4251237Goshen College, Ikorodu

4251238Totallight College, Ikorodu

4251239The Primelight High School, Ikorodu

4251240Kith & Kin International College, Onode-Ikorodu

4251241Yintab College, Ikorodu

4251242Dolafield College, Ikorodu

4251243True Vine College, Ikorodu

4251244Zeekay College, Agbede, Ikorodu

4251245Adebayo Abiola Comprehensive College, Sabo, Ikorodu

4251246Debest College, Ikorodu

4251247Goodluck Comprehensive College, Orimedu Ita-Oluwo, Ikorodu

4251248El-Supreme Secondary School, Igbogbo, Ikorodu

4251249Homat Pivotal College, Owutu, Ikorodu

4251250Jane-Nath College, Ipakodo, Ikorodu

4251251Topville College, Oke-Oko Ikorodu

4251252Avit College, Isawo, Ikorodu

4251253Triumphant College, Ori-Okuta, Ikorodu

4251254Kings Land Comprehensive College, Asolo, Ikorodu

4251255Great Anchor Secondary School,Ikorodu

4251256Kingsfield College, Ikorodu

4251257Lawbson International College, Ikorodu

4251258Lord’s Victory College, Ikorodu

4251259Winsford Comprehensive College, Igbogbo Ikorodu

4251260Landmark College, Ikorodu

4251261First Citizens College, Ikorodu

4251262Totland Secondary School, Agric-Ikorodu

4251263High Lead Comprehensive College, Ijede Ikorodu

4251264Lisaville High School, Ikorodu

4251265Noble Stars College, Ikorodu

4251266Sagab College, Ikorodu

4251267Tindip College, Ikorodu

4251268Franmich College, Elepe, Ikorodu

4251269Bimron Comprehensive College, Ibeshe, Ikorodu

4251270Kaydel Comprehensive College, Igbo-Oluwo, Ikorodu

4251271Julius Grace Salom College, Ikoro-Lagos

4251272Seatos College, Oke-Ota Ona, Ikorodu

4251273Ayangburen Senior High School, Ikorodu

4251274Isawo Comprehensive Senior High School, Ikorodu

4251275Elepe Community Senior High School, Elepe, Ijede Road

4251276Debisland College, Ikorodu

4251277Harmony Land College, Ikorodu

4251278De-Young Comprehensive College, Ikorodu

4251279De-Mays College, Ikorodu

4251280Appollian Comprehensive High School, Ikorodu

4251281Homat Unique College, Odogunyan

4251282Golden Treasure College, Offin Ile

4251283Hadex Comprehensive High School, Ijede

4251284Ayotunde College, Igbogbo, Ikorodu

4251285De-Kadmo Private School, Odogunyan

4251286Albert Aluko High School, Igbogbo Ikorodu

4251287Divine Help College, Odogunyan-Ikorodu

4251288Ajalogun Memorial College, Ikorodu

4251289Uncle Bayus College, Ikorodu

4251290Charismartin International School, Ikorodu

4251291De Praiseville College, Ikorodu

4251292New Vision College, Ikorodu

4251293Tedoway College, Ikorodu

4251301Kings College, Lagos

4251302Boys Senior Academy, Lafiaji

4251303Girls Senior Academy, Simpson

4251304Dolphin Senior High School, Adeniji Adele

4251305Ebute-Elefun Senior High School, Adeniji Adele

4251306Eko-Akete Senior Grammar School, Campus Square

4251307Epetedo Senior High School, Adeniji Adele

4251308Isale-Eko Senior Grammar School, Jankara

4251309King Ado Senior High School, Jankara

4251310Lafiaji Senior High School, Hawley

4251311Okesuna Senior High School, Hawley

4251312Keystone College, Lagos

4251313Rio International Secondary School, Lagos

4251314Was-Lat Private College, Lagos Island

4251323Edwina College, Ibiakpan Akananwan

4251401The Apostolic Church Grammar School, Ketu

4251402Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikeja

4251403Aladura Comprehensive High School, Anthony Village, Lagos

4251404Anthony Village Senior High School, Anthony-Village

4251405Kosofe Senior College, Ketu

4251406Ojota Senior Secondary School, Ojota

4251407Ifako Comprehensive Senior High School, Ifako

4251408Comprehensive Senior High School, Ketu

4251409Immaculate Heart School (Senior), Maryland

4251410Ogudu Senior Grammar School, Ogudu Gra

4251411Ajao Estate High School, Anthony Village, Lagos

4251412Orishigun High School, Ketu, Lagos

4251413Aiyedere-Ajibola Senior High School, Ketu

4251414Ikosi Senior High School, Ikosi

4251415Isheri Senior Grammar School, Isheri-Oke

4251416Muslim Senior College, Oworonsoki

4251417Distinct Medal College, Isheri, Lagos

4251418Ajegunle Senior High School, Ikorodu Road

4251419Caleb International College, Ketu, Lagos

4251420Jextoban Secondary School, Ketu, Lagos

4251421Shadel International High School, Olowora, Lagos

4251422Ejidey Comprehensive High School, Magodo, Gra, Lagos

4251423Christ The King International School, Gbagada

4251424Continental Comprehensive Secondary School, Omole Ii, Olowora-Isheri

4251425Mictec International High School, Ogudu

4251426Redeemer’s International Secondary School, Maryland, Lagos

4251427Supreme Education Foundation High School, Magodo Gra, Ketu

4251428Assfood International College, Ketu

4251429Leso Rond High School, Olowora

4251430Daily Light College, Olowora

4251431Marigold College, Oworonsoki

4251432Chasy Comprehensive Secondary School, Mile 12, Ketu

4251433Hogas International College, Ketu

4251434Gladys High School, Ketu

4251435Alpha Plus High School, Ketu

4251436Chris College, Ketu

4251437Tesmoh Comprehensive College, Agiliti, Mile 12

4251438Tripple Crown College, Ketu

4251439Mate Comprehensive High School, Ketu

4251440Estaport Secondary School, Kosofe

4251441Topflight College, Ifako Gbagada

4251443S & J College, Owode-Orile

4251444New Ocean Comprehensive High School, Oworonsoki

4251445Flourish College, Ikosi Ketu

4251446St. Paul’s Comprehensive College, Mile 12, Ketu

4251447Apostolic Faith Secondary School, Anthony Villlage

4251448Sceptre Comprehensive College, Ogudu

4251449Harrobs College, Alapere, Ketu

4251450Proper Arsenal College, Ojota

4251451Komfota College, Alapere, Ketu

4251452Gulf Flower High School, Oworonsoki

4251453Princeway Excellent College, Oworonsoki

4251454Allen High School, Agiliti, Ketu

4251455The Torch College, Kosofe, Ketu

4251456Lolad College, Magodo

4251457Nodos College, Ajegunle, Ikorodu

4251458Teenland Secondary School, Ketu

4251459Lead Forte Gate College, Ogudu

4251460De Sophia College, Anthony Village

4251461Sam ‘O’ High School, Ogudu

4251462Mende Senior High School, Maryland, Ikeja

4251463Halifield College, Maryland

4251464Fly High College, Agiliti

4251465Hebron Land College, Ajegunle

4251466Janet And John College, Gbagada

4251467Wonderful Lord College, Ketu

4251468Glasshouse College, Agiliti, Mile 12

4251469Ministers’ International College, Isheri, Kosofe

4251470Promise College, Ketu

4251471Community Senior High School, Alapere, Ketu

4251501Methodist Girls’ High School, Yaba

4251502Queen’s College, Yaba

4251503Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls’ Secondary School, Yaba

4251504Our Lady Of Apostles Secondary School, Yaba

4251505Saint Finbarr’s College, Akoka Yaba

4251506Longford International School, Ebute Metta

4251507Jubril Martins Memorial Grammar School, Iponri

4251508Lagos City Senior College, Sabo

4251509Jibowu High School, Yaba

4251510Western College, Yaba

4251511Saint Timothy’s College, Onike Yaba

4251512Iponri Grammar School, Abulenla, Iponri

4251513Aje Comprehensive High School, Sabo, Yaba

4251514Denton Grammar School, Ebute-Metta

4251515Saint Francis Grammar School, Iwaya, Yaba

4251516Eletu-Odibo Senior High School, Abule-Oja

4251517Jubril Martin High School, Iponri

4251518Kadara Grammar School, Ebute-Metta

4251519Mobolaji Bank Anthony High School, Sabo, Yaba

4251520Oke-Odo High School, Ebute-Mette

4251521Aiyetoro Grammar School (Senior), Ebute-Metta

4251522Akoka High School, Akoka

4251523Birrel Avenue Senior High School, Yaba

4251524Herbert Macaulay Senior Girls School, Oko Baba

4251525Herbert Macaulay Grammar School, Ebute-Metta

4251526Ilogbo High School, Ebute-Metta

4251527International School, University Of Lagos, Akoka

4251528Mainland Senior High School, Fadeyi

4251529Onike Girls’ High School, Yaba

4251530Wesley Girls Senior Secondary School, Yaba

4251531Ebute-Metta High School, Abule-Nla Iponri

4251532Ijero Girls’ High School, Ebute-Metta

4251533Fazil-Omar Senior High School, Iwaya Yaba

4251534Nawarul-Ud-Deen School Senior High School, Ebute-Metta

4251535Marywood Senior Grammar School, Ebute-Metta

4251536Foucos Secondary School, Ebute-Metta

4251538Bellina College, Akoka

4251539Yaba College Of Technology Secondary School, Yaba.

4251540Emma El-Shaddai Secondary School, Sabo, Yaba

4251541Federal Science & Technical College, Yaba

4251542Glory Point College, Ebute Metta

4251543Brainpoint College, Ebute-Metta, Lagos

4251544Mbari Mbayo Secondary School, Hussey Street, Yaba

4251545Federal College Of Education (Technical) Secondary School, Akoka

4251546Mountain Top Secondary School, Onike, Iwaya

4251547Canon James Pearse Anglican College, Iwaya

4251601Eko Boys Senior High School, Idi Oro

4251602Ansar-U-Deen Girls Senior High School, Itire

4251603Birch Freeman Senior High School, Surulere

4251604Agbayewa Memorial College, Ilupeju

4251605Archbishop Aggey Memorial Senior Secondary School, Ilasamaja

4251606New State High School, Mushin Lagos

4251607Nigeria Model High School, Alakara, Idioro, Mushin

4251608Idi-Araba Senior High School, Idi Araba

4251609Ransome-Kuti Memorial Senior Grammar School, Mushin

4251610Atunrase Senior High School, Itire Mushin

4251611St. Joseph’s Boys Senior Secondary School, Surulere

4251612Community Senior Secondary School, Mushin

4251613Estate Senior Grammar School, Ilupeju

4251614Euba Senior Secondary School, Mushin

4251615Igbo-Owu Senior Secondary School, Mushin

4251616Ilupeju Senior Grammar School, Ilupeju

4251617Ilupeju Senior Secondary School, Ilupeju

4251618Itire Community Senior Secondary School, Itire

4251619Oduduwa Senior Secondary School, Mushin (Ajina) Lga

4251620Ajumoni Senior Secondary School, Iyana-Isolo

4251621Mushin Community Senior High School, Idi Araba

4251622Saint John’s College, Palm-Groove, Mushin Lagos

4251623Nigeria Premier College, Mushin

4251624Suzan Martins Comprehensive High School, Papa Ajao, Mushin

4251625S.T.A. International College, Mushin

4251626Basil College, Ilupeju, Lagos

4251627New Lagos College, Onipanu, Lagos

4251628Prince Heirs College, Mushin

4251629Royal Star Comprehensive College, Ijeshatedo

4251630Santa Maria College, Mushin

4251631Royal Kriston College, Mushin

4251632Marjos International College, Mushin

4251633P & P Comprehensive College, Mushin

4251634Divrel Comprehensive College, Mushin

4251635Jonsog College, Ilasamaja, Mushin

4251636Bethel Comprehensive College, Mushin-Lagos

4251637Olufilade Comprehensive College, Papa Ajao, Mushin

4251638Jeed Trinity College, Ilasamaja , Lagos

4251639Stella Maris College, Palm Grove, Lagos

4251640Baptist Bowen College, Itire Lagos

4251641Fortlad International College, Mushin

4251642Briggs’ Gate Comprehensive College, Mushin

4251643Ifelodun Comprehensive High School, Mushin

4251644Sunny Side College, Palmgrove, Lagos

4251645Queensway College

4251646Adex Comprehensive College, Ilesamaja

4251647Dabitos College, Ilasamaja, Mushin

4251701Awori Senior College, Olojo Drive

4251702Lagos State Senior Model College, Agric

4251703Community Senior Secondary School, Schools Complex

4251704Ojo Senior High School, Agric

4251705Egan Senior High School, Egan

4251706Osolu Senior High School, Irewe Village

4251707Ajangbadi Senior High School, Ajangbadi Afromedia

4251708Government Senior Secondary School, Ijanikin

4251709Army Cantonment Boys Senior Secondary School, Baracks Ojo

4251710Army Cantonment Girls Senior Secondary School, Baracks Ojo

4251711Ilogbo-Elegba Senior Secondary School, Ilogbo-Elegba

4251712Command Day Secondary School, Ojo

4251713Federal Government College, Ijanikin

4251714Jubilee College, Lagos

4251715Paxton International School, Ojo

4251716Kabe College, Lagos

4251717Time And Tide International College, Iba, Ojo

4251718Saint Mary’s College, Ilemba Hausa Ajangbadi

4251719Rolex Comprehensive College, Iba

4251720Mar-Yola College, Isashi, Lagos

4251721Ideal Comprehesive High School, Afro-Ajangbadi

4251722Career Comprehensive Secondary School, Okokomaiko Ojo

4251723Nodos International Secondary School, Onireke, Ojo

4251724Holy Angel’s College, Iba New Town, Ojo

4251725Millbank Hall Secondary School, Iba-Ojo

4251726Hopebay College, Okokomaiko

4251727Emergency Comprehensive High School, Okokomaiko

4251728Gloryville College, Okokomaiko

4251729Mike Comprehensive High School, Igbede Ojo

4251730S-Triumph International School, Ojo

4251731Evangel College, Okokomaiko

4251732Oghenovo Memorial International College, Ojo

4251733Iba Housing Estate Senior Secondary School, Iba

4251734Pakunola Comprehensive College, Iba

4251735Saint Germaine College, Ilogbo Elegba, Ojo

4251736Upper College, Aiyetoro Ojo

4251737Soltabaj Royal College, Ojo

4251738Luciana College, Ojo

4251739Evergreen Comprehensive High School, Afromedia, Ojo

4251740Foundation Upper Standard College, Ajangbandi, Ojo

4251741Mivara Secondary School, Edi-Town, Ojo

4251742Blessed Winners College, Alaba Ojo

4251743Jollat College, Igbede Ojo

4251744The Kingsway College, Ilogbo Ojo

4251745Remson College, Alaba, Ojo

4251746Barek Memorial High School, Iba New Town

4251747Busy Brain Comprehensive College, Ojo

4251748Dunamis Universal College, Ilemba-Awori, Ojo

4251749Rockville College, Ojo

4251750Bonjeh High School, Okokomaiko, Ojo

4251751Gateway Comprehensive College, Sabo Oniba

4251752Isasi Senior Grammar School, Isasi

4251753Penfield College, Ojo

4251754New World College, Ojo

4251755Newton College, Okokomaiko, Ojo

4251756Beta College, Ojo

4251757Esther Foundation College, Ajangbadi

4251758Royal Bells College, Oto Awori

4251759Chi-Ben Comprehensive College, Iba

4251760Kem’s College, Alasia, Ijanikin

4251761Ebenezer Noble Comprehensive College Mosafejo, Ojo

4251762Tos Vvi Precious College, Ajangbadi

4251763Nobel Comprehensive High School, Okokomaiko

4251764Adeniyi Goodwill Private Secondary School, Ijanikin

4251765Stokhan Comprehensive College, Ishasi

4251766Micco College, Ojo

4251767Edma Dec College, Alasia Ijanikin

4251768Lireni College, Igbo-Elerin

4251769Great Alpha Comprehensive College, Ojo

4251770Fidel Madonna College, New-Iba

4251771Future Height Secondary School, Ojo

4251772Al-Maala College, Okokomaiko

4251773Clapat Comprehensive College, Ajangbadi

4251774Henna-Teck International College, Iba Town, Lagos

4251775Abdallah Comprehensive College, Ojo

4251776Augusta College, Okokomaiko

4251777Learnfast Comprehensive Academy, Ajangbadi, Ojo

4251778Emilia-Foremost High School, Oke-Agbo Shibiri, Ojo

4251779Rose Of Sharon Comprehensive College, Iba Town, Ojo

4251780Favourite Comprehensive High School, New Era, Ojo

4251781Step Forward College Okokomaiko, Lagos

4251782De-Victoryland College, Ajangbadi

4251783Friends Of Success International College, Ilogbo Elegba

4251784Tola Comprehensive College, Ojo

4251785St. Emma Comprehensive College, Ajangbadi, Ojo

4251786Amai College, Ajangbadi

4251787Montana Secondary School, Alaba, Ojo

4251788Ijeododo Senior Grammar School, Ijeododo

4251789Progressive Victory College, Ketu-Ojo

4251790Pentecost College, Victory Estate, Iba

4251791Junacad High School, Ajangbadi, Ojo

4251792Great Heritage College, Ishasi, Ojo

4251793Treasurecourt College, Iba New Town, Lagos

4251794High Hope Academy, Alakija, Ojo

4251795The Holy Infant College, Ojo

4251796Caritas College, Ojo

4251797Ikenna Stars Academy, Ojo

4251798Aocoed International School, Otto-Ijanikin

4251799Evalight International College, Ojo

4251801Ansar-Ud-Deen Senior College, Isolo

4251802Ikeja Senior Grammar School, Oshodi

4251803Holy Saviour’s College, Isolo

4251804Metropolitan Senior College, Isolo

4251805Ansar-Ud-Deen Comprehensive Senior High School, Okota

4251806Eko Girls Senior Grammar School, Okota

4251807Ejigbo Senior High School, Ejigbo

4251808Ilamoye Senior Grammar School, Okota

4251809Mushin Boys Senior High School, Okota

4251810Ajumoni Senior Grammar School, Isolo

4251811Ewutuntun Senior Grammar School, Oshodi

4251812Matori Senior Grammar School, Okota

4251813Okota Senior Grammar School, Isolo

4251814Mafoluku Senior Grammar School, Oshodi

4251815Bolade Senior Grammar School, Oshodi

4251816Central Senior High School, Okota

4251817Ijeshatedo Senior Grammar School, Okota

4251818Isolo Comprehensive Senior High School, Isolo

4251819Isolo Senior High School, Isolo

4251820Mushin Senior High School, Okota

4251821Okota Senior High School, Okota

4251822Ire-Akari Senior Grammar School, Okota

4251823Isolo Senior Secondary School, Isolo

4251824Oshodi Comprehensive Senior High School, Oshodi

4251825Okota Senior Secondary School, Okota

4251826Oshodi Senior High School, Oshodi

4251827Isolo Grammar School, Isolo

4251828Ajao Estate Senior Grammar School, Ajao Estate

4251829Apata Memorial High School, Isolo

4251830A-Z International Secondary School, Ajao Estate

4251831Gideon Comprehensive High School,okota Isolo

4251832Mercy Day High School, Isolo

4251833Mount Zion Academy, Okota Isolo

4251834Ronik Comprehensive School, Ejigbo

4251835Unity Senior High School, Oshodi

4251836Beautiful Gate Secondary School, Ejigbo

4251837Command Day Secondary School, Nafrc, Oshodi

4251838Excel College, Ejigbo

4251839Saint Monica Secondary School, Isolo

4251840Binta International High School, Ejigbo

4251841Krystal-Bal Comprehensive College, Shogunle, Lagos

4251842New Covenant High School, Isolo

4251843Brightville College, Osodi

4251844Oke-Affa Senior Comprehensive College, Oke Afa

4251845Ultimate Heights International School, Ejigbo

4251846Gbolahan High School, Ajao Estate, Oshodi

4251847Effortswill Academy, Ejigbo

4251848Grandmates Secondary School, Okota

4251849Razeva College, Kogberegbe, Ejigbo

4251850Oakland Comprehensive College, Okota

4251851Saint Marcs College, Ejigbo

4251852Top Laurels High School, Oshodi

4251853Altitude College, Ago Okota

4251854Queensland Academy, Okota

4251855A. P. College, Ejigbo

4251856Top Highflyer College, Oke Afa, Isolo

4251857Lily Fields Comprehensive College, Asamu Estate, Ejigbo

4251858Prime Heritage Secondary School, Ejigbo

4251859Genius High School, Ejigbo, Isolo

4251860Sma College, Oke-Afa, Isolo

4251861Omatseye Tuedor Memorial College, Ejigbo

4251862Classic Comprehensive College, Ejigbo

4251863Sure Foundation Comprehensive College, Ejigbo

4251864Hope-Bay College, Okota

4251865High Que Secondary School, Isolo

4251866Kembos College, Isolo

4251867Total Standard College, Oshodi

4251868First Islamic English Education Foundation Academy, Okota

4251869Mater Dei Model School, Okota

4251870Al-Faruq College, Ejigbo

4251871Laureates College, Oshodi

4251872Bosworth College, Ewutuntun, Oshodi

4251873Primark College, Ago-Okota

4251874Great Cambridge High School, Okota

4251875De-Gloryland College, Ejigbo

4251876Rosyland Comprehensive College, Oshodi

4251877St. John-Vic College, Ejigbo

4251878Seed Of Messiah College, Oke-Afa, Isolo

4251879Livingspring Hi-Grade College, Oshodi

4251880Emerald College, Ilasamaja

4251881Dis Academy, Isolo

4251882Ghazlak College, Mafoluku

4251883Moshelen High School, Ejigbo

4251884Christ The Ultimate College, Okota, Lagos

4251885Our Mother Mary College, Ejigbo

4251886Upper Grade Comprehensive College, Oshodi

4251887Ephraim High School, Ilamose, Oke Afa, Isolo

4251888Ostra Heights College, Okota

4251889Brainstar College, Okota

4251890Oluwole Christ The King College, Ejigbo

4251891Nubi College, Ago,Okota

4251892Rona Kings And Queens High School, Oke-Afa, Ejigbo

4251893Dominican College, Mafoluku

4251894Opulent High School, Oke- Afa, Isolo

4251895Marybene College, Oke- Afa, Isolo

4251896Turning Point College, Isolo

4251897Highgate College ,Oshodi

4251898Kole Best Secondary School, Mafoluku Oshodi

4251901Baptist Academy, Obanikoro

4251902C.M.S Grammar School, Bariga

4251903Igbobi College, Yaba

4251904Eva-Adelaja Senior Secondary School, Bariga

4251905National College, Gbagada

4251906Ajayi Crowther Memorial Senior Grammar School, Bariga

4251907Morocco Comprehensive High School, Somolu

4251908Baptist Girls’ Academy, Obanikoro

4251909Gbagada Comprehensive High School, Gbagada

4251910Gbagada Senior Grammar School, Gbagada Phase 2

4251911Igbobi Girls’ High School, Igbobi

4251912Angus Memorial Senior High School, Igbobi

4251913Baptist Senior High School, Obanikoro

4251914C.M.S Girls Grammar School (Senior), Bariga

4251915Gbagada Girls’ Secondary School, Gbagada Bariga

4251916Saint Luke’s Grammar School, Bariga

4251917Bishop Howells Memorial Grammar School, Bariga

4251918Toyibat Comprehensive High School, Gbagada

4251919Bright Star Comprehensive High School, Bariga

4251920Christ The Redeemer’s Secondary School, Gbagada, Lagos

4251921Solid Foundation International School, Ifako Gbagada

4251922Grace High School, Gbagada

4251923Bola Olat Private College, Bariga, Lagos

4251924Brilliant Child College, Akoka

4251925Stockbridge College, Bariga

4251926Engreg High School, Pedro, Somolu

4251927Ade Osho Comprehensive College, Bariga

4251928Bright Future International College, Somolu

4251929Laoye College, Akoka, Somolu

4251930Wuraville College, Somolu

4251931Somolu Senior High School, Igbobi – Somolu

4251932Jagunmolu Girl’s Senior Grammar School Ii, Bariga

4251933Arch Deacon Adelaja Senior High School, Bariga

4251934Lanre Awolokun Senior High School, Gbagada

4251935Westerville College, Bariga

4251936Vinestar College, Bariga, Lagos

4252001Lagos Anglican Girls’ Grammar School, Surulere

4252002New Era Girls Senior Secondary School, Stadium

4252003Ansar-Ud-Deen Senior Grammar School, Randle Where

4252004Ansar-Ud-Deen Senior High School, Falolu

4252005Government Senior College, Eric-Moore

4252006Eric-Moore Senior High School, Eric-Moore

4252007Surulere Girls Senior Secondary School, Mosalasi Road

4252008Zumuratul-Islamiya Senior High School, Atan Road Railway Line

4252009Aguda Senior Grammar School, Aguda

4252010Akintan Senior Grammar School, Ojuelegba

4252011Surulere Senior Secondary School, Akinsemoyin

4252012Onitolo Community Senior High School, Stadium

4252013Ansar-Ud-Deen Senior Secondary School, Randle

4252014Gbaja Senior Girls High School, Akerele

4252015Ijeshatedo Boys High School, Sanya

4252016Obele Community Senior High School, Randle

4252017Stadium Senior High School, Stadium

4252018State Senior Grammar School, Eric-Moore

4252019Ajigbeda Senior Girls High School, Stadium

4252020Clegg Girls Senior High School, Modupe Johnson

4252021Community Senior Grammar School, Adelabu

4252022Community Senior High School, Adeniran Ogunsanya

4252023Gbaja Boys Senior High School, Eric-Moore

4252024Ideal Girls Senior High School, Randle

4252025Iponri Estate Senior High School, Iponri

4252026Itolo Girls Senior Secondary School, Eric-Moore

4252027Coker Senior Secondary School, Orile Iganmu

4252028Sanya Senior Grammar School, Sanya

4252029Jubilee Model Senior Grammar School, Coker

4252031Cherubim & Seraphim College, Surulere

4252032Ogunlade College, Surulere

4252033Tonia International College, Orile-Iganmu, Suru-Lere

4252034Aquinas Private College, Aguda, Surulere

4252035Innocent Comprehensive High School, Surulere

4252036Bedrock College, Surulere

4252037Rainbow College, Surulere

4252038May Day College, Surulere

4252039Gloryland International College, Aguda, Surulere

4252040Del International College, Ijeshatedo Surulere

4252041Lagos Progressive Senior Secondary School, Ogunsanya

4252042Adebola Baptist School Surulere, Ogunsanya

4252043Topgrade Secondary School, Surulere

4252045Penny International College, Orile Iganmu

4252046St. Mary & Alfred College, Surulere

4252047Somerset College, Surulere

4252048Gracewell Academy, Coker, Orile-Iganmu

4252049Tenderland College, Coker Village, Iganmu

4252050Fountain Heights Secondary School, Surulere

4252051Duntro High School, Ijesha-Tedo, Surulere

4252052Josbec College, Ikate Surulere

4252053Febilak International Secondary School, Aguda, Surulere

4252054Jeno Grammar School, Surulere

4252055C.A.C College, Itire

4252056Prestige Private College, Aguda

4252057Smac College, Coker Village, Orile Iganmu

4252058Peter Bay College, Orile Iganmu

4252059Helpers College, Orile-Iganmu

4252060Kemeesther College,Aguda, Lagos

4252061Ansar-Ud-Deen Academy, Surulere, Lagos

4252062Oba Adelani Gbogboade Memorial College, Itire

4252063Timi Comprehensive College, Surulere

4252064Select International College, Surulere

4252065Agape Baptist College

4252066Vineville Academy, Alaka, Surulere

4252067Princeton College, Aguda, Surulere

4252068Victoria High School, Ijesha-Tedo, Surulere

4252069Great Esteem Secondary School, Surulere

4252070Aunty Dare Memorial College, Orile Iganmu

4252071Abs College, Orile Iganmu, Aguda, Surulere

4252072Onward High School, Ikate, Surulere

4252101Nigeria International School, Cotonou

4252102Cotonou International School, Benin Republic

4252301Blessed Assurance College, Alimosho

4252302Golden Touch College, Arida, Ikotun

4252303Marigold College, Ipaja

4252304Bopton Comprehensive College, Abule Egba

4252305Brainfield College, Meran

4252306Fasoma Comprehensive High School, Abule-Egba, Lagos

4252307Memkad Secondary School, Ijegun, Ikotun

4252308Talent-Link Comprehensive College, Ipaja

4252309Rev. Job Memorial High School, Ikotun-Ijegun

4252310Aunty Yemi Academy, Ikotun

4252311Vineyard Comprehensive College, Alagbado

4252312Wet-Land Comprehensive College, Idimu

4252313Hans Private School, Ikotun

4252314Shesfun Comprehensive School, Ikotun

4252315Easyflow College, Meiran

4252316Shalom-Kliffon Secondary School, Ayobo-Ipaja

4252317Abbot Dayspring College, Ayobo-Ipaja

4252318Zodiac High School, Igando

4252319Optimum High School, Ikola-Ipaja

4252320Eagles Comprehensive High School, Ijegun

4252321Sun Stars College, Egan

4252322Anchor Mirrors College, Abesan-Ipaja

4252323Eminent Comprehensive College, Ipaja

4252324Janet Memorial College, Idimu

4252325Malad College, Idimu

4252326Great Kings Academy, Egbeda

4252327Dominion College, Abeokuta Expressway, Alimosho

4252328Havanah College, Igando

4252329Wenby’s College, Idimu

4252330Merfis International College, Igando

4252331Distinction Gate College, Ikotun

4252332Divinity Comprehensive College, Idimu

4252333Kehinde Bashorun Memorial Compr. College, Idimu

4252334Dada El-Shaddai Comprehensive College, Iyana-Ipaja

4252335Cornerstone College, Egbe

4252336Wisdom Spring College, Egan, Lagos

4252337El- Crystal Star College, Egan

4252338Gracious Secondary School, Igando

4252339New Trend College, Ijegun

4252340Durable Comprehensive High School, Ijegun-Ikotun

4252341Sapphire Stone College, Ojokoro, Lagos

4252342St. Augustine College, Idimu-Lagos

4252343Access Universal College, Shasha, Lagos

4252344Living Seed College, Abule Egba, Lagos

4252345Elite Crop College, Ijegun, Ikotun, Lagos

4252346Pacesetters Academy, Meiran Ojokoro

4252347Great Learners Academy, Ipaja

4252348Nikky Bee Comprehensive High School, Idimu

4252349Al-Miyzan College, Ikotun

4252350Arisonia Private College, Alimosho

4252351Roseville College, Meiran

4252352Evaton Comprehensive College, Abule Egba

4252353Cedar College, Olofin Baruwa, Ipaja

4252354Kanmi Comprehensive College, Ipaja

4252355De-Modern Pace College, Ipaja

4252356Saliu Abdul Malik College, Ijegun

4252357Havillah High School, Ikotun, Lagos

4252358God’s Will Secondary School, Isheri

4252359Eunice College, Odutola Layout Ajasa Command, Lagos

4252360St. Daniel Comprehensive College, Olude Ipaja, Lagos

4252361Bolthine College, Aboru

4252362Clemmy High School, Agodo Egbe

4252363Foremost Comprehensive College, Ijegun, Ikotun

4252364Medias College, Alaguntan

4252365Peace Field College, Egbeda

4252366Silver Spring College, Ikotun

4252367Faith Concept College, Ijegun, Lagos

4252368Triumph Academy, Agodo, Egbe, Alimosho

4252369Skyop Secondary School, Oke Odo, Abule- Egba

4252370Pacey Manuel College, Oke-Odo

4252371Ike-Oluwa Comprehensive College, Ikotun

4252372Nistech College,Egbeda

4252373Mighty Oaks Comprehensive College, Ipaja

4252374Dekinban College, Egan

4252375Korecome Comprehensive College, Igando, Lagos

4252376O’mark College, Egan-Igando

4252377Queen Diana College, Abule Egba

4252378Eko Idyll College, Akowonjo

4252379Borik Comprehensive Secondary School, Okerube Ikotun

4252380Ajibay Academy, Ayobo, Ipaja

4252381Clementine High School, Alagbado

4252382Racy Comprehensive College, Idimu Lagos

4252383Bosede Idehen International Academy, Abule Egba

4252384Ideal Modern College, Abule Egba

4252385Exclusive Mustard College, Agbelekale

4252386Eagle’s Tower College, Aboru

4252387Nightingale Academy, Alimosho

4252388Dee Ultimate Comprehensive High School, Ikola-Ipaja

4252389Lolaolu Comprehensive College, Egbeda

4252390Honeyland College, Ipaja

4252391King Emmanuel Progressive College, Ayobo

4252392Anointed Gate High School, Egan, Lagos

4252393Primetouch College, Alimosho

4252394Fountain Of Hope College, Ipaja

4252395Flor-Peak Comprehensive College, Ayobo, Ipaja

4252396Simmic High School, Ikotun

4252397Towab High School, Ijegun-Ikotun

4252398New Breed Lilies College, Ikotun

4252399Bosol God’s Will College Aboru, Alimosho

4253701Befrank Secondary School, Ijanikin

4253702Apex Secondary School, Ojo

4253703Gracious Leedsway College, Ojo

4253704Early Harvest International Academy Ishasi

4253705St. Andrew’s Model College, Ajangbadi

4253706The Zion Place College, Ijagemo, Lagos

4253707Haklat College, Ijanikin

4253708De-Rita Comprehensive College, Ojo

4253709Rocland Secondary School, Ijanikin

4253710Pauliven College, Ojo

4253711Light Bearers College, Ojo

4253712Oto-Awori Grammar School, Ojo

4253713Superstars Secondary School, Ojo

4253714Quality Focus Schools, Ojo

4253715Diamond College, Ojo

4253716Eden’s High School, Alaba, Ojo

4253717F-Hope Secondary School, Ojo

4253718Moyi Comprehensive High School, Ajangbadi

4253719Orisan Sec School, Ilemba-Awori, Ojo

4253720Danvic Leaders’school, Kirikiri Town, Apapa

4253721Prime Iqrah College, Ojo, Lagos

4253722Meritha High School, Ajangbadi, Ojo, Lagos

4253723Orange Height Comprehensive College, Ajangbadi

4253724Kenral College, Ketu, Ijanikin, Lagos

4253725Famonik College ,Igbo Elerin, Okokomaiko

4253726Golden Hallmark College, Ijanikin, Lagos

4253727De-Yet College, Okokomaiko, Lagos

4253728Glo-Fidel Comprehensive High School, Ijagemo

4253729Great Citizens Secondary School, Ojo

4254301Ltb High School, Aboru

4254302Aunty May High School, Idimu

4254303Blue Royal High School, Ikotun

4254304Silverdale High School, Iyana Ipaja

4254305Levites Academy Egbeda

4254306Hybrid College, Ejigbo

4254307Great Michael Comprehensive College, Shasha-Lagos

4254308Bachel Model College, Alaja-Ayobo

4254309Lifetime Comprehensive College, Ifako-Ijaiye

4254310Bisam Comprehensive College, Alagbado

4254311Silver Fountain College, Akowonjo

4254312Dynamic Landmark, Ikotun

4254313Jordan Academy, Ikotun

4254314Empirical College, Ikotun

4254315Grand College, Egan-Igando

4254316Isefun Community Senior Secondary School, Ayobo

4254317Abesan Comprehensive Senior College, Abesan

4254318Oke-Odo Senior High School II, Agege

4254319State Senior High School II, Alimosho

4254320Dan Martins College, Alagbado

4254321Ayobami College, Egan-Igando

4254322Mic-Flow Comprehensive High School, Egan

4254323True Life Academy, Idimu

4254324Prevailer Comprehensive College, Ijegun, Ikotun

4254325Vineli Secondary School, Ijegun

4254326Alpha Comprehensive College, Okerube

4254327Matty Mary Comprehensive College, Akesan

4254328Tommy Gee College, Alagbado

4254329Rising Sun High School, Egbe

4254330Abiolu Comprehensive College, Igando

4254331Standard Gek College, Ejigbo

4254332Eko Emmaculate International College

4254333Olu James Comprehensive High School

4254334Ulysses Private College, Ijegun

4254335Alpha Rehoboth College, Alimosho

4254336Molan High School, Ikotun, Ikotun, Lagos

4254337Best Gift Comprehensive College, Ijegun

4254338Ed-Migan College, Idimu

4254339Akod College, Ikotun-Lagos

4254340Miketoy College, Alimosho

4254341Grimes International College, Alagbado

4254342Titus Jane High School, Abule-Egba

4254343Hightree College, Ipaja

4254344Baptist Model High School, Ikola

4254345Dorkiel Colege, Iyana-Ipaja

4254346Kings Anchor College, Ikotun

4254347Misam Int’l College, Ajasa

4254348Do-Estdot College, Idimu

4254349Florin High School, Ejigbo

4254350Blessed Ave Maria Schools, Igando

4254351Ebis Comprehensive College, Ikotun

4254352Bbic College, Abule Ode Bus Stop

4254353Bayo Tijani Secondary School, Egan


4254355Optimist College, Egbe

4254356Peter Bay College, Ikotun-Ijegun

4254357Larb College, Idimu

4254358Jostiana International Schools Abaranje, Ikotun

4254359St. Lawrence Greater Heights College, Ajasa

4254360First Apex Secondary School, Alagbado

4254361Femi Omolade Private College, Command, Ajasa Road

4254362Lily Pride Comprehensive High School, Igando

4254363Osedec Secondary School, Ikotun

4254364Floral Golden Heritage College, Ikotun Lagos

4254365Royal Decency Comprehensive High School, Meiran

4254366Rholak High School, Meiran

4254367Deh Best College, Ipaja

4254368Hall Of Fame Academy, Baruwa- Ipaja

4254369George Michael’s College, Ajasa

4254370Woodland Hills High School, Shasha

4254371Covet The Redeemer College, Abule Odu, Idimu

4254372Mary Greg High School, Okerube- Alimosho

4254373Kobiville International Academy, Idimu

4254374Remroyal Secondary School, Ijegun

4254375Gwat Private College ,Abule Odu,Egbeda

4254376Surulere Senior Secondary School,Alagbado

4254377Victory Gate College, Ijegun, Lagos

4260101Government Science Secondary School, Andaha

4260102Angbazo Memorial Comprehensive College, Awayi

4260103Government Secondary School, Aloce

4260104Government Girls’ College, Akwanga

4260105Mada Hills Secondary School, Akwanga

4260106Mada Community Secondary School, Andaha

4260107Government Secondary School, Gudi

4260108Government Secondary School, Akwanga

4260109Government Secondary School, Angwan Zaria

4260110Redeemer College, Akwanga

4260111College Of Education Demonstration Secondary School, Akwanga

4260112Government Secondary School, Agyaga

4260113Baptist High School, Akwanga

4260114Government Secondary School, Ningaan-Akwanga

4260115Our Lady Of Apostles Girls’ College, Akwanga

4260116Government Secondary School, Akwanga-North

4260117Government Secondary School, Andaha-North

4260118Shepherds International College, Akwanga

4260119Government Secondary School, Angwan-Pah

4260120Government Secondary School, Nunku

4260121Nasarawa State Sports Academy, Akwanga

4260122World Islamic College, Akwanga

4260123St. Peters Secondary School, Akwanga

4260124Comprehensive Secondary School, Akwanga

4260125Rishama Comprehensive College, Akwanga

4260126Government Secondary School, Anjida

4260127Government Secondary School, Ninga

4260128Government Secondary School, Ancho ‘B’

4260129Government Secondary School, Angwan- Yara

4260201Government Secondary School, Awe

4260202Government Secondary School, Kadarko-Awe

4260203Government Secondary School, Giza

4260204Government Secondary School, Azara

4260205Government Secondary School, Wuse

4260206Government Secondary School, Jangwa

4260207Government Secondary School, Kekura

4260208Government Secondary School, Tunga-Awe

4260209Summy Doe Comprehensive High School, Awe

4260210Government Secondary School, Ribi

4260211Government Secondary School, Kanje

4260212Government Secondary School, Akiri

4260301Government Secondary School, Onugah Doma

4260302Government College, Doma

4260303Saint John Bosco Secondary School, Doma

4260304Government Secondary School, Doma

4260305Government Secondary School, Agbashi

4260306Government Girls Science School, Doma

4260307Goverment Secondary School, Okpatta

4260308Government Secondary School, Doma-North, Doma

4260309Government Secondary School, Doka, Doma

4260310Government Secondary School, Rutu

4260311Science Demonstration School, Doma

4260312Government Secondary School, Igbabo

4260313Olokpa Comprehensive Secondary School, Doma

4260314Government Secondary School, Ediya

4260315Foundation Integrated College, Doma

4260316Federal Science And Technical College, Rutu Rd, Doma

4260317Government Secondary School, Rukubi

4260318Usman Bawa College Of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Doma

4260401Government Science School, Karu

4260402Government Secondary School, Uke

4260403Aunty Alice College, Mararaba Gurku

4260404Government Secondary School, Kugwaru

4260405Government Secondary School, Tattara

4260406Abuja International Academy, Mararaba

4260407Ebenezer International Academy, Mararaba Garki

4260408Government Secondary School, Karu East

4260409Government Secondary School, Masaka

4260410Government Secondary School, Aso-Pada

4260411Government Secondary School, Gurku

4260412Government Secondary School, Nyanya-Gbagyi

4260413Government Secondary School, Mararaba-Gurku

4260414Peoples Comprehensive Academy, M/Gurku

4260415Government Secondary School, Taka-Lafia

4260416Innovative International Secondary School, New-Karu

4260417Royal College, Masaka

4260418Government Secondary School, Gidan-Zakara

4260419Government Secondary School, Kabusu

4260420Redemption High School, Mararaba-Gurku

4260421Chrisfus Hillcrest Schools, Ado Kugbaru,Rd Karu

4260422Government Secondary School, Kube

4260423Government Secondary School, Bagaji

4260424Best International Secondary School, New Karu

4260425Gods Own College, Masaka

4260426St. Philips Academy, Mararaba-Gurku

4260427Wisdom Comprehensive College, Aso Pada

4260428Freedom International School, Neto Karu

4260429Movement College, Masaka

4260430Arofidel International Secondary School, Mararaba Gurku

4260431Apj Science & Technical Education Centre Masaka-Karu

4260432Sister Sarah Eke Memorial. Secondary School, New Nyanya

4260433Tessy Model Secondary School, Kabayi-Karu

4260434Sentona International School, New Nyanya

4260435Galaxy Academy College, Aso Pada, Karu

4260436Kevad International Academy Korooduma

4260437Bethel Academy, Masaka

4260438Bethel Best College, Aso-Pada

4260439Fountain Of Knowledge International Academy, Uke

4260440Eje Royal International School, Aku, Village

4260441Key Science Academy, Masaka

4260442Ivory Tower Model College, Masaka

4260443Bedrock International School, Kabayi

4260444Precious Gift Int. Sec. School, Mararaba Gurku

4260445Rock Foundation Schools, Nyanya Gwandara

4260446Prince Alex Royal Academy Mararaba Gurku

4260447Adix Science School, Kodape, Karu

4260448Anama Memorial Secondary School, Masaka

4260449Bill Clinton College, Angwan Doka, Nyanya-Karu

4260450Grace Of God Secondary School, Mararaba-Gurku

4260451Ronkus International School, Mararaba Gurku

4260452Solid Fundamental Academy, Tudun-Wada

4260453Triton International Secondary School, Kuchikan

4260454High Grade International Secondary School, Aso Road, Mararaba

4260455Skyward International Secondary School, Aso Pada

4260456First Kingdom Kids International Secondary School, Mararaba

4260457Governrment Secondary School, Luvu Madaki

4260458Dominion International Secondary School, Aso Pada, Karu Lga

4260459New Generation International Academy Secondary School, Aso Pada, Karu Lga

4260460St., Paul And Debbie Secondary School, Koroduma

4260461Macapacynth International Secondary School, Koroduma

4260462Brightway International Secondary School, Nyanya

4260463Maraken International Secondary School, Koroduma

4260464Daniel Emperical Academy Kabayi-Maraba

4260465Government Day Secondary School, Uke

4260466Babcecil Comprehensive High School, New Karu

4260467Marvelous International Secondary School, Ado- Karu

4260468Lizdav Academy Kabayi, Karu

4260469The Lord’s College, Mararaba, Gurku

4260470Victory International Academy, Koroduma, Karu

4260471Melchizedek Academy, Uke

4260472Mercyland International Secondary School, Masaka

4260473Bright Future Academy Secondary School, Aso ‘B’ Karu

4260474Unity International Secondary School, Aso- Pada, Karu

4260475Adebo Excellent Secondary School,Aso- Pada

4260476Jdc International College, Aso ‘C’

4260477Crest International Secondary School, Mararaba- Karu

4260478Zion Foundation Model Academy, Aku Village, Karu

4260479The Garden Of Love College, Masaka

4260480Jil Royal Academy Secondary School, New- Karu

4260481Zinaria International School, Mararaba

4260482Greater Tomorrow Academy, Mararaba

4260483Unamana Comprehensive College, Zhewu- Masaka, Karu

4260501Government Girls’ Secondary School, Keana

4260502Government Secondary School, Keana

4260503Government Secondary School, Aloshi

4260504Federal Government Girls’ College, Keana

4260505Government Secondary School, Kwara (Okpari)

4260506Government Secondary School, Sarkin Noma

4260507Mount Sanai Academy College, Kadarko

4260601Government College, Keffi

4260602Government Secondary School, Panda

4260603Government Secondary School, Yelwa Keffi

4260604Government Secondary School, Antau-Keffi

4260605Government Secondary School, Gitata

4260606Govt. Secondary School, Karshi

4260607Government Secondary School, Gunduma

4260608Government Secondary School, Army Barracks, Keffi

4260609Seta International College, New-Karu

4260610Government Secondary School, Kofar-Hausa, Keffi

4260611Federal Government College, Keffi

4260612Asasul Islam Secondary School, Keffi

4260613Government Secondary School, Keffi South

4260614Government Secondary Shool, Ajuye Keffi

4260615Ecwa High School, Keffi

4260616Al-Iman Secondary School, Keffi

4260617Sokoga British School, Keffi

4260618Happy Home Secondary School, Keffi

4260619Victory Baptist High School, Keffi

4260620St. Peters Anglican Secondary School, Keffi

4260621Kese Academy Keffi

4260622Kdf Model Science School, Keffi

4260623Maranatha Grace Secondary School, Keffi

4260701Government Girls’ Science School, Garaku

4260702Government Secondary School, Amba

4260703Government Secondary School, Moroa

4260704Government Secondary School, Garaku

4260705Government Secondary School, Agwada

4260706Government Secondary School, Kokona

4260707Government Secondary School, Sabon-Gida

4260708Government Secondary School, Kufan-Gwari

4260709Government Secondary School, Bassa

4260710Government Secondary School, Dari

4260711Baptist High School, Marke

4260712Goodnews Secondary Grammar School, Bassa

4260713Government Secondary School, Angwan- Jarmai

4260714St. Peters College, Garaku

4260801Government Secondary School, Barakin Abdullahi

4260802Government Technical College, Assakio

4260803Government Secondary School, Agyaragu-Lafia

4260804Government College, Lafia

4260805Government Science School, Lafia

4260806Government Secondary School, Maina-Lafia

4260807Government Secondary School, Akurba

4260808Government Secondary School, Adogi

4260809National High School, Lafia

4260810Dunama College Of Arabic And Islamic Studies, Lafia

4260811Government Secondary School, Shabu

4260812Government Secondary School, Assakio

4260813Evangelical Reformed Church Of Christ Secondary School, Azuba

4260814Al-Iman Private School, Lafia

4260815Saint James Christian Academy, Lafia

4260816Government Secondary School, Keffi – Wambai

4260817Government Secondary School, Arikya

4260818Government Secondary School, Kayarda

4260819Government Secondary School, Bukan-Sidi

4260820Government Secondary School, Gidan-Maiakuya, Lafia

4260821Government Secondary School, Lafia-East

4260822Government Secondary School, Mararaban-Akunza

4260823Government Secondary School, Ugah-Lafia

4260824Government Secondary School, Koron, Kuje-Aridi Lafia

4260825Government Secondary School, Tudun-Amba

4260826Delight Comprehensive City College, Lafia

4260827Madona Girls Secondary School, Lafia

4260828Kings & Queens Comprehensive College, Lafia

4260829Government Secondary School, Tudun- Gwandara Lafia

4260830Government Secondary School, Kwandare

4260831Sandaji College, Lafia

4260832Shishem Comprehensive College, Jibiyal

4260833Government Secondary School, Fadama-Bauna

4260834Baptist High School, Lafia

4260835Government Secondary School, Akura

4260836Yumaco International Academy, Lafia

4260837Aunty Dele College, (Shinge) Cattle Market, Lafia

4260838Ercc, Shalom College, Agyaragu

4260839Government Secondary School, Awonge

4260840Sold Rock International College, Lafia

4260841Government Secondary School, Ruwayo

4260842Mal Jaus Sunnah Secondary School, (Jibwis) Lafia

4260843Government Secondary School, Jibiyal

4260844Hallmark Academy Bukan Ari Rd, Lafia

4260845Zhedoga High School, Ashigogo, Assakio

4260846Al-Fajrus-Sadiq College Of Arabic & Islamic Studies Lafia

4260847Nasara High School, Lafia

4260848Ercc Secondary School, Assakio

4260849New Millennium High School, Lafia

4260850Government Secondary School, Feferuwa

4260851Government Secondary School, Tundun- Kauri, Lafia

4260852Aliyasin Higher Islamic Academy, Lafia

4260853Government Secondary School,Lafia South

4260854Government Secondary School, Madagbawatta, Lafia

4260901Government College, Nasarawa

4260902Government Science School, Nasarawa

4260903Government Secondary School, Loko

4260904Government Secondary School, Odege-Mbeki

4260905Community Secondary School, Nasarawa

4260906Government Secondary School, Mararaba-Udege

4260907Government Secondary School, Laminga-Nasarawa

4260908Government Secondary School, Aguba, Nasarawa

4260909Government Day Secondary School, Nasarawa

4260910Ahmadiyya Community Secondary School, Onda

4260911Government Secondary School, Odeni-Magaji

4260912Government Secondary School, Okpena

4260913Government Secondary School, Kurudu

4260914Government Secondary School, Ara

4260915Government Secondary School, Kana

4260916Achievers Baptist College, Nasarawa

4260917Government Secondary School, Marmara

4260918Government Secondary School, Odenin-Gida

4260919Government Secondary School, Akum

4260920Government Secondary School, Udege-Kasa

4260921Government Secondary School, Tammah

4260922Government Secondary School, Guto

4260923Polytechnic Staff Science Secondary School, Nasarawa

4260924St. Paul’s College, Nasarawa

4260925Government Secondary School, Esheshi

4260926Government Secondary School, Aisa

4260927Success Model Grammar School, Nasarawa

4260928Government Secondary School, Ajaga

4260929Government Secondary School, Agam

4260930Government Secondary School, Ittah,

4260931Ecwa Peace College, Nasarawa

4260932Government Secondary School, Ogufa

4260933Foundation International School, Nasarawa

4260934Government Secondary School, Apawi- Kuri

4260935Government Secondary School, Onda

4260936Government Secondary School, Gudige- Sabo

4261001Government Science College, Nasarawa-Eggon

4261002Eggon Community Secondary School, Nasarawa-Eggon

4261003Government Secondary School, Mada-Station

4261004Wana Community Secondary School, Kagbu

4261005Government Secondary School, Wulko

4261006Government Secondary School, Kagbu

4261007Government Secondary School, Nasarawa-Eggon

4261008Government Secondary School, Burum-Burum

4261009Government Secondary School, Ubbe, N/Eggon

4261010Government Secondary School, Bakyano-Arugbadu

4261011Government Secondary School, Ginda, N/Eggon

4261012Government Secondary School, Alogani, N/Eggon

4261013Government Secondary School, Wakama, N/Eggon

4261014Government Secondary School, Lizzin-Keffi, N/Eggon

4261015Government Secondary School, Iggah, N/Eggon

4261016Government Secondary School, Wowyen,N/Eggon

4261017Government Secondary School, Alhamis Ezzen Eggon N/Eggon

4261018Government Secondary School, Kagbu-Erroh/Gaji

4261019Government Secondary School, Galle

4261020Government Secondary School, Ngbukulu

4261021Government Day School, Washo

4261022Government Secondary School, Ogbagi

4261023Government Secondary School, Awogenshen

4261101Saint Kizito Community Girls’ Secondary School, Duduguru

4261102Government College, Obi

4261103Government Science School, Obi

4261104Government Secondary School, Musha

4261105Government Secondary School, Agwatashi

4261106Government Secondary School, Daddere

4261107Government Secondary School, Duduguru

4261108Government Secondary School, Adudu

4261109Government Secondary School, Imon

4261110Government Secondary School, Agwade, Obi

4261111Government Secondary School, Gwadanye, Obi

4261112Government Secondary School, Tudun-Adabu

4261113Government Secondary School, Kaduna Koro

4261114E.R.C.C. Secondary School, Obi

4261115Government Secondary School, Ome

4261116Government Secondary School, Akanga

4261117Ninwene Inte’l College, Agyaragu

4261118Government Secondary School, Atabula

4261119Government Secondary School, Kunza, Migili

4261120Shekinah International College, Agyaragu

4261121Ramuga Comprehensive College, Agwade

4261122Revival Thunder International College, Odobu

4261123Government Secondary School, Ikposogye

4261124Government Secondary School, Riri

4261125Government Secondary School, Agyaragu Central

4261126Government Secondary School, Ashupe

4261127Standard Comprehensive College, Obi

4261128Government Secondary School, Aba’agu

4261201Government Resettlement Secondary School, Ukya

4261202Ahmadiyya College, Umaisha

4261203Saint Peter’s College, Toto

4261204Government Secondary School, Gadabuke

4261205Government Secondary School, Shafan-Abakpa

4261206Ahmadiyya Community Secondary School, Ara

4261207Government Secondary School, Yerwa-Toto

4261208Government Secondary School, Karmo

4261209Government Secondary School, Toto

4261210Government Secondary School, Umaisha

4261211Government Secondary School, Nakuse

4261212Government Secondary School, Kuru-Toto

4261213Government Secondary School, Kullo-Toto

4261214St. Paul’s College Yerwa-Toto

4261215Unity Secondary School, Gadabuke

4261216Government Secondary School, Tudu-Uku

4261217Government Secondary School, Ugya

4261218Government Secondary School, Majagatoto

4261219Government Secondary School, Shafan Kwatto

4261220Government Secondary School, Adadu

4261221Govt. Secondary School, Gwargwada

4261222Government Secondary School, Chiji-Gate

4261223Suleiman Memorial Academy, Gadabuke

4261224Suleiman Memorial Academy Gwaki Rd Toto

4261225Government Secondary School, Loko- Goma

4261226Government Secondary School, Karmo- Gangi

4261227Government Secondary School, Toto- West

4261301Government Girls College, Wamba

4261302Government Science School, Wamba

4261303Government Secondary School, Kango

4261304Government Secondary School, Kwarra

4261305Government Secondary School, Chessu

4261306Government Day Secondary School, Wamba

4261307Government Secondary School, Wayo-Mati, Wamba

4261308Government Secondary School, Nakere, Wamba

4261309Government Secondary School, Kanja

4261310Government Secondary School, Gbata

4261311Government Secondary School, Massange

4261312Government Secondary School, Mamma

4261313Government Secondary School, Yashi Sarki

4261314Baptist Academy, Wamba

4261315Annur Islamic Secondary School, Wamba

4270101Dendo Secondary School, Agaie

4270102Government Girls’ Secondary School, Agaie

4270103Government Day Secondary School, Baro

4270104Day Secondary School, Etsu Gaie

4270105Day Secondary School, Kutiriko

4270106Mallam Babba Day Secondary School, Agaie

4270201Government Secondary School, Agwara

4270202Government Secondary School, New Papiri

4270301Government College, Bida

4270302Government Technical School, Bida

4270303Government Girls’ Secondary School, Bida

4270304Federal Government Girls’ College, Bida

4270305Army Day Secondary School, Bida

4270306Community Commercial Secondary School, Vunchi Bida

4270307Ndayako Day Secondary School, Bida

4270308Day Secondary School, Eyagi-Bida

4270309Government Girls’ Day Secondary School, Bida

4270310Government Model School, Bida

4270311Government Science Secondary School, Bida

4270312Federal Polytechnic Staff Secondary School, Bida

4270313New Creation Academy, Bida

4270314Jibril Memorial School, Bida

4270315Mallama Habiba Nna Bantigi College Of Arts & Islamic Studies Bida

4270316Banma Girls Day Secondary School, Bida

4270317Makama Day Secondary School, Bida

4270318Wadata Day Secondary School, Bida

4270319Day Secondary School, (Gra) Bida

4270320Etsu Nupe Day Secondary School, Bida

4270321Landzun Day Secondary School Bida

4270322St. John Schools, Bida

4270331Mangar Community Secondary School, Mangar

4270401Government Day Secondary School, Wawa

4270402Government Secondary School, Babanna

4270403Government Day Secondary School, Shagunu

4270404Government Day Secondary School, Karabonde, New Bussa

4270405Alhaji Musa Mohammed Kigera Iii Science College, New Bussa

4270406Federal Government Girls’ College, New Bussa

4270407Government Secondary School, New Bussa

4270408Army Day Secondary School, Wawa New Bussa

4270409Nepa Secondary School, Kainji New Bussa

4270410Muslim Model College, New Bussa, Niger State

4270411Government Secondary School, “B” Dogon, Gari

4270412College Of Arts & Islamic Studies Babana

4270413Government Secondary School, Nasarawa Guffanti

4270414Niffr Staff Secondary School New Bussa

4270415Day Secondary School, Pissa

4270416Government Day Secondary School, Kabe

4270501Maryam Babaginda Girls’ Science College, Minna

4270502Army Day Secondary School, Minna

4270503Government Senior Secondary School, Minna

4270504Day Secondary School, Maikunkele

4270505Police Secondary School, Minna

4270506Abu-Turab Islamic College, Minna

4270507Zarumai Model School, “B” Minna

4270508Fema Schools Tudun Fulani, Minna

4270509Day Secondary School, Beji

4270510Day Secondary School ‘B’ Maitumbi, Minna

4270511Government Day Secondary School ‘B’ Bosso, Minna

4270512Bosso Secondary School, ‘B’ Bosso, Minna

4270513Day Secondary School, ‘B’ Chanchaga, Minna

4270514Challenge International School, Minna

4270515St. Clement’s Secondary School, Gbaiko, Minna

4270516Onward School, Minna

4270517Supreme International School, Chanchaga-Minna

4270518Hasha International School, Bosso- Minna

4270519Day Secondary School, Pyata

4270520Government Day Secondary School,Gbada ( Gidan- Mangoro)

4270584Excellence Bridge International College, Jos, Jarawa

4270585Saint Academy College, Jos

4270601Government Day Secondary School, Enagi

4270602Day Secondary School, Sakpe

4270603Day Secondary School, Etsu-Tasha

4270604Day Secondary School, Katamba Bologi

4270605Day Secondary School, Gbangban

4270701Government Secondary School, Lemu

4270702Government Day Secondary School, Edozhigi

4270703Government Girls’ Secondary School, Lemu

4270719Fundamental College, Kabioir

4270801Government Science College, Izom

4270802Day Secondary School, Sabon-Gawu

4270803Day Secondary School, Diko

4270804Day Secondary School, “B” Gawu Babangida

4270805Day Secondary School, Izom

4270806Day Secondary School, Tufa

4270807Gifted Prime School, Lambata

4270808Day Secondary School, Lambata

4270809Government Secondary School, Kudna

4270901Government Day Secondary School, Badeggi

4270902Government Day Secondary School, Katcha

4270903Day Secondary School, Kataeregi

4270904Day Secondary School, Cheche

4270905Government Day Secondary School, Bakeko-Katcha

4270906Government Day Secondary School, Yinti, Katcha

4270907Day Secondary School, Dzwafu

4270924Saint Peter’s Academy, Langtang

4271001Government Secondary School, Kontagora

4271002Muazu Ibrahim Commercial Secondary School, Kontagora

4271003Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kontagora

4271004Day Secondary School, Kontagora

4271005Girl’s Day Secondary School, Kontagora

4271006Model School, Kontagora

4271007Mustafa Comprehensive School, Kontagora

4271008Faith Secondary School, Kontagora

4271009Holy Trinity Anglican School, Kontagora

4271010Nagwamatse College Of Arts & Islamic Studies, Kontangora

4271011Baptist Comprehensive School, Kontagora

4271012Zumuratul Mu’min Comprehensive School, Kontagora

4271013God’s Foundation Academy, Kontagora

4271014Perfect Secondary School, Kontagora

4271015St. Michael’s International School, Kontagora

4271101Muhammadu Kobo Secondary School, Lapai

4271102Day Secondary School, Gulu

4271103Government Girls’ Day Secondary School, Lapai

4271104Government Girls’ Secondary School, Gulu

4271105Day Secondary School, Muye

4271106Day Secondary School, Ebbo

4271107Day Secondary School, Evuti

4271108Government Science Teachers’ College, Gulu

4271109Baptist Model School, Lapai

4271110Boys Day Secondary School, Lapai

4271111Government Day Secondary School, Dawgana

4271148Fomulam Community Secondary School, Fomylam, Kerang West

4271201Government Science College, Kutigi

4271202Day Secondary School, Kutigi

4271203Government Day Secondary School, Jima

4271204Government Secondary School, Doko

4271205Government Day Secondary School, Dabban

4271206Day Secondary School, Gaba

4271207Day Secondary School Batati

4271208Ezanuwan Day Secondary School, Kutigi

4271209Hajija Al- Janatu Memorial Coil. Of Arts & Islamic Studies Santali

4271210Women’s Day College, Kutigi

4271211Governmebt Day Secondary School, Gonagi

4271212Day Secondary School, Busu

4271213Abdulkadir Abdullahikure College Of Arts And Islamic Studies Ndaleke

4271301Government Secondary School, Sahon-Rami

4271302Governmentt. Day. Secondary. School, Ibbi

4271401Day Secondary School, Salka

4271402Comprehensive Secondary School, Ibeto

4271403Government Secondary School, Nassarawa-Kainji

4271404Government Secondary School, Nasko

4271405Day Secondary School, Auna

4271406Saidu Namaska College Of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Salka

4271407Day Secondary School, “B” Salka

4271408Day Secondary School, Kura

4271501Government Secondary School, Kotonkoro

4271502Government Day Secondary School, Bobi

4271503Day Secondary School, Mariga

4271601Government Secondary School, Minna

4271602Federal Government College, Minna

4271603Government Day Secondary School, Minna

4271604Ahmadu Bahago Secondary School, Minna

4271605Government Girls’ Secondary School, Minna

4271606Day Secondary School, Maitumbi Minna

4271607Hill-Top Model School, Minna

4271608Day Secondary School, Tunga Minna

4271609El-Amin International School, Minna

4271610College Of Arts And Islamic Studies, Minna

4271611Zarumai Model School, Minna

4271612New Horizon College, Minna

4271613Women Day College, Minna

4271614Decs New College, Minna

4271615Mawo Secondary School, Minna

4271616Himma International School, Minna

4271617Brighter Secondary School, Minna

4271618Niger Baptist Schools, Bosso Road, Minna

4271619Government Girls Day Secondary School, Old Airport, Minna

4271620Government Girls Day Secondary School, Bosso Rd

4271621Day Secondary. School, Chanchaga “A” Minna

4271622Ideal Royal School, Tunga, Minna

4271623Anglican Secondary School, Dutsen-Kura.Minna

4271624Galaxy International School , Minna

4271625Ahmadu Bahago Secondary School, “B” Minna

4271626Government Secondary School, ‘B’, Minna

4271627Federal Government Staff College, Minna

4271628Mypa College, Bosso-Minna

4271629Hill Crest Int’l School, Minna

4271630Hudal Islam Model School, Minna

4271631Peace Schools, Barkin- Sale, Minna

4271632El- Bethel Academy, Minna

4271701Government Secondary School, Kpaki

4271702Government Day Secondary School, Gbara

4271703Government Secondary School, Bokani

4271704Government Day Secondary School, Kpege-Mokwa

4271705Government Secondary School, Mokwa

4271706Baptist Comprehensive College, Mokwa

4271707New Era College, Mokwa

4271708Phcn Staff Secondary School, Jebba North

4271709Day Secondary School, Kudu

4271710Peace Secondary School, Mokwa

4271711Dunmi Day Secondary School, Mokwa

4271712Lile Day Secondary School, Mokwa

4271713Hakimi Aliyu Day Secondary School, Mokwa

4271714Governmnt Senior Secondary School. Wuya Kede, Mokwa

4271715Government Girls Secondary School, Mokwa

4271716Mungo Park Senior Secondary School, Jebba

4271717Nasfat Secondary School, Mokwa

4271801Government Secondary School, Kuta

4271802Government Girls’ Secondary School, Kaffin-Koro

4271803Abubakar Dada Senior Secondary School, Paiko

4271804Day Secondary School, Kaffin-Koro

4271805Day Secondary School, Adunu

4271806Day Secondary School, Ishau

4271807Day Senior Secondary School, Kwakuti

4271808Baptist Model Sec. School, Paiko

4271809Day Secondary School, Tungan Mallam

4271810Abubakar Dada Secondary School, “B” Paiko

4271811Day Secondary School, Chimbi

4271812Baptist Model Schools, Kafin-Koro

4271813Day Secondary School Mararaban-Tudu-Uku

4271814Martin Sanda Girls’ Day Secondary School, Paiko

4271901Government Science College, Kagara

4271902Ahmadu Attahiru Secondary School, Kagara

4271903Government Secondary School, Tegina

4271904Govenment Senior Secondary School, Pandogari

4271905Salihu Tanko Day Secondary School, Kagara

4271906Ahmad Idris Day Secondary School, Madaka

4272001Government Girls’ Secondary School, Tunga-Magajiya

4272002Government Secondary School, Rijau

4272101Day Secondary School, Gwada

4272102Day Secondary School, Erena

4272103Government Secondary School, Allawa

4272104Girls’ Day Secondary School, Kuta

4272105Day Secondary School, (Nepa) Shiroro

4272106Day Secondary School, Tumtum

4272107Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu Secondary School, Sarkin Pawa

4272108Federal Science & Technical College, Kuta

4272109Christ The King Seminary, Gwada

4272110Day Secondary School, Shakwatu

4272111Bodo Secondary School, Kuta

4272112Day Secondary School, Gussoro

4272113Day Secondary School, Fuka

4272114First Class International School, Gwada

4272115Day Sec. School, Manta

4272116Day Secondary School, Guni

4272117Day Secondary School, Kpmakpma

4272201Government Secondary School, Suleja

4272202Federal Government Academy, Suleja

4272203Suleja Community School, Suleja

4272204Girls’ Day Secondary School, Suleja

4272205Government Model School, Suleja

4272206Government Girls Arabic Secondary School, Diko

4272207Bishop James Yisa Memorial Secondary School, Kwamba Suleja

4272208Islamic Training Centre, Madaila Suleja Kwamba

4272209Jefap International School, Suleja

4272210Queens Science Secondary School, Suleja

4272211Comprehensive Science Secondary School, Suleja

4272212Synto Secretarial College, Suleja

4272213Model Commercial College, Suleja

4272214Victory Secondary Commercial School, Madalla

4272215Our Lady’s Nursery/Primary And Secondary School,Suleja

4272216Overcomers Int. School, Suleja

4272217Immaculate Heart Schools,Suleja

4272218Wisdom International School, Suleja

4272219Javino Model School, Gauraka-Suleja

4272220St Mary’s Catholic College, Kwamba Suleja

4272221Fransh-Bomac International Academy, Suleja

4272222Yaro College, Suleja

4272223Rahma Secondary School, Suleja

4272224Basic Education Secondary School, Suleja

4272225Busy Brain International Secondary School, Suleja

4272226Starlight Education Centre, Madalla

4272227Great-Zion International Academy, Suleja

4272228Empire International School, Suleja

4272229Intelligentsia Educational Academy Suleja

4272230Home School, International Suleja

4272231Festmed International School, Suleja

4272232Zion International Secondary School, Madalla

4272233Government Girls Day Secondary School, “B” Suleja

4272234Hill-Side Model School, Suleja

4272235Miracle Special Academy Suleja

4272236Global Vision School, Suleja

4272237Blessed International College, Sulaja

4272238The Messengers Secondary School, Suleja

4272239Commonwealth International School, Suleja

4272240S.S. John And Paul’s College, Suleja

4272241Diadem International Academy, Suleja

4272242White Dove Academy, Suleja

4272243Comprehensive College, Gwanzunu-Suleja

4272244Legacy Private Schools, Madalla, Suleja

4272245Impact Academy, Suleja

4272246Islamic Training Centre, Bologi, Boys College, Madalla, Suleja

4272301Government Girls’ Secondary School, Sabon-Wuse

4272302Niger Secondary School, Guaraka Tafalga, Suleja

4272303Command Secondary School, Suleja

4272304Day Secondary School Garam

4272305Day Secondary School, Ija Gwari

4272306Government Day Secondary School, Sabon-Wuse, Tafa

4272307Complete-Man International School, Gauraka, Tafa

4272308Government Day Secondary School, Gauraka, Tafa

4272309Day Secondary School, New-Bwari, Tafa

4272401Government Day Secondary School, Zungeru

4272402Government Secondary School, Wushishi

4272403St. Patrick’s Catholic Secondary School, Zugeru

4280101African Church Grammar School, Owu, Abeokuta

4280102Saint Peter’s College, Olomore, Abeokuta

4280103Ebenezer Grammar School, Iberekodo, Abeokuta

4280104Premier Grammar School, Lafenwa, Abeokuta

4280105Ansar-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Isaga Orile

4280106Imala Community Grammar School, Imala

4280107Lafenwa High School, Abeokuta

4280108Olumo High School, Sabo, Abeokuta

4280109Unity High School, Ago-Ika Abeokuta

4280110Ikija High School, Iberekodo, Abeokuta

4280111Ilugun High School, Abeokuta

4280112Army Day Secondary School, Alamala Abeokuta

4280113Gateway Secondary School, Abeokuta

4280114Ilewo Community High School, Ilewo Orile

4280115Comprehensive Academy, Lafenwa, Abeokuta

4280116Charis International College, Abeokuta

4280117Pat International College, Ayetoro Road, Abeokuta

4280118Wonderful Height International College, Ita-Elega, Abeokuta

4280119God’s Will Model College, Agbo-Eran, Sabo, Abeokuta

4280120Oyinade Memorial Comprehensive College, Sabo Abeokuta

4280121Precious Gift Kings & Queens College, Sabo Abeokuta

4280122Easyway International Model College, Abeokuta

4280123Command Day Secondary School, Lafenwa Abeokuta

4280124St. Peter’s Catholic (Private) College, Olomore, Abeokuta

4280125Olorunda Community High School, Olorunda

4280126African Church Grammar School (Mission), Abeokuta

4280127Liberty Secondary School, Adio/Ajegunle, Soyoye

4280201Abeokuta Grammar School, Abeokuta

4280202Baptist Boys’ High School, Abeokuta

4280203Lisabi Grammar School, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta

4280204Macjob Grammar School, Onikolobo Abeokuta

4280205Abeokuta Girls’ Grammar School, Abeokuta

4280206Anglican High School, Ibara Abeokuta

4280207Reverend Kuti Memorial Grammar School, Isabo, Abeokuta

4280208Egba High School, Asero Abeokuta

4280209Agunbiade Victory High School, Magbon, Abeokuta

4280210Baptist Girls’ College, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta

4280211Asero High School, Asero, Abeokuta

4280212Lantoro High School, Oke-Lantoro, Abeokuta

4280213Igbore High School, Igbore Abeokuta

4280214Ijemo Titun High School, Ibara, Abeokuta

4280215Saint John’s Anglican High School, Kuto, Abeokuta

4280216Nawair Ud-Deen High School, Abeokuta

4280217Catholic Comprehensive High School, Abeokuta

4280218Saje High School, Oke Saje, Abeokuta

4280219Methodist High School, Ogbe, Abeokuta

4280220Saint Leo’s College, Onikoko, Ibara-Abeokuta

4280221Adeline Ogunlade Memorial Home Sec. School, Obantoko, Abeokuta

4280222Nigeria Navy Secondary School, Abeokuta

4280223Alaba Lawson Royal College, Ibara, Abeokuta

4280224Omolaja Sodipo Memorial Anglican School, Onikolobo Abeokuta

4280225Patterson Memorial Baptist Grammar School, Oke-Egunya, Abeokuta

4280226Trinity College, Ijaiye, Abeokuta

4280227Crown College, Ibara, Abeokuta

4280228Rockcrest Girls’ College, Abeokuta

4280229Roseborn International Secondary School, Abeokuta

4280230Ideal Comprehensive College, Saje-Abeokuta

4280231Paragon International College, Oke-Aregba Adatan Abeokuta

4280232Sacred Heart Catholic College, Abeokuta

4280233Emmanuel College, Obantoko, Abeokuta

4280234Folarin Dalley International College, Abeokuta

4280235El-Gibbor International College, Abeokuta

4280236Victorroti Private School, Olokuta Village, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta

4280237Mercyland International College, Ibara, Abeokuta

4280238Greenlands Academy, Onikolobo, Abeokuta

4280239Elyon College, Kemta, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta

4280240Al-Hudah College, Oke-Aragba, Abeokuta

4280241Anu-Olu International College, Abeokuta

4280242Apostolic Faith Secondary. School, Adatan, Abeokuta

4280243Government Science & Technical College, Idi-Aba Abeokuta

4280244Ima International College, Abeokuta

4280245Doltotemik International College, Abeokuta

4280246Marie Curie Academy,Idi-Aba, Abeokuta

4280247Varsity Point International College, Isabo, Abeokuta

4280248Baptist Girls’ College(Mission), Idi Aba, Abeokuta

4280249Foursquare International Secondary School, Asero-Abeokuta

4280250Catholic Comprehensive (Private) High School, Onikolobo, Abeokuta

4280251Baptist Boys’ High School (Mission), Saje, Abeokuta.

4280252Abadiyya National College, Leme, Abeokuta.

4280253Moji Adegoke International Home College, Asero.

4280301Iganmode Grammar School, Ota

4280302Alamuwa Grammar School, Ado-Odo

4280303Anglican Grammar School, Ota

4280304Local Government Secondary Commercial School, Atan-Ota

4280305Ansar-Ud-Deen Comprehensive College, Ota

4280306Male Comprehensive High School, Igbesa

4280307Saint Stephen’s Comprehensive High School, Ado-Odo

4280308Araromi Community High School, Araromi, Orita

4280309Ajogbo Grammar School, Ajibode, Ota

4280310Ado-Odo High School, Ado-Odo

4280311Agbara Community High School, Eedu, Agbara

4280312Community High School, Alapoti

4280313Igbesa High School, Igbesa

4280314Iju-Ebiye High School, Iju-Ota

4280315Unity High School, Ijoko-Ota

4280316Unity High School, Kajola Ibooro

4280317Sango-Ota High School, Sango-Ota

4280318Ansar-Ud-Deen Comprehensive High School, Lafenwa Ota

4280319The Bells Comprehensive Secondary School, Ota

4280320Corona Secondary School, Agbara

4280321Loral International Secondary School, Agbara-Ota Expressway, Igbesa

4280322Glorious Stars International College, Ota

4280323The Fountain Comprehensive Secondary School, Ota

4280324Grait International College, Ota

4280325Royal College, Sango-Ota

4280326Able God International College, Owode-Yewa

4280327Community High School, Iroko Town, Ota

4280328Scholars Universal Secondary School, Sango-Ota

4280329Faith Academy Canaan Land, Ota

4280330Meritland Secondary School, Sango-Ota

4280331Petra Secondary School, Tomori/Bedero Estate

4280332Suz-Liz Secondary School, Ota

4280333Bestway Comprehensive College, Ijoko-Ota

4280334Solid Rock Model College, Iroko Town

4280335Alagbe Esibi Royal College, Ado-Odo

4280336Eccowas Cosmopolitan College, Ota

4280337Learning Land Comprehensive College, Ota

4280338Prince & Princess International College, Ijoko-Ota

4280339Unique Progressive International College, Ota

4280340Logem International College, Ota

4280341Excel College, Ijoko-Ota

4280342Fas Comprehensive College, Ota

4280343Lens International College, Ota

4280344Divine Commando College, Ota

4280345Silver Child Model College, Ota

4280346Lord’s Garden Comprehensive College, Ota

4280347Knoxfield Comprehensive College, Ota

4280348Abiboss Progressive High School, Ota

4280349Mic-Bay Private Secondary School, Ota

4280350Brain-Camp Transnational College, Ota

4280351Ota Total Academy, Ota

4280352Olive Model College, Ota

4280353Golden Green Comprehensive High School, Ayetoro Ota

4280354Rising Hope College, Ota

4280355Mother’s Joy Model College, Ota

4280356Dalos College, Off Joju Road, Ota

4280357Lissie Comprehensive College, Iyana Iyesi, Ota

4280358Upper Standard High School, Iroko Town, Ota

4280359Bethel High School, Iroko Town, Ota

4280360Talavic International College, Iroko Town, Ota

4280361The Ambassadors College, Ota

4280362The Voice International College, Sango-Ota

4280363Ilogbo Asowo Community High School, Ilogbo Road, Ota

4280364Adie Owe Community High School, Adie-Owe

4280365Funmec International High School, Sango-Ota

4280366God’s Favour International College, Ijoko

4280367Liberty Comprehensive College, Atan-Ota

4280368The Ultimate College, Ado-Odo

4280369Compass Secondary School, Sango Otta

4280370Praiseland College, Ijoko-Ota

4280371The Gold Beam College, Iroko Town, Ota

4280372Fountain Of Knowledge Academy, Ijako Ota

4280373A.U.D. Comprehensive High School, Itele-Ota

4280374De-Excel Universal College, Ota

4280375Holy Saviour College, Lafenwa-Ota

4280376Javy Royal Model College, Ota

4280377Sun Valley Academy Ota

4280378St. Michael’s High School, Ota

4280379Intellect Companion Classic College, Ota

4280380The Crescent International High School, Sango Ota

4280381Preach The Word Secondary School, Ijako, Sango Ota

4280382Megadegs Model Secondary School, Ota

4280383Adeoye International College, Ota

4280384Toyon High School, Ere Ado- Odo

4280385Agbara Grammar School, Agbara.

4280386Adedokun International School, Sango Ota

4280387Dynamic Landmark College, Itele-Ota

4280388Sofunix International College, Ota

4280389Anglican Mission Grammar School, Ota

4280390Iyesi-Ota High School, Egan Road, Iyesi Ota

4280391Access College, Ota

4280392Beryl Chrysolite High School, Ewupe Sango Ota

4280393Chyfley Comprehensive College,Owode- Ota

4280394God’s Heritage Academy, Ewupe-Ota

4280395Oxford Model College, Ilo- Ota

4280396The Lord’s Favour International College, Iroko-Ota

4280397Leadwell Academy, Ota

4280398Saltland International College, Ijoko-Ota

4280399Royal City College, Iyesi-Ota

4280401Yewa Secondary School, Igbogila

4280402Comprehensive High School, Ayetoro

4280403Ketu College, Igan-Alade

4280404Obalaju High School, Joga Orile

4280405Ayetoro Community Grammar School, Ayetoro

4280406Asakanran Grammar School, Ibese

4280407Community High School, Ohunbe

4280408Eyinni Comprehensive High School, Iboro

4280409Owode Ketu Commercial High School, Owode-Ketu

4280410Adokun High School, Igan Okoto

4280411Ajoda High School, Ayetoro

4280412Alaye High School, Ayetoro

4280413Community Comprehensive High School, Igua

4280414Community High School, Ijoun

4280415Oluaso High School, Imasayi

4280416Orita Community High School, Oja Odan

4280417Sawonjo High School, Sawonjo

4280418First African Church Mission High School, Igbogila, Ogun State

4280419Community High School, Ebute Igbooro

4280420Oriade Academy, Ayetoro

4280421Community High School, Ibeku

4280422Royal Comprehensive College, Ayetoro

4280423Ketu Community High School, Ijale Ketu

4280501Yewa College, Ilaro

4280502Emmanuel Commercial High School, Ilaro

4280503Muslim Progressive High School, Oke Odan

4280504Area Community High School, Owode-Yewa

4280505Baptist High School, Ilaro

4280506Iyewa High School, Ajilete

4280507Anglican Grammar School, Ilaro

4280508Idogo/ipaja Community High School, Idogo

4280509Itolu Community High School, Ilaro

4280510Iwoye Area Community High School, Iwoye-Ilaro

4280511Oronna High School, Ilaro

4280512Owode Secondary School, Owode

4280513Army Day Secondary School, Owode-Yewa

4280514Quine Unic College, Owode-Yewa

4280515Auntie Kemi Model College, Ilaro

4280516Holy Child Comprehensive High School, Yewa

4280517Ipadeola Bolaji Model College, Ilaro

4280518Optimum Success College, Ilaro

4280519The Gem International School, Ilaro Road, Yewa

4280520Glorious Foundation College, Owode-Yewa

4280521Poly Staff College, Ilaro

4280522Frontline Model College, Owode – Yewa.

4280523Area Community High School, Olokuta.

4280601Methodist High School, Arigbajo

4280602Owu Community Comprehensive High School, Elere-Adubi

4280603United Comprehensive High School, Wasimi

4280604Ifedapo Community Comprehensive High School, Abalabi

4280605Papalanto High School, Papalanto

4280606Itori Comprehensive High School, Itori

4280607Adeoye Lambo Memorial High School, Obada-Oko

4280608Community Comprehensive High School, Owowo

4280609Josmar Comprehensive College, Ewekoro

4280610The Merciful Comprehensive College, Obada-Oko

4280611The International (Sport) Academy, Wasimi, Ewekoro

4280612Methodist High School (Private), Arigbajo

4280701Anglican Grammar School, Okenla, Ifo

4280702Adenrele High School, Olose Ifo

4280703Agbado District Comprehensive High School, Oke-Aro

4280704Ajuwon High School, Iju Ajuwon

4280705Ibogun Comprehensive High School, Egbeda, Ifo

4280706Ifo High School, Ifo

4280707Nawair-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Solu-Ifo

4280708Okepata Community High School, Ososun

4280709Pakoto High School, Ayede, Ifo

4280710Coker Area Comprehensive High School, Coker Town, Ifo

4280711Community High School, Ojodu-Abiodun

4280712Yemi International College, Oke-Aro, Agbado

4280713Rex-Age Trans-National Comprehensive College, Ifo

4280714Fortuneland College, Akute

4280715Oluwatosin Comprehensive College, Agbado Station

4280716Princes & Princesses Royal College, Oke-Aro, Agbado

4280717Messiah Praise International Model College, Onibudo, Akute

4280718Bolson College, Agbado-Station

4280719Access Model College, Ifo

4280720Barachel Model College, Iju-Ishaga

4280721Logic High School, Alagbado

4280722Ireti Olu Model College, Ifo

4280723Sojomehin Talabi High School, Akute

4280724Flophil College, Akute

4280725Dudley Reeves College, Alagbole, Akute

4280726Doland International Secondary School, Akute

4280727Abiola Aina Comprehensive College, Agbado Station, Agbado

4280728Cecil Petros College, Oke-Aro, Agbado

4280729First Foundation Comprehensive High School, Agbado

4280730Itoki Community High School, Agbado-Ifo

4280731Future Leaders Comprehensive High School, Agbado

4280732Deniz Secondary School, Agbado

4280733Rose Private College, Akute

4280734The High Esteem College, Ojodu

4280735Greenland Hall Comprehensive College, Agbado

4280736Moni Dams Lighthouse College, Itoki

4280737Asore Grammar School, Asore

4280738Vital Link International Academy, Agori Estate, Ifo

4280739Bethel International College, Ojodu

4280740Springland Secondary School, Ajuwon

4280741Bluefield Secondary School, Alagbole-Akute

4280742Early Heights College, Alagbole Akute

4280743Alpha High School, Ojodu

4280744Holy Ghost High School, Ojodu

4280745Isolog College, Alagbole-Akute

4280746Breakthrough Academy, Akute

4280747Wamy International Secondary School, Ojodu-Abiodun

4280748Bammy College, Agbado

4280749Tripple ‘A’ Private School, Agbado

4280750Sharon College, Agbado

4280751Holy Trinity College, Agbado

4280752Model His & Hers College, Iju-Ajuwon

4280753Top-Grade High School, Ope-Ilu, Ifo

4280754The Best College, Olambe

4280755Prospects Private College, Akute

4280756Amec College, Off Sabo, Ojodu-Ifo

4280757God’s Power International High School, Matogun

4280758His Grace Academy, Olambe

4280759Community High School, Moboluwaduro, Agbado

4280760Nana Apori Comprehensive High School, Adiyan, Agbado

4280761Omolara Comprehensive College, Adiyan, Agbado

4280762St. Timothy Comprehensive High School, Agbado

4280763Success College, Ifo

4280764Sadiyyah Model College, Ifo

4280765Peak Lane College, Ifo

4280766De Light Model College, Agbado

4280767Meir International College, Olambe, Ifo

4280768Thomas Brown Comprehensive High School, Alagbole Akute

4280769Omo-Oye College, Ogugbade, Ifo

4280770Blessed Assurance Comprehensive College, Ajuwon

4280771Teribeta College, Akute

4280772Zenith Secondary School, Agbado

4280773Hortative Comprehensive College, Akute

4280774Jacobs High School, Ifo

4280775Future Stars College, Ijoko Lemode

4280776Faithland College, Agbado

4280777Merit Comprehensive High School, Ijoko

4280778Radiance B & G College, Agbado

4280779Kolaniks International College, Agbado

4280780Deluxe Pacesetter College, Ajuwon

4280781Success Hall College, Agbado

4280782Al-Kawthar Model College, Agbado

4280783Faith Foundation Model College, Alagbole, Akute

4280784Real Care Model College, Agbado

4280785Anglican Grammar School (Private/Missionary), Ifo

4280786Captain College, Ojodu Abiodun, Ifo

4280787Heavy Comprehensive College, Agbado

4280788Royalpath College, Akute

4280789Celestial College, Abule- Oke, Ifo

4280790Shepherdfield College, Olambe

4280791Betterlink College, Nesto Close, Ifesowapo, Olambe

4280792Grasely Gate College, Olambe

4280793Brigthflower Academy, Jolasco, Akute

4280794Opra Model College, Ojodu

4280795Jita Covenant College, Agbado, Ifo

4280796God’s Will Success College, Oke Aro, Agbado

4280797Yemab Crown Of Glory Comprehensive College, Oke-Aro, Agbado

4280798Enny-Dav Private College, Off Gasline, Olambe

4280799Angels High School, Agbado-Crossing.

4280801Saint Anthony’s Grammar School, Esure

4280802Ijebu-Ife Community Grammar School, Ijebu-Ife

4280803Saint Brendan’s Grammar School, Ogbere

4280804Community Grammar School, Owu Ikija, Ijebu

4280805Itele High School, Itele-Ijebu

4280806Imobi Community High School, Oke Igbaga

4280807Oke-Imobi Community Grammar School, Terelu-Imobi

4280808Ajebandele J4 High School, Ajebandele

4280809Comprehensive High School, Ijebu-Ife

4280810Ijebu Imusin Comprehensive High School, Ijebu-Imusin

4280811Louisville Girls’ High School, Ijebu Ife

4280812Ijebu Anglican Diocecan College, Iganipabi Via Isonyin

4280813Plantation High School, Fowowa

4280814Federal Science And Technical College, Ijebu Imusin

4280815Community Comprehensive High School, Orita J4/J6

4280816Ehin-Osun Community Highschool, Egbed-Ojelana

4280817St. Anthony’s Grammar School (Private), Ijebu-Imusin

4280818Prowess College, Tajala Qtrs, Ijebu – Ife.

4280819Adonai Blessed College, Ehin Osun, Ogbere.

4280820Community High School, Awotunde, Ehin Osun.

4280901Molusi College, Ijebu Igbo

4280902Ago Iwoye Secondary School, Ago-Iwoye

4280903Ijebu Igbo Girls’ Grammar School, Ijebu-Igbo

4280904Methodist Comprehensive High School, Ago Iwoye

4280905Abusi Odumare Academy, Ijebu-Igbo

4280906Muslim High School, Ago-Iwoye

4280907Obanta Comprehensive High School, Awa Ijebu

4280908Itamerin Comprehensive High School, Oru Ijebu

4280909Ladugbo Community High School, Ijebu-Igbo

4280910Abobi Comprehensive High School, Ago-Iwoye

4280911Ahmadiyya High School, Ago-Iwoye

4280912Beje High School, Oke-Agbo Ijebu Igbo

4280913Japara High School, Ijebu Igbo

4280914Kegbo Community Comprehensive High School, Atikori, Ijebu-Igbo

4280915Mamu Community Comprehensive High School, Mamu-Ijebu

4280916Shamsudeen Grammar School, Ijebu Igbo

4280917Sopen Comprehensive High School, Ijebu-Igbo

4280918Fowoseje Comprehensive High School, Ago Iwoye

4280919Olokine Grammar School, Ojowo, Ijebu-Igbo

4280920The International School, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye

4280921Achievers’ Model College, Ijebu-Igbo

4280922Mercy Model College, Ijebu-Igbo

4280923Sure Success International College, Ijebu-Igbo

4280924Hope Immaculate Comprehensive College, Ijebu-Igbo

4280925Kings Gifts Secondary School, Ago-Iwoye

4280927Methodist Comprehensive High School, (Mission), Ago-Iwoye

4281001Isonyin Grammar School, Isonyin

4281002Ilugun Central Academy, Ibido/odosenbora

4281003Ogbogbo Baptist Grammar School, Ogbogbo, Ijebu-Ode

4281004Alaro Community High School, Odosenlu

4281005Deyo Tuwo Comprehensive High School, Ododeyo/imewuro

4281006Ilese Comprehensive High School, Ilese-Ijebu

4281007Odopotu Community Grammar School, Odopotu-Ijebu

4281008Raluwen High School, Atan

4281009Lawrence Banjoko Comprehensive High School, Idomila

4281010Command Day Secondary School, Ilese

4281011Century Tower Model College, Ijebu-Ode

4281012Ogbogbo Baptist Grammar School(Mission), Ogbogbo, Ijebu

4281101Ijebu Ode Grammar School,ijebu-Ode

4281102Adeola Odutola College, Ijebu-Ode

4281103Ijebu Muslim College, Ijebu-Ode

4281104Anglican Girls’ Grammar School, Ijebu-Ode

4281105Our Lady Of Apostles’ Secondary School, Ijebu-Ode

4281106Muslim Girls’ High School, Ijebu-Ode

4281107Ansar-Ud-Deen High School, Isiwo

4281108Luba Comprehensive School, Ijebu-Ode

4281109Ansar-Ud-Deen High School, Ijebu-Ode

4281110Christ Church High School, Molode, Ijebu-Ode

4281111Itamapako High School, Iloti

4281112Molipa High School, Ijebu-Ode

4281113Moslem Comprehensive High School, Imepe Ijebu-Ode

4281114Dupmos Comprehensive High School, Molode Ijebu-Ode

4281115Epic Model College, Epic Estate, Irewon Ijebu-Ode

4281116Christ The King Catholic College, Odolewu-Ijebu-Ode

4281117Mabunmi Memorial Grammar School, Ijebu-Ode

4281118Tai Solarin University Of Education Secondary School, Ijebu-Ode

4281119Varsity Children Grammar School, Ijebu-Ode

4281120Sacred Heart Catholic College, Ijebu-Ode

4281121Vanguards Academy, Ijebu-Ode

4281122Odonoko/Odoroga Comprehensive High School, Odoroga

4281123Tees Secondary School, Onirugba, Ijebu-Ode

4281124Sanni Luba College, Erunwon Road, G.R.A, Ijebu-Ode

4281125Floret Academy, Ijebu-Ode

4281126Vineyard College, Ijebu-Ode

4281127Golden Gait Model College, Ijebu-Ode

4281128Gloria High School, Ijebu-Ode

4281129Our Lady Of Apostles Secondary School (Private), Ijebu-Ode

4281130Anglican Girls’ Grammar School (Private), Ijebu Ode

4281131Great Foundation College, Ijebu Ode

4281132Adeola Odutola College (Private), Ijebu- Ode

4281133Government Science And Technical College (Secondary), Ijebu-Ode

4281134Crown Fit Us College, Ijebu-Ode

4281135Hope Model College, Ijebu- Ode

4281136El – Shaddai Model College, Ijebu- Ode

4281201United High School, Ikenne

4281202Mayflower School, Ikenne

4281203Christ Apostolic Grammar School, Iperu-Remo

4281204Ositelu Memorial College, Ogere-Remo

4281205Akesan Community Grammar School, Iperu-Remo

4281206Isanbi Comprehensive High School, Ilisan-Remo

4281207Ikenne Community High School, Ikenne-Remo

4281208Ajagbe High School, Iperu-Remo

4281209Ogere Community High School, Ogere-Remo

4281210Ilisan High School, Ilisan-Remo

4281211Irolu Community High School, Irolu-Remo

4281212O & A Academy, Ikenne-Remo

4281213Babcock University High School, Ilishan Remo

4281214Oxford International High School, Iperu-Remo

4281215Dee Unique International College, Ilisan Remo

4281216Faith Comprehensive College, Ogere-Remo

4281217Al-Lateef Muslim College, Ilisan-Remo

4281218The Church Of The Lord (Aladura) College, Ogere-Remo

4281219The Peak International School, Ikenne

4281220Remo Methodist High School, Iperu-Remo

4281221Mayflower Private School, Ikenne

4281222Isanbi Model College, Ilisan Remo

4281301Nazareth High School, Imeko

4281302Alaketu High School, Imeko

4281303Community High School, Idi-Ayin

4281304Community High School, Ilara-Yewa

4281305Idi-Emi High School, Idi-Emi

4281306Iwoye-Ketu Community High School, Iwoye-Ketu

4281307Community High School, Afon

4281308Fatokun Memorial College, Ilara

4281309Muslim Grammar School, Imeko

4281310Community Comprehensive. High School, Oke-Agbede

4281311Muslim High School, Ilara-Yewa

4281312Community Comprehensive College, Idofa, Imeko Afon

4281313St. Patrick Catholic College, Idofa/Ilara Road, Imeko

4281314Community High School, Moriwi, Imekoafon

4281401District High School, Ipokia

4281402Community Commercial High School, Maun

4281403Igiri High School, Ijofin

4281404Iko Gateway Grammar School, Idiroko

4281405Imotu Community Commercial Academy, Ifonyintedo

4281406Agosasa Community High School, Agosasa

4281407Alaari High School, Alaari

4281408Community High School, Tube

4281409Ipokia Community Secondary School, Ipokia

4281410Ojumo Community High School, Ihunbo

4281411S.S. International Secondary School, Idiroko

4281412Ibiyemi Model College, Idi-Roko

4281413Brighter Comprehensive College, Idiroko

4281414Agude Community High School, Oniro

4281415Ogbe Community High School, Mede Ajegunle

4281416Nigeria Customs Secondary School, Idiroko

4281417Corporate International Comprehensive College,Idiroko

4281418Tayese Community Secondary School, Ibatefin

4281501Egba Owode Grammar School, Owode Egba

4281502Ajebo Community High School, Ajebo

4281503Egba Obafemi Community Grammar School, Egba Obafemi

4281504Oba Community Comprehensive High School, Oba

4281505Ofada Community Comprehensive High School, Ofada

4281506Olorunkole Grammar School, Kajola-Obafemi

4281507Orile Igbore Grammar School, Ajura

4281508Alapako Oni Community High School, Alapako-Oni

4281509Community High School, Ibafo

4281510Kobape Community High School, Kobape

4281511Ogunmakin High School, Sowunmi

4281512Owode High School, Owode-Egba

4281513Gideon Comprehensive High School, Ibafo

4281514Trinity International College, Ofada

4281515Redeemer’s High School, Redemption Camp, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

4281516Solid Foundation International School, Ofada

4281517Zumuratul Jamiu Muminu Anglo Arabic School, Mowe

4281518Mame Comprehensive College, Debonre Osaye

4281519Asolo International College, Mowe

4281520Access International School, Akeran Magboro

4281521O’tega International College, Ibafo

4281522Hebron College, Mowe

4281523Christower International School, Ibafo

4281524Assemblies Of God High School, Mowe

4281525Emerald High School, Mowe

4281526Radiant Comprehensive College, Ibafo

4281527Super Tripple “J” Senior Academy Mowe

4281528Uncle Steve Comprehensive College, Mowe

4281529Community High School, Adesan-Olu, Mowe

4281530Rainbow College, Asese Village

4281531Lizzy College, Ofada, Mowe

4281532Nigerian Turkish International College, Isheri

4281533Covenant College, Loburo, Mowe

4281534Seolad International College, Mowe

4281535Atunbi Memorial College, Mowe

4281536The Football College, Orile-Imo

4281537St. Micheal’s College, Ibafo

4281538Lara College, Mowe

4281539Ziggy Wisdom Secondary School, Ibafo

4281540Community High School, Iro

4281541Oasis Model College, Owode- Egba

4281542Oakfield Secondary School, Orimerunmu, Ibafo

4281543Champions International College, Magboro, Akeran.

4281544God’s Glory College, Pakuro-Ogunrun, Mowe.

4281545De-Laurel Model College, Surulere Quarters, Ibafo.

4281546Esther International Memorial College, Km36, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Mowe.

4281547Suncity College, Magboro

4281548Future Leaders High School, Mowe

4281549Glorious Model College, Abule Afa, Adesan, Mowe.

4281601Nawair-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Obantoko

4281602Oke-Ona Grammar School, Abeokuta

4281603Egba Odeda High School, Odeda

4281604Muslim High School, Isolu, Abeokuta

4281605Orile Ilugun Comprehensive High School, Orile Ilugun

4281606Orile-Keesi Grammar School, Olodo

4281607Orile Kemta Comprehensive High School, Olugbo

4281608Salawu Abiola Comprehensive High School, Osiele

4281609Orile-Iporo Community High School, Ijemo-Fadipe

4281610Alagbagba Community High School, Alagbagba

4281611Olokemeji High School, Olokemeji, Odeda

4281612Oyewole Twins International Secondary School, Abeokuta

4281613Taidob College, Abeokuta

4281614Aminat International College, Obantoko

4281615Federal College Of Education Model Secondary School, Osiele, Abeokuta

4281616University Of Agriculture International School, (Unaab), Abeokuta

4281617Stephen Centre International College, Abeokuta

4281618Alabata Community High School, Alabata

4281701Odogbolu Comprehensive High School, Odogbolu

4281702Odogbolu Grammar School, Odogbolu

4281703Aiyepe Comprehensive High School, Aiyepe-Ijebu

4281704Ijebu Southern District Grammar School, Ala

4281705Multilateral Grammar School, Okun-Owa, Via Ijebu-Ode.

4281706Anglican Comprehensive High School, Ikoto

4281707Ibefun/ilado Comprehensive High School, Ibefun

4281708Ifesowapo Comprehensive High School, Imodi-Imosan

4281709Ogbo Community Comprehensive High School, Ogbo

4281710Omu-Ajose Comprehensive High School, Omu, Ijebu

4281711Ososa Comprehensive High School, Ososa Ijebu

4281712Community Grammar School, Aiyepe-Ijebu

4281713Odu’a Comprehensive High School, Imoru

4281714Idowa Comprehensive High School, Idowa

4281715Igbile Community High School, Igbile, Ijebu-Ode

4281716Titilayo Agbaje Memorial Comprehensive High Sch., Imodi-Imosan

4281717Imagbon/imaka Comprehensive High School, Imagbon

4281718Way To Success International College, Oke-Owa, Ikoto

4281719Federal Government College, Odogbolu

4281720Seico International Secondary School, Ijebu-Ode

4281721Alpha & Omega College, Ikoto-Ijebu

4281722Oasis Kings And Queens College, Idowa-Ijebu

4281723Happy Day College, Ijebu-Ode

4281801Ilusin Grammar School, Ilusin

4281802Saint Kizito’s High School, Iwopin

4281803Abigi Community Grammar School, Abigi

4281804Ibiade Comprehensive High School, Agodo-Ibiade

4281805Ode-Omi Community Grammar School, Ode-Omi

4281806Ayede Comprehensive High School, Ayede

4281807Ahmadiyya Comprehensive High School, Oni

4281808Ayila High School, Ayila

4281809Community High School, Ibiade

4281810Itebu Manuwa Comprehensive High School, Itebu-Manuwa

4281811Lomiro High School, Lomiro

4281812Efire Community High School, Efire

4281814The Pathfinder College, Ibiade

4281815T & E Comprehensive College, Ayila

4281816Victory Model College, Tigara Junction Abigi

4281817Makun-Omi Comprehensive High School, Makun-Omi.

4281901Saapade Grammar School, Saapade Estate

4281902Isara Secondary School, Isara-Remo

4281903Ode-Remo High School, Ode-Remo

4281904Ilara/Akaka Community Grammar School, Ilara/Akaka, Remo

4281905Ipara Community High School, Ipara-Remo

4281906Iyankan High School, Isara-Remo

4281907Judah Rhema College, Ipara Remo

4281908Onigege-Ara College, Isara-Remo

4281909Remo Anglican College, Isara

4281910Mary Towobola Memorial Comprehensive High School, Isara Remo

4281911Straitgate College, Isara-Remo

4282001Remo Secondary School, Sagamu

4282002Muslim High School, Sagamu

4282003Remo Divisional High School, Sagamu

4282004Methodist Comprehensive College, Sagamu

4282005Saint John’s Anglican Grammar School, Ode-Lemo

4282006Agbele Community High School, Makun Sagamu

4282007Batoro Community Grammar School, Sagamu

4282008Ijagba Community High School, Sotubo

4282009Makun High School, Sagamu

4282010Community Grammar School, Ode Lemo

4282011Ofin High School, Sagamu

4282012Ogijo Community High School, Ogijo

4282013Olomimeji Community High School, Emuren-Remo

4282014Sagamu High School, Sagamu

4282015Sonyindo Community High School, Sagamu

4282016Federal Government Girls’ College, Sagamu

4282017Simawa High School, Simawa

4282018Mamak Secondary School, Sagamu

4282019Regal College, Sagamu

4282020Model College, Makun, Sagamu

4282021Christ The Redeemer’s College, Valley Bowl, Sagamu

4282022Great Scholars International School, Sagamu

4282023Bade Unik Secondary School, Sagamu

4282024Topmost College, Sagamu

4282025Focus International College, Sagamu

4282026Greenfield International Secondary School, Ogijo

4282027Remo Methodist High School, Sagamu

4282028Christlead Model College, Ogijo

4282029Trio International Model College, Ogijo

4282030Omowunmi College, Sagamu

4282031Golden Gate College, Sagamu

4282032Elihans College, Ogijo, Sagamu

4282033West Hall College, Ita Oliwo Via Ogijo

4282034Intergrity Comprehensive College, Sagamu

4282035Solid Rock Girl’s Academy, Sagamu

4282036Charlton International College, Sagamu

4282037Highklass International School, Ogijo, Sagamu

4282038Fola Model College, Ogijo

4282039Omotayo College, Ogijo, Sagamu

4282040African Pride International School, Sagamu

4282041Christ College, Ayetoro Village, Sagamu

4282042Crestville College, Sagamu

4282043Muleruwa Community High School, Ogijo

4282044Mount Zion Mega College, Ogijo

4282045Kawefunmi Secondary School, Sagamu

4282046Bostom College, Isawo, Via, Ogijo

4282047Ideal Star Secondary School, Ogijo

4282048Imperial College, Sagamu

4282049Al-Awwal College, Ogijo, Sagamu

4282050Divine Life College, Sagamu

4282051Foundation Builders’ College, Idomogun, Ogijo.

4282052Presidency International College, Ita-Oluwo, Ogijo.

4282053God’s Reward International College, Ogijo, Ogun State

4282054Daniel Comprehensive High School, Ewu-Oliwo, Sagamu

4282301Good Shepherd Comprehensive High School, Lanko, Alakuko

4282302Verdec Private College, Araromi Alade-Ota

4282303De – Embassy Model College, Sango

4282304Christ The Lord International College, Opic Estate, Agbara

4282305Acada Science College, Km 11 Idiroko Road, Ota

4282306Legacy Comprehensive College, Alade – Owode, Ota

4282307D – Ivy College, Ota.

4282308Galaxy Comprehensive College, Sango Ota.

4282701The Noble College, Yakoyo, Ojodu

4282702Coral Bells College, Agbado

4282703Great Beginnings College, Agliyan, Agbado

4282704Talhat High School, Ogungbade, Ifo

4282705Rohi Secondary School, Igbusi, Iyana Ilogbo.

4282706Ultra International College, Akute.

4282707Community High School, Okungbolu, Ifo.

4282708Community High School, Oluke.

4282709Tess College, Akute.

4282710Bosun Sawyer Memorial College, Alaja, Ifo.

4282711First Divine Victory College, Adiyan, Agbado

4290101Victory College, Ikare Akoko

4290102Ansar-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Ikare-Akoko

4290103Mount Carmel Secondary School, Ikare-Akoko

4290104Comprehensive High School, Ikare-Akoko

4290105Ikare Grammar School, Ikare-Akoko

4290106Ayegbe Comprehensive High School, Ise-Akoko

4290107Akunu Grammar School, Akunu-Akoko

4290108Osele High School, Ikare-Akoko

4290109Community High School, Iboropa-Akoko

4290110Agolo High School, Ikare-Akoko

4290111Agborikin Comprehensive High School, Ikare-Akoko

4290112Agbaode/Orimolade Grammar School, Ikare-Akoko

4290113Lennon Jubilee High School, Ikare

4290114Auga Community Grammar School, Auga-Akoko

4290115Citadel International College, Ikare-Akoko

4290116Right Foundation Academy, Ugbe-Akoko

4290117Legacy Model College, Ugbe-Akoko

4290118Winner’s College, Ugbe-Akoko

4290119Prospects High School, Ikare-Akoko

4290120Ikare City Academy, Ikare Akoko

4290121Bofoat Model International College, Ikare

4290122Irepodun Comprehensive High School, Ikakumo-Akoko

4290123Ugbe Community High School, Ugbe-Akoko

4290124Federal Science & Technical College, Ikare

4290125Evalasting Premier College, Ikare

4290126Olorunfemi Kolade Institute, Ikare

4290201Ajuwa Grammar School, Oke-Agbe

4290202Akoko Anglican Grammar School, Arigidi Akoko

4290203Ajowa Community Grammar School, Ajowa-Akoko

4290204Anglican Grammar School, Irun/ogbagi

4290205Ahmadiyya Grammar School, Ogbagi-Akoko

4290206Adougbo Grammar School, Afin-Akoko

4290207Ilemopo Comprehensive High School, Irun-Akoko

4290208Community Comprehensive High School, Ikaram-Akoko

4290209Eyo-Oke Comprehensive High School, Oyin-Akoko

4290210Comprehensive High School, Erusu-Akoko

4290211Okeagbe High School, Okeagbe-Akoko

4290212Okota High School, Arigidi Akoko

4290213Ajiroke Technical High School, Arigidi Akoko

4290214Ajuta High School, Ogbagi, Akoko

4290215Comprehensive High School, Ajowa-Akoko

4290216Comprehensive High School, Igasi/eriti-Akoko

4290217Iyamoye Comprehensive High School, Ese-Akoko

4290218Omolore High School, Irun-Akoko

4290219Otolomi High School, Ikaram-Akoko

4290220Rufus Giwa Memorial Anglican College, Ibaram/Iyani, Akoko

4290221Greater Tomorrow College, Arigidi, Akoko

4290222Temidire Adebiyi Standard College, Ajowa-Akoko

4290223Ifejola International College, Arigidi-Akoko

4290224Irepodun Community High School, Irun-Akoko

4290225Great Cornerstone International College, Arigidi-Akoko

4290301Community Grammar School, Ifira-Akoko

4290302Isua Community Grammar School, Isua-Akoko

4290303Ipe High School, Ipe-Akoko

4290304Obaahoho Comprehensive High School, Epinmi-Akoko

4290305Omuroko Community High School, Ipese Akoko

4290306African Church Unity Secondary School, Epinmi-Akoko

4290307Isua High School, Isua Akoko

4290308Vision International College, Isua-Akoko

4290309Victory Academy International, Isua-Akoko

4290310Olawale International Model College, Ipe-Akoko

4290311Emmanuel College, Ifira , Akoko

4290313Awodua Grammar School, Ipe-Akoko

4290314God’s Grace International College, Oke-Ifira, Akoko

4290321Dynamic Excellent College, Ipe- Akoko

4290401Saint Patrick’s Secondary School, Iwaro-Oka, Akoko

4290402African Church Grammar School, Oka-Akoko

4290403Oroke High School, Akungba-Akoko

4290404Oludaye Grammar School, Oba-Akoko

4290405Ojomirin High School, Oka-Akoko

4290406Ayegunle High School, Ayegunle-Oka, Akoko

4290407Ajagbokun High School, Ikun-Akoko

4290408Agbogbo Grammar School, Supare Akoko

4290409Ogoso High School, Oka-Akoko

4290410Ate-Ikanmu Grammar School, Simerin Uba, Oka-Akoko

4290411Esedo Comprehensive High School, Iwaro Oka-Akoko

4290412Ola-Oluwa Grammar School, Oka-Akoko

4290413Christ High School, Ikannmu, Oka-Akoko

4290414Community Comprehensive High School, Akungba-Akoko

4290415Ansar-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Akungba-Akoko

4290416Okeede Community High School, Supare-Akoko

4290417Dynamic International College, Oka

4290418Femcar International College, Oka

4290420Heritage Classic College, Oba-Akoko

4290421New Era High School, Oba-Akoko

4290422Wisdom College, Iwaro-Oka

4290423Temidire International College, Ose, Oba-Akoko

4290424Oyinle High School, Oba-Akoko

4290501Anglican Grammar School, Iju-Itaogbolu

4290502Eji-Oba High School, Oba-Ile

4290503Elu-Iju Comprehensive High School, Iju

4290504Alamo Grammar School, Ita-Ogbolu

4290505Community Comprehensive High School, Ayede-Ogbese

4290506Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School, Iju

4290507Igbatoro High School, Olokuta-Akure

4290508Akure Academy, Akure

4290509Ola-Oluwa College, Iju-Akure

4290510Saint Paul’s High School, Iju

4290511Olusola International High School, Iju

4290512Dele Foundation Mission College, Itaogbolu

4290513Abo-Oluwa International College, Abo-Oluwa

4290514Police Secondary School, Ita-Ogbolu, Akure

4290515Wexford College, Oba- Ile Akure

4290516Khadob International Secondary School, Oba- Ile, Akure

4290517Preston International School, Akure

4290518Igoba Community High School, Igoba Akure

4290601Saint Thomas Aquinas College, Akure

4290602Oyemekun Grammar School, Akure

4290603Fiwasaiye Girls’ Grammar School, Akure

4290604Saint Louis Grammar School, Akure

4290605Sacred Heart Seminary, Akure

4290606Akure Secondary Commercial School, Akure

4290607Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School, Akure

4290608Akure High School, Akure

4290609Omoluorogbo Grammar School, Akure

4290610Federal Government Girls’ College, Akure

4290611Adegbola Memorial Grammar School, Akure

4290612Akure Muslim College, Akure

4290613Alakunre Comprehensive High School, Akure

4290614Army Comprehensive High School, Akure

4290615African Church Comprehensive High School, Akure

4290616Aponmu Community High School, Aponmu, Akure

4290617Ijapo High School, Akure

4290618Ijo-Mimo Oluwa High School, Akure

4290619Saint Dominic’s High School, Akure

4290620Saint Francis High School, Akure

4290621Saint Micheal’s Catholic’s High School, Akure

4290622United Christ Apostolic Church High School, Akure

4290623Ogbe High School, Oda-Akure

4290624Saint Peter’s Unity Secondary School, Akure

4290625City College, Akure

4290626Saint Mathias Anglican High School, Akure

4290627Christ Apostolic Church Adu Memorial High School, Akure

4290628Akure Metropolitan College, Akure

4290629Prospects High School, Oke-Aro Akure

4290630Salas Universal Secondary School, Akure

4290631Parker International High School, Akure

4290632Staff Secondary School, Federal University Of Technology, Akure

4290633Saint Thomas Anglican Comprehensive High School, Akure

4290634Olufunmilayo Comprehensive High School, Akure

4290635Messiah High School, Akure

4290636Saint Frances Academy, Akure

4290637Winners College, Akure

4290638Idris Premier College, Akure

4290639Olekamba Pragmatic Academy, Akure

4290640Owajoba High School, Irese Road, Akure

4290641Saint Mich And Julie International Secondary School, Akure

4290642Tunmbititi International Grammar School, Akure

4290643Aunty Stella Dunamis College, Akure

4290644God’s Favour International College, Akure

4290645Progressive International College, Akure

4290646Unique International College, Akure

4290647Christ The Redeemer International Secondary School, Akure

4290648Tofas International College, Akure

4290649Model Secondary School, Akure

4290650Best Hope Secondary School, Akure

4290651Ade-Tola International College, Akure

4290652Lizzyland International Comprehensive High School, Akure

4290653Seaba Model Christian College, Akure

4290654Hilltop International High School, Akure

4290655Walas Universal Secondary School, Akure

4290656Brilliant International College, Akure

4290657Baptist High School, Akure

4290658Fabian International College, Akure

4290659Estate High School, Akure

4290660Bolafoluwa Secondary School, Akure

4290661Celestial Grammar School, Akure

4290662Comfort Tenderfeet College, Akure

4290663King Of Kings College, Akure

4290664Muslim Unity Secondary Academy, Irese Rd, Akure

4290665Apex De Unique International Senior School, Apex Rd, Akure

4290666Calvary International School, Akure

4290667Lydia Memorial International School, Ijoka Road Akure

4290668Adun Community Comprehensive High School, Ita-Oniyan

4290669Bola International High School, Akure

4290670Mary Queen Of Angels Catholic Girls Secondary School, Akure

4290671Complete Child Development College, Akure

4290672Goodnews Grammar School, Akure

4290673Bethany College, Akure

4290674Willy Bright College, Akure

4290675Van Winkle Academy, Akure

4290676Don Bosco Continuing Education Centre, Akure

4290677Mother’s Pride College, Akure

4290701Comprehensive High School, Igbobini

4290702Ijaw National High School, Arogbo

4290703Apoi National High School, Igbotu

4290704Okhuba-Ama High School, Ajapa

4290705Community Grammar School, Biagbini

4290706Community Comprehensive High School, Sabomi

4290707Community Comprehensive High School, Igbekebo

4290708Community High School, Kiribo

4290709Saint Arenibaro Memorial High School, Amapere

4290710Ukparama Grammar School, Bolowoghu

4290711Ojuala Community High School, Ojuala

4290712Arogbo City Academy, Arogbo

4290713Ebikiri Model College, Adoloseimo Il

4290801Olofin (anglican) Grammar School, Idanre

4290802Ebun Ogunyimika Comprehensive College, Atosin Idanre

4290803Idanre High School, Alade-Idanre

4290804Ilemobola Girls’ High School, Idanre

4290805Ala Community Comprehensive High School, Ala-Elefosan, Idanre

4290806Baptist High School, Idanre

4290807Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School, Idanre

4290808Methodist High School, Idanre

4290809Onisere Community High School, Ofosu-Idanre

4290810Saint Joseph Catholic Grammar School, Idanre

4290811Gbemi Akinyuwa International Secondary School, Idanre

4290812Russells International Secondary School, Idanre

4290813Funar Secondary School, Atosin-Idanri

4290814Bafeds High School, Odode-Idanre

4290815Mandate International College Alade, Idanre

4290816Betends Unity High School, Odode Idanre

4290817Sunshine Comprehensive College, Odole-Idanre

4290818Bestspring International Model College, Alade Idanre

4290819The Pragmatic International College, Idanre, Ondo State

4290901Anglican Grammar School, Igbara-Oke

4290902Anglican Grammar School, Ijare

4290903The Apostolic High School, Ilara-Mokin

4290904Community Comprehensive High School, Ilara-Mokin

4290905Community/Olua High School, Igbara-Oke

4290906Community High School, Isarun

4290907Ayo Grammar School, Ipogun

4290908Christ Apostolic Church Comprehensive High School, Ijare

4290909Jooro High School, Ibule-Soro

4290910Anglican Grammar School, Ero

4290911Prospect Secondary School, Igbara-Oke

4290912Graceland High School, Igbara-Oke

4290913New Era High School, Ijare

4290914Holad Senior High School, Ilara Mokin

4290915Royal Kingdom Senior College, Igbara-Oke

4290916Fms International Secondary School, Isarun

4291001Ilaje Grammar School, Atijere

4291002Cherubim & Seraphim Academy, Ugbonla

4291003Community Grammar School, Igboegunrin

4291004Community Grammar School, Orioke-Iwamimo

4291005Happy City College, Ayetoro

4291006Community Grammar School, Zion-Pepe

4291007Community Grammar School, Ilepete

4291008Community Grammar School, Idiogba

4291009Ilaje High School, Igbokoda

4291010Ilumeje Community Grammar School, Mahintedo

4291011Community Grammar School, Araromi Sea-Side

4291012Mogohen High School, Ikorigho

4291013Molutehin Comprehensive College, Odo-Imoluma

4291014Mahin Community High School, Ode-Mahin

4291015Gbabijo High School, Gbabijo

4291016Royal Line International College, Igbokoda

4291017Igbokoda Grammar School, Igbokoda-Ilaje

4291018Community Grammar School, Oke-Ereke

4291019Etikan High School, Ode Etikan

4291020Igomoni Community Grammar School, Ebute Ipare, Ilaje

4291021Aheri Grammar School, Agerige

4291022Abiodun International Pacesetter College, Igbokoda

4291023Community Senior Grammar School, Obe-Idapo

4291101Gboluji Anglican Grammar School, Ile-Oluji

4291102Holy Saviours High School, Ile-Oluji

4291103Oloroke Grammar School, Okeigbo

4291104Orere Grammar School, Ile-Oluji

4291105Abari Comprehensive College, Lipanu Ile-Oluji

4291106Adebawore Memorial Comprehensive Grammar School, Temidire, Usama

4291107Ademulegun High School, Bamikemo

4291108Awaye Comprehensive High School, Oloruntedo, Ile-Oluji

4291109Awopeju Community High School, Okeigbo

4291110Baptist High School, Ile-Oluji

4291111Ayetoro Community Grammar School, Ayetoro-Okeigbo

4291112Akinye Community Grammar School, Ile-Oluji

4291113Community Comprehensive High School, Idi Iroko, Okeigbo

4291114Community High School, Oloruntele, Okeigbo

4291115Oke-Alafia Community Grammar School, Okeigbo

4291116Saint Francis Catholic High School, Ile-Oluji

4291117Oluwasola Community Grammar School, Oluwasola Ile-Oluji

4291118Gloryfield International College, Ile-Oluji

4291119Okeigbo Grammar School, Okeigbo

4291120Highland High School, Okeigbo

4291121Holy Springs Comprehensive High School, Leegun, Ile-Oluji

4291122Twins International High School, Ile-Oluji

4291123Progress College, Okeigbo

4291124Akinyosoye Model College, Ile Oluji

4291125Fagunwa Memorial High School, Igbo-Olodumare Okeigbo

4291126Uloen Community High School, Ile-Oluji

4291127New Era High School, Ile-Oluji

4291128St. James’s College, Okeigbo

4291129Usama/Ayesan Grammar School, Leegun, Ile-Oluji

4291130C.A.C Grammar School, Ile-Oluji

4291131Akinyosoye Model College, Bemikemo

4291132Prince Of Peace Academy, Okeigbo

4291133Aratu – Olojo Community High School, Okeigbo

4291201Comprehensive High School, Ode-Irele

4291202Jowiri Community Comprehensive High School, Ode-Ajagba

4291203Oyenusi Memorial Grammar School, Ode-Irele

4291204Arerin Grammar School, Ode-Irele

4291205Akotogbo Community High School, Akotogbo

4291206Community Grammar School, Gbeleju-Loda

4291207United Grammar School, Ode-Irele

4291208Mary-Gold’s High School, Ode-Irele

4291209Laragunsin Grammar School, Ode-Iyansan

4291210Premier College, Ode-Irele

4291211City Model College, Otu Road, Ode-Irele

4291212Golden Apple College, Ode-Irele

4291213God’s Faith High School, Ode-Irele

4291214Christ College, Ode-Irele

4291215Ibukun Oluwa Grammar School, Ode-Irele

4291216Community High School, Atoranse/Ayadi

4291217Omi Community Grammar School, Ode Omi

4291218Royal Academy International Secondary School, Ode-Irele

4291219Unique National College, Ode Irele

4291220God’s Will College, Lipanu-Irele

4291221Heavenly Joy College, Akotogbo

4291222Standard Model College, Ode- Ajagba

4291301Isero Grammar School, Odigbo

4291302Araromi Obu Community Grammar School, Araromi-Obu

4291303Ajue Grammar School, Ajue

4291304Kajola Community Grammar School, Kajola

4291305Community High School, Araromi Rubber Estate, Araromi-Obu

4291306Community High School, Agbabu

4291307Community High School, Igburowo

4291308Community High School, Ajebamidele, Onitea

4291309Ore Community High School, Ore

4291310Otu Community High School, Otu-Costain

4291311Odigbo High School, Odigbo

4291312Comprehensive High School, Akinfolarin

4291313Community High School, Asewele Korede

4291314Beulah Baptist High School, Ore

4291315Muslim High School, Ore

4291316Ansarul-Islam Secondary School, Omifon-Ore

4291317Ansarul-Islam Grammar School, Orisumbare Oladapo, Ore

4291318King Emmanuel College, Ore

4291319Imorun Comprehensive High School, Imorun

4291320Victory Model College, Ore

4291321Samwagba Comprehensive College, Ore

4291322Oluwaseun Comprehensive High School, Yarabomo-Odigbo

4291323Leadway College, Kajola Ojuirin, Ore

4291324Omikunle Comprehensive High School, Ore

4291325Baptist Grammar School, Omifon, Ore

4291326Amen National Secondary School, Araromi-Obu

4291327Omineg International Comprehensive High School, Kajola

4291328Babington College, Orita-Ladipo, Ore

4291329Community High School, Araromi, Oladapo, Ore

4291330Oluwaseyi Comprehensive High School, Ore

4291331Blessing Comprehensive College, Ore

4291332Ibukun Oluwa College, Ore

4291333Zaccheus International Comprehensive High School, Ore

4291334Adaja Community Grammar School, Bolorunduro Adaja

4291335P. Adebayo Secondary School, Ore

4291336Adewole High School, Ajegunle, Onisere, Ore

4291337Moral College, Obadore

4291338Our Saviour Comprehensive College, Alagbado-Ore

4291339Sussie-Bola International College, Orita-Odigbo

4291340Samwagba Comprehensive College, Omifon

4291341Hope Global Comprehensive College, Ore

4291342Ayo Memorial High School, Oniparaga

4291343Irepodun Community High School, Orita Labon

4291344Ajiboye Frontline College, Ore

4291345Oro Community High School, Oro

4291346Our Saviour’s College, Ore

4291347Jamuhiyat Tajudeen Islam Comprehensive High School, Ore

4291348Covenant Comprehensive College, Asewele Oja

4291349Adeyinka Comprehensive College, Omifon-Odigbo

4291350Time Model Comprehensive Senior College, Ore

4291351Community High School, Oniparaga

4291352Fomwan Comprehensive College, Ore

4291353Ehinmosan International School, Ore

4291354C.A.C. College, Omifon

4291355Adeoye Comprehensive High School, Ajebandele

4291356Faith College, Ore

4291357Day Star College, Ore

4291358Shepherd Home College, Ore

4291359Messiah Comprehensive High School, Ore

4291360Adegoke College, Jagiodo

4291361Community High School, Ajana Ejidokun

4291401Manuwa Memorial Grammar School, Iju-Odo

4291402Methodist High School, Okitipupa

4291403Stella Maris College, Okitipupa

4291404Baptist Grammar School, Ode-Aye

4291405Igbotako Community Grammar School, Igbotako

4291406Erinje Grammar School, Ode-Erinje

4291407Idepe High School, Okitipupa

4291408Ayeka/igbodigo Oke Igbala High School, Igbodigo

4291409Ikoya Grammar School, Ikoya

4291410Layelu High School, Ode-Aye

4291411Lubokun Comprehensive High School, Igbotako

4291412Moribodo College, Ilutitun-Osooro

4291413Omotoso Community Grammar School, Omotoso

4291414Community High School, Erekiti-Luwoye

4291415Comprehensive High School, Ilutitun

4291416Comprehensive High School, Ode-Aye

4291417Ikale High School, Igbisin-Oloto

4291418Ofedepe Comprehensive High School, Okitipupa

4291419Ogundubuja High School, Okitipupa

4291420Community High School, Mobolorunduro-Okitipupa

4291421Unity Secondary School, Ode-Aye

4291422Igodan-Okunmo High School, Igodan Lisa

4291423Holy Trinity College, Okitipupa

4291424Sarah International College, Okitipupa

4291425Ultimate International High School, Ode-Aye

4291426Victory High School, Ilutitun, Osoro

4291427Ideal Prospects High School, Okitipupa

4291428Success Secondary School, Okitipupa

4291429Trinity College, Olorintedo

4291430Saint Josiah’s College, Okitipupa

4291431Christ Unity High School, Ode-Aye, Okitipupa

4291432Emmanuel Royal College, Okitipupa

4291433Esther-Kawe Secondary School, Okitipupa

4291434Wisdom Assembly College, Ode-Ayeka

4291435Atoyebi Memorial Secondary School, Wakajaye, Okitipupa

4291436Elisiry International High School, Okiti Pupa

4291437Corner Stone Girls’ College, Okitipupa

4291438Daniken High School, Ode-Aye

4291439Mercuri Model Secondary School, Ikoya

4291501Ekimogun Community Grammar School, Bolorunduro, Ondo

4291502Community Grammar School, Tekuile-Ondo

4291503Oladapo Community Comprehensive High School, Oke-Owena

4291504Sokoto/ogundele Community High School, Ondo

4291505Community Comprehensive High School, Fagbo-Ondo

4291506Holy Trinity Grammar School, Ondo

4291507Ogo-Oluwa Community Grammar School, Oboto-Ondo

4291508Community High School, Orisumibare-Ondo

4291509Temidire Community Grammar School, Igbo-Oja, Ondo

4291510Owena Community Grammar School, Owena-Ondo

4291511Hallmark Secondary School, Ondo

4291512Cassette College, Wasimi, Ondo

4291513Epe Community Grammar School, Epe

4291514God First International Secondary School, Bolorunduro

4291515God’s Favour Comprehensive. College, Lafinnika

4291516St. Mary’s Catholic College, Sasere

4291601Ondo Boys’ High School, Ondo

4291602Saint Louis Secondary School, Ondo

4291603Saint Monica’s Grammar School, Ondo

4291604Saint Joseph’s College, Ondo

4291605Ondo Anglican Grammar School, Ondo

4291606Independence Grammar School, Ondo

4291607Jubilee Community Grammar School, Ondo

4291608Saint Ambrose’s Catholic Grammar School, Ondo

4291609Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School, Ondo

4291610Community Grammar School, Laje, Ondo

4291611Igbado Community Grammar School, Igbado-Ondo

4291612All Saints’ Grammar School, Ondo

4291613Saint Helen’s Unity Secondary School, Ondo

4291614Orimolade Community Comprehensive High School, Ondo

4291615Community Grammar School, Oluwabasiri, Ondo

4291616Ansar-Ud-Deen Community Comprehensive High School, Ondo

4291617Lujomu Comprehensive High School, Ondo

4291618Igbindo Community High School, Igbindo-Ondo

4291619Gbagia/ayetimobo Community Grammar School, Ayetimbo, Ondo

4291620Holy Flock Of Christ Grammar School, Ondo

4291621Christ Apostolic Church Oke-Isegun High School, Ondo

4291622Saint Andrew (anglican) Grammar School, Ondo

4291623Methodist Grammar School, Ondo

4291624Saint James’ Catholic Grammar School, Ondo

4291625Saint Stephen’s Grammar School, Ondo

4291626Ajebambo Community Comprehensive High School, Ajebambo-Ondo

4291627Bagbe-Ilunla High School, Bagbe, Ondo

4291628Celestial Church Of Christ Grammar School, Ondo

4291629Awosika College, Ondo

4291630Adeyemi College Of Education Demonstration Secondary School, Ondo

4291631Homaj International Secondary School, Itanla Ondo

4291632Alilak Grammar School, Ondo

4291633Christ Liberty International College, Ondo

4291634Trinity International College, Ondo

4291635Success International College, Lisaluwa Ondo

4291636Baptist Prospects High School, Ondo

4291637Christ Miracle College, Ondo

4291638Temidire International College, Ondo

4291639Igunshin Community Grammar School, Igunshin

4291640Bestway International College, Obunkeko-Ondo

4291641Triumph International College, Ondo

4291642Diocesan International Comprehensive College, Ondo

4291643Tokunbo/Oloruntedo Community Grammar School, Ondo

4291644Wilson International College, Ondo

4291645Dele International College, Ondo

4291646Bethany High School, Ondo

4291647Ogo-Olorun C&S High School, Ondo

4291648Merciful God International Senior College, Gbagia-Oja

4291649La Salle College, Ondo

4291650Ifedapo Community High School, Egure-Oba, Ondo

4291651Victory Comprehensive College, Ondo

4291701Ireakari Comprehensive High School, Idoani

4291702Ekamarun Anglican Grammar School, Ifon

4291703Ijagba/Imoru Grammar School, Igbaja/Imoru

4291704Okeluse Anglican Grammar School, Okeluse

4291705Idogun High School, Idogun

4291706Ute High School, Ute

4291707Federal Government College, Idoani

4291708More High School, Afo

4291709Idoani Grammar School, Idoani

4291710Ifon Comprehensive High School, Ifon

4291711Ikaro High School, Ikaro

4291712Imeri Comprehensive College, Imeri

4291713Word Of Faith College, Arimogija

4291714Patmos Pragmatic Institute, Ifon

4291715Pendoves College, Ifon, Ondo

4291716Abivic International College, Idoani

4291717Social Secondary School, Ido-Ani

4291718Kahede Memorial College, Okeluse

4291719Immaculate College, Ifon

4291720Super Topmost International College, Idoani

4291721God’s Grace College, Ute

4291722Good Foundation College, Ifon

4291801Imade College, Owo

4291802Saint Catherine’s Anglican Girls’ Grammar School, Owo

4291803New Church Grammar School, Owo

4291804Adeyeri-Iyere Comprehensive High School, Iyere Owo

4291805Saint Louis Grammar School, Owo

4291806Owo High School, Owo

4291807Methodist High School, Owo

4291808Ansar-Ud-Deen Comprehensive High School, Owo

4291809Ipele Community High School, Ipele

4291810Uso Grammar School, Uso

4291811Amunye Christ Apostolic Church High Schoool, Owo

4291812Ahmadiya Grammar School, Owo

4291813Community Grammar School, Emure-Ile, Owo

4291814Ipenmen Community Grammar School, Ipenmen-Owo

4291815Ijebu Community Grammar School, Owo

4291816Saint John/mary’s Unity Secondary School, Owo

4291817Owo Diocesan Anglican Grammar School, Ipele

4291818Adedewe College, Owo

4291819Fountain International Schools, (secondary Section) Owo

4291820Fagboyegun Supreme College, Uso-Owo

4291821Prospect High School, Owo

4291822Isuada Community Grammar School, Isuada, Owo

4291823Rufus Giwa Poly Staff School, Owo

4291824The Shepherd High School, Owo

4291825Fourah-Bay International College, Owo

4291826Dominion Science Academy, Owo

4291827Christ Central College, Iyere, Owo

4291828Ogo-Oluwa Group Of Schools, Emure-Ile

4291829Hope Model High School, Owo

4300101Ayegunle High School, Alagbon , Eti-Oni, Via Ilesha

4300102Ayinrin Community Grammar School, Ayinrin Adedeji, Via Ilesha

4300103Igangan Community Grammar School, Igangan

4300104Irepodun Community Grammar School, Ise-Ijesa

4300105Odo-Ijesa High School, Odo-Ijesa

4300106Iwara Community Grammar School, Iwara

4300107Community High School, Faforiji-Ijesha

4300108Ifedore Community High School, S. B. Ojo

4300109Community Grammar School, Odogbo

4300110Community Secondary School, Iperindo, Via Ilesa

4300111Eti-Oni Community High School, Eti-Oni

4300112Community Secondary Grammar School, Olowu, Via Ifewara

4300113Temidire Community Grammar School, Temidire-Ijesa

4300114Ilupeju Community Grammar School, Ajebamidele, Amuye

4300115Iwaloye Comprehensive College, Ajumobi Igangan

4300116Oko-Aago Community Grammar School, Oko-Aago

4300201Akinyemi Memorial Grammar School, Ifewara

4300202Atakumosa High School, Osu

4300203Ibodi Grammar School, Ibodi

4300204Okebode Grammar School, Okebode

4300205Community High School, Iwaro

4300206Oke-Osin Community Grammar School, Oke-Osin

4300207Apara Memorial High School, Kajola, Via Ilesha

4300208Isolo Community Secondary School, Isolo-Ijesa

4300209Community High School, Ilaa-Ijesa

4300210Kosile Memorial Grammar School, Itagunmodi

4300211Ifewara High School, Ifewara

4300212Osu Community Grammar School, Osu

4300213Komolafe Memorial High School, Igbadae

4300214Ayetoro Community Grammar School, Ayorunbo

4300215The Fountain Comprehensive Secondary School, Ifewara

4300216Islamic Comprehensive High School, Osu

4300301Gbongan/odeomu Anglican School Of Science, Gbongan

4300302Orile-Owu Grammar School, Orile-Owu

4300303Araromi-Owu Grammar School, Araromi-Owu

4300304Odeomu High School, Odeomu

4300305Saint David’s Anglican Grammar School, Odeomu

4300306Olufi High School, Gbongan

4300307Community Grammar School, Tonkere, Aiyetoro

4300308Community High School, Wakajaye, Gbongan

4300309Saint Michael’s Grammar School, Odeomu

4300310Saint Patrick’s Grammar School, Gbongan

4300311The Apostolic Grammar School, Orile-Owu

4300312Community High School, Owoope, Gbongan

4300313Community High School, Akiriboto, Gbongan

4300314Baptist Grammar School, Odeomu

4300315Gbongan High School, Ife Road, Gbongan

4300316Saint Paul’s Anglican Grammar School, Gbongan

4300317Assanusiyyah Comprehensive High School, Odeomu

4300318Ayodele Citadel College, Oluwada-Gbongan

4300319Ansarudeen Grammar School, Odeomu

4300320Jeks International College, Gbongan

4300321Asere College, Odeomu

4300322Victory College, Odeomu

4300323Monarch International College, Gbongan

4300324God’s Care International College, Gbongan

4300325Christ Comprehensive High School, Oke-Oje, Gbongan

4300326Epitome Academy, Ode-Omu

4300401Luther King’s College Of Science, Ileogbo

4300402Oluponna High School, Oluponna, Iwo

4300403Kuta Community High School, Kuta

4300404Community Grammar School, Igbotente/onigangan

4300405African Church Secondary Grammar School, Kuta/ileogbo

4300406Community High School, Ileogbo, Iwo

4300407Owland National Secondary School, Oluponna

4300408Royal Ambassador International College, Ile-Ogbo

4300501Kiriji Memorial College, Igbajo

4300502Anglican Grammar School, Otan Aiyegbaju

4300503Ebekun Secondary Commercial Grammar School, Iresi

4300504Community High School, Igbajo

4300505Baptist Grammar School, Iresi

4300506Saint Thomas Grammar School, Otan-Aiyegbaju

4300507Community High School, Eripa

4300508Muslim Comprehensive High School, Otan-Ayegbaju

4300509Community Grammar School, Oke-Irun

4300510God’s Success International School, Igbajo

4300511Oluresi Commercial Grammar School, Iresi

4300601Baptist High School, Iree

4300602Oke Iragbiji Grammar School, Iragbiji

4300603Ada Secondary Commercial Grammar School, Ada

4300604School Of Science, Iragbiji

4300605Aagba Methodist High School, Aagba

4300606Amota Community High School, Ororuwo

4300607Baptist Secondary Grammar School, Iragbiji

4300608African Church Grammar School, Iree

4300609Ajayi Memorial High School, Ada

4300610Kidvarc High School, Iree

4300611Victory Scientific Comprehensive High School, Iragbiji

4300612Life International College, Iree

4300613Salem Comprehensive College, Ada

4300614Pace Setter Comprehensive College, Iragbiji

4300615A2 Comprehensive High School, Iragbiji

4300616Iragbiji Muslim Community Comprehensive High School, Iragbiji

4300617Fomwan High School, Iragbiji

4300618Fomwan High School,Iree

4300701Timi Agbale School Of Science, Ede

4300702Baptist High School, Ede

4300703Ansar-Ui-Islam Commercial Grammar School, Ede

4300704Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School, Ede

4300705Ede Muslim Grammar School, Ede

4300706Mapo Arogun Comprehensive High School, Ede

4300707Ilori International High School, Ede

4300708Grays International College, Ede

4300709Command Day Secondary School, Ede

4300710Owode Adejuwon Gram School, Owode

4300801Adventist Grammar School, Ede

4300802Sekona Grammar School, Sekona Ede

4300803Agbonran School Of Science, Ede

4300804Community High School, Alajue-Ede

4300805Oba Laoye Grammar School, Ede

4300806Islamic Comprehensive College, Ede

4300807Centre Point College, Reservoir Area, Ede

4300808Omowumi Comprehensive College, Ede

4300901Baptist Secondary Grammar School, Ara

4300902Iragberi Grammar School, Iragberi Via Ede

4300903Ido-Osun High School, Ido-Osun

4300904Community High School, Iwoye-Ede

4300905Okinni Grammar School, Okinni

4300906King’s & Queen’s Academy, Ofatedo

4300907Ebun Oluwa International School, Ofatedo, Osogbo

4300908Rock Eternal Model College, Ofatedo Junction, Osogbo

4300909Sundest Progressive College, Osogbo

4300910Alawo Grammar, School, Awo

4300911Ojo-Aro Grammar School, Ojo-Aro

4301001Ejigbo Baptist High School, Ejigbo

4301002Ansar-Deen School Of Science, Ejigbo

4301003Baptist Secondary Grammar School, Ola-Ejigbo

4301004Anglican Secondary Grammar School, Ife-Odan

4301005Isoko Community High School, Isoko Ejigbo

4301006Isundunrin Community High School, Isundunrin, Ejigbo

4301007Muslim Commercial High School, Ola Via Ejigbo

4301008Ogiyan High School, Ejigbo

4301009Local Authority Secondary Grammar School, Ejigbo

4301010Ansar-Ur-Deen Society Grammar School, Ejigbo

4301011Masifa Community Grammar School, Masifa-Ejigbo

4301012Ilawo Community Grammar School, Ilawo

4301013Idi-Igba/songbe Community Secondary Grammar School, Songbe

4301014Oguro Community Grammar School, Oguro Ejigbo

4301015Unity School, Ejigbo

4301016Gof International College, Ejigbo

4301017Empaa Model College, Ejigbo

4301018Titilope Islamic Comprehensive High School, Ejigbo

4301019Idi-Ape Baptist Church Comprehensive High School, Ejigbo

4301020Agurodo High School, Agurodo

4301021Ajoda Comprehensive High School, Inisa-Ejigbo

4301022Glory Of God Success College, Eyenkole-Ejigbo

4301023San Francesco Catholic College, Ejigbo

4301046St. Catherine’s College Alesinloye, Ibadan

4301047Oritamefa Baptist Model College, Ibadan

4301101Oduduwa College, Ile-Ife

4301102Oranmiyan Memorial Grammar School, Ile-Ife

4301103Oluorogbo High School, Ile-Ife

4301104Seventh Day Adventist Grammar School, Ile-Ife

4301105Moremi High School, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

4301106Urban Day Grammar School, Ile-Ife

4301107Saint David’s Grammar School, Lagere Ile-Ife

4301108Ife Girls’ High School, Ile-Ife

4301109Ibikunle Lawal College, Ile-Ife

4301110Adepetu Comprehensive College, Ile-Ife

4301111Obafemi Awolowo University International School, Ile-Ife

4301112Sijuwade Comprehensive College, Ile-Ife

4301113The Dawn International College, Ajebandele Road, Ile-Ife

4301114Adventist Secondary School, Ile-Ife

4301115Ebenezer Baptist High School, Eleyele, Ile-Ife

4301116Henry Alex-Duduyemi Memorial College, Ile-Ife

4301117Vickayor College, Ile-Ife

4301118Great Faith Excel Comprehensive College, Ile-Ife

4301119Blossom International Secondary School, Ile-Ife

4301120King’s Will College, Ile-Ife

4301121Misty Gee Model College, Ile-Ife

4301122St. Mulumba’s Catholic College, Ile-Ife

4301123Christway High School, Ile-Ife

4301201Secondary Commercial Grammar School, Ora Igbomina

4301202Oke-Ila Grammar School, Oke-Ila

4301203Arutu Memorial High School, Oyi-Araromi

4301204Community Grammar School, Oyi-Ayegunle

4301205Hope And Glory International High School, Oke-Ila Orangun

4301206Micky High School, Ora-Igbomina

4301301Ife Anglican Grammar School, Ile-Ife

4301302Modakeke High School, Modakeke

4301303Our Lady’s Girls’ High School, Modakeke

4301304Saint John’s Grammar School, Ile-Ife

4301305Olubuse Memorial High School, Ile-Ife

4301306Ife City College, Ile-Ife

4301307Modakeke Islamic Grammar School, Modakeke

4301308The Apostolic Grammar School, Modakeke

4301309Ooni Girls’ High School, Ile-Ife

4301310Iyanfoworogi Grammar School, Iyanfoworogi

4301311Yekemi High School, Yekemi

4301312Ansar-Ud-Deen Society Grammar School, Iloro Ile-Ife

4301313Saint Philip’s Anglican Grammar School, Ile-Ife

4301314Ethiopian Secondary Grammar School, Ile-Ife

4301315Community Secondary School, Ogbagba Ife

4301316Wanikin Grammar School, Wanikin Ife

4301317Community Grammar School, Itamarun Ife

4301318Idita Community High School, Ile-Ife

4301319Community High School, Ile-Ife

4301320Community Grammar School, Modakeke

4301321School Of Science, Ile-Ife

4301322Ambassadors College, Ile-Ife

4301323Saint Peter’s African Church Grammar School, Ile-Ife

4301324Anglican Secondary Commercial Grammar School, Iyekere Ile-Ife

4301325Royal Comprehensive High School, Modakeke

4301326Ogunsua Grammar School, Modakeke

4301327Oladimeji International School, Ile-Ife

4301328Mercy Comprehensive High School, Ife

4301329Heritage International College, Modakeke

4301330Geometry International College, Modakeke

4301331Salvation Army Comprehensive High School, Ife

4301332Nathan Comprehensive College, Ile-Ife

4301333Faith Standard Cephalo Model College, Ile-Ife

4301334Acada High School, Modakeke, Ife

4301335Royal Crystal College, Ile-Ife

4301336Make Hay School of Art & science, Modakeke

4301337St. Timothy Model Academy, Modakeke

4301338Unique Minds International College, Opa, Ile-Ife

4301339Abaja Olowu Int. High School, Modakeke-Ife

4301340Akinlooye Model College, Oke Atan, Ile-Ife

4301341Modakeke Baptist High School, Modakeke-Ife

4301342Nato Comprehensive High School, Ile-Ife

4301343St. Paul’s Anglican Model College, Ayegbaju Area, Ile-Ife

4301344Abike Obawole Model College, Ile-Ife

4301345Excel Standard College, Ile-Ife

4301346God’s Image Secondary Scholl, Ile-Ife

4301347Holy Spirit Catholic High School, Modakeke

4301348All Glory Kings College, Ile-Ife

4301349Excel Intervention Sec. Sch, Modakeke-Ife

4301350Crown Comprehensive College, Ile-Ife

4301351Focus Model College, Ile-Ife

4301401Akinorun Grammar School, Ikirun

4301402African Church Grammar School, Ikirun

4301403Iba Community High School, Iba

4301404Orimolade Commercial Grammar School, Ikirun

4301405Coker Memorial High School, Ikirun

4301406Onaolapo Memorial High School, Ikirun

4301407Holy Michael High School, Ikirun

4301408Community Secondary Grammar School, Obaagun

4301409Eko-Ende High School, Eko Ende Via Ikirun

4301410School Of Science, Ikirun

4301411Federal Government College, Ikirun

4301412Goodwill Private Secondary School, Obaagun

4301413El-Shaddai International College, Ikirun

4301414Quality College, Obaagun

4301415Bethel Comprehensive High School, Ikirun

4301416St. Kizito’s Catholic College, Ikirun

4301417Foundation Model College, Ikirun

4301418Unique International School, Ikirun

4301419Babjo Divine Comprehensive High School, Ikirun

4301501Origbo School Of Science, Ipetumodu

4301502Local Authority Secondary Grammar School, Ipetumodu

4301503Okuu Grammar School, Okuu-Omoni

4301504Cherubim & Seraphim Grammar School, Ipetumodu

4301505Akinlalu Secondary Commercial College, Akinlalu

4301506Christ Apostolic Church Commercial Grammar School, Ipetumodu

4301507Anglican High School, Edunabon

4301508Community High School, Oyere Apamu, Ile-Ife

4301509Community Secondary School, Amukegun

4301510United High School, Oyere Aborisade

4301511Community High School, Alapata/ejesi

4301512Toro Community Secondary School, Toro

4301513Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School, Edunabon

4301514Origbo Anglican Grammar School, Origbo Ipetumodu

4301515The Apostolic Grammar School, Ipetumodu

4301516Community Grammar School, Onibambu

4301517Asipa Community High School, Asipa

4301518Federal Government Girls’ College, Ipetumodu

4301519Focus High School, Ipetumodu

4301520Origbo City College,Asipa

4301521Hope International School, Yakoyo

4301601Ifetedo Grammar School, Ifetedo

4301602Olode Grammar School, Olode

4301603Ayanbeku Memorial Grammar School, Ifetedo

4301604School Of Science, Ifetedo

4301605Community Secondary School, Alabameta Ife

4301606Community High School, Kajola Abe

4301607Eyenla Community High School, Amula Saliu Ile-Ife

4301608Community Secondary Grammar School, Idi-Ako Ile-Ife

4301609Saint Peter’s (rcm) Grammar School, Olode Ife

4301610Ara Community Grammar School, Ara-Josua

4301611Community Secondary School, Alutierin-Ife

4301612Osi Community High School, Osi-Sooko

4301613Aderemi Memorial College, Aye-Oba, Ile-Ife

4301614Irepodun Grammar School, Ayearode/odemuyiwa

4301615Ayedun Grammar School, Oke-Aye Labata

4301616Baptist Grammar School, Mefoworade

4301617Community High School, Olugbode, Ife

4301618Community High School, Omifunfun Ife

4301619L.A. Grammar School, Ifetedo

4301620Community Grammar School, Oniperegun, Ifetedo

4301621Emmanuel College, Olode, Ile-Ife

4301622Ifesowapo Community Grammar School, Egbejoda

4301623Siam Secondary School, Ifetedo

4301624Onward Comprehensive College, Garage Olode

4301625Victory Secondary School, Ifetedo

4301626Community Secondary Grammar School, Ajebandele/Fadehan

4301627Goodwill College, Ifetedo

4301628Mayoress High School, Ayepe, Olode

4301629Success Comprehensive College, Ifetedo

4301701Ila Grammar School, Ila-Orangun

4301702Igbonnibi High School, Ila-Orangun

4301703Ajagunla Grammar School, Ila-Orangun

4301704Agboluaje Grammar School, Ila-Orangun

4301705Isedo High School, Ila-Orangun

4301706Kajola High School, Ajaba, Ila-Orangun

4301707College High School, Ila-Orangun

4301708Nurudeen Grammar School, Ila-Orangun

4301709Camila High School, Ila-Orangun

4301710Baptist High School, Ila-Orangun

4301711Al-Huda College, Ila-Orangun

4301712Adebayo Ultimate High School, Ila-Orangun

4301713Brighter Future International Grammar School, Ila-Orangun

4301714Hope High School, Ila-Orangun

4301715High Places International College, Ila-Oragun

4301716Peak Model College, Ila Orangun

4301801Ilesa Grammar School, Ilesa

4301802Saint Margaret’s School, Ilesa

4301803Obokun High School, Ilesa

4301804Babalola Memorial Girls’ Grammar School, Ilesa

4301805Saint Lawrence’s Grammar School, Ilesa

4301806Hope School Of Science, Ilesa

4301807Cherubim & Seraphin High School, Ilesa

4301808Christ Apostolic Church Commercial High School, Ilesa

4301809United Anglican/methodist Grammar School, Ilesa

4301810Biladu Grammar School, Ilesa

4301811The Apostolic College, Ilesa

4301812Ijesa Muslim Grammar School, Ilesa

4301813Olatunde Memorial Comprehensive High School, Bolorunduro, Ilesa

4301814Fun Un To International Academy, Ilesa

4301815Saint Anthony’s Catholic High School, Ilesa

4301816Adecom High School, Ilesa

4301817Christ The King Academy, Ilesa

4301818Bibo-Oluwa Academy, Ilesa

4301819Progressive Sisters’ High School, Ilesa

4301820Ultimate Grammar School, Ilesa

4301821St. John’s Comprehensive Academy, Imo-Ilesa

4301822Divine Grace High School, Irojo, Ilesa

4301823Federal Science And Technical College, Ilesa

4301824Academia High School, Ilesa

4301825Ifeoluwa Comprehensive Academy, Imo Ilesa

4301826Bishop Falope Memorial Secondary School, Ilesa

4301901Methodist High School, Ilesa

4301902George Burton Memorial College, Ilesa

4301903African Church Grammar School, Ilesa

4301904Oba Agunlejika High School, Ilesa

4301905Ogedengbe School Of Science, Ilesa

4301906Aromolaran Grammar School, Ilesa

4301907Ife Oluwa (c&s) Commercial High School, Ilesa

4301908Arimoro High School, Ilesa

4301909Ajimoko High School, Ilesa

4301910Pre-Varsity Education Centre, Ilesa

4301911Betgad Model College, Ilesa

4301912Senik International School, Ilesa

4301913Rosemary Comprehensive High School, Ilesa

4301914Faith International Grammar School, Ilesa

4301915Chris Ade International Academy, Ilesa

4301916Adegun Fore-Sight Comprehensive College, Ilesa

4301917Excellent International College Ayeso, Ilesa

4301918Reality High School, Ilesa

4301919Holy Trinity High Sch. Ilaje, Ilesa

4301920Success Kidies International College, Ilesa

4301921The Salvation Army Comprehensive High School, Ilesa

4302001Ilobu Secondary Commercial Grammar School, Ilobu

4302002Erin Community Grammar School, Erin-Osun

4302003Saint Paul’s Grammar School, Ilobu

4302004Ansar-Ud-Deen Society Grammar School, Erin-Osun

4302005Ima High School, Ilobu

4302006Omoleye Private College, Ilobu

4302007Zakariyya Memorial College, Ilobu

4302008Ansar-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Ilobu

4302009The Calvary Victory International College, Ilobu

4302010Sodiq Model College, Erin Osun

4302011Ansar-Ul-Islam Grammar School, Erin Osun

4302012Darul-Hermat International College, Erin Osun

4302013Laarosin Grammar School, Ilobu

4302101Fatima College, Ikire

4302102Ayedaade Grammar School, Ikire

4302103Baptist Grammar School, Ikire

4302104Saint John’s Anglican Grammar School, Ikire

4302105Community High School, Odeyinka, Ikire

4302106Akinrere High School, Ikire

4302107Community High School, Wasimi, Ikire

4302108Saint Augustine’s Commercial Grammar School, Ikire

4302109Community High School, Oke-Ada, Ikire

4302110Unity School, Ikire

4302111Community High School, Molarere, Ikire

4302112Community High School, Aiyetoro, Ikire

4302113Omega International College, Panada, Ikire

4302114LABIMSON College, Ikire

4302115St. Raphael College, Ako Area, Ikire

4302116Anwar-Ul-Islam Grammar School, Ikire

4302117Islamic High School, Ikire

4302118Ansar-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Ikire

4302119Ikire Muslim Grammar School, Ikire

4302120Goodness Comprehensive College, Ikire

4302201African Church Grammar School, Apomu

4302202Saint Anthony’s College, Ikoyi

4302203Ayedaade District Council Grammar School, Apomu

4302204Community High School, Egbeda-Apomu

4302205Community High School, Oranran, Ikoyi

4302206Community High School, Ayepe-Apomu

4302207Apomu Grammar School, Apomu

4302208Community High School, Ikoyi

4302209Seat of Wisdom College, Ikoyi

4302210Courage Comprehensive College, Apomu

4302211Muslim High School, Ikoyi

4302301Baptist High School, Iwo

4302302United Methodist High School, Iwo

4302303Anwar-Ul-Islam Grammar School, Iwo

4302304Iwo Grammar School, Iwo

4302305Saint Mary’s Grammar School, Iwo

4302306Community Grammar School, Elemo/adana

4302307Local Authority Commercial Grammar School , Iwo

4302308Saint Anthony’s Catholic Grammar School, Iwo

4302309Community Grammar School, Papa-Iwo

4302310Islahudeen Community High School, Oke-Afo, Iwo

4302311Baptist Grammar School, Iwo

4302312Community Grammar School, Olupo, Iwo

4302313Regina Mundi Girls’ Secondary School, Iwo

4302314Muslim International School, Moleefon, Iwo

4302315A1 Comprehensive Grammar School, Iwo

4302316Aipate Baptist Church Grammar School, Iwo

4302317Areola Metropolitan Grammar School, Iwo

4302318Vico-Hope International College, Iwo

4302319Ebenezer Baptist High School, Iwo

4302320Our Lady Of Fatima Academy, Iwo

4302321Islamic Model College, Iwo

4302322Caro Comprehensive College, Iwo

4302323Nurudeen Grammar School, Iwo

4302401Ibokun Grammar School, Ibokun

4302402Esa-Oke Grammar School, Esa-Oke

4302403Ilare Community High School, Ilare

4302404Ilase Community High School, Ilase

4302405Ipetu-Ile Community Grammar School, Ipetu-Ile

4302406Imesi-Ile Commercial Grammar School, Imesi-Ile

4302407Ilumefa Community High School, Ido-Oko

4302408Local Authority Secondary Grammar School, Ibokun

4302409Ifelodun Community Grammar School, Kiloru Ijesa

4302410Community High School, Ilahun Via Ilesha

4302411Ikinyinwa/iponda Community High School, Iponda Via Ilesa

4302412School Of Science, Imesi-Ile

4302413Community Grammar School, Esa-Odo

4302414Imesi-Ile High School, Imesi-Ile

4302415Community Grammar School, Otan-Ile

4302416Saint Joseph’s Catholic High School, Esa-Oke

4302417Christ Model College, Ibokun

4302418Zumratus Soliheen Muslim Grammar School, Ibokun

4302419Fayofunmi Model College, Esa-Oke

4302420Mustard Seed International High School, Ibokun

4302501Odo Otin Grammar School, Okuku

4302502Inisa Grammar School, Inisa

4302503Igbaye Community High School, Igbaye

4302504Ansar-Ud-Deen Comprehensive High School, Inisa

4302505Ekosin Community Grammar School, Ekosin

4302506Agbeye Community High School, Agbeye

4302507Okoyekola High School, Ijabe

4302508Oyan Grammar School, Oyan

4302509Community High School, Oyan

4302510Community High School, Ila-Odo Okuku

4302511Community High School, Okua, Okuku

4302512Community High School, Iyeku

4302513Saint Augustine’s Secondary Grammar School, Inisa

4302514Ore Community High School, Ore

4302515Saint Peter’s African Church Grammar School, Oyan

4302516Community High School, Asi, Asaba Oyan

4302517Ekusa Community High School, Ekusa

4302518Community High School, Faji, Okuku

4302519Oyinlola Comprehensive High School, Okuku

4302520Fomwan Comprehensive College, Inisa

4302521Shekinah College, Inisa

4302522Osun North Anglican Diocesan Comprehensive High School, Agbeye

4302523Folorunso Memorial College, Oko-Odo, Oyan

4302524Nahada Group Of Schools, Inisa

4302601Ilupeju Community Grammar School, Ilemowu

4302602Irepodun School Of Science, Asa Iwo

4302603Ogbaagbaa Community Grammar School, Ogbaagbaa

4302604Community Grammar School, Ikire-Ile Iwo

4302605Community Grammar School, Ikonifin, Iwo

4302606Community Grammar School, Bode-Osi, Iwo

4302607Community High School, Ajagunlaase

4302608Iwo-Oke Community Grammar School, Iwo-Oke

4302609Telemu Comprehensive College, Telemu

4302610Adatan High School, Asa

4302701Anglican Commercial Grammar School, Osogbo

4302702Lagunle School Of Science, Oba-Oke Osogbo

4302703Ansar-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Osogbo

4302704Christ Apostolic Church Commercial Grammar School, Gbonmi Osogbo

4302705Saint James Secondary Grammar School, Osogbo

4302706Islahudeen Grammar School, Osogbo

4302707Saint Mark’s Commercial High School, Osogbo

4302708Ansar-Ud-Deen High School, Ilie, Via Osogbo

4302709Aderounmu Grammar School, Oba-Ile

4302710Oroki High School, Osogbo

4302711Osun State Unity School, Osogbo

4302712Academy Of Success Comprehensive College, Osogbo

4302713Roseful International High School, Osogbo

4302714Bisola College Of Arts & Science, Osogbo

4302715El-Shaddai Comprehensive High School, Osogbo

4302716Grace And Glory International College, Osogbo

4302717Usteem Comprehensive College, Agunbelewo, Osogbo

4302718Zion Baptist High School, Osogbo

4302719Julius Hall Secondary School, Osogbo

4302720Adventist High School, Ayetoro, Osogbo

4302721Anny International School, Osogbo

4302722Elite Comprehensive High School, Osogbo

4302723Community High School, Ota-Efun, Osogbo

4302724Miracle International Secondary School, Osogbo

4302725Victoria Comprehensive High School, Osogbo

4302726Omolayo International College, Osogbo

4302727Osun State Secondary School For The Handicapped, Oshogbo

4302801Ijebu-Jesa Grammar School, Ijebu-Ijesa

4302802Ipetu-Ijesa Grammar School, Ipetu-Ijesa

4302803Ebenezer Grammar School, Ijeda, Ijesa

4302804Osowusi Muslim Commercial High School, Iloko-Ijesa

4302805Erin Community Grammar School, Erin-Ijesa

4302806Iwoye-Ijesa Grammar School, Iwoye-Jesa

4302807Ikeji-Ile High School, Ikeji-Ile

4302808Ikeji-Arakeji Grammar School, Ikeji-Arakeji

4302809Erinmo Community Grammar School, Erinmo-Ijesa

4302810Urban Day Grammar School, Ijebu-Jesa

4302811Aro-Odo High School, Ipetu-Ijesa

4302812Ere-Ijesa Community Grammar School, Ere-Ijesa

4302813Apoti Community Grammar School, Apoti

4302814Elefosan School Of Science, Ipetu-Ijesa

4302815Owena Community Grammar School, Owena-Ijesa

4302816Orisunbare Grammar School, Alaka

4302817Irepodun High School, Erin-Oke

4302818Christ Apostolic Church Commercial High School, Iwaraja

4302819Olashore International School, Iloko-Ijesa

4302820Banjolat Friendship Academy, Ipetu-Ijesa

4302821Dagbaja Community Grammar School, Dagbaja, Ipetu-Ijesa

4302822Famous Newday College, Ipetu-Ijesa

4302823Tayelolu Memorial College, Ipetu-Ijesa

4302824Iloko Model College, Iloko-Ijesa

4302825Christ Excel Comprehensive College, Ijebu-Jesa

4302826Philips Comprehensive College, Ipetu-Ijesha

4302827Ansar-Ud-Deen High School, Ipetu-Ijesha

4302828Oriade International College, Owena-Ijesa

4302829Bishop Falope Memorial Secondary School, Ipetu-Ijesha

4302830Arise And Shine College, Ijebu Jesa

4302831Sacred Heart Catholic Sec. Sch, Ipetu Ijesa

4302832Faith Of Our Father’s College, Owena-Ijesa

4302833Adebayo Memorial Academy, Onigba, Ipetu-Ijesa

4302834Josmar International College, Ijebu-Jesa

4302835Fountain International Private School, Ijebu- Jesa

4302901Ifon/Erin Community High School, Ifon-Osun

4302902Orolu Community High School, Ifon-Osun

4302903Cornerstone College, Ifon

4302904An-Sar-Ud-Deen Society Grammar School, Ifon Osun

4302905Al-Mansoor Model College, Ifon-Osun

4302906Olufon Comprehensive High School, Ifon-Osun

4302907Ansarul Islam Grammar. School, Ifon Osun

4302908Oba Moronfolu Grammar School, Owode-Ifon, Ifon-Osun

4302909United Christian Grammar School, Ifon Osun

4303001Osogbo Grammar School, Osogbo

4303002Baptist Girls’ High School, Osogbo

4303003Saint Charles’ Grammar School, Osogbo

4303004Ife Oluwa Grammar School, Osogbo

4303005Fakunle Comprehensive High School, Osogbo

4303006Ataoja School Of Science, Osogbo

4303007Muslim Grammar School, Oke-Osun, Osogbo

4303008Laro Grammar School, Osogbo

4303009Christ African Church Grammar School, Osogbo

4303010Nawar-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Oke-Baale, Osogbo

4303011Timehin Grammar School, Oke-Osun, Osogbo

4303012Ogidan Grammar School, Oke-Bale, Osogbo

4303013Our Lady And St. Francis Catholic College, Osogbo

4303014First Class International College, Osogbo

4303015Gof International College, Osogbo

4303016Osogbo International School, Osogbo

4303017Adejumo Memorial Grammar School, Osogbo

4303018Sodiq Adeleke Islamic College, Osogbo

4303019Excel Model College, Osogbo

4303020Veritas Internatioal College, Osogbo

4303021Divine International College, Osogbo

4303022Good Tidings Standard Collegiate, Osogbo

4303023Islamic College, Osogbo

4303024Christ Royal Comprehensive High School, Osogbo

4303025Royal Heritage College, Osogbo

4303026Nacomyo Comprehensive High School, Osogbo

4303027Aromolaran Memorial Comprehensive College, Osogbo

4303028Titilola Memorial Comprehensive College, Osogbo

4303029Christ Anbassador Comprehensive College, Osogbo

4303030Winners Model College, Osogbo

4303031Cornerstone Model College, Osogbo

4303032Top-Trend Comprehensive College, Osogbo

4310101Fiditi Grammar School, Fiditi

4310102Awe High School, Awe

4310103Ilora Baptist Grammar School, Ilora

4310104Saint Joseph Secondary School, Awe

4310105Baptist Secondary School, Oke-Isanmi, Ilora

4310106Oladokun Grammar School, Awe

4310107Akinmorin Grammar School, Akinmorin

4310108Community High School, Oke-Apo, Oyo

4310109Ilora Community Commercial High School, Ilora

4310110Community High School, Fiditi

4310111Methodist Secondary School, Fiditi

4310112Methodist Secondary School, Iware

4310113Imini Grammar School, Imini

4310114Sped International Secondary School, Oyo

4310115Best Legacy International Secondary School, Awe

4310116Baptist Academy Awe

4310117Lord’s Secondary School, Ilora

4310201Iroko Community Grammar School, Iroko

4310202Ijaye High School, Ijaye-Orile

4310203Ajibode Grammar School, Ajibode, Ibadan

4310204Aroro Community Grammar School, Ibadan

4310205Orogun Grammar School, Orogun, Ibadan

4310206Community High School, Otun-Agbaakin

4310207Community High School, Arulogun

4310208Army Day Secondary School, Odogbo, Ibadan

4310209Community High School, Apapa Odan

4310210Anglican Grammar School, Agbirigidi

4310211Ikereku Community Grammar School, Ikereku

4310212Community High School, Alabata/ajibade

4310213Community High School, Laleye Ibadan

4310214Oyo State School Of Science, Pade

4310215Command Day Secondary School, Odogbo, Ibadan

4310216Community High School, Olanla

4310217Community High School, Atapa

4310218Ojoo High School, Alaka, Ibadan

4310219Aponmode/moniya High School, Moniya

4310220Community High School, Pade

4310221Yinbol College, Orogun, Ibadan

4310222Iwokoto Community Secondary School, Olubo

4310223Islamic Comprehensive High School, Olope

4310224The Gospel Faith Mission International Compr. High Sch., Ibadan

4310225King’s International College, Moniya, Ibadan

4310226Posit College, Ojoo, Ibadan

4310227Crown Heights College, Ibadan

4310228Christ Victory College, Moniya

4310229Trinity Home College, Ojoo

4310230Praise Model College Sasa-Ibadan

4310231Holy Mountain College, Moniya, Ibadan

4310232Imperial International College, Sasa, Ojoo, Ibadan

4310233Great Diplomats College, Ibadan

4310234Glory Academy Int’l College, Orogun, Ibadan

4310235Ogunsanya Girls’ Science Academy, Ibadan

4310236Community Grammar School, Kajorepo

4310237Community Grammar School, Senior.Sasa, Ibadan

4310238Distinct Jubilee International College, Ibadan

4310239Honeycomb Unique College, Ibadan

4310240Graceland College, Moniya, Ibadan

4310241Community Grammar School, Moniya

4310242Amazing Grace Comprehensive College, Arulogun Rd., Ibadan

4310243Community Sec. School, Mele-Okegbemi, Moniya, Ibadan

4310244Emmanuel Alayande Jnr Seminary, Moyede, Akobo Ibadan

4310301Federal Government Girls’ College, Oyo

4310302Oranyan Grammar School, Oyo

4310303Otefon Grammar School, Otefon, Oyo

4310304Isale Oyo Community Grammar School, Oyo

4310305Alaafin High School, Oyo

4310306Community Secondary School, Ijawaye , Asipa Oyo

4310307Community Secondary School, Lagunna, Oyo

4310308Isale Oyo Commercial Secondary School, Oyo

4310309Oke-Olola Community Secondary School, Oyo

4310310Bode-Thomas Memorial Grammar School, Oyo

4310311School Of Science, Oyo

4310312Aatan Baptist Comprehensive High School, Koro

4310313Anwar-Ul-Islam College, Oyo

4310314Winners International College, Oyo

4310315God’s Mercy Comprehensive College, Agunpopo, Oyo

4310316Community High School, Oke Olola, Oyo

4310317Happy Day Secondary School, Oke-Oroki, Oyo

4310318Adejare- Oloyede High School, Koso, Oyo

4310401Comprehensive High School, Irawo

4310402Baptist Secondary Grammar School, Ago-Are

4310403Progressive Secondary Grammar School, Tede

4310404Ansar-Ud-Deen Society High School, Ago-Are

4310405Ofiki Grammar School, Ofiki

4310406Owo Community Grammar School, Owo

4310407A.D.S. Comprehensive Secondary School, Tede

4310408Community Grammar School, Owode Irawo

4310409Christ Comprehensive High School, Ago-Are, Ibadan

4310501Bishop Philips Academy, Iwo Road, Ibadan

4310502Urban Day Grammar School, Old Ife Road, Ibadan

4310503Idi-Ito High School, Erunmu

4310504Community High School, Egbeda

4310505Kumapayi Community High School, Kumapayi, Ibadan

4310506Osegere Olukeye Community High School, Osegere

4310507Community High School, Ogungbade, Ibadan

4310508Ilupeju Community Grammar School, Alugbo

4310509Community High School, Kasumu-Ajia

4310510Olodo Community Grammar School, Olodo Ibadan

4310511Community Commercial High School, Ayede

4310512Community High School, Owobale

4310513Providence High School, Ibadan

4310514Make-Hay International Comprehensive College, Ibadan

4310515Sow The Seed Model College, Ibadan

4310516Achievers Comprehensive High School, Old Ife Rd.

4310517Amazing Grace International College, Ibadan

4310518Stars Comprehensive College, Old Ife Road

4310519Ibadan City Model College, Iyana Church, Ibadan

4310520Samuel Memorial College, Oke Koto Sawmill, Ibadan

4310521Living Stone College Of Arts And Science, Akobo, Ibadan

4310522De Ayo International College, Old-Ife Road, Ibadan

4310523Deril Academy, Old Ife Road, Ibadan

4310524Educational Legacy College, Ibadan

4310525Tin Carol College, Ibadan

4310526Al-Hayyu Model College, Ibadan

4310527God Is Able College, Ibadan

4310528Global School Of Science, Ibadan

4310529Ore-Ofe Oluwa College, Jagun-Ibadan

4310530Bethel Comprehensive College, Alakia Isebo,Ibadan

4310531Thywill College, Alakia, Ibadan

4310532The Jewels College, Ibadan

4310533Community Senior High School, Alakia Isebo, Ibadan

4310534Community Grammar School, Erumu

4310535Community Secondary School, Olaogun, Old Ife Road

4310536Urban Day Grammar School Iii, Old Ife Road, Ibadan

4310537Steadfast Comprehensive College, Egbeda Ibadan

4310538Bishop Philips High School

4310539Springs Of Wisdom High School, Egbeda

4310540David Joel Model College, Oki Egbeda, Ibadan

4310541Victop College, Eleyele Iyana Church, Ibadan

4310542Morning Star Comprehensive College, Olode, Ibadan

4310543Blessed Comprehensive College Alakia Ibadan

4310544Olive Branch College, Ibadan

4310545Community Secondary School, Ogungbade

4310546God’s Vision Academy Igem- Rd Ibadan

4310547Temidire Oxford College, Monatan Ibadan

4310548Wakajaye Community High School, Ajagba Ibadan

4310549De Lord’s Model College, Molade, Ibadan

4310550Christ Life College, New Ife Rd., Ibadan

4310551Olatundun Model College, Alakia, Ibadan

4310552Regina James Academy, Ibadan

4310553Lasting Glory Comprehensive College, Ibadan

4310554Community High School, Alarere, Ibadan

4310555Todebim College, Egbeda

4310556Divine Acumen Global College, Monatan, Ibadan

4310557Mount Sinai College, Adegbayi, Ibadan

4310558Goshen High School, Ibadan- Ife Expressway, Ibadan

4310559Excellers Comprehensive College, Iyana Church, Ibadan

4310560Triumph College, Kl 4 New- Ife, Road, Ibadan

4310601Saint Anne’s School, Molete, Ibadan

4310602Ibadan Grammar School, Molete, Ibadan

4310603Ibadan City Academy, Ibadan

4310604Yejide Girls’ Grammar School, Molete, Ibadan

4310605Ibadan Christ Apostolic Grammar School, Aperin Ibadan

4310606Adelagun Memorial Grammar School, Odinjo Ibadan

4310607Adekile Goodwill Grammar School, Ibadan

4310608Anglican Grammar School, Molete, Ibadan

4310609Saint David High School, Kudeti, Ibadan

4310610Eyinni High School, Orita Challenge, Ibadan

4310611Eleta High School, Ibadan

4310612Olubi Memorial Grammar School, Kedeti, Ibadan

4310613Methodist Secondary Grammar School, Elekuro, Ibadan

4310614Aperin Oniyere Commercial Grammar School, Aperin, Ibadan

4310615Aperin Boys’ High School, Orita-Aperin, Ibadan

4310616Urban Day Grammar School, Elekuro, Ibadan

4310617Community Grammar School, Kedeti, Ibadan

4310618Wesley College Of Science, Ibadan

4310619Saint Luke’s College, Molete, Ibadan

4310620George And Duke International College, Felele

4310621Bolade Model College, Owode

4310622Debby International College, Olorunsogo

4310623Varsity High School, Scout Camp, Challenge Ibadan

4310624Calvary International College, Felele, Ibadan

4310625Ibadan Grammar School Senior School Il, Ibadan

4310626Yejide Girls Grammar School Senior School Il, Ibadan

4310627St. Annes Senior School Ll, Ibadan

4310628Ibadan Christ Apostolic Grammar School Il, Ibadan

4310629St Lukes College Senior School Ll, Molete

4310630Adelagun Senior Grammar School Il, Odinjo, Ibadan

4310631Scores College, Scout Camp, Challenge, Ibadan

4310632Abayomi International College, Ibadan

4310633Fountain International Private Secondary School

4310634Periscope College, Aperin Ibadan

4310635Idikan Baptist Comprehensive College, Ibadan

4310636Patimo College, Adesola, Ibadan

4310637Ayobami Comprehensive High School, Odo-Oba, Ibadan

4310638Rubies International College, Felele, Ibadan

4310639Sheikh Ibrahim Model College, Ibadan

4310640Benevolent College, Molete, Ibadan

4310641Government Senior Secondary School, Orita-Aperin, Ibadan

4310642Emerald Laurel Comprehensive College, Felele, Ibadan

4310643Omolola Wisdom College, Odinjo Ibadan

4310644St. David’s Cathedral College, Kudeti, Ibadan

4310645Apel Model College, Adesola Area, Ibadan

4310701Loyola College, Ibadan

4310702Lagelu Grammar School, Ibadan

4310703Holy Trinity Grammar School, Ibadan

4310704Renascent High School, Aremo Ibadan

4310705Queen Of Apostles Secondary Commercial Grammar School, Oluyoro Ibadan

4310706United Secondary School, Agugu Ibadan

4310707Oke Ibadan High School, Ibadan

4310708Olubadan High School, Aperin Ibadan

4310709Basorun High School, Bode Wasimi, Ibadan

4310710Army Barracks Grammar School, Iwo Road, Ibadan

4310711Mufutau Lanihun Comprehensive High School, Ibadan

4310712Royal College, Ibadan

4310713King’s & Queen’s College, Ibadan

4310714Best Brain College Basorun, Ibadan

4310715Racheal International School, Basorun, Ibadan

4310716Headquaters International College, Adekule, Ibadan

4310717Bloom Heights Secondary School, Idi-Ape Ibadan

4310718Frontliner’s College, Ibadan

4310719Excellence Model College, Ibadan

4310720Hizbu Lahi-Algalib (Hla) Grammar School, Agodi

4310721Lagelu Senior Grammar School 3, Ibadan

4310722Loyola College Senior School Il

4310723Renascent Senior High School, Ibadan

4310724Lagelu Senior Grammar School 5, Ibadan

4310725Queens Of Apostles High School, Oluyoro

4310726Olubadan Senior High School Ill, Ibadan

4310727Olubadan Grammar School, Aperin

4310728Love Foundation High School, Iwo- Road, Ibadan

4310729Toyosi Model College, Basorun, Ibadan

4310730Aanu-Olu College, Oluyoro Alaadorin Rd, Ibadan

4310731Omoladun Comprehensive College, Ibadan

4310732Comfort Standard Secondary, School, E9/611 Yidi Area Agodi, Ibadan

4310733Foundation College, Idi-Obi Agugu, Ibadan

4310734Marvellous Greatness College, Yidi Agodi, Ibadan

4310801Saint Patrick’s Grammar School, Basorun Ibadan

4310802Abadina College, University Of Ibadan, Ibadan

4310803Saint Louis Grammar School, Mokola Ibadan

4310804Anglican Commercial Grammar School, Orita-Mefa, Ibadan

4310805Islamic High School, Basorun Ibadan

4310806Immanuel College High School, Ibadan

4310807Bishop Onabanjo High School, Ibadan

4310808Saint Gabriel’s Secondary Commercial School, Mokola Ibadan

4310809Mount Olivet Grammar School, Bodija Ibadan

4310810Methodist Grammar School, Bodija Ibadan

4310811Oba Akinyele Memorial High School, Basorun, Ibadan

4310812Basorun/Ojoo High School, Ibadan

4310813Oba Akinbiyi High School 1, Mokola Ibadan

4310814Ikolaba High School, Agodi Gra Ibadan

4310815Humani Alaga High School, Sango Ibadan

4310816Ikolaba Grammar School, Agodi Gra, Ibadan

4310817Oba Akinbiyi High School 11, Mokola, Ibadan

4310818Saint Theresa’s Seminary, Oke-Aare Ibadan

4310819Community Grammar School, Mokola Ibadan

4310820Ijokodo High School, Ijokodo Ibadan

4310821United Secondary School, Ijokodo Ibadan

4310822Cheshire High School, Ibadan

4310823Poly High School, Ijokodo Ibadan

4310824The International School, University Of Ibadan, Ibadan

4310825Bodija International College, Ibadan

4310826Reliance International High School, Ijokodo

4310827Walbrook College, Ibadan

4310828Lifeforte International High School, Ibadan

4310829Ise-Oluwa Montessori High School, Ibadan

4310830Oritamefa Baptist Model School, Ibadan

4310831Lead City High School, Bodija, Ibadan

4310832Moret Comprehensive College, Ibadan

4310833All Souls’ High School, Bodija, Ibadan

4310834Bishop Akinyele Grammar School, Oke-Are, Ibadan

4310835Ade Royal Comprehensive College, Oke-Itunu Ibadan

4310836Marella International College, Kongi-Bodija, Ibadan

4310837Nawair-Ud-Deen High School, Inalende, Ibadan

4310838Shiloh High School, Total Garden, Ibadan

4310839Maverick College, Ibadan

4310840Starlite College, Eleyele Road Ijokodo, Ibadan

4310841Achiever High School, Bodija, Ibadan

4310842Cenfex High School, Mokola, Ibadan

4310843Ikolaba High Senior School Ii, Ikolaba

4310844Immanuel College Senior School Ii, Ui

4310845Samchris International Model College Ashi, Ibadan

4310846Gods Blessing Comprehensive College, Yemetu

4310847City Of Faith Comprehensive College, Ibadan

4310848Kolmor Metropolitan College, N/ Bodija Ibadan

4310849Christ The King College, Basorun Ibadan

4310850Sedepo International College, Oke- Itunu

4310851Kings Gate College, Ibadan

4310852Img Grammar School, Yemetu Aladorin

4310853Community High School, Senior Agbowo Bodija, Ibadan

4310854Command Day Secondary School, Letmauck Barrack, Mokola

4310855Royal Gems High School, Ashi, Ibadan

4310856Ikolaba International College, Ibadan

4310857Baptist High School, Agbowo, Ibadan

4310858Francis ‘M’ College, Bodija Ibadan

4310859Josabig High School, Okoro, Oke-Itun, Ibadan

4310860Ebenezer Baptist High School, Okoro Oke-Itunu, Ibadan

4310861The Apostolic Church Model College, Ijokodo, Ibadan

4310862Graceville College, New Bodija, Ibadan

4310901Anwar-Ul-Islam Grammar School, Ibadan

4310902Urban Day Secondary School, Jericho, Ibadan

4310903Eleyele High School, Eleyele, Ibadan

4310904Eleyele Secondary School, Ibadan

4310905Oba Abass Alesinloye Grammar School, Ibadan

4310906Jericho High School, Eleyele, Ibadan

4310907Onireke Girls High School, Ibadan

4310908All Saints College, Ibadan

4310909Winfield High School, Ibadan

4310910Seed Of Life College, Onireke, Ibadan

4310911Shalom Christian College, Idi-Isin, Ibadan

4310912Allahu-S-Samad Model College, Ijokodo, Ibadan

4310913Olayomi Highview International College, Arometa, Ibadan

4310914Army Day High School, Letmauck, Mokola

4310915Beechford High School, Ibadan

4310916Ansar-Ud-Deen High School, Sango, Ibadan

4310917Andrew Foster Memorial College, Gra, Ibadan

4310918St. Isabel Comprehensive Model College, Eleyele Ibadan

4310919Fowebs College, Eleyele Ibadan

4310920Army Barracks Grammar School, Letmauck Barracks, Mokola, Ibadan

4310921Sacred Heart Secondary School, Ode- Oolo,Ibadan

4310922The Crown College, Ibadan.

4310923Glorious Height College, Eleyele, Ibadan

4311001Government College, Apata, Ibadan

4311002Saint Theresa’s College, Oke-Ado, Ibadan

4311003Ibadan Boys’ High School, Oke-Bola Ibadan

4311004Queen’s School, Apata, Ibadan

4311005African Church Grammar School, Apata, Ibadan

4311006Apata Grammar School, Apata Ibadan

4311007Odo-Ona Girls’ Grammar School, Ibadan

4311008Ibadan Municipal Government Grammar School, Oke-Ado, Ibadan

4311009Oke-Bola Comprehensive High School, Ibadan

4311010Oluyole Estate Grammar School, Ibadan

4311011Basorun Ogunmola High School, Ring Road, Ibadan

4311012Celestial Church Of Christ High School, Oke-Ado, Ibadan

4311014Oluyole Extension High School, Ring Road, Ibadan

4311015Oluyole High School, Ring-Road, Ibadan

4311016Baptist Secondary School, Liberty Road, Ibadan

4311017Baptist Grammar School, Idi-Isin, Ibadan

4311018People Girls’ Grammar School, Molete, Ibadan

4311019Apata Community Grammar School, Ibadan

4311020Community Grammar School, Ring-Road, Ibadan

4311021Oke-Ado High School, Ibadan

4311022Adifase High School, Ibadan

4311023Urban Day Grammar School, Ring-Road, Ibadan

4311024Community Grammar School, Elewura, Ibadan

4311025Our Lady Of Apostles Secondary Commercial Grammar School, Ibadan

4311026Ansar-Ud-Deen High School, Oke-Ado, Ibadan

4311027School Of Science, Oke-Bola, Ibadan

4311028Atanda International High School, Oluyole Estate, Ibadan

4311029The Vale College, Ibadan

4311030United Missionary Comprehensive College, Molete, Ibadan

4311031Bambo Academy, Ibadan

4311032Fola Model College, Ibadan

4311033Sacred Heart College, Akinyemi Way, Ibadan

4311034Victory Christian College, Ibadan

4311035Pislib De Varsity International High School, Ibadan

4311036Christ Ambassadors College, Ibadan

4311037The Immaculate Model College, Ibadan

4311038Genius Royal Academy

4311039Grace Private School (Secondary), Ibadan

4311040Omoniyi International College, Aba Elesin, Apata Ibadan

4311041Ecwa Model College Challenge, Ibadan.

4311042Olapade Agoro Leaders High School, Apata, Ibadan

4311043Muslim Model College, Oke-Ado, Ibadan

4311044Kambridge Comprehensive College, Ibadan

4311045Sunshine International High School, Ibadan

4311046St. Catherine’s College, Alesinloye, Ibadan

4311047Oritamefa Baptist Model School, Ibadan

4311048Baptist Senior Secondary School Ii, Ibadan

4311049Foremost International Secondary School, Adeoyo

4311050St. Teresa’s College Senior School Ii, Ibadan

4311051Oluyole Private International College, Ibadan

4311052Rhema Chapel International College, Ibadan

4311053Concord College, Ring Road Ibadan

4311054Mighty Miracle College, Oke-Bola Ibadan

4311055Bevy High School, College, Crescent Ibadan

4311056Rochas Foundation College, Ntc, Rd, Ibadan

4311057St. James Cathedral College Oke-Bola, Ibadan

4311058Stand Hope International College, Oke-Ado, Ibadan

4311059Apostolic Faith Secondary School Oke-Ado, Ibadan

4311060The Amazing Grace High School, Anfani, L/Out, Ibadan

4311061Atanda Neighbourhood Private Secondary School, Ibadan

4311062Abbey Standard College, Oke- Ado Ibadan

4311063Praise Academy Akinyemi Way, Ring Road, Ibadan

4311101Igboora High School, Igboora

4311102Methodist Grammar School, Igboora

4311103Lasogba High School, Idofin Igboora

4311104Lajorun High School, Okeiserin

4311105Ogboja Grammar School, Igboora

4311106Igboora Grammar School, Igboora

4311107Aiyelogun Grammar School, Idere, Ibadan

4311108Oyo State School Of Science, Idere

4311109Ansar-Udeen Grammar School, Igboora

4311110Nawair-Ud-Deen Grammar Igoora

4311111Ingenious Comprehensive Academy, Igboora

4311112Okedere High School, Idere, Ibadan

4311113Kastad Royal Secondary School, Igbole, Igboora

4311114Adegoke College, Igboora

4311201Obaseeku High School, Eruwa

4311202Baptist Grammar School, Eruwa

4311203Lanlate High School, Lanlate

4311204Eruwa High School, Eruwa

4311205Akolu Grammar School, Eruwa

4311206Bioku Grammar School, Lanlate

4311207Apode High School, Eruwa

4311208Muslim High School, Sango Eruwa

4311209Baptist Model High School, Eruwa

4311210Ifelodun Comprehensive High School, Eruwa

4311211Onitabo High School, Itabo, Lanlate

4311212Goodness And Mercy College, Lanlate

4311213Rockview Model College, Lanlate

4311301Ayete Grammar School, Ayete

4311302Igangan High School, Igangan

4311303Tapa Community High School, Tapa

4311304Oke-Aako High School, Igangan

4311305Baptist High School, Ayete

4311306Maku Grammar School, Tapa

4311307Maja Academy Senior Secondary School, Igangan

4311308Muslim Model College, Igangan, Oyo State

4311309Angels Height College, Ayete

4311310Adegun Asake Grammar School, Igangan

4311401United Christian Secondary School, Omi-Adio Ibadan

4311402Akufo High School, Akufo

4311403Saint Michael’s African Church Grammar School, Owode

4311404Command Secondary School, Bode-Igbo, Ibadan

4311405Community High School, Awotan Araromi

4311406Community High School, Ogundele Alaho

4311407Community High School, Elenusonso

4311408Community High School, Ido

4311409Community High School, Batake/idi-Iya

4311410Christ National Model College, Idi Awun, Apata

4311411Community High School, Eleshinfunfun, Ibadan

4311412Prospect Comprehensive College, Apata, Ibadan

4311413Brilliant Stars College, Ibadan

4311414Bibiire International Comprehensive College, Bembo Apata, Ibadan

4311415D-Way College, Apete, Ibadan

4311416St. Micheals African Church Model Snr Grammar Schl II, Ibadan

4311417St. John Senior Secondary School, Omi-Onigbagbo

4311418Taas College, Bode-Igbo Ibadan

4311419Funmilayo Comprehensive College Owode, Ibadan

4311420Royal People College, Lakoto Apete, Ibadan

4311421The Gift High School, Apete Ibadan

4311422Community High School, Ologuneru, Ibadan

4311423Apete/Ayegun Community Grammar School, Ariyibi, Ibadan

4311424Leo Community High School, Apata, Ibadan

4311425Bakatari Community High School, Abeokuta Rd, Ibadan

4311426Elizabeth College, Apata, Ibadan

4311427Lariken College, Abysam Estate, Ibadan

4311428Marks Comprehensive High School, Gbopa, Ibadan

4311429Jesus Glory College, Akuru, Elebu-Area, Ibadan

4311430Marianne College, Ekerin Ologuneru, Ibadan

4311431Omega International College, Bembo Loguda Apata

4311432Diadem College, Nnpc Area, Apata, Ibadan

4311433Victory College, Jankata, Apata, Ibadan

4311501Kisi Community Grammar School, Kisi

4311502Lagbulu Memorial High School, Kisi

4311503Iba High School, Kisi

4311504Olanipekun Memorial College, Kisi

4311505Progressive Islamic And Arabic College, Kisi

4311506Muslim Academy. Kisi

4311507Baptist Heritage High School, Kisi

4311508Nybrosis College, Kisi Ibadan

4311509Ansaru-Deen Society High School, Kisi

4311601Iseyin District Grammar School, Iseyin

4311602Progressive Secondary Grammar School, Ado-Awaye

4311603Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther Memorial High School, Osoogun

4311604Anwar-Ul-Islam High School, Iseyin

4311605Muslim Secondary Grammar School, Iseyin

4311606Ekunle High School, Iseyin

4311607Baptist Secondary Grammar School, Koso Iseyin

4311608Koso Community Grammar School, Iseyin

4311609Saint John’s Catholic Grammar School, Iseyin

4311610Faramora Grammar School, Iseyin

4311611Aseyin High School, Iseyin

4311612Kelani College, Iseyin

4311613Akinwumi Methodist High School, Akinwumi

4311614Ansar-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Iseyin

4311615St. Thomas Catholic College, Iseyin

4311616Blue Crescent International College, Iseyin

4311617St. John’s Catholic Senior Grammar School Il, Iseyin

4311618Iseyin District Senior Grammar School Il, Iseyin

4311619Muslim High School, Iseyin

4311620Baptist High School, Iseyin

4311621Ilado-Sagbo Community Grammar School, Iseyin

4311622Community Grammar School, Ado- Awaye

4311623Ekunle Grammar School, Iseyin

4311624Anwar-Ul-Islam College, Iseyin

4311625Islamic Girls’ High School, Iseyin

4311626Double Major College, Iseyin

4311627The Pen Model College, Amukoro, Iseyin

4311628First Baptist Church Model College, Iseyin

4311629Rehoboth College, Oremoje, Iseyin

4311701Okaka Community Grammar School, Okaka

4311702Ipapo Community Grammar School, Ipapo

4311703Komu/Babaode High School, Komu

4311704Baptist Grammar School, Otu

4311705Igbojaye Community High School, Igbojaye

4311706Oke-Amu Community College, Oke-Amu

4311707Otu Community Grammar School, Otu

4311708Muslim Grammar School, Otu

4311709Babaode Community College, Babaode

4311710First Baptist College, Otu.

4311801Iganna High School, Iganna

4311802Iwajowa Community High School, Ijio

4311803Community Grammar School, Idiko-Ago

4311804Ilupeju Community Grammar School, Iwere-Ile

4311805Community Grammar School, Iganna

4311806Community High School, Elelokan

4311807Ade-Ayo International College, Iganna

4311808Itile Comprehensive High School, Itasa

4311809St. Joseph Catholic College Iwere-Ile

4311810Ansaru-Deen Society High School, Iwere-Ile

4311901Okeho Iganna Grammar School, Okeho

4311902Baptist High School, Ilero

4311903Awoyemi Commercial High School, Okeho

4311904Ansar-Ud-Deen Comprehensive High School, Ilero

4311905Community Grammar School, Ilua

4311906Ansar-Ud-Deen Society High School, Okeho

4311907Iwa Community Grammar School, Ayetoro-Okeho

4311908Isemi-Ile Grammar School, Isemi-Ile

4311909Baptist High School, Okeho

4311910School Of Science, Okeho

4311911ISMOG Community Grammar School, Okeho

4311912Gegun High School, Ayetoro-Oke

4311913Ads Gammar School, Okeho

4311914Onjo Senior High School, Okeho

4311915Irepodun Community High School, Ilero

4311916Muslim Community High School, Ayetoro Oke,

4311917Victoria Comprehensive College, Sawmill, Okeho

4311918Omolewu Academy Bucksman Height, Okeho

4311919Okeogun/ Ogbinte Community Grammar School, Okeho

4312001Igbo Elerin Grammar School, Ibadan

4312002N.O. Idowu Comprehensive High School, Olorunda-Abaa

4312003Estate High School, Basorun, Akobo, Ibadan

4312004Monatan High School, Ibadan

4312005Isabatudeen Girls’ Grammar School, Basorun, Ibadan

4312006Anglican Grammar School, Oyedeji

4312007Community High School, Ejioku

4312008Community Grammar School, Lalupon, Ibadan

4312009Lagun Community Grammar School, Lagun

4312010Anglican Grammar School, Kutayi

4312011Community High School, Alegongo, Ibadan

4312012Abudoro Community High School, Abudoro-Ibadan

4312013Olosunde Community High School, Olosunde

4312014Ofa-Adedokun Community High School, Ofatedo

4312015Community Grammar School, Apatere

4312016Air-Force Comprehensive School, Iyana Offa

4312017Nickdel College, Ibadan

4312018Community High School, Ogunjana

4312019Alapata/onireke Community Grammar School, Alapata/onireke

4312020Graceland Heights, Wofun, Ibadan

4312021Unique College, Ibadan

4312022Adetunji-Olowode Community High School, Lagelu

4312023Goodnews International High School, Ibadan

4312024J.Nissi College, Oke’badan Estate, Akobo, Alegongo, Ibadan

4312025De Overcomer’s College, Akobo Ojurin, Ibadan

4312026Adesina College, Ibadan

4312027T.L Oyesina Model Secondary School (Senior), Ibadan

4312028Isabatudeen Girls High School

4312029Atorise Comprehensive College, Olorunda-Abaa

4312030Hope College, Ejioku, Ibadan

4312031Escas College, Ibadan

4312032Rosebud College, Alao Akala Way Ibadan

4312033Baptist Comprehensive High School, Ejioku Ibadan

4312034Ifesowapo Community High School, Kute

4312035Community High School, Ajara, Lagelu

4312036Valiants Havilan International College, Ejioku, Ibadan

4312101Ogbomoso Grammar School, Ogbomoso

4312102Federal Government College, Ogbomoso

4312103Adeniran Memorial Grammar School, Ogbomoso

4312104Nurudeen Grammar School, Ogbomoso

4312105Ogbomoso Girls’ High School, Ogbomoso

4312106Anglican Grammar School, Ogbomoso

4312107Orioke Community High School, Ori-Oke, Ogbomoso

4312108Soun High School, Ogbomoso

4312109Are-Ago High School, Ogbomoso

4312110The School Of Science, Ogbomoso

4312111Best Legacy International High School, Ogbomoso

4312112Akhbarud-Deen College, Ogbomoso

4312113Adebolu Comprehensive College, Ogbomoso

4312114Victory Model College, Ogbomoso

4312115Women’s League Secondary School, Ogbomoso

4312116Fasal College, Onipanu Ogbomoso

4312117Ajogbe Comprehensive College, Kuye

4312118At-Taoheed International Coll., Owoade, Ogbomoso

4312119Lautech International College, Ogbomoso

4312120Soun Secondary School, Ogbomoso

4312121Anglican High School

4312122Nurudeen High School, Ogbomoso

4312123Millenium Secondary Model School, Ogbomoso

4312124Owode Community Grammar School, Ogbomoso

4312125Ori-Oke Community High School 2, Ogbomoso

4312126Community Grammar School, Orioke, Ogbomoso

4312127Great City Senior Secondary School, Obenite, Ogbomoso

4312128Anglican Grammar School II Senior, Ogbomoso

4312129Kings International College, Ogbomoso

4312130George Green Baptist College, Ogbomoso

4312131Ansar-Ud-Deen High School Senior Oke -Adun

4312132Reg. Comprehensive College, Igbo Agbanni Area Ogbomoso

4312133King Of Kings Baptist College,Kinnira Ogbomoso

4312134Anglican Model College, Ogbomoso

4312135Mergo Baptist College, Ogbomoso

4312136Morenike Comprehensive High School, Ogbomoso

4312137Premier Baptist Academy Pakiotan Estate, Ogbomoso

4312201Ogbomoso High School, Ogbomoso

4312202Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School, Ogbomoso

4312203Ogbomoso Baptist High School, Ogbomoso

4312204Methodist Secondary Grammar School, Ogbomoso

4312205Muslim Comprehensive High School, Ogbomoso

4312206The Apostolic Church Grammar School, Ogbomoso

4312207Saint Ferdinard Grammar School, Osuuru Ogbomoso

4312208Baptist Secondary Grammar School, Ogbomoso

4312209Molete Community High School, Ogbomoso

4312210Caretaker Community High School, Ogbomoso

4312211Laogun Adeoye Memorial High School, Ogbomoso

4312212Ayegun Baptist Church College, Ogbomoso

4312213Maryland Catholic Grammar School, Akata-Ogbomoso

4312214Smith International Baptist Academy, Ogbomoso

4312215Royal International College, Odo Alalubosa, Ogbomoso

4312216Gomal Baptist College, Ogbomoso

4312217Wesley Comprehensive High School, Arowomole, Ogbomoso

4312218Aitch American Model College,Ogbomoso

4312219Jesco College, Ogbomoso

4312220Jaf Comprehensive College, Ogbomoso

4312221The Apostolic Church Senior Grammar School II, Ogbomoso

4312222Molete Community Senior High School II

4312223Muslim Grammar School, Saanuaje. Ogbomoso

4312224Ogbomoso Senior High School II, Ogbomoso

4312225Ogbomoso High School III, Ogbomoso

4312226Baptist Grammar School, Susun, Ogbomoso

4312227Emmanuel Agboola Grammar School, Kajola

4312228Baptist Comprehensive High School, Oke-Onisuru

4312229Baptist Secondary Grammar Schoo II, Ogbomoso

4312230Bethel Baptist College, Ijeru, Ogbomoso

4312231Divine Favour College, Ogbomoso

4312232Olafunmi Comprehensive College, Ogbomoso

4312233Amicable High School, Ogbomoso

4312234God’s Time College, Odokoto, Ogbomoso

4312301Baptist Grammar School, Ajaawa

4312302Obada Community High School, Obada, Ogbomoso

4312303Idi-Araba Community High School, Idi-Araba

4312304Community High School, Otamokun

4312305Community High School, Iwo-Ate

4312306Lagbedu Orile Community High School, Lagbedu Orile

4312307Community High School, Idewure

4312308Obandi Community High School, Odo-Oba

4312309Community High School, Ajaawa

4312401United Missionary Church Of Africa Sec. Grammar School, Igbeti

4312402Muslim Community High School, Igbeti

4312403Ogunbode Memorial Grammar School, Igbeti

4312404Gbadamosi Memorial Royal Academy, Igbeti

4312405St. Mary’s Catholic College, Igbeti

4312406Islamic Senior Grammar School, Igbeti

4312501Prospect High School, Abanla

4312502Abe Secondary Technical School, Ibadan

4312503Liberty Secondary Commercial Academy, Ibadan

4312504Moslem Grammar School, Odinjo, Ibadan

4312505Methodist High School, Express Road, Ibadan

4312506Ifesowapo Community Secondary School, Onigambari

4312507Christ High School, Oleyo, Ibadan

4312508Community Secondary School, Onipe

4312509Molete High School, Ibadan

4312510Olojuoro Grammar School, Olojuoro, Ibadan

4312511Ad-Din International College, Ibadan

4312512Alaho Community Grammar School, Alaho

4312513Community Grammar School, Bare

4312514Ariyo International College, Sango Ibadan

4312515Hill Top High School, Olunde-Olomi

4312516Peace International College, Ogundepo Area, Mosfala, Ibadan

4312517Merit Comprehensive High School, Ibadan

4312518Methodist Senior High School II, Ibadan

4312519St Annes Comprehensive College, Ibadan

4312520Moslem Secondary School,, Odinjo

4312521Oasis International High School, Ibadan

4312522Community Senior Secondary School, Abafa Olomi, Ibadan

4312523Community Secondary School Senior, Olomi, Ibadan

4312524Pace Setter Comprehensive College, Ibadan

4312525Hallmark College, Odo-Ona Elewe Rd Ibadan

4312526C.T.Y. Model College, Ajao Village, Ibadan

4312527Olunde Secondary School 1, Olunde, Ibadan

4312528Moslem Senior Grammar School 3, Odinjo Ibadan

4312529Methodist High School 3 , Lagos/ Ibadan Exp. Rd Ibadan

4312530Ifelodun Community Grammar School, Moslem Ibadan

4312531Summit Comprehensive College, Ayegun, Ibadan

4312532Atagba Community Grammar Shool, Boluwaji, Ibadan

4312533Dominion College, Ayegun, Ibadan

4312534Community Grammar School, Ibadan

4312535Ayegun Community Grammar School Ibadan

4312536Icreti Model College, Oloola, Idi- Mango Ibadan

4312537Lanfams Advance Comprehensive College, Ayegun, Ibadan

4312538Ibukunolu Model College, Soka Sanyo, Ibadan

4312601Anglican Grammar School, Ojebode

4312602Zumatul Hujaj Community Grammar School, Olorunsogo, Ibadan

4312603Ajia Secondary Grammar School, Ajia, Ibadan

4312604Community Secondary School, Araromi, Aperin Ibadan

4312605Elekuro High School, Oke Ogbere, Ibadan

4312606Community Grammar School, Akanran

4312607Olorunda Ogunsola Community Grammar School, Ibadan

4312608Community Secondary School, Gbedun, Via Ibadan

4312609Community Secondary School, Badeku

4312610Ogbere Community High School, Idi-Osan, Ibadan

4312611Sucess High School, Akilapa

4312612Asegun Comprehensive High School, Ibadan

4312613Tunmise Comprehensive Model College, Ibadan

4312614Jesus The Rock College, Jegede, Akanran Road Ibadan

4312615Abundant Model College, Orita Merin Ibadan

4312616Ummul-Qura High School, Amuloko Area, Ibadan

4312617Adura International Model College, Ibadan

4312618Goodwill Comprehensive High School, Ibadan

4312619Methodist Secondary School, Gangansi, Ogbere

4312620Abonde Community Grammar School

4312621Zumuratul Hujaj Community Grammar School Ii, Ibadan

4312622Zumuratul Hujaj Secondary School, Olorunsogo, Ibadan

4312623Airport Community Senior High School II, Ogbere

4312624Community High School, Sawia

4312625Help- Line College, Gbaremu. Oremeji Ibadan

4312626Tender Care College, Amuloko, Ibadan

4312627Zumratul Hujaj High School, Oke- Ogbere

4312628Zumratul Hujaj Community Senior Grammar School. V Oke- Ogbere

4312629Bioku Alaadun Community Grammar School, Ibadan

4312630Community High School, Alaadun Area, Ibadan

4312631Glorious College Amuloko, Ibadan

4312632Glory Comprehensive College, Olorunsogo, Nepa Exp., Ibadan

4312701Baptist High School, Igboho

4312702Irepo Grammar School, Igboho

4312703Ifelodun Grammar School, Igboho

4312704Igboho More Community Grammar School, Igboho

4312705Faith Immaculate Academy, Igboho

4312706Comprehensive High School, Igbope

4312707Muslim Grammar School, Igboho

4312708Oore-Oluwa Baptist Academy, Igboho

4312709C & S Model College, Igboho

4312710Ireti- Ogo Baptist College, Igboho

4312711Muslim High School, Bonni, Igboho

4312712Igbehin – Adun College, Igboho.

4312713Shining Stars Model College, Igboho

4312801Tewure Grammar School, Tewure Ogbomoso

4312802Ikoyi Grammar School, Ikoyi-Ile

4312803Community Grammar School, Oolo

4312804Community Secondary School, Ahoro-Dada

4312805Community High School, Ahoro Esinele

4312806Community Grammar School, Iluju

4312807Olokoto C. Grammar School, Olokoto, Ogbomoso

4312808Lasubu/Alada Community Grammar School, Lasubu

4312809Eso Comprehensive College, Ikoyi-Ile

4312810Community Grammar School, Alaroponla, Oriire Local Govt. Ikoyi Ile

4312811Ajinapa Community Senior School, Ajinapa

4312812Holy Comprehensive College, Orile Aipo

4312813Olorunda Community Grammar School, Guguru

4312814Jehovah Shammah Baptist College, Araromi

4312815Community Grammar School, Ayekale

4312816Community Grammar School, Adafila Via Ikoyi-Ile

4312901Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo

4312902Saint Bernardine Girls’ Grammar School, Oyo

4312903Durbar Grammar School, Oyo

4312904Anglican/Methodist Secondary School, Ajagba, Oyo

4312905Abiodun Atiba Memorial Institute, Oyo

4312906Oba Adeyemi High School, Oyo

4312907Nesto College, Oyo

4312908Saint Francis Catholic College, Oyo

4312909Jimade Comprehensive College Araromi, Oyo

4312910Rock Of Ages Comprehensive High School, Oyo

4312911Afolabi Memorial Comprehensive High School, Oyo

4312912Durbar Senior Grammar School II, Oyo

4312913Abiodun Atiba Memorial Institute Senior School II, Oyo

4312914Olivet Baptist Senior High School II, Oyo

4312915Anglican/Methodist High School, Oyo

4312916Al-Ameen Comprehensive High School, Agbogangan

4312917Liberty College, Oyo

4312918Faith International College, Oyo

4312919Overcomers College, Oyo

4312920Olivet Baptist Academy, Oyo

4313001Ladigbolu Grammar School, Oyo

4313002Ojongbodu Grammar School, Oyo

4313003Ansar-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Opapa, Oyo

4313004Fasola Grammar School, Oyo

4313005Taiwo Memorial Secondary School, Oluwatedo, Oyo

4313006Maradesa Memorial Comprehensive College, Isokun

4313007Salamat Olaniyan Memorial Model College, Oyo

4313008Oyo State College Of Education Model High School, Oyo

4313009Bright Stars International High School, Oyo

4313010Ads High School, Opapa, Oyo

4313011Ladigbolu Senior Grammar School II, Oyo

4313012First Baptist Academy, Isokun, Oyo

4313013Premier College, Ojongbodu, Oyo

4313014Shepherdsfield International College, Off Iseyin Road. Oyo

4313015Christ The Cornerstone Model College, New Iyaji Layout Oyo

4313016Goodnews College, Alagbon, Owode, Oyo

4313017Bamdek High School, Oyo

4313018Crescent Heights Odo- Arin, Oyo

4313101Community High School, Idi-Emi, Sepeteri

4313102Community Grammar School, Ogbooro

4313103Oje Grammar School, Aha

4313104Adu Grammar School, Oke-Inanfo, Ago-Amodu

4313105Obalufon Grammar School Sepeteri

4313106Muslim Grammar School, Ago-Amodu

4313107Muslim Grammar School, Sepeteri

4313108Muslim Grammar School, Oje-Owode

4313109Muslim Comprehensive Grammar School, Ogbooro

4313110Arolu Community Grammar School, Agbonle

4313201Ansar-Ud-Deen Society High School, Saki

4313202Baptist High School, Saki

4313203Saki Parapo Community Grammar School, Saki

4313204Community High School, Ayekale, Saki

4313205Asabari Grammar School, Saki

4313206Community High School, Otun Saki

4313207Community Secondary School, Army Barracks, Saki

4313208Okere Secondary Grammar School, Saki

4313209Baptist Medical Centre Secondary School, Saki

4313210Elam Baptist Secondary School, Saki

4313211Ansar-Ud-Deen Society Comprehensive College, Saki

4313212Sharon Rose College, Saki

4313213Primerose Model Private College, Saki

4313214Benefit Comprehensive College, Saki

4313215Aisha Model College, Saki

4313216International Muslim College, Saki

4313217Christ The King Catholic College, Saki

4313218Ads College, Saki

4313219Okere Senior Secondary Grammar School Ii, Saki

4313220Baptist Secondary School, Saki

4313221Islamic Senior High School, Saki

4313222Muslim Senior Secondary School, Saki

4313223Gboro Muslim Senior College, Saki

4313224Faith College, Saki

4313225Christ Grammar School, Gedu Estate, Saki

4313226Ahmadiyya Muslim Grammar School, Saki

4313227Better Care Secondary School, Saki

4313301Iresaadu High School, Iresaadu

4313302Arolu Community High School, Arolu

4313303Baptist Secondary Grammar School, Oko

4313304Olumayin High School, Mayin

4313305Irepodun Community High School, Alagbede/Onikeke

4313306Community High School, Alayin

4313307Igbon Gambari Community High School, Igbon/gambari

4313308Community High School, Gbede

4313309Community High School, Ori-Eran

4313310Ifelodun Grammar School, Ilajue

4313311Community High School, Iregba

4313312Muslim Comprehensive High School, Oko

4313313Baptist Comprehensive College, Gambari

4313314Arayin High School, Iranyin

4313315United Comprehensive College, Ogbomoso

4313316Juli Standard College, Oko

4313317Iresaapa Community High School, Iresaapa

4313318Sheperd Academy, Iresaadu

4313319Ikunsin Community High School, Ikunsin

4313320Baptist Senior Grammar School, Oko

4313321Community High School, Ajase/Jabata, Ogbomoso

4313322Community High School, Iya-Oje, Ogbomoso

4313323First Baptist Church Academy, Oko

4313324Aroje/Abaa Community High School, Aroje Village.

4313325Remak High School, Iresa Pupa Via Ogbomoso

4313326Gloria Comprehensive College, Iresa Adu

4320101Government Secondary School, Barkin Ladi

4320102Dalo Memorial High School, Foron

4320103Government College, Foron

4320104Beco Comprehensive High School, Kwi

4320105Saint John Vianney Seminary, Barkin Ladi

4320106Government Secondary School, Ropp

4320107Bethany Christian Academy, Barkin Ladi

4320108Government Secondary School, Gashish

4320109Government Secondary School, Bakin Kogi Foron

4320110Government Secondary School, Mai-Idontaro

4320111Messiah College, Gana Ropp Barakin Ladi

4320112Government Secondary School, Heipang Barkin Ladi

4320113Government Secondary School, Mazat

4320114Government Secondary School, Fan-Loh

4320115Government Secondary School, Kakpwis

4320116Government Secondary School, Dorowa-Tsoho

4320117Islamic Orientation Secondary School, B/Ladi

4320118Government Secondary School, Sho

4320119Government Senior Secondary School, Ex-Lands, Gindi Akwati

4320120Baptist College, Barkin Ladi

4320121Eliztor High School, Barkin-Ladi

4320122Gwol Prime Secondary School, Bakin-Ladi

4320201Government Secondary School, Buji

4320202Government Secondary School, Miango

4320203Government Secondary School, Amo-Katako

4320204Government College, Jengre

4320205Ecwa Secondary School, Miango

4320206Government Secondary School, Zagun

4320207Command Day Secondary School, Rukuba Jos

4320208Methodist High School, Bassa

4320209Plateau School For The Deaf, Bassa

4320210Government Secondary School, Fuskan-Mata

4320211Hyde Memorial Secondary School, Jengre

4320212Government Secondary School, Bassa

4320213Government Secondary School, Mista-Ali

4320214Government Secondary School, Binchi

4320215Government Secondary School, Jebbu Miango

4320216Garba Daho Memorial Islamic Secondary School, Mista Ali

4320217Government Secondary School, Kwall

4320218Bassa Comprehensive Secondary School, Bassa

4320219Government Secondary School, Kawam, Bassa

4320220Atinga Deki Memorial Secondary School, Miango

4320221Sambo Memorial Secondary School, Jengere

4320222Government Secondary School, Rimi-Bassa

4320223Government Secondary School, Buyo

4320301Government Secondary School, Manguna

4320302Government Secondary School, Mushere

4320303Government Secondary School, Richa

4320304Government Secondary School, Masharkut

4320305Government Secondary School, Kopyal-Bokkos

4320306Government Secondary School, Mushu-Tangur

4320307Government Secondary School, Mbar

4320308Government College, Bokkos

4320309Government Secondary School, Daffo

4320310Christ Apostolic College, Kuba

4320311Government Secondary School, Toff

4320312Government Secondary School, Butura-Kampani

4320313Government Secondary School, Bokkos

4320314Government Secondary School, Gawarza

4320315Saint Paul’s College, Forof-Kwatas

4320316Government Secondary School, Horop

4320317Government Secondary School, Tarangol

4320318Tom Owen’s Memorial College, (Cocin) Kwatas-Tarangol

4320319Evangelical Secondary School, Matelem, Bokkos

4320320Andy Comprehensive College, Forof-Marish

4320321United Baptist High School, Tenti

4320322Government Secondary School, Ruwi

4320323Government Secondary School,Garah

4320324Government Secondary School, Kamwai

4320325Government Secondary School, Ngoksar

4320326Government Secondary School, Gwande

4320327Government Secondary School, Hokk

4320328All Nations Academy, Dashorong, Bokkos

4320329Government Secondary School, Nghatator-Daffo

4320330Akiluwa Secondary School, Fakkos, Bokkos

4320331Mangar Community Secondary School, Mangar, Plateau State

4320401Government Secondary School, Federe

4320402United Faith Tabernacle College, Jarawan Kogi

4320403Government Secondary School, Maijuju

4320404Government Secondary School, Fobur

4320405Government Secondary School, Zandi

4320406St. Piran’s High School, Zarazong, Jos

4320407Government Senior Secondary School, Shere

4320408Government Senior Secondary School, Kerker

4320409Government Secondary School, Gora, Fadan Fursum

4320501Metropolitan College, Fari Gada, Jos

4320502University Of Jos Demonstration Secondary School, Jos

4320503Ecwa Staff School, Jos

4320504Tempest Comprehensive High School, Jos

4320505Baptist High School, Jos

4320506Saint Louis College, Jos

4320507Saint Murumba College, Jos

4320508Saint John’s College, Jos

4320509Naraguta Grammar School, Jos

4320510Federal Government College, Jos

4320511Mount Olive Secondary School, Jos

4320512Commonwealth Comprehensive College, Jos

4320513Sardauna Memorial College, Jos

4320514Command Secondary School, Jos

4320515Government Secondary School, Laranto, Jos

4320516Plateau High School, Jos

4320517Government Secondary School, Babale

4320518Government Senior Secondary School, Gangare, Jos

4320519College Of Islamic Studies, Jos

4320520Al-Iman Secondary School, Jos

4320521Government College, Jos

4320522School For Higher Islamic Studies Secondary School, Jos

4320523Government Secondary School, Gwong

4320524Rockland College, Jos

4320525College Of Arabic And Islamic Studies, Rikkos-Jos

4320526Nurudeen Islamic College, Laranto Jos

4320527Maygo High School, Jos

4320528Tin City College, Jos

4320529Baptist Academy, Jos

4320530Government Senior Secondary School, Tudun Wada Jos

4320531Saint Michael College, Farin-Gada

4320532Salama High School, Jos

4320533Baptist Science Grammar School, Jos

4320534Science Day Private Secondary School, Jos

4320535Jabal-Un-Noor International School, Jos

4320536Calvary Science College, Jos

4320537Al-Hilal Secondary School, Rikkos Jos

4320538Government Secondary School, Township Jos

4320539Government Secondary School, Kabong Jos

4320540Government Secondary School, Lamingo Jos

4320541Government Secondary School, Kyan Rikkos Jos

4320542Government Secondary School, Chwel-Nyap, Jos

4320543Saint Pauls Academy, Jos

4320544Redeemed Peoples Academy, Jos

4320545Liberty Comprehensive College, Jos

4320546Cherubim & Seraphim College, Jos

4320547Cocin Hq. Church Secondary School, Jos

4320548Usama Arabic Secondary School, Jos

4320549City Comprehensive Secondary School, Bauchi Ring Road, Jos

4320550Hayatul Islam Private School, Ang. Rogo Jos

4320551St. Joseph Secondary School, Jos

4320552Plastabs Comprehensive College, Jos

4320553Godiya Private Secondary School, Jos

4320554Amazing Grace College, Jos

4320555Faith Divine College(rock-Haven) Jos

4320556Arewa Model Private Secondary School, Jos

4320557Infant Jesus Academy, Rukuba Road, Jos

4320558Zawan Comprehensive College, Jos

4320559St. Philips Academy, Bauchi Ring Road, Jos

4320560Christ Apostolic Church High School, Jos

4320561Government Secondary School, West Of Mines, Jos

4320562God’s Victory International College, Jos

4320563Al-Ikhlas Secondary School, Rikkos, Jos

4320564The Angels International College, Jos

4320565Nasarawa Comprehensive Model School, Jos

4320566Government Senior Secondary School, Jos Jarawa

4320567St. Theresa Girls College, Jos

4320568Ibrahim Memorial Arabic College, Nasarawa Gwom

4320569Methodist High School, Jos

4320570Bishop’s College, Zaria Rd, Jos

4320571Victory International Christian Academy, Jos

4320572Nan-Mak Comprehensive Secondary. School, Jos

4320573Excellence International Academy Secondary School, Jos

4320574Premier High School, Jos

4320575Sele-Nei High School, Kabong, Jos

4320576Government Senior Secondary School, Rot-Norong, Jos

4320577Sheik Abubakar Gumi Memorial Private Secondary School, Nassrawa, Gwong

4320578Joshua Generation Foundation Secondary School, Alheri, Jos

4320579Divine Grace High School, Jos

4320580Mafeng High School, Jos

4320581Government Senior Secondary School, Utan, Jos

4320582Government Senior Secondary School, Kuwiri, Jos

4320583Executive Child Model Academy, Jos

4320584Excellent Bridge International College, Tina Junction Jos Jarawa

4320585Saints Academy, Jos

4320586Success And Unity Secondary School, Kyan, Jos

4320587Victory Science High School, Jos

4320588Messiah Covenant College, Apata-Jos

4320589Ecwa Private Secondary School, Kabong, Jos

4320590Al Khairat Private Secondary School, Rikkos-Jos

4320591Esteem Private School, Jos

4320592Gloryland College, Jos

4320593Omega High School, Kwanga Jos

4320594Alama Secondary School, Jos

4320595Victory High School, Jos

4320596St. Noble International School, Jos

4320597Learning Field International Academy. Jos

4320598Al- Yusra Private School, Jos

4320599Trust International School, Jos

4320601Government Secondary School, Vwang, Vom

4320602College Of Mary Immaculate, Zawan

4320603Government Science School, Kuru

4320604Saint Joseph’s College, Vom

4320605Zang Secondary Commercial School, Bukuru

4320606Abbah Memorial College, Jos

4320607Airforce Military School, Jos

4320608Government Secondary School, Du

4320609Government Secondary School, Kanadap-Kuru

4320610Government Senior Secondary School, Anglo-Jos

4320611Government Secondary School, Gyel

4320612National Veterinary Research Institute, Staff Secondary School, Vom

4320613Highland College, Zawan

4320614Theological College Of Northern Nigeria Staff Secondary School, Bukuru

4320615Airforce Girls’ Comprehensive School, Jos

4320616Zawan Community Secondary School, Bukuru, Zawan

4320617Government Secondary School, Hei-Rayfield, Jos

4320618Government Secondary School, Kufang, Jos

4320619First Baptist Secondary School, Bukuru Jos

4320620Taoheed Secondary School, Jos

4320621Emmanuel International College, Rayfield, Jos

4320622Government Secondary School, Hwak-Kuru

4320623Government Secondary School, Bukuru, Jos

4320624Bukuru Comprehensive Secondary School, Rahwol Kanang

4320625Cocin Secondary School, Dadin-Kowa, Jos

4320626Canaan High School, Jos

4320627De African Child College, Bukuru

4320628Sunnah Private High School, Bukuru

4320629Government Senior Secondary School, Hwolshe, Jos

4320630Bethel International Christian Academy, Ray Field, Jos

4320631Dadinkowa High School, Jos

4320632Rantya High School, Jos

4320633Royal Ambassadors College, Jos

4320634Tanbihis Sunnah High School, Bukuru

4320635Beulah High School, Anglo-Jos

4320636Noble College, Bukuru

4320637Shekina Glory International Academy, Jos

4320638Government Secondary School, Nyango-Gyel

4320639Government Secondary School, Chugwi-Vwang

4320640Nurul Islam High School, Bukuru

4320641Ngwa’al Community Secondary School, Vwang

4320642Plateau State Polytechnic Academy Trade Centre, Bukuru

4320643Government Secondary School, Giring, Abattoir

4320644Unity Comprehensive College, Dadin-Kowa, Jos

4320645Imperial College, Jos

4320646God’s Way Comprehensive College, Jos

4320647Bilgade High School, Giring Abattoir, Jos

4320648Gido Secondary School, Bukuru Jos

4320649Manje Y. Private Secondary School, Bukuru

4320650Sacred Scholars High Schools, Nyago-Gyel

4320651Prestige International Secondary School, Dahwol Dangwong

4320652King’s Secondary School, Kangang

4320653Sunshine International School, Jos

4320654Junuco High School, Hwolshe, Jos

4320655High Standard Secondary School, Dahwol Dangwong

4320656St. Luke’s College, Kuffang

4320657Revival Royal College, Gyel

4320658Starlet High School, Zarmaganada

4320659Unique High School, Jos

4320660Regal High School, Abattoir

4320661Sureq Model College, Abattoir, Jos

4320662Kuru Comprehensive Secondary School, Kuru

4320663Rochas Foundation College, Jos

4320664Government Secondary School, Kung-Bwuna, Du

4320665Vineyard Academy, Rabin-Du

4320666Assemblies High School, Bukuru

4320667Educare Chosen High School, Jos

4320668Adonai Vine School, Rayfield, Jos

4320669Child- Care High School, Anguldi- Zawan

4320670St. Rita’s High School, K/ Vom

4320671Mt Tabor International College, Kufang

4320672Rhemaville Christian Academy, Kufang, Jos

4320673Blessed Academy Comprehensive College, Jos

4320674Radiantway High School, Bukuru, Jos

4320675Gaskiya High School, Diye- Tohwot, Jos

4320676Beatrice Memorial Academy, Anguldizawan

4320677Mt. Carmel Christian School, Hwolshe, Jos

4320678Shalom Private School, Kufang, Jos

4320679Creative Minds International Academy, Dadin Kowa

4320680Remus High School, Jos

4320701Government Secondary School, Ampang-East

4320702Government Secondary School, Tom-Tom Garram

4320703Government Secondary School, Kabwir

4320704Government College, Amper

4320705Government Secondary School, Kalashi

4320706Yakubu Gowon College, Sharam

4320707Gonerit Memorial College, Tuwan, Kabwir

4320708Government Secondary School, Dawaki

4320709Government Secondary School, Shiwer

4320710Government Secondary School, Forkhir-Amper

4320711Government Secondary School, Lebwit

4320712Government Secondary School, Langshi

4320713Government Secondary School, Gyanggang I

4320714Government Secondary School, Gugur

4320715Government Senior Secondary School, Lun-Tabulung

4320716Government Senior Secondary School, Nemel

4320717Government Secondary School, Nyayit-Garam

4320718Lowland Academy Somji Kanke

4320719Fundamental College, Kabwir

4320801Government College, Dengi

4320802Government Model Senior Secondary School, Dengi

4320803Government Secondary School, Bashar

4320804Government Secondary School, Garga

4320805Government Secondary School, Kafel

4320806Government Secondary School, Gagdi

4320807Government Secondary School, Jarmai

4320808Government Secondary School, Gidgid

4320809Government Secondary School, Bankilong

4320810Government Secondary School, Kantana

4320811Government Secondary School, Gyangyang 2

4320812Government Secondary School, Gar

4320813Government Secondary School, Kunkyam

4320814Government Secondary School, Kwalmiya

4320815Government Secondary School, Zungun

4320816Governtment Senior Secondary School, Dugub

4320817Kanam High Secondary School, Pidum

4320818Govt. Senior Secondary School, Tunga

4320819Comprehensive Day Secondary School, Dengi

4320820Government Secondary School, Gwamlar

4320821Community Secondary School, Gumsher

4320822Government Secondary School, Dam-Ungwa Hakimi

4320901Government Secondary School, Dadur

4320902Nimbar Secondary School, Langtang

4320903Government Secondary School, Kwampe Langtang

4320904Government College, Langtang

4320905Government Secondary School, Langtang

4320906Federal Government Girls’ College, Langtang

4320907Government Secondary School, Gazum

4320908Government Secondary School, Zamko

4320909Useni Memorial College, Dadur

4320910Gani Development College, Pil-Gani

4320911Government Secondary School, Pil-Gani

4320912Cooper Memorial Secondary School, Langtang

4320913Christian College, Langtang

4320914Government Secondary School, Talbut

4320915Government Secondary School, Lipchok

4320916Government Secondary School, Nacha

4320917Government Secondary School, Pangna

4320918Government Secondary Shool, Kaplak

4320919Government Secondary School, Limun

4320920Government Secondary School, Funyallang

4320921Lyangjit Community Secondary School, Ndem

4320922Government Secondary School, Kumkwam

4320923Piga Community Model College, Yakot-Gani

4320924Saint Peter’s Academy Lantang

4320925Litch Way College, Langtang

4320926Salama High School, Pilgani Langtang

4321001Government Secondary School, Mabudi

4321002Government Secondary School, Dorowa

4321003Government Secondary School, Sabon Gida

4321004Government Secondary School, Dadin Kowa

4321005Government Secondary School, Fajul, Langtang-South

4321006Government Secondary School, Magama

4321007Government Senior Secondary School, Takalafiya

4321008Government Secondary School, Timbol

4321009Nehemiah Memorial College, Sabon-Gida

4321010Baptist High School., Gamakai

4321011Government Senior Secondary School, Kamkun

4321012Government Senior Secondary School, Talgwang

4321013Fakat Comprehensive Science School, Mabudi

4321014Governement Secondary School, Faya, Langtang

4321015Faith Cocin Secondary School, Mabudi

4321101Girls’ High School, Gindiri

4321102Boys’ Secondary School, Gindiri

4321103Government Secondary School, Pushit

4321104Government Secondary School, Ampang-West

4321105Cocin Comprehensive College, Gindiri

4321106Mwansat College, Mangu

4321107Hauwa Memorial Secondary School, Mangu

4321108Mangu Secondary School, Mangu

4321109Nakam Memorial Secondary School, Panyam

4321110Government Secondary School, Bwalbwang Gindiri

4321111Government Secondary School, Mangun

4321112Mwaghavul Community Secondary School, Pushit

4321113Government Secondary School, Kombun

4321114Mwaghavul Community Secondary School, Kerang

4321115Government Secondary School, Mangu-Halle

4321116Government Secondary School, Panyam

4321117Government Secondary School, Kerang Mangu

4321118Kogap High School, Mangu

4321119Government Secondary School, Mangu

4321120Government Secondary School, Langai

4321121Government Secondary School, Bwai

4321122Government Secondary School, Jipal

4321123Government Secondary School, Kombili

4321124Government Secondary School, Jannaret

4321125Bwonpe Community Secondary School, Bwonpe

4321126Government Secondary School, Katul Mangu

4321127Government Secondary School, Jakatai

4321128Nyemdung Community Secondary School, Mangun

4321129Kam’ar Comprehensive High School, (sabon Gari) Mangu

4321130Cocin Secondary School, Mangu

4321131Balka Community Secondary School, Mwar-Chakfem

4321132Equal Right Secondary School, Ampang-West

4321133Government Secondary School, Chanso, Gindiri

4321134Government Secondary School, Murish Mangu

4321135Government Secondary School, Chakfem

4321136Government Secondary School, Daika

4321137Baptist High School, Twaspughal

4321138Bidol/Kopshu Community Secondary School, Ampang West

4321139Yigo Memorial Secondary School, Badni

4321140Islamic Sec. School, Mangu

4321141Kopal Comm. Sec. Sch, Sakjimut – Kopal

4321142Phirapan Science And Technical College, Daika

4321143Ajing Community Sec. Sch, Ajing

4321144Manchet Comprehensive Sec. School, Kasuwa Ali

4321145Dangkwat Memorial Secondary School, Kantoma

4321146Dikibin Balka Academy Dikibin

4321147Nyemlighit Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Mangun

4321148Fomulam Community Secondary School, Fomulam Kerang-West

4321149Kerang North Community Secondary School, Kon

4321150Niyes Community Secondary School, Niyes

4321151Government Secondary School, Manja

4321152Gyong Memorial College, Gyambwas

4321153Dastu Comprehensive Academy, Pushit

4321154Ruff Community Secondary School, Ruff, Mangu

4321155Vodni Community Secondary School, Vodni Pushit.

4321201Government College Garkawa

4321202Government Secondary School, Garkawa

4321203Government Secondary School, Lalin

4321204Government Secondary School, Zomo

4321205Government Secondary School, Tunkus

4321206Baptist High School, Garkawa

4321207Mission High School, Tunkus

4321301Government Secondary School, Jibam-Chip Pankshin

4321302Macauley Memorial Secondary School, Ballang

4321303Government Secondary School, Asa

4321304United Tongfom Fellowship College, Pankshin

4321305Baptist High School, Kagu

4321306Government Secondary School, Pankshin

4321307Government College, Pankshin

4321308Government Secondary School, Bet-Pankshin

4321309Government Secondary School, Jing

4321310Government Secondary School, Jak

4321311Government Secondary School, Chigwong

4321312Government Secondary School, Fier

4321313Langkuk Memorial Comprehensive Secondary School, Pankshin

4321314Government Secondary School, Mugulum, Chip

4321315Government Secondary School, Kumbul-Kadung

4321316Trinity Missionary College, Pankshin

4321317Government Secondary School, Wokkos

4321318Saint Benedicts Seminary And Convent, Pankshin

4321319Government Secondary School, Kor Pankshin

4321320Government Secondary School, Nyelleng

4321321Government Secondary School, Abwor-Dyis

4321322Government Secondary School, Jiblik

4321323Government Secondary School,Tinjim

4321324Government Secondary School, Kagu

4321325Community Secondary School, Ballang-Kalep

4321326Linak Academy Secondary School, Jannaret

4321327Government Senior Secondary School, Takkas

4321328Government Senior Secondary School, Pai

4321329Good Shepherd College, Pankshin

4321330Government Secondary School, Tal, Pankshin

4321331St. Helen’s Anglican Girl’s Grammar School, Tambes-Pankshin

4321332Government Secondary School, Kotlang

4321401Government Secondary School, Doemak

4321402Government Secondary School, Kwalla

4321403Government Secondary School, Kurgwi

4321404Potter Memorial Secondary School, Kwalla

4321405Government Secondary School, Namu

4321406Government Secondary School, Kwa

4321407Government Secondary School, Kwande

4321408Government Secondary School, Bakin-Ciyawa

4321409Government Secondary School, Bwall

4321410Government Secondary School, Dokan-Kasuwa Qua’an-Pan

4321411Kopduak Comprehensive College, Pangkwoeloep

4321412Government Secondary Shool, Njak

4321413Immaculate Heart College, M/Demshin

4321414Comprehensive Secondary School, Gidan-Dabat

4321415Government Senior Secondary School, Kwang

4321416Government Senior Secondary School, Yitlaar

4321417Government Senior Secondary School, Shindai

4321418Cocin Redemption College, Luukwo-Bakin Ciyawa

4321419Bwall Unity Secondary School, Dungras

4321420Salama Private School, Namu

4321421Al-Iman Private Secondary School, Kurgwi

4321422Vision Science International School, Mararaba-Demshin

4321423Quaan-Pan Unity Private Secondary School, Gidan Dabat

4321424Government Secondary School, Sabon-Gida, Plateau State

4321425Princeton Science/ Technical College, Namu

4321426Government Secondary School, Turniang.

4321427Treasure Field Academy Secondary School, Hancin Kare

4321428Pedong Comprehensive Secondary School, Kwaggar- Kwalla

4321501Government Secondary School, Ganawuri

4321502Government Secondary School, Riyom

4321503Saint Andrew’s High School, Ganawuri

4321504Government Secondary School, Rim

4321601Government Secondary School, Kalong

4321602Government Secondary School, Piapung

4321603Government Girls’ Science Secondary School, Shendam

4321604Government Secondary School, Shendam

4321605Government Senior Secondary School, Goepa’al Shendam

4321606Government Senior Secondary School, Yelwa-Shendam

4321607Government Secondary School, Shimankar

4321608Government Secondary School, Poeship-Shendam

4321609Government Secondary School, Dokan-Tofa Shendam

4321610Government Secondary School, Kuka

4321611Government Secondary School, Kwansan

4321612Government Secondary School, Duankwan

4321613Baptist High School, Shendam

4321614Government Secondary School, Army Barracks Shendam

4321615Cocin Salvation Private Sec. School, Shendam

4321616Saint Bernadette’s College, Shendam

4321617Winner’s College, Kuka

4321618Government Secondary School, Moekat

4321619Government Model Secondary School, Nyak Shendam

4321620Grace Of God Private Secondary Schooll, Shendam

4321621Government Senior Secondary School, Nshar-Shendam

4321622I.C. International Academy, Ungwan Zam

4321623Messiah College, Jelbang (Laraba)

4321624Government Senior Secondary School, Ngoot-Long

4321625Government Secondary School, Biem-Biem

4321626Ecwa Comprehensive Secondary School, Shendam

4321627Cocin Maranatha Secondary School, Yelwa- Nshar, Shendam

4321628Unity Academy, Kuka

4321629Gik Plang Memorial Secondary School , Gai- Dokan- Tofa

4321630Sylverson College Poeship, Bakin Kogi Shendam

4321631High Academy Private Secondary School , Sokluut

4321632Peace Comprehensive College, Sabon Layi Lakushi- Shendam

4321633Cocin Peace Secondary School, Shimankar- Shendam

4321701Government Secondary School, Kadarko-Wase

4321702Government Secondary School, Wase

4321703Government Science College, Wase

4321704Government Secondary School, Gudus

4321705Government Secondary School, Wase-Tofa

4321706Government Secondary School, Lamba

4321707Government Secondary School, Yuli

4321708Government Secondary School, Guiwan-Kogi

4321709Government Senior Secondary School, Mavo-Wase

4321710Muhammed Abdullahi Wase Memorial Senior Secondary School, Wase

4322201Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Tundun- Wada, Jos

4330101Arughunya Community Secondary School, Anyu-Odual

4330102Government Commercial Secondary School, Okpeden

4330103Community Secondary School, Emago-Kugbo

4330104Government Secondary School, Abua Central

4330105Government Secondary School, Emelego

4330106Government Secondary School, Egbolom

4330107Emughan Community Secondary School, Aminigboko

4330108Community Secondary School, Otapha-Abua

4330109Government Girls’ Secondary School, Abua, Abua-Central

4330110Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogonokom-Abua

4330111Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Okoboh Abua

4330112Unity Comprehensive College, Ogbema Central, Abua

4330113Krama Academy, Oghora, Abua

4330201Community Secondary School, Ihugbogbo

4330202Upata 1 Community Secondary School, Edeoha

4330203Government Girls’ Secondary School, Ahoada

4330204Western Ahoada County High School, Ahoada

4330205Upata 2 Community Secondary School, Odiabidi

4330206Government Secondary School, Ogbo

4330207Comprehensive Secondary School, Odiemerenyi

4330208Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Okporowo-Ekpeye

4330209Community Secondary School, Ozochi

4330210Sonnicity Universal Secondary School, Ahoada

4330211Federal Science & Technical College, Ahoada

4330212The Light Foundation Secondary School, Ahoada East

4330213Community Secondary School, Uka-Opata

4330214Community Secondary School, Ochigba

4330215Community Secondary School, Ikata, Ahoada

4330301Ugbobi Community Secondary School, Idu-Ekpeye

4330302Government Secondary School, Ubeta

4330303Community Secondary School, Akinima

4330304Igbuduya Community Secondary School, Okogbe

4330305Ubie Community Secondary School, Ula-Ubie

4330306Joinkarama Grammar School, Joinkrama

4330307Government Secondary School, Okarki

4330308Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Mbiama

4330309Joinkrama Girls’ Secondary School, Joinkrama

4330310Community Secondary School, Oyigba

4330311Community Secondary School, Ikodi Engenni

4330313Community Secondary School, Okporomini

4330314Ihuaba Community Secondary School, Ihuaba

4330315Community Secondary School, Ubarama

4330316Government Secondary School, Uptabo

4330317Gospel International College Ahoada Port Harcourt

4330319Echo High School, Odiabidi, Ahoada

4330320Governmentt. Comprehensive Seondary School, Port Harcourt

4330321Community Secondary School, Odiereke, Ahoada

4330401Abonnema Girls’ Secondary School, Abonnema

4330402Nyemoni Grammar School, Abonnema

4330403Community Secondary School, Obonoma

4330404Comprehensive Secondary School, Soku-Akulga

4330405Comprehensive Secondary School, Elem, Sangana

4330501Community Secondary School, Ido

4330502Community Secondary School, Krakrama

4330503Kalabari Girls’ High School, Buguma

4330504Kalabari National College, Buguma

4330505King’s College Of Commerce, Buguma

4330506Comprehensive Secondary School, Abalama

4330507Community Secondary School, Ifoko Town

4330508Community Secondary School, Oproama

4330509Community Secondary School, Minama

4330510Government Secondary School, Angulama

4330524Victor International Sec. School,Ogale- Eleme

4330601Bonny National Grammar School, Bonny

4330602Government Girls’ Secondary School, Finima Bonny

4330603Saint Paul’s Comprehensive College, Bonny

4330604Community Secondary School, Bonny Island

4330605Community Secondary School, Burukiri-Bonny

4330606Spring Foundation College, Bonny

4330607Kings & Queens High School, Abalamabia Rd, Bonny

4330608Ibitamuno Secondary School, Bonny Island

4330701Oba-Ama Boys’ High School, Bakana

4330702Community Secondary School, Bille

4330703Community Secondary School, Tombia-Del Ga

4330704Saint Scholarstica Girls’ High School, Bakana

4330705Community Secondary School, Obuama

4330706Degema National High School, Degema

4330707Government Secondary School, Abissa Akulga

4330708Government Secondary School, Idama

4330709Government Secondary School, Ke

4330710Government Secondary School, Usokun Degema

4330711Community Secondary School, Kula

4330712Community Secondary School, Bukuma

4330713Baptist Model Secondary School, Old Bakana

4330714Comprehensive Secondary School, Abonnema

4330715Community Secondary School, Soku

4330801Comprehensive High School, Alesa-Eleme

4330802Ascension High School, Nchia-Eleme

4330803Government Secondary School, Onne-Eleme

4330804International Secondary School, Onne Campus

4330805Ranjenny’s High School, Ogale Nchia Eleme

4330806Community Secondary School, Ebubu Eleme

4330807Lion Comprehensive High School, Ogale

4330808Rhoda Heartfelt Comprehensive College, Eleme

4330809Community Secondary School, Eteo-Eleme

4330810Community Secondary School, Aloda-Eleme

4330811Milly International School, Alode Eleme

4330812Arise & Shine Educational Centre, Akpajo Eleme

4330813Divine Favour International Secondary School, Akpajjo-Eleme

4330814Lord’s International Secondary School, Agbonchia

4330815Goel International School, Onne

4330816De-Living Proof Academy, Ogale

4330817Glorious Commercial Secodnary School, Eleme

4330818Oswol Academy, Aleto Eleme

4330819Divine Secondary School, Aleto, Eleme

4330820Community Secondary School, Aleto-Nchia Eleme

4330821Sunshine International Secondary School, Alejor-Onne, Eleme

4330822Big Sky International Sec. School, Alejor Onne

4330823Obarijima Comprehensive College, Ebubu, Eleme

4330825Peniel Academy International, Eleme

4330826Excellence Model Academy, Eleme

4330832Nazareth College, Woji

4330833Silver Bird International School, Rumueme, P/H

4330901Community Secondary School, Omudioga Emohua

4330902Community Secondary School, Egbeda

4330903Community Secondary School, Elele-Alimini

4330904Community Secondary School, Obelle

4330905Odegu Community Secondary School, Rumuewhor

4330906Ibaa Girls’ Secondary School, Ibaa

4330907Community Girls’ Secondary School, Okporowo-Ogbakiri

4330908Ommunity Secondary School, Oduoha Emohua

4330909Rundele High School, Agba-Ndele

4330910Community Secondary School, Rumuekpe

4330911Ojim’s College, Rumuji

4330912East West Comprehensive College, Elele-Alimini

4330913Community Secondary School, Rumuji

4330914Emmanuel College Of Commerce, Emohua

4330915Government Secondary School,okporowo-Ogbakiri

4330916Govenment Secondary School, Emohua

4330917Rivers State College Of Educ. Demostration Sec. Schl., Ndele

4330918Community Secondary School, Ndele

4330919Uvahu Comprehensive High School, Ibaa

4330920Community Secondary School, Elibrada-Emohua

4330921Rundele Community Secondary School, Emofo/egamini

4330922C.s.s. Ahai, Emolga

4330923Advent Secondary School, Rumuji

4330924Community Secondary School, Akpabo

4331001Community Secondary School, Umuozoche, Etche Igbodo

4331002Community Secondary School, Egbu-Etche

4331003Community Secondary School, Obite-Etche

4331004Community Secondary School, Ulakwo Etche

4331005Community Secondary School, Igbo-Etche

4331006Community Secondary School, Odagwa Etche

4331007Umuselem Community Secondary School, Odufor Etche

4331008Community Secondary School, Isu-Etche

4331009Community Secondary School, Umuoye-Etche

4331010County Grammar School, Ikwerre-Etche

4331011Government Secondary School Umuola, Etche.

4331012Saint Joseph’s Secondary School, Umuaturu-Etche

4331013Government Secondary School, Ndashi-Etche

4331014Government Secondary School, Okehi

4331015Government Secondary School, Ozuzu-Etche

4331016Community Secondary School, Nihi Etche

4331017Community Secondary School, Okoroagu-Etche

4331018Community Secondary School, Egwi-Etche

4331019Annunciation Girls’ Secondary School, Akpoku Eteh

4331020Masuna International Secondary School, Emuebulu Etche

4331021Comprehensive Community Secondary School, Ndashi Etche

4331022Divinity Academy College, Umuebulu Eteshe

4331023Blessed Child International College, Umuebulu Ii Etche

4331024Re-Angels Secondary Academy, Umuebule Ii, Eteche

4331025Panos Secondary School, Umuebule Ii Etche

4331026Unique International Secondary School, Etche

4331027Meved Model International School, Chokota Igbo Etche

4331028Anita Early Foundation School, Oyigbo

4331029Jopack Academy Secondary School, Umuebule Ii, Port -Harcourt

4331030Nobsams International Secondary School, Igbo Eteche.

4331031Chrisway Model School, Etche

4331032Kings Word College, Umuebule 1

4331033Goldsprings High School, Ikwerre Ngwo, Etche

4331101Community Secondary School, Bomu, Gokana

4331102Community Secondary School, Biara

4331103Community Secondary School, Bera, Gokana

4331104Community Secondary School, Kegbara Dere

4331105Community Secondary School, Baranyowa Dere

4331106Bua Yeghe Community Secondary School, Yeghe

4331107Community Secondary School, Mogho

4331108Saint Pius X College, Bodo

4331109Government Secondary School, Kpor Gokana

4331110Bodo City Girls’ Secondary School, Bodo, Gokana

4331111Community Secondary School, Nweol, Gokogana

4331112Apostolic Comprehensive Secondary School, Bodo City

4331113Community Secondary School, Deken

4331114Comprehensive, Secondary School, Lewe

4331201Community Secondary School, Ubima

4331202Community Secondary School, Omuanwa

4331203Community Secondary School, Aluu

4331204Community Secondary School, Omademe

4331205Model Secondary School, Isiokpo

4331206Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Apani

4331207Okeh Memorial Secondary Commercial School, Elele

4331208Saint Aquinas Secondary School, Elele

4331209Government Secondary School, Isiokpo

4331210Macdonald Memorial Institute, Igwuruta Port-Harcourt

4331211Community Secondary School, Omagwa

4331212Government Secondary School, Omerelu

4331213Government Army Secondary School, Elele

4331214Igwuruta Community Secondary School,igwuruta

4331215Community Girls’ Secondary School, Elele, Kelga

4331216Adventist Comprehensive High School, Elele

4331217Foundation Comprehensive Secondary School, Omuoko Aluu

4331218Emarid College, Igwuruta

4331219Faasaa Comprehensive College, Aluu

4331220Blessed Model Secondary School, Omueke Igwurunta

4331221Anglican Secondary School, Isiokpo

4331222Charles Dale Memorial International School, Ikwerre

4331223Trinitate International School, Igwuruta

4331224Community Secondary School, Ozuaha, Isiokpo

4331225Jesus The Saviour International Secondary School, Elele Town.

4331226Queen’s International High School, Igwuruta-Ali

4331227St. Martin De Porres Girls’ College, Omordu,Ubima

4331301Community Secondary School, Uegwere-Boue

4331302Community Secondary School, Kono Boue

4331303Community Secondary School, Kpean

4331304Kono Secondary School, Kono

4331305Bua Nama Community Secondary School, Gwara

4331306Community Secondary School, Okwale

4331307Community Secondary School, Wiiyaakara

4331308Berri High School, Beeri

4331309Community Secondary School, Lueku

4331310Kabangha Comprehensive Secondary School, Kabangha

4331311Community Secondary School, Buako

4331312Kidi Commercial Secondary School, Zaakpon

4331313Birabi Memorial Grammar School, Bori

4331314Government Comprehensive High School, Taabaa

4331315Mariam High School, Bane

4331316Government Secondary School, Sogho

4331317Government Secondary School, Lumene-Bangha

4331318Government Secondary School, Kaa

4331319Community Secondary School, Luawii

4331320Community Secondary School, Kaani

4331321Palace Tots Secondary School, Bori

4331322Community Secondary School, Bori

4331323Methodist Comprehensive High School, Baen

4331324River State Polytechnic Secodnary Schoo, Bori

4331325Community Secondary School, (lorre) Khana

4331326Pope John Paul Ii College, Bori

4331327Comprehensive High School, Sii Khanna

4331328Zina Academy, Nyokuru, Bori.

4331401Community Secondary School, Ibotirem-Andoni

4331402Community Secondary School, Agwut-Obolo

4331403Community Secondary School, Ebukuma

4331404Community Secondary School, Dema

4331405Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Ataba

4331406Community Secondary School, Ikuru-Town

4331407Government Secondary School, Asarama, Andoni

4331408Community Secondary School, Ekede-Andoni

4331409Government Secondary School, Ngo-Andoni

4331410Nigerian Christian Comprehensive College, Asarama-Andoni

4331411Monatata Secondary Commercial School, Okoroboile

4331412Community Secondary School, Ngo-Uyeada

4331413Community High School, Egbormung Andoni

4331501Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Girls’ Sec. School, Elelenwo

4331502Community Boys’ Secondary School, Elelenwo Port Harcourt

4331503Community Secondary School, Okoro-Nu-Odo

4331504Government Girls’ Secondary School, Rumuokwuta, Port-Harcourt

4331505University Demonstration Secondary School, Uniport, Port Harcourt

4331506Sacred Heart Seminary, Rumuibekwe

4331507Commercial & Industrial Trade Centre, Rumuolumeni

4331508Obio Comprehensive College, Port-Harcourt

4331509Government Girls’ Secondary School, Rumueme

4331510Army Day Secondary School, Bori Camp, Port-Harcourt

4331512Our Lady Of Lourdes Secondary School, Ozuoba

4331513Federal Government College, Port-Harcourt

4331514Government Secondary School, Eneka

4331515Bishop Crowther Memorial Secondary School, Port-Harcourt

4331516Bereton Academy, Port-Harcourt

4331517Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Rumuokwurusi

4331518Community Secondary School, Rumuapara

4331519Airforce Secondary School, Port-Harcourt

4331520Chuks Comprehensive College, Choba, Port-Harcourt

4331521Hallel College, Rumuogba, Port-Harcourt

4331522De-World International Secondary School, Port-Harcourt

4331523First International Academy, Port-Hacourt

4331524Lincoln Comprehensive College, Port-Harcourt

4331525Immanuel Comprehensive High School, Rumuobiakani

4331526Regina Memorial Secondary Academy, Port-Harcourt

4331527Royal Girls’ Academy, Port-Harcourt

4331528Brainfield Secondary School, Port-Harcourt

4331529Jephthah Comprehensive Secondary School, Port-Harcourt

4331530Oginigba Comprehensive Secondary School, Oginigba, Port-Harcourt

4331531Michael Comprehensive College, Rumuepirikom

4331532Modern Comprehensive Secondary School, Rumuobiokani

4331533Blessed Comprehensive Secondary School, Rumueme, Port-Harcourt

4331534Community Secondary School, Rumuekini

4331535Community Secondary School, Rumuolumeni

4331536Jenida Secondary School, Rukpokwu, Port-Harcourt

4331537Faasa Comprehensive College, Rumuodara

4331538New Era Secondary School, Azuabie

4331539Ojims Christian College, Port-Harcourt

4331540Oasis International High Sch., Rumuomoni/rumuorosi, P/harcourt

4331541Goman International Secondary School, Port-Harcourt

4331542Beryl Comprehensive College, Diobu, Port-Harcourt

4331543Cadgif Model Comprehensive College, Port-Harcourt

4331544Faith International College, Rumuomasi

4331545First Pillar College, Port-Harcourt

4331546Port-Harcourt International School, Port-Harcourt

4331547Comprehensive Secondary School, Mgbuosimini

4331548Zion International High School Rumueme

4331549Great Expectation College, Rumuokwuta, Port-Harcourt

4331550Istan Comprehensive High School, Port-Harcourt

4331551Kumoni International Secondary School, Port-Harcourt

4331552Sure Foundation Comprehensive College, Port-Harcourt

4331553Mater Christi High School, Woji Obio, Port-Harcourt

4331554Community Secondary School, Ogbogoro

4331555Haruk International College, Portharcourt

4331556Atlantic Heralds High School, Portharcourt

4331557Wify Comprehensive College, Eliozu

4331558National Comprehensive Secondary School, Elelenwo

4331559Benviatto Secondary School, Rukpokwu

4331560Doma Comprehensive Secondary School, Rumuolu

4331561Abijah Model College, Mgbuoba

4331562Bfb International College, Igwuruta

4331563Meved Model International High School, Oginigba

4331564Kateville International High School, Mgbuoba, Port Harcourt

4331565Salvation Heights Secondary School, Elelenwo, Port Harcourt

4331566A-Z International High School, Woji, Port Harcourt

4331567Emmy Norberton International Secondary School, Rumuordara

4331568Rosalyn Memorial College, Woji, Port Harcourt

4331569Glorious Child International College, Mni Ewa-Oginigba

4331570Tititrinity College, Rumuduru Town, Port Harcourt

4331571Tessy International Secondary School, Rumuokoro

4331572Rozy Step International Secondary School,rumuigbo

4331573Tenderfoot International Secondary School, Rumuigbo

4331574Bamef Comprehensive Secondary School, Rumuewhor, Oro-Igwe

4331575Success Comprehensive High School, Ozobua

4331576The Glorious Child Secondary School, Rumuodomaya

4331577Redemption International Secondary School, Mgbuoba

4331578Paragon City Light College, Rumueme

4331579Alabaster School Of Excellence, Rumueme

4331580Anchorleg International Academy, Rumuolu

4331581Christian Council College, Elekhia, Port Harcourt

4331582Faith International School, Off Alcon Rd., Woji Town

4331583Intelligent High School, Rumuokwuta

4331584Cherry Forte College, Woji, Port Harcourt

4331585Early Steps Secondary School, Rumuigbo

4331586Victory Comprehensive College, Elelenwo, P/Harcourt

4331587Christ International Secondary School, Ogbatai

4331588Brilliant International Secondary School, Mgbuoba NTA Road, Port Harco

4331589Archdeacon Brown Education Centre, Woji

4331590National College, Eneka

4331591Princess International College, Port-Harcourt

4331592Gracefield International Academy, Orazi, Port Harcourt

4331593Gafed International College, Rumuodara, Port Harcourt

4331594Lift-Up Child Secondary School, Elelenwo Port Harcourt

4331595F. E. Maryland Secondary School, Elelenwo

4331596Victory High School, Port-Harcourt

4331597House Of Wisdom Secondary School, Iriebe

4331598Gracefield Missionary Secondary School, Eliowhani

4331599Perfect International College, Elelenwo

4331601Community Secondary School, Erema

4331602Community Secondary School, Obagi

4331603Community Girls’ Secondary School, Omoku

4331604Community Secondary School, Osiakpu

4331605Community Secondary School, Obigwe

4331606Sancta Maria High School, Omoku

4331607Egbema Grammar School, Okwuzi

4331608Government Secondary School, Akabuka

4331609Government Secondary School, Ndoni

4331610Government Secondary School, Kreigani

4331611Community Secondary School, Aggah

4331612Community Secondary School, Obrikom

4331613Ogba Comprehensive High School, Ogba

4331614Comprehensive Secondary School, Ebogoro

4331615Immaculate Comprehensive Secondary School, Omoku

4331616Community Secondary School, Oboburu

4331617Idu Comprehensive High School, Obosiukwu

4331618Demonstration Secondary School, Omoku Onelga

4331619Kin’s Comprehensive College, Omoku

4331620Talent International Academy, Onwoku Onelga

4331621Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Obite, Onelga

4331622Community Secondary School, Amah Onelga

4331623Model Boy’s Secondary School, Omoku Onelga

4331624Kings & Queens Model College, Omoku

4331625Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogbogu

4331626Community Secondary School, Omoku

4331627Community Secondary School, Obioziminini

4331628Community Secondary School, Mgbede

4331629Community Secondary School, Obiofu Ndoni

4331701Community Secondary School, Bolo

4331702Government Secondary School, Ogu

4331711Community Secondary School, Kula Aku Lga

4331801Okrika Grammar School, Okrika

4331802Community Secondary School, Okochiri, Okrika

4331803Community Secondary School, Kalio-Ama-Okrika

4331804Okrika National Secondary School, Okrika

4331805Government Girls’ Secondary School, Okumgba-Ama

4331806Comprehensive Secondary School, Ibaka Town

4331807Community Secondary School, Ogan-Ama

4331808The King s College, Okochion, Okirika

4331809Community Secondary School, Okujagu- Ama

4331901Community Secondary School, Amaji-Omuma

4331902Community Secondary School, Umuogba, Omuma-Etche

4331903Government Secondary School, Eberi-Omuma

4331904Essence Comprehensive College, Ohimogho

4331905Community Secondary School, Umuajuloke Omuma

4332001Comprehensive Secondary School, Opobo

4332002Comprehensive High School, Nkoro Town

4332101Community Secondary School, Egberu-Ndoki

4332102Community Secondary School, Obete-Ndoki

4332103Foundation Comprehensive College, Oyigbo

4332104Government Secondary School, Umuagbai-Ndoki

4332105Government Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332106Christus International Secondary School Oyigbo

4332107Zunic Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332108Brilliant Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332109Paradise International Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332110Evangel International Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332111Grace International Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332112Capital Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332113Lilly International Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332114New Heaven International Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332115Royal International Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332116Our Saviour’s Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332117Shalom Gate International Secondary School, Oyingbo

4332118National Technical Secondary School, Oyingbo

4332119Morning Star Secondary School, Oyingbo

4332120Destiny College, Satellite Village, Oyingbo

4332121All Saints Secondary School, Oyingbo

4332122Nepa Secondary School, Afam

4332123Vantage International School, Oyigbo

4332124Our Shield Model Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332125Wisdom International School, Oyigbo

4332126Godstime Comprehensive Secondary School, Oyingbo

4332127Rich Model Secondary School, Alam Road, Oyigbo

4332128Chambers Comprehensive College, Oyingbo

4332129Flolidid World College, Oyingbo

4332130Pace Setters’ International College, Oyigbo

4332131Excel International Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332132Bravery International Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332133Youth Technical Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332134Solid Step International High School, Oyigbo

4332135Trinity Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332136Success Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332137Blessed Model Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332138Immaculate Child Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332139Lakewood International Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332140Better Life International School, Oyigbo

4332141Great Child Educational Centre, Kom Kom, Oyigbo

4332142Good Beginning Education Centre, (Secondary), Oyigbo

4332143New Era Model Secondary School, Oyigbo

4332144G. K. College, Oyigbo

4332145Alpha Missionary School, Oyigbo

4332146Genuis International School, Oyigbo

4332147Diamond International School, Oyigbo

4332148Daily Queens & Kings Academy Oyigbo

4332149Rapid Result Academy, Oyigbo

4332150Dominite Model Secondary School, Umuoshi, Ndoki

4332151Basic International School, Church Road, Kom-Kom

4332152City International School, Oyigbo

4332153Sit-Up International School, Oyigbo

4332154Living Kingdom International College, Umuosi

4332155The Spring Field Secondary School, Oyigbo.

4332156Unique Brain Academy Afam Road, Oyigbo

4332157Priston International School,Oyigbo.

4332201Baptist High School, Port-Harcourt

4332202Stella Maris College, Port-Harcourt

4332203International Secondary School, Unitech, Port-Harcourt

4332204Kenneth Commercial & Technical College, Port Harcourt

4332205Government Girls’ Secondary School, Orominieke

4332206Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Borikiri

4332208Holy Rosary Secondary School, P/harcourt

4332209Methodist Girls’ High School, Port Harcourt

4332210Enitonna High School, Port-Harcourt

4332211Sports Institute Of Rivers State, Isaka

4332212Federal Government Girls’ College, Abuloma

4332213Community Secondary School, Nkpolu

4332214City College, Port-Harcourt

4332215Lao Russell Memorial Secondary School, Port-Harcourt

4332216Midtown College, Port-Harcourt

4332217Niger Grammar School, Portharcourt

4332218Randolph Comprehensive College, Port-Harcourt

4332219Community Secondary School, Abuloma

4332220Emarid College, Port-Harcourt

4332221Government Secondary School, Elekahia

4332222Joemax Commercial Secondary School, Elekeahia, Port-Harcourt

4332223Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Portharcourt

4332224Tantua International High School, Portharcourt

4332225Niger Delta Science School, Port-Harcourt

4332226National Professional Secondary School, Porthacourt

4332227Base Comprehensive College, Portharcourt

4332228Our Lady Of Fatima College, Portharcourt

4332229Community Secondary School, Amadi-Ama

4332230Community Secondary School, Oroworukwo, Port-Harcourt

4332231Immanuel International School, Amadi-Ama

4332232New Covenant Secondary School, Port-Harcourt

4332233Sonny Memorial College Diobu, Port-Harcourt

4332234New Era Brilliant College, Borikiri, Port-Harcourt

4332237Levinda College, Port-Harcourt

4332238Iverok College, Railway Compound, Port-Harcourt

4332239The Light Secondary School, Port Harcourt

4332240National High School, Port-Harcourt

4332241Christ For All Nations College, Port-Harcourt

4332242Philips Academy, Diobu, Portharcourt

4332243Holy Child College, Rumuokwurisi, Portharcourt

4332244Aladumo High School, Portharcourt

4332245Starlet Academy, Port Harcourt

4332246Immaculate Heart College, Borokiri

4332247Greenfield Secondary School, Port Harcourt

4332248Christ The King Secondary School, Mile Ii, Diobu, Port Harcourt

4332249Olivet Heights Secondary School, Diobu, Port Harcourt

4332250Fibella International School, Rumueme

4332251Methodist Comprehensive High School, D.line Port Harcourt

4332252Zion International High School, Diobu, Port Harcourt

4332253Science & Arts Specialist College, Port Harcourt

4332254Showers International High School, Port Harcourt

4332255God’s Favour Secondary School, Ozuboko Road, P/H.

4332256Faith Baptist College, Port Harcourt

4332257Millennium High School, Port Harcourt

4332258Charry Comprehensive Secondary School, Port Harcourt

4332259Sharon International Secondary School, Port-Harcourt

4332260German International Concept Academy, Port Harcourt

4332261Jireh’s Secondary School, Azuabie Port-Harcourt

4332262Rootway Comprehensive College, Port-Harcourt

4332263New Covenant Secondary School, Port Harcourt

4332264Wisdom Child International Secondary School, Borikiri, Port Harcourt

4332265Model International High School, Port Harcourt

4332266Graceland International School, Port Harcourt

4332267Total Victory College, P/Harcourt

4332268Cornerstone International Secondary School, Port Harcourt

4332269Dave Christian Academy, Azubia Town, Port Harcourt

4332270Divine International College, Port Harcourt

4332271Obiye Academy Secondary School, P/ Harcourt

4332272Model Secondary School, (Gra) Port Harcourt

4332273Bloom Breed High School, Port Harcourt

4332274St. Mary’s Catholic Model High School, Port Harcourt

4332275Catoky International Secondary School,Gra Phase Iii, Port-Harcourt.

4332276Child De Excellence Secondary School, Diobu, Port-Harcourt.

4332277Alpha Academy, Port-Harcourt


4332279Tago Education Centre, Port Harcourt

4332280Seedtime Model Secondary School, Port- Harcourt

4332281Matilda International Secondary School, Port – Harcourt.

4332301Tua-Tua Community Secondary School, Aabue-Korokoro Tai

4332302Community Grammar School, Sime-Tai

4332303Community Secondary School, Ban-Ogoi

4332304Community Secondary School, Bunu-Tai

4332305Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Nonwa/gbam

4332306Community Secondary School, Kira, Tai

4332307Community Commercial Secondary School, Botem Tai

4332308Government Secondary School, Kpite-Tai

4332309Community Secondary School, Koroma-Tai

4332310Community Secondary School, Kporghor Tai, Telga

4333082Gloria Comprehensive High School, Ehia Paranwo

4333801King David College, Pipeline, Rumukwurushi

4333802Gloria Comprehensive High School, Eliaparanwo

4333803Total Child Secondary School, Rumuopirikom Port Harcourt

4333804Susan Educational Centre (Secondary) Rumueme, Port Harcourt

4333805Cita High School, Rumuogba Housing Estate, Port Harcourt

4333806Chamba International Secondary School, Woji, Port Harcourt

4333807St. Scholarstica High School, Orazi, Port Harcourt

4333808Unibek College Of Science And Technical Education, Rumuokwurushi P/H

4333809City Model College, Rumuoprikom, Port Harcourt

4333810Emarid College, Eneka/Igwuruta Road,P/Harcort

4333811Virgitab Education Centre Secondary School, Aguabie

4333812International Royal Academy, Rukpokwu Town

4333813Olobo Premier College, East-West Road, Beside Uniport

4333814La Pierre Angulaire High School, P/Harcourt

4333815Malvan International Secondary School, Elioparanwo, P/Harcourt

4333816Royal Gate International College, Eneka, P/Harcourt

4333817Merit International School, Rukpokwu, P/Harcourt

4333818Viviland Mark Comprehensive Secondary School, Port Harcourt

4333819Sampav Model Secondary School, Choba, Port Harcourt

4333820Word Of Faith Secondary School, Obio Akpor

4333821Penielvile International Secondary School, Oginigba-Obio Akpor

4333822Sureway International High School, Elelenwo, Port-Harcourt

4333823Jesus Cares Academy, Rumuo-Lumeni

4333824Vivre De-Prince High School, Rumuwuegwu

4333825Gradefield International Academy, Port Harcourt

4333826Adonaibest Education Centre, Hospital Rd, P/H

4333827Sprout Hall International High School, Rumuodara P/H

4333828Jeck Comprehensive College, Elimgbu P/H

4333829Marygold International College, Elelenwo P/H

4333830St. Benedict Immaculate Canadian Academy Rukpokwu P/H

4333831Wisdom Gate International College, Eligbolo, P/H

4333834Uniport International Secondary School, Choba

4333835Rumuodomaya Model Secondary School, P/Harcourt

4333836Brookstone Secondary School, Igwuruta P/ Harcourt

4333837Enyinda International College, Ogbogoro

4333838Confidence Group Of Schools, Eneka Port Harcourt

4333839Gojehota International School Rumuokwachi Port Harcourt

4333840Topline Secondary School, Elelenwo Port Harcourt

4333841Convenant Academy Secondary School, Rumuokwu P/Harcourt

4333842Alpha Comprehensive Training Institute, Port Harcourt

4333843Harmony International Secondary School, Rumuosita

4333844Darlingnah International College, Location Rd., Port Harcourt

4333845Redeemer’s International Secondary School, Port Harcourt

4333846Grand Child College, Rumuokwurusi

4333847Emilo Piazza Memorial College, Rumuigbo, Port Harcourt

4333848Madonna Model Secondary School, Port Harcourt

4333849Hallel College, Boarding Airport Rd, Port Harcourt

4333850Vondorix International Secondary School, Rukpokwu

4333851Butter Stone International School, Okporo Road, Port-Harcourt

4333852Foundation Secondary School, Rumu Odomaya.

4333853Excellent College, Mgbuoba, Port-Harcourt

4333854Betty Ivory Towers Secondary School, Rumuokwuta, Port Harcourt

4333855Famvar International Secondary School, Port Harcourt

4333856Standard Vinto International College, Elelenwo

4333857Laurels Model College, Port- Harcourt

4333858Holy Ghost Manifestation Secondary, Rumuodara, Port-Harcout

4333859St. Maria Goretti’s High School, Rumuodara, Port – Harcourt

4340101Government Girls’ Secondary School, Bodinga

4340102Government Day Secondary School, Bodinga

4340103Government Day Secondary School, Sifawa

4340104Government Day Secondary School, Danchadi

4340105Govt Day Secondary School, Dingyadi

4340106Al-Ihsan Standard Schools, Sifana

4340107Government Day Secondary School, Badau

4340201Army Day Secondary School, Sokoto

4340202Government Day Secondary School, Dange

4340203Government Secondary School Shuni

4340204Royal Comprehensive Secondary School, Sokoto

4340301Government Secondary School, Gada

4340302Government Day Secondary School, Wauru

4340401Government Secondary School, Goronyo

4340402Government Day Secondary School, Shinaka

4340501Government Science Secondary School, Gwadabawa

4340502Government Day Secondary School, Gwadabawa

4340503Government Day Secondary School, Gigare

4340504Government Day Secondary School, Asara

4340505Government Day Secondary School, Salame

4340601Government Girls’ Secondary School, Illela

4340602Government Day Secondary School, Illela

4340701Government Secondary School, Isa

4340702Government Girls’ Arabic Day Secondary School, Isa

4340801Government Secondary School, Kebbe

4340802Government Day Secondary School, Kuchi

4340901Federal Science College, Sokoto

4340902Government Secondary School, Kware

4341001Gamji Girls’ College, Rabah

4341002Government Secondary School, Gandi

4341003Government Day Secondary School, Rabah

4341101Government Secondary School, Sabon Birini

4341102Government Day Secondary School, Gatawa

4341103Government Day Secondary School, Kurawa

4341104Government Day Secondary School, Makuwana

4341201Government Technical College, R/sambo

4341202Sultan Attahiru Ahmadu Secondary School, Sokoto

4341203Sultan Abubakar College, Sokoto

4341204Sokoto Science College, Sokoto

4341205Unity Comprehensive School, Sokoto

4341206Asma’u Girls’ Islamic College, Sokoto

4341207Government Day Secondary School, Kofar Marke

4341208Khalil Fodiyo Islamic Academy, Sokoto

4341209Marshall International School, Rijin Sambo, Sokoto

4341210Bravo International School, Sokoto

4341211Government Day Secondary School, Runji Sambo

4341212Government Day Secondary School, Kofa- Rini

4341213Government Girls Day Arabic Secondary School, Sabon Birini

4341214Government Day Secondary School, Gidan Igwai, Sokoto

4341301Nagarta College, Sokoto

4341302Government Girls’ College, Sokoto

4341303Sultan Atiku Secondary School, Sokoto

4341304Sultan Bello Secondary School, Sokoto

4341305Nana Girls’ Secondary School, Sokoto

4341306Giginya Memorial Secondary School, Sokoto

4341307Sheikh Abubakar Gummi Memorial College, Sokoto

4341308Federal Government College, Sokoto

4341309Hafsat Ahmadu Bello Model Arabic Secondary School, Sokoto

4341310Agency For Mass Educ., Centre For Continuing Education, Sokoto

4341311Women Centre For Continuing Education, Sokoto

4341312Abdul Rasheed Adisa Raji Special School, Sokoto

4341313Institute For Comprehensive Secondary School, Sokoto

4341314Blue Crescent Schools, Sokoto

4341315Zasshaz International School, Sokoto

4341316Government Girls Day Arabic Secondary School, Yarakija

4341317Government Day Secondary School, Tundunwada Sokoto

4341318Government Day Secondary School, Mabera

4341319Fededral Staff Schools, Sokoto

4341320Minarat Science Academy, Gagi Road, Sokoto

4341401Government Girls’ Secondary School, Tambuwal

4341402Abdullahi Bara’u Secondary School, Dongon-Daji

4341403Government Secondary School, Sanyinna

4341404Government Day Secondary School, Jabo

4341405Community Day Secondary School, Tambuwal

4341406Federal Government Girls’ College, Tambuwal

4341407Government Day Secondary School, Romon Sarki

4341408Government Girls Day Secondary School, Dagon Daji

4341501Government Secondary School, Tangaza

4341502Government Day Secondary School, Gidan-Madi

4341601Government Secondary School, Tureta

4341701Ahmadu Bello Academy, Sokoto

4341702Government Technical College, Fargaru

4341703Sani Dingyadi Unity Secondary School, Sokoto

4341704Government Day Secondary School, Arkilla

4341705Usmanu Danfodo University Model Secondary School, Sokoto

4341706Sultan Muhammadu Maccido Institute For Qur’an & General Studies, Sokot

4341707Government Day Secondary School, Wamakko

4341708Government Day Secondary School, Dundaye

4341709Aiheri School, Tsafe Gwiwa Layout, Sokoto

4341710Sokoto Cement Schools, Sokoto

4341711Success Schools, Sokoto

4341712Shehu Shagari College Of Education Staff Secondary School

4341713Al- Hudah Schools, Sokoto

4341801Government Secondary School, Wurno

4341802Government Day Secondary School, Achida

4341901Government Science Secondary School, Yabo

4341902Government Secondary School, Shagari, Sokoto

4341903Government Day Secondary School Dandin-Mahe

4341904Community Day Secondary School, Yabo-Sokoto

4341905Government Day Secondary School, Kajiji

4342001Government Day Secondary School, Silame

4350101Government Day Secondary School, Mayo-Ranewo

4350102Government Day Secondary School, Sunkani

4350103Government Day Secondary School, Iware

4350104Comprehensive Day Community Sec. School, Sibre

4350105Government Day Secondary School, Kofai

4350201Government Secondary School, Bali

4350202Government Day Secondary School, Garba-Chede

4350203Government Day Secondary School, Dakka

4350204Government Day Secondary School, Suntai Town

4350205Perfect Child Academy Day Secondary School, Maihula-Bali

4350206Danbaba Comprehensive Secondary School, Bali.

4350207Government Day Secondary School, Maihula.

4350301Government Science Secondary School, Donga

4350302Government Day Secondary School, Mararraba

4350303Government Day Secondary School, Nyita

4350304Government Day Secondary School, Kumbo

4350305Government Day Secondary School, Nyivu

4350306Government Day Secondary School, Donga-Adamawa

4350307Mount Zion College, Marartraba

4350308Government Day Secondary School, Suntai- Donga

4350309Shitile Community Secondary School, Ananum

4350310Government Day Secondary School, Gayama

4350311Alpha Academy Sec. School, Mararraba

4350312Unique Solid Foundation Science College, Mararraba

4350313Gateway Comprehensive Secondary School, Marrarraba

4350314Government Day Senior Secondary School, Tor-Damisa

4350401Government Secondary School, Serti

4350402Army Day Secondary School, Serti

4350403Government Day Secondary School, Mayo Selbe

4350404Bilingual Standard College Of Art & Science, Serti

4350501Government Day Secondary School, Mutum Biyu

4350502Government Day Secondary School, Gassol

4350503Sutmay College, Dan-Anacha

4350504Government Day Secondary School, Sabon-Gida Takai

4350505Government Day Secondary School, Tella

4350506Lugga Government Day Secondary School, M/biyu

4350507Government Day Secondary School, Dan-Anacha

4350508Best Care Secondary School, Mutum/ Biyu

4350509Kings College, Dan- Anacha

4350510Bridge Academy, Dan Anacha

4350511Holy Trinity College, Sabon Gida Takai

4350512Government Day Senior Secondary School, Shagarda

4350513Special Education Centre, Mutum Biyu

4350514Saviour International College, Dan Anacha

4350601Government Secondary School, Ibi

4350602Itudeyo Comprehensive Secondary School, Sarkin Kudu

4350603Christ The King College, S/Layi Sarkin Kudu

4350604Alpha Model Secondary School, Sarkin Kudu

4350605Government Day Senior Secondary School, Dampar

4350606Alpha Standard Secondary School, Ibi

4350607Foundation Secondary School, Ibi

4350701Government Science Secondary School, Jalingo

4350702Government College, Jalingo

4350703Government Day Secondary School, Nukkai

4350704Magami Government Day Secondary School, Jalingo

4350705Federal Government Girls’ College, Jalingo

4350706Government Day Secondary, Sabon Gari

4350707Government Day Secondary School, Kona

4350708Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Jalingo

4350709Winners Comprehensive High School, Jalingo

4350710United Methodist Church Junior Sem. Jalingo

4350711Government School For Arabic & Islamic Studies, Jalingo

4350712Sacred Heart Minor Seminary, Jauro Yinu, Jalingo

4350713Center For Excellence Islammiyya, Jalingo

4350714Victory Int’l Sec. School, Jalingo (Viss)

4350715Federal Science & Technical College, Jalingo

4350716Jetters Montessori Sachool Ii, Jalingo

4350717Centre For Quranic Science And Islamic Education Jalingo

4350718Excellent Best Global Academy Jalingo

4350719Al-Baz Academy, Jalingo

4350720Rhema Christian Academy, Jalingo

4350721Government Day Senior Secondary School, (Howai, Mile Six), Jalingo

4350722Government Day Senior Secondary School, (Model), Jalingo

4350723Al-Iman School, Jalingo

4350724Ofoli Tackie Memorial College, Jalingo

4350725Anglican Comprehensive High School, Jalingo

4350726Salihu Dogo Government Day Senior Secondary School, Jalingo

4350727Government Science & Technical College, Jalingo

4350728Al-Bayan Secondary School, Jalingo

4350729Darul-Arqam School, Jalingo

4350730Government Day Secondary School, Moh’d Nya Jalingo

4350731Government Day Secondary School, Wuru-Sembe, Jalingo.

4350801Government Secondary School, Karim-Lamido

4350802Government Day Secondary School, Jen

4350803Government Day Secondary School, Bambur

4350901Government Secondary School, Baissa, Kurmi

4350902Government Day Secondary School, Abong

4350903Government Day Secondary School, Sabongida Tukura

4350904Government Day Secondary School, Didan

4350905St. Mark Secondary School, Baissa

4350906Government Day Secondary School, Eneme

4350907Kurmi Practical Secondary School, Baissa

4350908Smith Comprehensive Secondary School, Baissa

4351001Government Day Secondary School, Kunini

4351002Government Day Secondary School, Abbare

4351003Government Day Secondary School, Lau

4351004Government Day Secondary School, Sayonti

4351101Government Science Secondary School, Gembu

4351102Government Day Secondary School, Mayo-Ndaga

4351103Government Day Secondary School, Mbamnga

4351104Government Day Secondary School, Dorofi

4351105Government Secondary School, Gembu

4351106Government Day Secondary School, Nguroje

4351107Government Day Secondary School, Gembu

4351108Government Day Secondary School, Kakara

4351109Government Day Secondary School, Maisamari

4351110Government Day Secondary School, Furmi

4351111Government Day Secondary School, Warwar

4351112Government Day Secondary School, Bang 3 Corner

4351113Baptist Academy, Gembu

4351201Reforrmed Combined Secondary School, Takum

4351202Government Commercial Secondary School, Takum

4351203Government Secondary School, Takum

4351204Government Day Secondary School (army), Takum

4351205Government Day Secondary School, Bete

4351206Mela Memorial Secondary School, Chanchanji

4351207Rev. Wamada Memorial Secondary School, Takum

4351208Government Day Secondary School, Kwambai

4351209Government Day Secondary School, Tati-Takum

4351210Government Day Secondary School, Jenuwa

4351211Andrew Terfa Academy, Chanchanji

4351212Government Day Secondary School, Chachanji

4351213Government Day Secondary School, Nyayirim

4351214Government Day Secondary School, Kashimbila

4351215Rikya Comm. Secondary School, Jenua-Gida

4351216Henry L. Porter Takum

4351217St. Peter’s High School, Chanchanji

4351218Community Sec. School, Manya

4351219Government Day Senior Secondary School, Bika Babba

4351220Government Day Secondary School, Dogo Gawa

4351221Government Day Secondary School,Kufai-Ahmadu

4351222Government Day Secondary School, Jenuwa Nyifiye

4351223Nati Secondary School, Takum

4351224Peace College, Chanchanji.

4351225Gamana Community Secondary School, Sufa

4351301Government Day Secondary School, Rufu

4351302Nyapuri Secondary School, Lissam

4351303Government Day Secondary School, Kpambo

4351304Government Day Secondary School, Lissam

4351305Government Day Secondary School, Kpambo Puri

4351306Government Day Secondary School, Kwesati

4351307Fikyu Comprehensive High School, Fikyu

4351308Kwe-Kashibu Memorial Divine College, Lissam

4351309Faith Academy, Kaduna-Lissam

4351310Bridge Academy, Risin Kpambo

4351311Government Day Secondary School, Lumbu

4351312Government Day Secondary School, Lissam Sambo.

4351313Government Day Senior Secondary School, Ande, Ussa

4351401Government Secondary School, Wukari

4351402Marmara Government Girls’ Secondary School, Wukari

4351403Federal Government College, Wukari

4351404Government Day Secondary School, Bantaje

4351405Government Day Secondary School, Wakari

4351406Government Day Secondary School, Kente

4351407Government Day Secondary School, Rafin-Kada

4351408Yakasen Government Day School, Wukari

4351409Excel Model Secondary School, Wukari

4351410Precious Academy, Wukari

4351411Rise Academy, Wukari

4351412Government Day Secondary School, Gindin Dorowa, Wukari

4351413Al Iman Secondary School, Wukari

4351414Sheik Abubakar Mahmood Gumi Secondary School, Wukari

4351415St. Patrick’s College, Wukari

4351416Dominion College International Wukari

4351417Superb International Model Secondary School, Wukari

4351418Rock Foundation Secondary School, Wukari

4351419Jibwis Secondary School, Wukari

4351501Government Day Secondary School, Pantisawa

4351502Government Day Secondary School, Pupule

4351503Government Day Secondary School, Lankaviri

4351601Government Secondary School, Zing

4351602Government Day Secondary School, Monkin

4351603Government Day Secondary School, Lamma

4351604Government Day Secondary School, Bitako Yali

4351605Government Day Senior Secondary School, Yonko

4360101Government Science & Technical College, Gashu’a

4360102Government Day Secondary School, Gashua

4360103Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Dagona

4360104Jicon Secondary School, Gashua

4360105Government Secondary School, Gwio Kura

4360106Yusad Standard Secondary School, Gashua

4360107Bade Heritage Secondary School, Gashua

4360201Government Girls’ Science And Technical College, Dapchi

4360301Government Girls’ College, Damaturu

4360302Government Secondary School, Damaturu

4360303Leaders’ Private School, Damaturu

4360304Yobe Scholars Academy, Damaturu

4360305Yobe Childrens’ Academy, Yobe

4360306Government Day Secondary School, Damaturu

4360307Damaturu International School, Damaturu

4360308Yobe Islamic Center Secondary School, Bamaturu

4360309St. Mary’s School, Damaturu

4360310Nana Aisha College Of Islamic Theology Damaturu

4360311Royal School, Damaturu

4360312New Foundation Secondary School, Damaturu

4360401Government Girls’ Secondary School, Gadaka

4360402Government Secondary School, Kukar-Gadu

4360403Government Secondary School, Fika

4360404Government Secondary School, Zadawa

4360501Government Science And Technical College, Damagum

4360502Government Girls’ Secondary School, Ngelzarma

4360503Government Secondary School, Jajere

4360504Government Secondary School, Daura/Damagun.

4360601Government Secondary School, Geidam

4360602Government Science And Technical College, Geidam

4360701Government Girls’ Secondary School, Buni Yadi

4360702Government Secondary School, Goniri

4360703Government Science And Technical College, Gujba

4360704Federal Government College, Buni-Yadi

4360705Government Day Secondary School, Buni-Yadi

4360801Government Secondary School, Bularafa

4360802Government Secondary School, Gulani

4360901Government Secondary School, Jakusko

4360902Government Secondary School, Amshi

4361001Government Secondary School, Machina

4361101Government Secondary School, Nangere

4361102Government Secondary School, Degubi

4361103Government Secondary School, Kukuri

4361201Government Science And Technical College, Nguru

4361202Government College, Nguru

4361203Government Girls’ Secondary School, Nguru

4361204Army Day Secondary School, Nguru

4361205Government Day Secondary School, Nguru

4361301Government Science And Technical College, Potiskum

4361302Fika Government Secondary School, Potiskum

4361303Federal Government Girls’ College, Potiskum

4361304Government Girls’ Science And Technical College, Potiskum

4361305Government Day Secondary School, Potiskum

4361306Government Secondary School, Mamudo

4361307King Abdul Aziz African Institute, Potiskum

4361308Federal College Of Education (Technical) Demonstration Secondary School, Potiskum

4361309St. Peter’s College, Potiskum

4361310Nigerian Turkish International College, Mamudo

4361311Unity Model College, Potiskum

4361401Government Secondary School, Yunusari

4361402Government Secondary School, Kanamma

4361501Government Secondary School, Kumagannam

4361502Government Secondary School, Yusufari

4361503Government Higher Islamic College, Yusu Fari

4361601Government Secondary School, Jajimaji

4361701Government Secondary School, Babbangida

4370101Government Secondary School, Anka

4370102Federal Government College, Anka

4370103Government Day Secondary Bagega

4370104Government Girls Day Secondary School, Anka

4370105Government Day Secondary School, Wuya

4370201Government Science Secondary School, Bakura

4370202Government Day Secondary School, Yarkofoji

4370203Government Day Secondary School, Bakura

4370204Government Day Secondary School, Birnintudu (Bakura)

4370301Government Secondary School, Bukkuyum

4370302Government Day Secondary School, Nasarawar Burkullu

4370303Government Day Secondary School, Masamar Mudi

4370401Government Girls’ Unity Secondary School, Kotorkoshi

4370402Federal Government Girls’ College, Gusau

4370403Usman Dangwaggo Secondary School, Bungudu

4370404Usman Dan-Gwaggo Secondary School II, Bungudu

4370405Government Girls (Unity) Secondary School II, Kotorkoshi

4370406Government Day Secondary School, Nahuche

4370407Government Day Secondary School, Kotorkoshi

4370408Government Girls Day Secondary School, Bungudu

4370409Government Day Secondary School, Rawayya

4370410Government Day Secondary School, Gulubba

4370411Government Day Secondary School, Sankalawa

4370412Government Day Secondary School, Tofa

4370413Government Day Secondary School, Dashi

4370501Government Unity Secondary School, Gummi

4370502Government Day Secondary School, Gummi

4370503Government Day Secondary School, Gayari

4370504Government Day Secondary School, Birnin Tudu Gummi

4370505Government Day Secondary School, Daki-Takwas

4370601Government Science Secondary School, Gusau

4370602Sambo Secondary School, Gusau

4370603Government Girls’ Arabic Secondary School, Gusau

4370604School For Continuing Education (women), Gusau

4370605Government Girls’ Day Secondary School, Gusau

4370606Institute Of Comprehensive Education (i.c.e.), Gusau

4370607Government Day Secondary School, Dan-Turai Gusau

4370608Government Day Secondary School, Gusau

4370609Government Girls’ Day Secondary School, Samaru, Gusau

4370610College Of Islamic Sciences

4370611Prince International Schools, Gusau

4370612H.B.K. Academy, Gusau

4370613Sambo Secondary School Ii, Gusau

4370614Government Secondary School Ii, Birni Ruwa Gusau

4370615Government Science Secondary School II, Gusau

4370616Muslim Foundation Secondary School, Gusau

4370617Muslim Students Society Academy Gusau

4370618Govt. Day Sec. School, Mada

4370619Government Day Secondary Magami

4370620Hauwa International College, Gusau

4370621Alheri Royal College, Gusau

4370622Government Day Secondary School, Janyau

4370623Government Day Secondary School, Damba

4370624Ecwa Bishara Secondary School, Gusau

4370701Government Technical College, Kaura Namoda

4370702Government Secondary School, Kaura Namoda

4370703Namoda Secondary School, Kaura Namoda

4370704Government Secondary School, Birnin Magaji

4370705International Secondary School, Kaura Namoda

4370706Progressive Girls Secondary School, Kaura Namoda

4370707Community Science Secondary School, Kaura Namoda

4370708Government Day Secondary School, Kasuwar Daji

4370709Government Day Secondary School, Kurya Madaro

4370710Government Day Secondary School, Dogon- Kade

4370711Government Day Secondary School, Sabongari

4370801Government Secondary School, Maru

4370802Government Science Secondary School, Dansadau

4370803Government Day Secondary School, Kanoma

4370804Government Day Secondary School, Dangulbi

4370805Government Day Secondary School, Ruwan-Doruwa

4370806Government Day Secondary School, Dansadau

4370901Government Girls’ Comprehensive Secondary School, Moriki

4370902Government Science Secondary School, Shinkafi

4370903Government Day Secondary School, Jangeru

4370904Government Day Secondary School, Galadi

4370905Government Girls’ Day Secondary School, Shinkafi

4370906Government Day Secondary School, Shinkafi

4371001Government Girls’ College, Talata- Mafara

4371002Agwaragi Secondary School, Talata-Mafara

4371003Government Day Secondary School, Morai

4371004Government Day Secondary School, Jangebe

4371005Government Girls Day Secondary School, Talata Mafara

4371006Government Day Secondary School, Kagara

4371101Government Secondary School, Tsafe

4371102Government Secondary School II, Tsafe

4371103Government Day Secondary School, Tsafe

4371104Government Day Secondary School, Yankuzo

4371105Government Day Secondary School, Yanwari

4371106Government Day Secondary School, Bilbis

4371107Government Day Secondary School, Yandoton Daji

4371108Government Day Secondary School, Kunchin-Kalgo

4371109Government Day Secondary School, Danjibga

4371110Government Day Secondary School, Keta

4371201Government Arabic Secondary School, Zurmi

4371202Government Day Secondary School, Gurbin Bore

4371203Government Day Secondary School, Dauran

4371204Government Day Secondary School, Kanwa

4371205Government Day Secondary School, Moriki

4371206Government Day Secondary School, Birnin Isaba

4371207Government Day Secondary School, Boko

4371301Mu-Allah Yidi Arabic Secondary School, Maradun

4371302Government Day Secondary School, Maradun

4371303Government Day Secondary School, Faru

4371401Government Day Secondary School, Nasarawa Godel

4371402Governmet Day Secondary School, Madomawa

4371403Government Day Secondary School, Sabo Birnin Dan-Ali

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